Pulling Teeth – They don’t come much lower than this Liberal Deputy Mayor

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Dummy Spits, Local Politics, Politics

There are many words I could use to describe the man I’m writing about today, most of which are not fit to print here.

Andrew Istephan is someone who is below trash, he is someone who total bastards look down at, if you had a septic sore weeping puss on your arse it would deserve more respect than Andrew Istephan.

Andrew Istephan is someone who should be in jail with the worst of the worst.

Some of you may be wondering what Andrew Istephan has done to earn himself my scorn, well allow me to explain briefly.

There are acts that are pure bastardry, acts that murderers and rapists frown on. Acts such as paedophilia or the assaulting a disabled child, those kind of things. Pretty much anything that involves abusing those who are helpless.

Perhaps the most helpless amongst us are the elderly. Frail, brittle, bedridden and suffering dementia, these are the people Andrew Istephan sought out and preyed upon.

Andrew Istephan was a dentist who used to visit elderly patients in retirement and nursing homes in Sydney’s Hurstville area and treat them.

Istephan was also a Councillor on Hurstville Council, he was also the Deputy Mayor. Istephan was proudly endorsed by the Liberal Party.

Istephan was performing dental work for Elderlink Consolidated Services on these patients as part of a government-funded scheme.

I’m sure providing cheap dental work on the elderly sounded great come campaign time for Istephan and the Liberal Party.

What hasn’t sounded so great for Andrew Istephan or the Liberal Party that endorsed him is the fact that Istephan was performing unnecessary and unwanted procedures on his unwitting patients.

Andrew Istephan - lowest of the low and proud Liberal

Andrew Istephan – lowest of the low and proud Liberal

In a bid to make a few extra quid off the taxpayers, Istephan had been filing down the teeth of his patients and then claiming crowns or bridgework was required, this then of course meant extra money for Istephan after billing the government and taxpayer for the work he created.

This is akin to a doctor stabbing elderly patients with a carving knife and then billing the taxpayer for treating the wounds.

There aren’t many acts lower than to intentionally inflict damage on the body of an elderly person, particularly ones suffering the humiliation of dementia just to make a few extra bucks.

In October last year a jury found Istephan guilty of five counts of assault despite facing charges of twelve counts.

In November last year the government was forced to issue a health warning that claimed that 66 patients across 4 elderly facilities may have been impacted by Istephans callous disregard for human rights. In fact of those 66 victims, 49 were deemed incapable of providing consent according to the Department Of Health warning, showing the predatory nature of the crimes.

Dental files similar to those used to file down elderly patient teeth by Istephan

Dental files similar to those used to file down elderly patient teeth by Istephan

Despite his ghastly crimes Istephan was not sent to jail as he should have been instead being given a two-year sentence to be served as an intensive correction order for what the judge described as the;

“deliberate, callous and systematic exploitation of the residents with the view of financial reward”.

As this happened quite a while ago some may be wondering why I am bringing this up again now.

The answer is simple. This weekend is the council bi-election for the position that was held by the gutless, evil assaulter of the elderly, the former Liberal Deputy Mayor and Councillor Andrew Istephan.

For those fortunate enough to live in the area and have an opportunity to vote against the Party that endorsed the dentist of doom that terrorised the elderly, I wanted to offer a timely reminder that the Party that endorsed Istephan for all those years whilst he was abusing the elderly was the Liberal Party.

For those who don’t live in the area, it may serve as a reminder to look closely at candidates when voting, not just the political spin behind them.

I also wonder if Istephan is still a member of the Liberal Party or if they’ve had the decency to kick him out yet.

Nothing would surprise me.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Signe says:

    Peter I imagine both Greens and Labor will be looking for supporters to work on booths on election day, if anyone has some time to hand out I’m sure they’d be appreciated.

  2. M. R. says:

    Such sentences handed down could almost make you laugh, when considered in the context of the high-falutin phraseology of the judge such as “deliberate, callous and systematic exploitation of the residents with the view of financial reward”. How those blokes can look at themselves in the shaving mirror is beyond me …
    Timely, Wixxy, timely.

  3. Ward Murphy says:

    Absolutely speechless.

  4. Louise says:

    You have a wonderful way with words. I’m a little jealous of your ability to insult so creatively.

  5. A Source says:

    Why the surprise, what else did you expect ! ! ?. > Washington Post, Carol Morello, June 15, 2013.. God help Australia if these people ever win office. Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard fried chicken. Small breasts, thighs and big red box/Vagina on an opposing political party’s fund raising dinner menu… Telegraph co UK. June 12, 2013. Kathy Brand. The ugly Australians. A snapshot of the sort of people these Liberals are. > Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard’s vagina on the menu. PS;Female Genitals; Australian slang words IE; mossy cleft.,.,fanny,..hairy box,,,love tunnel,.. cunt, etc. . http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/10115391/Julia-Gillard-sexist-menu-Did-the-women-present-all-laugh-along-before-tucking-into-the-Aussie-PM.html

  6. A Source says:

    Joe Hockey and Mal Brough say they do not recall seeing the menu. Mr Hockey also said the Prime Minister is not in a position to judge.

    “She pretty much called me [and my colleagues] misogynist pigs,” Mr Hockey told reporters a short time ago.

    “No sanctimonious lectures from [Prime Minister Gillard] who called me a fat man in Parliament.”

    The Prime Minister accused the Liberal Party of having a lack of respect for women, and said “we see a pattern of behaviour that doesn’t go away”……> Sunshine Coast Daily. June 15, 2013. Sascha Taylor, a worker at the restaurant said the menu was distributed and that the restaurant owner had taken the fall for Mr Brough..

    ( Mr Brough has emphatically denied the claims, referring to restaurant owner Joe Richards’ statement that the menu was a private joke between him and his son.)

    “I work at the Brisbane restaurant in question and let me assure everyone that the menu was indeed made public,”

    “How lovely of the owner to fall on his sword like that,” . she goes on to say she give her notice the same night in disgust..

    We have been unable to reach the owner of the restaurant, Mr Richards to verify Ms Taylor’s claim. ; Mr Richards is a large donor to the LNP.

  7. Nifty_26 says:

    Wixxy – Off subject, Pell will be attending the RC into abuses. he will be in the witness box regarding the Ellis case. Can you do a story on this and can we get something going to put pressure on the fed govt to remove his passport until the RC is over and the findings made public. I’m concerned that if findings are made against Pell and charges should be laid, then he may never return from Italy. I don’t know if Australia has a extradition treaty with Italy and even so, it may take years to pursue and that’s if the govt are willing to pursue. I really doubt this govt would do anything at all especially when this govt believes anyone below a particular bank balance or schooling are fodder to be used for their gain.

    As per your article, the LNP don’t care and I find it especially offensive that every time a backed LNP member faces court, they get menial sentences or let off all together. they keep them in the party until it becomes untenable to support the member, but it takes a very extreme untenable situation before they even consider expelling the member.

    These people make me sick.

  8. Steven Smith says:

    To the author,

    I commend your dedication to keeping the voices of the frail elderly citizens alive. At least I hope that is the reason you are doing this and not to disrepute the liberal candidate.
    This election is about how you are going to impact the community positively post elections, not “pick me/us because the other guy is worse”

    If you are raising this article again for the latter, then shame on you. Those who are reading this and agreeing,
    Shame on you too.

    However, if your intention was to keep the voices of the frail elderly victims heard, then I thank you.
    Otherwise, get a real job, instead of being the puppet for the opposition parties.

    P.s. The dental instruments you put up are used for root canal, not for shaving teeth. Please check your facts if you want to be taken seriously in the future.



    • wixxy says:

      I have not mentioned the Liberal candidate, I do not even know who the candidate is.
      As for the instruments, it doesn’t matter what the intended purpose of the manufacturer was does it?
      The election, which was over before you commented on the post, is about how you impact the community, and if the other guy is worse then you don’t vote for him.
      If you think the acts of a lowlife like Istephan should not be commented on just because he is part of a political party then you are delusional. Acts like this need to be reported although I know many within the Liberal Party would wish they would just go away, maybe you are one of them?
      Despite what so many of you who share Istephans political views think, I do have what you would class as a “real job” not that it is any of your business.
      Having a political view does not make someone a puppet, whether they write articles in their spare time or go trolling on sites of their opponents to post comments.
      As for my reasons I believe they are clear.
      I don’t claim to speak for the elderly victims at all.
      However I speak for those who think that targeting the elderly and callously assaulting them not only breaches the doctors code of ethics but are an utterly disgusting act.
      If you think Istephans behavior is fine, than you are entitled to your opinion.
      Frankly defending a prick like that… I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror

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