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There are many words I could use to describe the man I’m writing about today, most of which are not fit to print here.

Andrew Istephan is someone who is below trash, he is someone who total bastards look down at, if you had a septic sore weeping puss on your arse it would deserve more respect than Andrew Istephan.

Andrew Istephan is someone who should be in jail with the worst of the worst.

Some of you may be wondering what Andrew Istephan has done to earn himself my scorn, well allow me to explain briefly.

There are acts that are pure bastardry, acts that murderers and rapists frown on. Acts such as paedophilia or the assaulting a disabled child, those kind of things. Pretty much anything that involves abusing those who are helpless.

Perhaps the most helpless amongst us are the elderly. Frail, brittle, bedridden and suffering dementia, these are the people Andrew Istephan sought out and preyed upon.

Andrew Istephan was a dentist who used to visit elderly patients in retirement and nursing homes in Sydney’s Hurstville area and treat them.

Istephan was also a Councillor on Hurstville Council, he was also the Deputy Mayor. Istephan was proudly endorsed by the Liberal Party.

Istephan was performing dental work for Elderlink Consolidated Services on these patients as part of a government-funded scheme.

I’m sure providing cheap dental work on the elderly sounded great come campaign time for Istephan and the Liberal Party.

What hasn’t sounded so great for Andrew Istephan or the Liberal Party that endorsed him is the fact that Istephan was performing unnecessary and unwanted procedures on his unwitting patients.

Andrew Istephan - lowest of the low and proud Liberal

Andrew Istephan – lowest of the low and proud Liberal

In a bid to make a few extra quid off the taxpayers, Istephan had been filing down the teeth of his patients and then claiming crowns or bridgework was required, this then of course meant extra money for Istephan after billing the government and taxpayer for the work he created.

This is akin to a doctor stabbing elderly patients with a carving knife and then billing the taxpayer for treating the wounds.

There aren’t many acts lower than to intentionally inflict damage on the body of an elderly person, particularly ones suffering the humiliation of dementia just to make a few extra bucks.

In October last year a jury found Istephan guilty of five counts of assault despite facing charges of twelve counts.

In November last year the government was forced to issue a health warning that claimed that 66 patients across 4 elderly facilities may have been impacted by Istephans callous disregard for human rights. In fact of those 66 victims, 49 were deemed incapable of providing consent according to the Department Of Health warning, showing the predatory nature of the crimes.

Dental files similar to those used to file down elderly patient teeth by Istephan

Dental files similar to those used to file down elderly patient teeth by Istephan

Despite his ghastly crimes Istephan was not sent to jail as he should have been instead being given a two-year sentence to be served as an intensive correction order for what the judge described as the;

“deliberate, callous and systematic exploitation of the residents with the view of financial reward”.

As this happened quite a while ago some may be wondering why I am bringing this up again now.

The answer is simple. This weekend is the council bi-election for the position that was held by the gutless, evil assaulter of the elderly, the former Liberal Deputy Mayor and Councillor Andrew Istephan.

For those fortunate enough to live in the area and have an opportunity to vote against the Party that endorsed the dentist of doom that terrorised the elderly, I wanted to offer a timely reminder that the Party that endorsed Istephan for all those years whilst he was abusing the elderly was the Liberal Party.

For those who don’t live in the area, it may serve as a reminder to look closely at candidates when voting, not just the political spin behind them.

I also wonder if Istephan is still a member of the Liberal Party or if they’ve had the decency to kick him out yet.

Nothing would surprise me.

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Protecting this country’s history is vitally important as it helps show Australian’s who we are as people and how we came to be where we are today.

What also speaks loudly of who we are as people is how we go about protecting our culture and history, and how we treat those who make the effort to look after our past so that future generations can enjoy it as well as learn from it.

I have written previously on the efforts to save Thompson Square in the historic NSW town of Windsor on Sydney’s outskirts.

Thompson Square is Australia’s oldest Town Square and sits next to Australia’s oldest pub The Macquarie Arms Hotel. It is a place where the community gather to celebrate Australia Day as well as many other events. Any risk to this much-loved and historic part of both the town and our heritage is an unnecessary risk.

Wendy Harmer shows her support for Thompson Square

Wendy Harmer shows her support for Thompson Square

However there is no doubt at all that an alternative is required to the current bridge over the Hawkesbury River, which sits just below Thompson Square. The current bridge is two lanes, and as traffic in the area increases the bridge is becoming less then adequate.

The bridge itself is also quite narrow with I’m sure many a truck driver sucking in a big breath before passing another truck on the way across and no doubt many a mirror has been lost in the process. On top of that the bridge is quite low-lying which has meant it has had to have been closed due to flooding on many occasions.

While there is little debate about the need for a new bridge, there is however a raging debate over the options.

The NSW government and RTA have looked at several options and chosen to support what is the cheapest alternative. This they have done after what the local Liberal Party members have described as years of public consultation, public displays and interaction with interested parties.

When it comes to public consultation none of these MP’s Ray Williams, Kevin Connolly, or Bart Bassett have ever attended one of the community events in Thomson Square when the community have rallied against the proposal. These are not the people they wish to consult with.

There have been public displays, however feedback that did not fit in with the government’s plans was ignored.

I am not sure who the interested parties are, but given those whom the cowardly politicians won’t meet, I would assume that those consulted with were likely developers.

The plan backed by the Liberals involves the destruction of the current bridge, and a new bridge put in its place.

In what can only be described as utter lunacy the new bridge will only be marginally higher than the current bridge, which will mean continuing closures. The approach road to the bridge will still be two lanes meaning that the increased traffic issue has not been addressed at all, and it will be bulldozed through Thompson Square as it currently sits.

Thankfully there are a dedicated team of locals who are doing something about this and are seeking to have the government back a plan that would involve a complete bypass of the area.

An example of why a bypass is a better option

An example of why a bypass is a better option

This plan would involve a higher bridge, a wider road to cope with increased traffic, yet leaving locals with the current historic bridge as an alternative crossing. Also this plan would divert heavy vehicles away from the town centre which will not only improve the atmosphere, it will be far safer for the many visitors who flock to the area.

Best of all it protects the towns heritage for all to enjoy.

This group of locals is known as CAWB, Community Action For Windsor Bridge.

CAWB is made up of independent, local people from a wide variety of backgrounds including lawyers, engineers, financial advisers, business owners, teachers, architects, builders and academics. CAWB is also made up of families who have passion for the Hawkesbury and their local community. Many also have ties to the very early settlers in the Hawkesbury and are proud and protective of both their long-standing family ties to the area and the historical significance of Windsor.

These people have been rallying for the community for years and have even been occupying Thompson Square 24 hours a day since 21st July 2013.

These people need our support, their website can be found via this link or their Facebook page via this link.

One of the members of this community group, Kate Mackaness was interviewed by Channel  7 in Sydney after a currently vacant heritage listed Pub was burnt down in a suspected arson attack. That Pub, the Jolly Frog sits on Windsor Rd right at the entrance to Windsor.

Kate expressed what many felt, she said that she feared the loss of the Jolly Frog would pave the way to a four lane road through Windsor. The impact of this on the town would be catastrophic.

The remaining shell of the Jolly Frog

The remaining shell of the Jolly Frog

For voicing her concern and for raising the concern of many in the community one would expect the support of the Local Member.

How could one be so wrong?

As mentioned before the area involved is covered by three State electorates and their MPs all of them from the Liberal Party.

We have Ray Williams the member for Hawkesbury, Kevin Connolly the member for Riverstone, and lastly Bart Bassett the member for Londonderry.

A request had been made to meet with these MPs by CAWB in a bid to raise their concerns and to discuss options openly.

After watching the Channel 7 News after the Jolly Frog fire an email was sent to the CAWB via their spokesperson Dail Miller from Bart Bassett the member for Londonderry.

Bart Bassett - Mr Happy

Bart Bassett – Mr Happy

In his email Bart Bassett claims to speak for Kevin Connolly MP also. Ray Williams has wisely kept himself distant from this correspondence.

The email to Mr Miller from Bart Bassett is nothing short of disgraceful.

The full email is linked below and is worth a read but it should be read in the context of a member of parliament addressing a local community group that is both independent of any political party and has the support of local residents and local businesses.

Bart Bassett Email

Bart Bassett’s tone in his correspondence borders on offensive. His email misquotes Kate Mackaness and then proceeds to question not only her credibility, but also her background. He even goes to the point of trying to insinuate that she has been involved in corrupt practices as she was once an advisor to Tony Kelly who was named as corrupt by ICAC. He then goes on to say that Mackaness is an active member of the Labor Party.

Bassett then refers to CAWB as

”…nothing more than a stalking horse for the Labor Party…”

and then continues by saying

“I cannot respect your organisation…”

Bart Bassett also referred to Kate Mackaness as a “Labor Party Operative” on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a term I’ve been hearing a lot of lately and every time I’ve heard it I have noticed it has come from the mouth of someone I’d describe as an in-operative, or someone of little consequence, desperately trying to put someone else down to make themselves feel more important than they are.

Well there are a few things that Bart Bassett should be mindful of, and perhaps think about before sending correspondence in misdirected anger.

Bart Bassett

Bart Bassett – In-operative

Firstly Mr Bassett these people are your constituents, it is not only wise to listen to the concerns of your constituents it is your job, it is what you were elected to do and have thus far failed at.

Secondly Mr Bassett check your facts. Just because Kate Mackaness was an advisor to the former NSW Planning Minister Tony Kelly on heritage issues does not make her a Labor Party member, and certainly does not make her a part of corrupt practices.

What you may not realise Mr Bassett is that advisor’s to a Labor Minister are hired on merit and can come from any background, even from a Liberal or National Party background. The Liberal Party are the ones known for hiring their Liberal Party mates, Party donors, or even lobbyists.

Kate Mackaness is an honest person voicing the concerns of your community, she is in no way connected to any allegations of corruption.

In fact, when it comes to ICAC and corruption Mr Bassett would do well to remember that his colleague and current NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazard was recently accused of misleading parliament, and was also forced into referring himself to ICAC over coal mine extensions. It was Brad Hazard that made the decision to go with the cheap option that has so angered the community. We await the ICAC outcome.

It may also interest you to know Mr Bassett that Kate Mackaness has never been a member of the Labor Party either. Not then, not now, not ever.

I can also tell you Mr Bassett that Mr Miller whom you sent the offending email to is traditionally a Liberal Party voter I’m sure he won’t mind me saying, although I’m not sure now.

The other thing that Bart Bassett’s correspondence and online comments tell us is that unless a member of his community voted Liberal or National then their opinion doesn’t matter to him. As far as Mr Bassett is concerned if you don’t agree with him then you may as well be a Labor operative.

Those who voted for Labor, Greens, Clive Palmer Party, Katter Australia Party, even the Christian Democrats or Independent in Londonderry must be disappointed to know their view doesn’t count for crap and should think hard about where to place their preferences next time around.

Kate Mackaness has responded to Mr Bassett and I understand has also sought legal advice, below is a link to her response.

Kate Mackaness response to Bart Bassett

It would seem that those Mr Bassett relies on for research leave a lot to be desired and if his research into the background and motives of members of CAWB is anything to go by I would take any research on the Windsor Bridge plans done by him with a huge grain of salt also.

Windsor Bridge closed due to flooding - Get used to this if the Liberals have their way

Windsor Bridge closed due to flooding – Get used to this if the Liberals have their way

Bart Bassett is described by many in his electorate as a totally ineffectual member and an utter waste of space, in fact until now he was best known for his drink driving conviction shortly after taking office. His actions on this matter have seen his popularity in the community sink even lower.

It is no wonder that Mr Bassett is hoping that he can run in the safer seat of Hawkesbury next state election, he must know his performance will see him lose his Londonderry seat.

However while we are waiting for Mr Bassett to lose his seat, we will live in the hope that he can lose some of his arrogance for long enough to take a bite of humble pie and apologise for his actions and statements.

Bart Bassett, your actions and words have spoken at volume of your character.

And nobody likes what they’ve heard.

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On Friday night I was invited to attend a Christmas function at Bella Vista Farm in the Hills Shire in Sydney where I live.

The event was the Hills Shire Council Christmas party and was hosted by the Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne whom as always was a gracious host.

The event itself was a great success, an outdoor event always runs the risk of disaster but thankfully the weather was onside and a great evening was had by all. Well almost all.

An unfortunate event almost as soon as I arrived with my partner however got our evening to sinking start.

When I arrived I was making my way through the guests and saying hello to those I knew and introducing my partner to those who had not met her as yet. Whilst making my way around I was greeting some people whom I knew that were standing near the Deputy Mayor Andrew Jefferies.

Andrew Jefferies

Andrew Jefferies

The Deputy Mayor and Liberal Councillor Andrew Jefferies then proceeded to yell at me “Don’t you fucking say hello to me”, “Fuck off and don’t come near me”.

I wandered off to defuse the situation and chat to others, however Mr Jefferies took it upon himself to pursue me and abuse me in front of several other guests.

Jefferies was angry at me for an article I wrote some months earlier although I have written a couple of articles where his childish antics and comments are mentioned so I can’t be sure which one.

Despite Jefferies being known for his smart arse style and frequent attempts to belittle others apparently he doesn’t feel his own behaviour should be open for discussion and fair comment.

I told him politely that I didn’t think that a council Christmas function was an appropriate place or time to have this discussion however Jefferies clearly felt differently.

In front my partner who was quite shocked at the unprovoked outburst and other guests I gritted my teeth and smiled while Mr Jefferies poked me in the chest and repeatedly called me a “fucking c**t”, words that I would not use in front of female company, particularly females that I do not know. Alas that’s just me, I am capable of restraint and respect, however I’m not Andrew Jefferies.

It is not alarming that a Liberal councillor would throw abuse at me, especially one with the apparent temperament and ego of Andrew Jefferies.

What is alarming however is that when I attempted to defuse the situation by wandering away Jefferies decided to pursue me. What is also alarming is the clear lack of anger management capabilities he can add to his list of failings. Even more alarming is that he would use such vile sexist obscenities in front of females.

However what is most alarming is that Jefferies thought that a Christmas function in front of invited guests was an appropriate venue to spew forth his vile rantings and threatening behaviour.

Andrew Jefferies - The Hills Shire Christmas Turkey

Andrew Jefferies – The Hills Shire Christmas Turkey

As I pointed out to Mayor Byrne and Hills Shire Council General Manager Dave Walker in a written complaint regarding the matter;

Someone who cannot hold their temper, someone who will abuse a journalist in front of his constituents and invited guests at a Christmas function for writing an article he doesn’t like, and someone who is comfortable using the most vulgar and sexist of profanities in front of females he has never met is not someone who I feel is fit for office, and certainly not befitting of the title of Deputy Mayor in a council that has always shown the highest of standards.”


Although it was suggested that I report the incident to police as a result of the poking I decided not to potentially cast a shadow over the event, it is a shame that Jefferies did not show the same consideration.

Andrew Jefferies is a Liberal Councillor and a Deputy Mayor, however he is also hoping to be pre-selected as a Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming NSW State election.

Not only that, due to the public outcry and internal fighting in the Liberal Party over the majority of the State Executive of the Liberal Party in NSW being made up of lobbyists, changes have had to be made to the make-up of the Executive. There must have been desperation to fill positions within the executive, as something has led to Andrew Jefferies being appointed as a member of the NSW Executive.

Andrew Jefferies is known as a protégé of Federal Liberal MP Alex Hawke who is Jefferies former employer and his current factional leader. Hawke has guided Jefferies in his career path and taught him everything he knows along the way and was most surely instrumental in Jefferies appointment to the State Executive.

Alex "cancer" Hawke

Alex “cancer” Hawke

Hawke himself has often been the subject of controversy and even Alan Jones has referred to him as a “Cancer on the Liberal Party”.

Click on this link to hear Alan Jones talking on an episode where Hawke and Jefferies called in 25 police to their own branch meeting to stop opponents voting.

For those reasons any behavioural issues involving Andrew Jefferies must also be seen as a reflection on Alex Hawke who continues to support him and by doing so endorses his behaviour.

I am actually one of Andrew Jefferies constituents but needless to say he has not secured my vote should the Liberal party decide to endorse him again for council elections.

If I were a member of a Liberal Party branch I would also be taking note of this when voting in any upcoming pre-selections, as this episode I am sure will re-emerge again in an election campaign.

As for what should happen with Mr Jefferies, that is not my decision to make, however I know what a political party with morals and integrity would do.

If I were someone like Barry O’Farrell or Tony Abbott I would view this as a wake-up call. Jefferies is clearly someone who is likely to damage the party’s reputation and community standing, and as such is a liability that I would be going out of my way to distance myself from.

Then again this is the Liberal Party, maybe this is the kind of behaviour they are proud of.

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It seems like such a short time ago that Western Sydney was apparently important to the Coalition, and we were being constantly told how much they cared for those living in the west and how the Coalition had their best interests at heart.

The West had a so many visits from Tony Abbott during the election campaign that you would think Peta Credlin lived there. Whilst Tony was here we learnt that if you squint really really hard then you may find some sex appeal in Penrith MP Fiona Scott, and that when explaining a six point plan to a candidate it is best to get past point one. Since the election however, despite flying over the region on his way to the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, he has yet to drop in for a cup of tea.

During the campaign the west also had the pleasure of Joe Hockey’s presence, and the NSW Government thinks the west is so important that Barry O’Farrell made himself Minister for Western Sydney despite living on the North Shore.

Some have compared Barry O’Farrell being Minister for Western Sydney to having a misogynist who throws punches into walls to physically intimidate women being the Federal Minister for Womens Affairs…

In fact none of the NSW Cabinet is from Western Sydney despite it being of such importance, I guess talk really is cheap within the Coalition.

For those who don’t live in Sydney’s West I’ll give you a brief rundown on some of what has been happening now that the Federal Election is over and the Liberal attitude towards the west has reverted back to normal.

During the federal election campaign I had an encounter with a Liberal Councillor from Blacktown Council by the name of Karlo Siljeg that covered a couple of issues.

Karlos "The Spineless" Siljeg

Karlo “The Spineless” Siljeg

I asked him why the council was closing down the Blacktown and Mt Druitt public pools. Mr Siljeg said that anyone who suggested that didn’t know what they were talking about and that it was definitely not happening or even being considered.

Mt Druitt pool was closed and then reopened due to the election and is now to be closed again. It is such common knowledge that the council is looking to close Blacktown Aquatic Centre that even the Liberal Mayor Len Robinson has commented on it both in council and out, it has even been reported in the local media.

I then asked him why approximately 400 residents had been left in limbo with the zoning of their houses. According to Mr Siljeg this is utter crap and nothing but Labor Party lies. Unfortunately for Mr Siljeg the council he is a part of has sent several letters to residents and many of these residents protested in front of council to voice their rage. It received wide coverage both locally and across the state, perhaps Mr Siljeg doesn’t follow the news.

Then I asked him about plans to privatise the councils child care centres at which point he fired up considerably telling me amongst other things that this was

“Complete and utter bullshit”

Mr Siljeg then thought he’d lecture me by telling me that saying things like that during an election campaign was irresponsible.

As the conversation was deteriorating at a rapid rate I left.

I bring this confrontation up as last week there was yet another protest outside Blacktown council. A large crowd had gathered to voice their fury at the councils plans to privatise the child care centres that Mr Siljeg thought it irresponsible to be honest about in an election campaign.

Residents and childcare workers protesting the Liberal attempts to close childcare centres

Residents and childcare workers protesting the Liberal attempts to close childcare centres

The motion was due to be put forward in council that night however due to the protest this didn’t eventuate.

Like gutless rats crawling down a sewer drain some of the Liberal Councillors decided not to face the public, and upon hearing of the protest fled. Jess Diaz was one of these as was Karlos Siljeg.

The insults that the gutless Karlos Siljeg hurled along with his now proven lies meant absolutely nothing then, and even less now as insults only mean something when they are delivered by someone worthy of at least an ounce of respect.

Karlos Siljeg (naturally far right) gets a taste of what its like to deliver rather than take when turning on the NBN in Greenway with MP's Conroy, Rowland and Husic. The Liberals are now scrapping the NBN as we know it...

Karlo Siljeg (naturally far right) gets a taste of what its like to deliver rather than plunder when turning on the NBN in Greenway with MP’s Conroy, Rowland and Husic. It takes “special” kinds of principals to show up to turn on something your Party was so heavily opposed to. The Liberals are now scrapping the NBN as we know it…

What I find irresponsible Mr Siljeg is lying through your teeth during an election campaign to try and get your candidate, Jaymes Diaz who had become the laughing-stock of the world over the line to represent an area he doesn’t even live in.

What I find complete and utter bullshit Mr Siljeg is your attitude towards the people who gave you a chance and voted for you. However now residents realise that they have not only voted for someone who will increase their cost of living and vote to destroy or privatise public facilities but have voted for a complete and utter coward also, your time in council should be a short one. No wonder you weren’t campaigning in your own ward.

This week so determined are the Liberal councillors to close these child care centres that they have organised an extraordinary council meeting to have another crack at passing the motion against the public wishes. However another protest is planned for outside council again which promises to be even bigger and angrier considering the Liberal councillors appear to have selective deafness.

Let’s see if being gutless last week pays off this week.

If this goes through this time Deputy Mayor and Independent Councillor Russ Dickens who is serving his final term on council will have to back the Liberals.

People tend to remember your final acts when it comes to legacies and I hope Clr Dickens decides he doesn’t want to be remembered  as the guy who took affordable child care away from his fellow residents and supporters.

Speaking of closing down pools and public assets the now Liberal run Holroyd Council has been doing its best to keep up with Blacktown.

Holroyd council has decided to support a single aquatic centre at Merrylands which will mean the closure of the public pools at Wentworthville and Guildford.

As usual little or no regard was given to things such as the needs of local schools for facilities for swimming lessons and carnivals.

What was likely given consideration however is that Wentworthville pool sits on a prime development site with a large vacant lot next to it where a club used to stand on a busy corner, and multi-storey professional services building across the road. Developers must be salivating at the prospect…

Wentworthville pool, enjoy it while its there...

Wentworthville pool, enjoy it while its there…

Across the road all over Sydney you will find roadwork going on, some minor, some major. In fact if you drive anywhere in the state you will find major roadwork under progress on our state highways. We pay for this roadwork in our taxes, our fuel levy and our car registration costs, and that is fair enough.

What isn’t fair is that despite all of this roadwork occurring residents of Sydney’s Western Suburbs are the only ones that have to pay for this work on public roads.

Since Labor removed the toll on the M4 which connects the west with Sydney in 2010 families have benefitted from the cost savings, now that Barry O’Farrell is Minister for Western Sydney he is changing that.

Barry has decided that the west can fund its own roadwork and after completion of work on the M4 will be bringing the toll back once again.

The toll will be capped at $3.90 and be dependent on distance travelled, however that figure is based on if the toll were in place today, and does not take inflation into account which by the time it is introduced in 2017 will bring it closer to $5 one way or a $10 round trip.

We don’t see residents of the North Shore coping with huge hikes in their costs of going to work over the Harbour Bridge or via the Harbour Tunnel, however the those in the west don’t have the same luxury.

The M4 tollgates - making a comeback under a Coalition government

The M4 tollgates – making a comeback under a Coalition government

Barry O’Farrell and his Liberal Party henchmen he calls Ministers have decided that struggling families in Sydney’s west can afford to spend an extra $50 a week travelling to work. That’s $200 a month less to feed the family or in the kids education fund.

Speaking of education funds those in Sydney’s west may have to save harder now there is a Coalition government in control in Canberra.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has already announced that he is planning to remove targets on university attendance for students from a lower socio-economic background. If you are a dunce from Vaucluse you’re in, and if you’re a genius from Mt Druitt you’re out. That is the backwards logic the Liberals call investing in Australia’s future.

Now more than ever it seems the numbers that determine your child’s future will not be their exam marks or IQ levels, it will be the numbers on the bottom right of their university rejection letter. Your postcode.

Pyne has also flagged the privatisation of the HECS scheme which will make even less affordable for those families struggling in the west.

Pyne ponders more ways to punish the poor

Pyne ponders more ways to punish the poor

I hope that next time an election comes around residents in Sydney’s west remember these things, as the Coalition is counting on them forgetting.

However those in the west need to remember this about their elected representatives. We are not here to serve their needs, they are there to serve ours.

Federal Parliament has not even sat yet since the election and already we are seeing the west being pillaged and plundered by the Party that tried to tell us they cared.

We are certainly getting a glimpse now of what they really care about.


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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

We are sure to be hearing a lot about what the election results have told us, and it is true that they tell us many things.

Things such as

  1. People don’t like a Party with infighting going on constantly.
  2. The public don’t like the direction the Right Faction has taken the Labor Party
  3. Even so The Labor Party is still the most popular political party in Australia with the Liberals still having to rely on preferences from the National Party to form government
  4. A look at how the senate vote has played out makes it clear that people don’t trust Tony Abbott and don’t trust him or his party with too much control.

The number of primary votes came out like this

Australian Labor Party   3,596,825 votes

Liberal Party     3,369,726 votes

Liberal National Party     927,826 votes

The Greens    893,964 votes

The Nationals   489,150

Interestingly enough The Greens, whom the Coalition write-off as a fringe Party, are virtually on par with The Liberal Nationals whom the Liberals rely on to form government as they are yet to be able to form government in their own right in my lifetime, and more than 80% greater that the Nationals who also form the Coalition.

Those who had trust issues with Tony Abbott didn’t have to wait long before their suspicions about his ability to spin the gospel truth were confirmed.

Tony Abbott hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already things are looking shaky.

Tony Abbott’s “Real Solutions Contract ” with Australia, pictured below, has 6 points or promises. As a leader of a Party of simple MP’s and candidates, Tony may indeed be used to scrawling his name on contracts that simple, but none of these are backed up with realistic policies.

The back of a Liberal How To Vote flyer

The back of a Liberal How To Vote flyer

On the “stronger more diversified economy” experts now say that there will be little difference between the two parties on the economic front with revenue and overall taxes remaining largely the same.

The surplus that we heard so much about is now becoming more like a pipe-dream with Abbott in his victory saying that we will

“Be on track to a believable surplus in three years”

What does that mean? Believable to who?

Ross Gittins when writing about the Coalitions financial scare campaign for Fairfax put it like this;

“I was never taken in by their (The Coalitions) five years of frightening the fiscally illiterate.”

We have all heard how Australia is now open for business with Abbott saying that the mining industry will now be free to take off free from all those things that were holding it back, the mining tax, the Carbon Tax, and all the Green Tape etc.

Maybe Abbott missed it, but one of his biggest cheerleaders from the mining industry, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest CEO of Fortescue last year posted a record profit and paid out their first ever dividend to shareholders. Twiggy’s dividend payout was a paltry $102 Million making it clear these miners are not doing it tough as Abbott would have us believe. These record profits I guess is what Tony refers to as closed for business?

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest - Devestated at the impact of the mining tax & carbon price

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest – Devestated at the impact of the mining tax & carbon price

The “Carbon Tax Gone” was one of the big two promises. Something we have heard about for years and something that Abbott was going to do everything in his power to see scrapped as fast as possible, saying several times that it was his top priority. He was even suggesting a double dissolution election so he could get it through the senate.

Well, what a difference a day makes. Now Abbott tells us it will be something we need to wait three years for to happen, and the double dissolution looks unlikely as it will more than likely make it harder to push changes through the senate.

If Abbotts top priority and as fast as possible means waiting three years, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on any “token promises”.

As for “end the waste and debt”, what a grandiose non-specific statement. The only waste that the Liberals specified during the campaign, the ergonomic chairs, turned out to be a lie at any rate.

“Build modern roads and improve services” is another grand statement, all governments build roads, even local governments.

As for improving services we have already seen what that means with the Coalition Broadband policy. A slower second-rate service that will have a huge chunk leased from Rupert Murdoch and his failing Foxtel network. Something that is hideously expensive ongoing.

There were even plans to censor the internet like they do in China and North Korea, we will wait and see when this idea come back.

“Stopping the boats” was to be a huge priority. Abbott told us many a time how he would be straight on a plane to Indonesia to sit down with the Indonesian government and form a plan to stop the boats.

Well that has now stretched out from being Abbott getting straight on a plane to three years once again. So much for the urgency…

I also don’t remember “proven policies” that included buying boats from people-smugglers with taxpayer dollars. Perhaps Abbott is just keen to give the smugglers a second revenue stream?

As for the “two million new jobs”, well that has stretched out to “within a decade”. Although they misleadingly left that part off the “How To Vote” flyers

Within a decade?

We could have had two or three new governments by then. What an utterly irresponsible promise to make and ridiculous thing to claim. In all likelihood Abbott won’t be in power in ten years to need to explain why this promise was broken.

The contract not on the "how to votes", note the "within a decade" on the last point

The contract not on the “how to votes”, note the “within a decade” on the last point

A lot was also said by the Liberals about a stable and strong government.

Labor achieved a strong government that delivered huge reforms despite a hung parliament, internal infighting, a hung senate, a hostile media and a Global Financial Crisis. We will see how Tony goes with just a couple of these issues.

As for a stable party, we will watch Malcolm Turncoat, I mean Turnbull with much interest, Abbott defeated Turnbull as the leader by a mere one vote.

I even saw John Howard talking about leadership stability and infighting on TV on election night, criticising Labor for its leadership struggles. I have three words for John Howard, Alzheimer’s, Peter and Costello.

Although those who are in the Labor Party may be licking their wounds at the moment there is much to be thankful for.

The bloodbath and night of the long knives predicted by right-wing commentators didn’t eventuate, not even close to their dire prophecies of doom.

Tony Abbotts first statement after winning in his speech was that The Labor Party’s vote was at its lowest level in over 100 years. This was a complete and utter lie.

It was Labor’s worst result since 1934, but that is not over 100 years by any stretch of the imagination. This statement shows that Abbott is extremely comfortable lying, or Joe Hockey did the math again.

Below is the video of Abbott’s victory speech which shows the 100 year lie and the stretching of his immediate policy promises to three years.

The wiping out of Labor in Queensland and in Sydney’s West didn’t occur with key seats targeted by the Liberals such as Parramatta and Greenway holding onto their Labor Party members. Greenway in fact picking up what was almost an extra 3%.

The election day in Greenway was however marred by one incident of utterly gutless behaviour by the deputy campaign manager of the Jaymes Diaz campaign (something that he will probably leave off his CV).

The offender arrived at a polling booth in Lalor Park and started screaming at a female volunteer. He then proceeded to tear down signage off the fence whilst continuing to hurl abuse.

The target of this unprovoked outburst was visibly shaken afterwards and was clearly concerned for her own safety at the time. As was a Greens volunteer who was there with a child.

Ben McClellan of the Daily Telegraph pulled up in a car park over the road moments later and chased the offender down the street with his photographer. The offender however refused to say who he was, and other Liberal volunteers refused to comment or name the offender, with one only saying that he had tried to calm him down to no avail.

The gutless thug flees the scene (photo courtesy News Ltd)

The gutless thug flees the scene (photo courtesy News Ltd)

The target of the assault that almost turned physical had this to say on the matter;

“He started ripping them off the fence like he was going mad, like a bloody psycho.

“I am not here to be abused, it has just upset me. I don’t like aggressive men, I am shaking. I’ve done this for a long time and I don’t have to be abused.”

Once the photo of the perpetrator was released it was reported by volunteer  John Niven that the same man had been over at Metella Rd Public School at Toongabbie yelling and being abusive and pulling signs down.

Another campaign volunteer Michael Riley remembered him as being rude and aggressive with people at Toongabbie station during the campaign.

However he saved his biggest outburst and threatening behaviour for a female volunteer who was working a busy entrance on her own, real classy.

As this incident was all about signs, now is a good time to bring up another issue with the Jaymes Diaz campaign that was only confirmed today.

There had been complaints of Diaz’s campaign team erecting signage and hanging corflutes on vacant houses and council property where they are not allowed to be placed.

On Friday 6th September I noticed signage erected on both street-fronts on the property of Blacktown 7 Eleven located on one of the areas busiest corners opposite a homemaker centre a McDonalds and a KFC. It had clearly been there for days. I contacted the head office of 7 Eleven who passed the information on to their regional manager for the area.

The signs were erected without any authorisation or permission according to 7 Eleven. This means whoever authorised the putting of signs on 7 Eleven’s private property without authorisation was breaking the law. Below is a copy of 7 Eleven’s response.

7 11 Letter

Could the mystery gutless thug who claimed to be Diaz’s deputy campaign manager have had something to do with this signage?

Unfortunately for this nameless gutless thug, News Ltd’s Ben McClellan did some checking and found out that he does in fact have a name, one I’m sure will cause further outrage.

I must also say at this point that I have been critical of Ben McClellan’s reporting in previous posts, however his reporting and investigative work on that matter have been outstanding as was his bravery in chasing an angry aggressive thug down the street.

Also unfortunate for the spineless coward is the fact the woman he decided to intimidate was Nicole Scott, a staffer of the Former Premier Nathan Rees who is now the Shadow Police Minister. Someone who is not as easily intimidated as the type of woman he may usually encounter. Nicole has spent her career defending the rights of others and standing up to bullies, as has her boss.

This is not the type of thing that Nicole Scott is likely to let rest.

After some investigative work by Ben McClellan the offenders name turned out to be Jerome Smith, and lo and behold he is in fact the son of Greg Smith.

Jaymes Diaz and Jerome Smith - Liberal Party champions

Jaymes Diaz and Jerome Smith – Liberal Party champions

Greg Smith some of you may remember is the Liberal Parties NSW Attorney General. The same one who has vouched for paedophile priests and introduced the recent Victims Of Crime legislation that made it harder for victims of paedophiles to have charges laid by changing the statute of limitations, and also slashing the maximum compensation payouts to an obscene level that will save the church millions of dollars in settlements and leave victims feeling as if they have been raped once again.

Greg Smith may sleep soundly after being so generous to child molesters, however now his own son is in the spotlight I wonder how he is feeling.

Jerome on the left and Greg Smith on the right with the winning bidder at an auction Jerome was auctioneer at

Jerome on the left and Greg Smith on the right with the winning bidder at an auction Jerome was auctioneer at

Having his own son exposed as a gutless thug and someone who is comfortable intimidating women may make him lose some sleep as one wonders where Jerome picks up this type of behavior and attitude.

Is Jerome a chip off the old block, or the black sheep of the family?

Either way if he is not banned from all campaigning by the Liberal Party we should all see it as the Liberals endorsing that kind of behaviour and that kind of attitude towards women.

Greg Smith - Friend to pervert priests and father to a gutless thug

NSW Attorney General Greg Smith – Friend to pervert priests and father to a gutless thug

Aside from this incident however Saturday was a relatively peaceful voting day, this was the only incident in NSW that required the police.

The debate will go on as to whether Rudd’s installation as leader was a success, or whether Labor stood have stood behind Julia Gillard. Not that anybody can ever have an answer that is certain.

My take on it is that Kevin Rudd was like a relative that you haven’t seen in ages. You are all excited and happy to see them when they return, but the longer they stay the more you want to see the back of them as they start to irritate you.

So now if you believe all the spin we will have a government that

“Says what it means and means what it says”

However, when it says “immediately”, it means three years. When it says “as soon as possible” that also means three years.

Already disappointing supporters with his sudden within 3 years moving of goalposts

Already disappointing supporters with his sudden within 3 years moving of goalposts

It is no wonder Liberal voters whom I have spoken to feel duped and betrayed already.

We will now have a government of

“No excuses and no surprises”

They are right on that part at least, I am not in the least bit surprised that no excuses are being offered for the sudden three-year stretching of what were core policies that the Liberals were elected on.

It is staggering to think that Tony Abbott has started out his term as Prime Minister by publicly stating a lie in his victory speech. This lie came across as arrogant and was also completely unnecessary. It is the only time that I can recall a Prime Minister Elect making his first public statement and his victory speech begin with a blatant lie. It will be no surprise at all to see him continue that trend throughout his term in the PM’s chair.

With a start like that it is clear when it comes to integrity in politics, the carnival is over.

Well and truly.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

When one delves into politics whether as a candidate, as a political writer, as a branch member, or even as an educated observer it is easy to become disillusioned and question your own motivations and what drives you to do your part to make the country a better and fairer place.

It is at times like this that I am so lucky to have a local MP like Alex Hawke the Federal Member for Mitchell.

Alex serves as a constant reminder of why I take such an interest in politics.

You see Alex Hawke to me represents all that is wrong with politics.

Alex Hawke is the man once described by 2GB’s Alan Jones as

“A Cancer On The Liberal Party”

That was one of the nicer things Jones said about Alex. I don’t often find myself agreeing with Jones, but on this occassion…

More can be heard from Alan Jones on Alex Hawke via this link, there are plenty of others there also.

Alex is a career politician, he has done little else coming straight from the Young Liberal movement and being pre-selected into a safe seat.

There isn’t a scale small enough to measure Hawke’s real-life experience outside of his political bubble.

A local lady looks at Alex Hawke with disdain

A local lady looks at Alex Hawke with disdain

Alex takes hypocrisy to a whole new level on many things, today I thought I’d write about just a few of them.

Alex Hawke has been quite vocal regarding his opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming that it undermines the sanctity of marriage which should be between a man and a woman. To have two people of the same-sex would cheapen the institute of marriage.

Cheapening the institute of marriage is something Alex knows all about having recently ended a marriage of a couple of years.

Alex himself was married for a brief period. In what many have called a sham marriage and a marriage of convenience.

Many who know Alex well tell how the marriage was a scheme to gain the backing of the religious rights factional leader David Clarke in order to get the numbers for pre-selection. Many sources have stated that this marriage was to cover up Hawke’s own sexuality which would seem to go a long way explain why he has taken so many young men under his wing.

One of those you men is the man last night made Deputy Mayor of the Hills Shire once again, Andrew Jefferies. Always the bridesmaid….

Andrew Jefferies a was an allegedly dysfunctional and ill educated young man from Muirfield High School. He was reportedly ‘be-friended’ by Alex Hawke, and given assistance and ‘friendship’. Hawke then used him and gave him a job in his electorate office until sources say Hawke was advised to dump him, following alleged episodes of mishandling constituents, rorting and stacking Liberal branches with young Liberals and misusing the members office to hold such meetings.

Andrew Jefferies - Always the bridesmaid

Andrew Jefferies – Always the bridesmaid

In the end the separation finally hapenned with sources telling of Jefferies crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. However the pair are still close to this day with Jefferies acting as Hawke’s puppet in council matters.

One of Alex’s latest recruits is a lad by the name of Peter Gangemi, a sheltered but intelligent studious type unlike Andrew Jefferies who is young and single. Hawke has had him promoted through the Liberal Councillors onto the Youth Advisory Council and thence to the position of the Hills Shire Youth Ambassador. He is currently an elected Liberal Councillor following Hawke’s intervention in local pre-selection events.

What we do know for sure is that Alex was married, he received Clarke’s blessing, his wife went to France to study for a couple of years, he fell out with Clarke causing a factional in-fight that caused Alan Jones to verbally tear into Alex several times. There was also a nasty email campaign and an assault reported in a bar as a result of this ugly factional fight.

Alex and his short term bride in happier days but in vomit worthy pic...

Alex and his short term bride in happier days but in vomit worthy pic…

That factional fight escalated to an incident that ended with Hawke calling police to break up his own meeting in his own office in a show of cowardice and a display of gutlessness that surprised many.

Alex then formed his own faction which now controls the Liberal State Executive. His wife has returned from France and studying and the pair have quickly separated and now await divorce, the sham marriage no longer required reportedly.

Sanctity of marriage indeed…

Alex's wife, Rebecca voted to flee to France...

Alex’s wife, Rebecca voted to flee to France…

The seat of Mitchell is home to one of the fastest growing business districts in the country the Norwest Business Park.

While those in the Greenway Electorate which has a quality MP in Michelle Rowland as a member watched the National Broadband Network roll out, those in the Norwest Business Park scratched their heads and wondered why they were missing out.

The reason they were missing out is because their voice chose to take political pot shots rather than look after his constituents interests.

Alex spoke out against the NBN many times, and then when it started rolling out on the other side of Windsor Rd started crying like a baby that has lost its dummy.

You cannot have it both ways Alex. You cannot argue against something, say it is no good, vote against it, and then complain you aren’t getting it first. That is just plain childish.

Alex Hawke waits for a page to load up with his Ultra-slow connection speed

Alex Hawke waits for a page to load up with his Ultra-slow connection speed

Alex isn’t new to taking cheap political shots however, taking cheap shots has led to Alex being thrown out of parliament several times. This may have seemed like a big joke to Alex, but it leaves his electorate without a voice in parliament, something we are supposed to be able to rely on him for.

Those in Alex’s electorate that have known the fight for equality, whether it is based on sex, sexuality, race, religion, or anything that may cause someone to be discriminated against should heed these words from Alex himself.

“We are not a society of equality. We are not a society that seeks complete equality for all of our citizens. It is not a goal that we will ever achieve and it is not a goal that I believe is worthwhile.”

Oddly enough Alex, I think the exact opposite, I think it is more than worthwhile and something we should constantly fight for.


Alex has also been outspoken on the cost to the Federal government of paying the disability pension and how it is increasing at a rapid rate with more people signing on than ever before, Alex took to the topic via Twitter figuring on scoring some cheap political points.

Alex, as a member of the NSW Liberal Executive should be all too well aware that the reason for this lies with the Coalition government in NSW. You see the changes to workers compensation laws in NSW have given a free pass to the insurance companies and left many without an income and also forced may onto welfare disability payments from the Federal government. Something that used to be covered by a company’s insurance is now covered by the taxpayer, we have the Coalition to thank for that.

When you bear in mind that all levels of government are controlled by Alex and his faction, with his faction controlling two of the three local State seats and the vast majority of the councillors it is worth looking at just what if anything the Liberal government has delivered for the area.

The current demolition of Hills Centre, a centre used by schools and children all across the community and guaranteed to not be replaced by Andrew Jefferies, Peter Gangemi and the other Liberal councillors. The proposed eyesore of a “SkyTrain” that has replaced the tunnel for the North West Rail which is yet to see the start of construction as opposed to demolition.

What's left of the Hills Centre. Liberals call this rail construction, I guess that's why it's demolition workers there...

What’s left of the Hills Centre. Liberals call this rail construction, I guess that’s why it’s demolition workers there…

We now have the prospect of elevated building heights, going from the current 7 stories to 24 stories. There is traffic disruption due to the lack of desperately need upgrades to roads like Showground and New Line Roads, plus we now have fewer buses.

A council that only a short time ago were united in calling for council to be recognised in the Constitution has seen the Liberal members completely back-flip at Hawke’s command when Tony Abbott decided he wouldn’t support it because Labor does.

The Liberal councillors from Alex’s faction have also overseen the dissolution of more than 40 years of community volunteerism, the sell out of community facilities to meet State Government demands, fewer recreational facilities, and a reduced budget for community.

Alex Hawke and his errand boys and girls at state and local level have not delivered anything for the community but smoke and mirrors and hot air.

The Liberals locally breeze into office without any real trouble as it is such a safe Liberal seat. Once they get there they can relax and do little safe in the knowledge that locals will still vote for them.

I have often said that the only way to ensure that the Liberals work for you is to vote them out.

The Liberal Party in the Hills Shire have not earned your vote in any way shape or form, yet they the expect it. What utter arrogance.

That’s why I’m kind of glad there are MP’s like Alex Hawke around, they serve as a great reminder as to why I’ll never vote for Alex and his ilk.

This kind of arrogance and hypocrisy should never be encouraged.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Last week was a long one for the Liberal Party in Sydney’s West.

Firstly the media did know whether to send out a search party or a bounty hunter in a desperate bid to find Jaymes Diaz, and whenever someone did stumble upon him he was either quick to flee or wasn’t talking to anyone.

Listening to what locals in his electorate are saying, the only thing Diaz will say when asked anything at all is that he is out to hear questions from voters, unfortunately however he is not answering any of the questions just repeating himself saying he’s out. He is continually followed around by babysitters who at the slightest bit of movement from his lips will jump in before Jaymes gets his mouth open to utter a word, no surprise when all he does is repeat himself in the most farcical of manners.

I don’t want to exaggerate but when I say these minders and babysitters are all over Diaz and right up his backside, but they are seriously all over him like a chap suit. There are unconfirmed rumors that on September 8 Diaz has a colonoscopy booked to help remove two of them. It’s no wonder, they appear to be wedged in deep.

Jaymes Diaz faces an uncomfortable week ahead

Jaymes Diaz faces an uncomfortable week ahead

Things have become so desperate in the seat of Greenway that Tony Abbott had to stop by and try to prop up the Diaz campaign. Dropping into Seven Hills to help support the man whom he tried so hard to keep from becoming a candidate.

Still Jess Diaz has been out doing the hard yards for his son. The Blacktown councillor was spotted abusing railway staff at Pendle Hill station after being told he was not allowed to campaign and hand out flyers on the platform. As any half decent councillor would know it is illegal to do so on State Government property, still that wasn’t going to stop Jess from trying and certainly wasn’t going to make him hesitate in screaming abuse at staff in front of shocked commuters.

Not to let another opportunity go to waste, Jess Diaz also decided he was going to put up signage at Kings Langley Shopping Centre, despite the centre having strict rules against it.

Jess Diaz - coming to abuse someone near you

Jess Diaz – coming to abuse someone near you

It was a windy day and the signage that Jess was illegally erecting was flapping in the wind and making a lot of noise. A real estate agent came out of his storefront to remove the sign that was making so much noise and blocking his window. Witnesses watched at Jess abused the agent loudly and angrily, and when a passer-by stopped to stick up for the agent, he was screamed abuse at also for his troubles.

To top things off in Greenway maybe it was the brothel next door, or maybe it was an attempt to dodge the media but it would seem Jaymes or Jayme Diaz has moved his campaign office. The Diaz campaign office is now located in Toongabbie, those taking out the lease were careful to ensure it was not located next to another brothel, crack-house or bikie den.

The new Diaz office - it does look well equipped

The new Diaz office – it does look well equipped

I say Jaymes or Jayme as he goes by both names according to records.

On his election material he goes by Jaymes, and on the electoral roll, the phone-book, and the records of his inner-city flat it’s Jayme. If he was answering questions from anybody it would be interesting to ask why the need for two names and if he in fact goes by any other names as well.

Often when someone uses multiple names it is to cover up a crime or hide something from the taxman or the public. I wonder what Diaz’s excuse is.

Will the real Jayme or Jaymes Diaz please stand up and come clean?

Up in Penrith representing Liberal hopes is Fiona Scott, the candidate with sex appeal according to Tony Abbott. This comment was passed off as a “daggy dad” moment, however many people saw it as more of a desperate deviants moment of madness.

Fiona needn’t get too excited, Abbott says the same thing about Bronwyn Bishop and Christopher Pyne, although I don’t think I’ve heard him say it about Sophie Mirabella.

Nothing says sex appeal like Bronwyn Bishop with a pearl necklace according to Tony

Nothing says sex appeal like Bronwyn Bishop with a pearl necklace according to Tony

At the candidates debate in Penrith put on by the local paper Fiona was being asked questions along with sitting member and Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.

Some said that Fiona’s answers seemed very scripted and sounded like it was someone else’s words coming from her mouth. This may well have actually been the case.

A caller on ABC Radio described what she witnessed when she attended the candidates debate. The caller said that the answers to questions being asked were being texted to Fiona by a Liberal Party organiser. How does she know this? She was apparently sitting next to the organiser watching them type up and send the answers to Fiona.

After the debate the caller told radio listeners how she approached Fiona Scott to ask her some questions, but Fiona left her with the organiser she has been sitting next to and took off in a hurry without explanation or apology. Maybe she saw Jaymes Diaz?

Liberal candidate for the seat of Chifley, Isabelle White, has also been a no-show at local candidate forums.

Isabelle, who has never held a full-time job showed how seriously she takes her local responsibilities last week by not showing up to council to perform her role as a councillor and voice for her community. Alas she was not alone, in total three Liberal councillors didn’t show up, one of them being Jess Diaz who may have been out abusing people on his sons behalf.

Jaymes has little else to run on, other than his old mans bully tactics

Jaymes has little else to run on, other than his old mans bully tactics

Over in the seat of McMahon we have local Liberal candidate Ray King who made the news with his “ban the burqa” dog-whistle tirade to appeal to the racist voters the Liberal Party seems desperate to enlist.

Well, I’m going to try not to make any judgements on his mental capacity or state of mind, but he has now come out with the idea to shoot people with sniper rifles in order to insert micro-chips in their bodies.

I looked on the Liberal Party website in a bid to learn more about this policy and was surprised that aside from their ludicrous Direct Action policy there was nothing that came quite so close to sheer insanity as Kings sniper plan.

Those who live in Sydney’s west really need to wonder how much the Liberal Party really care for the region if this is the best and brightest they can come up with for candidates.

In life you tend to get what you pay for, and if people elect these poor excuses for candidates then they should brace themselves for the worst.

But let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to that…

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

It was a quiet Tuesday night at Blacktown RSL Club, but in one of the upstairs function rooms, things were far from quiet.

Residents had shown up to meet the Federal Candidates for the seat of Greenway and ask them the questions that are important to them. Candidates show up out of respect for residents and so that if they have something to say to the community it can be stated in public and reported in the local press.

The event was hosted by the two local News Ltd papers the Blacktown Advocate and the Rouse Hill Times.

Last night the candidates at the forum were

Michelle Rowland  (Australian Labor Party) Current sitting Member

Jodie Wooton  (Palmer United Party)

Anthony Belcastro (Katter’s Australian Party)

Chris Brentin (Greens)

Marie Nichols (Rise Up Australia Party)

Jamie Cavanough (Australian Voice Party)

The candidates who cared enough to show up L-R Nichols, Belcastro, Cavanough, Wooton, Brentin and Rowland

The candidates who cared enough to show up
L-R Nichols, Belcastro, Cavanough, Wooton, Brentin and Rowland

Missing once again was the Liberal Party candidate Jaymes Diaz, who has clearly either withdrawn from the election or been ordered to not front the press by the Liberal factional overlords.

Given that the only serious contenders for the seat are Labor and Liberal the staunch refusal of the Liberal candidate to return a phone call to organisers, let alone show up is yet another display of contempt for those he hopes to serve. It is also a display of the attention Sydney’s Western Suburbs can expect from an Abbott led government.

It is also interesting to note that a late cancellation was the Christian Democrat candidate Alan Green.  This is the Party that is directing its preferences towards the missing Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz, locals were keen to ask about his choice regarding preferences. Unfortunately Alan Green “around the gills” seemed to think that his poor preference choice was something that could not be justified, so he just decided to turn his back on locals and not even bother fronting up.

It would appear that Mr Green thinks that to back and preference a campaign that has been built on deceit and lies and then not even bother showing up to answer for it is the Christian thing to do .

Of the candidates that did front up, Jodie Wooton from the Palmer United Party was well spoken but not real certain of some of her facts and her presentation sank (pardon the pun) when asked about Clive Palmers Titanic and the buying of materials, construction other services for the ship were being done offshore.

Representatives from the other minor Parties tried but didn’t really make any impact, although the Rise Up Australia candidate Marie Nichols was good for comedic value.

It was interesting however that these candidates all seemed to be campaigning on State issues, as there is clearly a lot of anger at how a Coalition government at State level is not delivering for the area at all.

Many issues were also raised about council matters. Since becoming a Liberal dominated council there is clearly a lot of anger at the way locals are being treated and the sell-off of and planned privatisation of public assets. These matters although relevant due to Jaymes Diaz’s father being one of the culprits on council, and the way the Liberal Party has shown contempt for the area at every opportunity so far, are mostly not a federal issue.

The two Parties that came to the evening having done their homework were Labor and the Greens. There is no question that their responses were received the best by the audience.

Chris Brentin from The Greens was clearly well read on his Party Policies and was even able to supply detail on their costing structures, which funnily enough makes him better prepared than Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Sitting Member Michelle Rowland of the Labor Party answered the questions addressed to her without hesitation and in detail. Questions involving funding, carbon pricing, the manufacturing industry and coal seam gas were answered by talking about Labor policy, how it is being implemented nationally, how it is being funded, and how it is delivering in the local area giving specific examples and the difference being made by her actions on the ground and with local residents.

It was quite apparent to all that Rowland was in a class of her own last night.

Several members of the public, including some Liberal supporters were there with questions they stated were for Jaymes Diaz, but with Diaz being a no-show their disappointment was evident.

When the question of preferences came up, Katters Australia Party candidate Anthony Belcastro  got a big cheer when he explained that he had put Labor ahead of Liberal explaining that it was the only responsible thing to do given the failure in every aspect of the Liberal Candidate. The Greens Chris Brentin was also cheered when he stated he was directing Greens preferences to Labor.

The other fringe Parties were heckled and booed as they tried to explain that it was their Party’s decision not theirs to preference Jaymes Diaz higher than Michelle Rowland.

One resident told me after the forum;

“Nobody wants a Party puppet who puts their Party’s needs ahead of what’s best for the community and Jaymes Diaz is not fit to represent our community”

The closest the public came to seeing the Liberal candidate was a cardboard cut-out which most of the candidates thought was hysterical, although Rowland refused to be dragged into the debate, leaving Diaz to explain himself if he ever decides to come up for air.

Some candidates were happy to mock Diaz and slam his as a gutless failure, yet still direct preferences to him

Some candidates were happy to mock Diaz and slam his as a gutless failure, yet still direct preferences to him

It cannot be over emphasised how much anger, disappointment, frustration and bitterness there was for not only Jaymes Diaz, but also for Tony Abbott for allowing this to happen and for keeping his candidate locked away from any real scrutiny. Jaymes Diaz is clearly not fit to serve his community and his community deserve and expect better.

As the Katter candidate Anthony Belcastro put it, Diaz has

“No respect for locals and thinks he can get into parliament just because he has a Liberal logo on his t-shirt”.

Locals in the area will need to ensure that they don’t vote for Jaymes Diaz by default.

In order to ensure that, voters need to ignore preferences if they are voting for minor Parties (particularly the gutless no-show Christian Democrats). Voters need to ensure that Michelle Rowland is voted for ahead of Jaymes Diaz. In a seat this marginal to not do that is as good as voting for Liberal which will give you Jaymes Diaz as your voice in Parliament, making you effectively mute.

Also in attendance last night from News Ltd was Ben McClellan, the Telegraph reporter responsible for some of the most biased and ridiculous front pages ever seen in this country. It will be interesting to see his take on the evening, in fact as I left I overheard him telling one of the audience the quote he needed, although he moved away before I could hear what it was. I have never needed to ask someone to repeat my words back to me in order to get a quote, but then again I don’t tend to distort the facts like many of those at the Telegraph.

If one thing was clear last night, it was that locals want a strong voice in Canberra. Locals respect Michelle Rowland for what she has delivered for the community and what she stands for, even if they are not fans of the Labor Party, locals are smart enough to know that it is the local member you are voting for and a strong local member is something to hang onto.

The last thing they need is a faceless failure who when it comes to speaking up for the community may as well be mute.

That’s what the Liberal Party have on offer with Jaymes Diaz.

No wonder he’s gone underground…

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

If there is one thing most people hate it is buying something and getting it home and it is not how you thought it was going to be. What you thought was going to be useful turns out to be useless and what you thought was going to be great turns out to be utter crap.

Those who own a business or work in HR must also know the feeling when you hire a candidate and they don’t quite match all the glory of their CV. Someone you thought to be qualified and have the necessary skill-set when they rock up to work it turns out they aren’t fit to mop out the toilets.

A similar dilemma hangs over the heads of voters of the Greenway electorate in Sydney’s western suburbs.  They are asked to vote for someone they don’t know much about and make a leap of blind faith with their futures.

On the one hand there is Michelle Rowland, the current sitting member, someone who has worked tirelessly and brought a great deal to the electorate, including securing and delivering Greenway as the first Sydney area to see the NBN rolled out.

On the other hand there is Jaymes Diaz, someone who has some lovely flyers full of lots of buzz words and clever slogans, although none of these are his own. In his campaign material Jaymes promises little or nothing about his own electorate, only broad statements which are being rolled out nationally in every electorate by the Coalition and have been penned by some Liberal staffer in a Canberra office who has probably never been to Greenway.

Jaymes did however speak up once in this campaign for himself, and what an impression he made. This became the notorious 6 points interview on Channel 10 which went viral worldwide, now he has seemingly gone into hiding.

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

Jaymes has now become the first “Faceless Candidate” that I am aware of in this election. Jaymes appears to be hiding his face from the world hoping nobody remembers him as the candidate who looked like a complete imbecile on TV.

Since that infamous video, that some who actually know him have remarked actually made him look smarter than usual, Jaymes has not shown up for any kind of media event or interview and at Liberal Party events dodges the media like they have the plague.

So desperate to stay hidden has been Jaymes that the Blacktown Advocate had taken to asking its readers at one point of the campaign “Has anyone seen Jaymes?” The Advocate did actually find him one day campaigning at a railway station however when the journalist approached Diaz he refused to make any comment or answer any questions.

Tonight is the Election Forum that is being hosted by the Blacktown Advocate and the Rouse Hill Times, and so far Jaymes refuses to say whether he will be attending or not, despite both of these being News Ltd papers. He is the only candidate to not respond. A confirmation email sent from the Blacktown Advocates editor stated:

“Candidates who have so far confirmed attendance are Michelle Rowland (Labor), Jodie Wootton (Palmer United Party), Anthony Belcastro (Katter’s Australian Party), Chris Brentin (Greens), Jamie Cavanough (Independent) and Allan Green (Christian Democratic Party).”

Missing in action (if you call hiding an action) is Jaymes Diaz of the Liberal Party and absolutely nobody else.

I’m told he has even been incapable of returning the Advocates phone calls, something I would have thought a common courtesy.

Jaymes Diaz in his bid to remain faceless is also ensuring that the Liberal Party supporters also remain voiceless locally. Nobody is speaking for them, only handing out and letterboxing  head office blessed Party propaganda to the electorates voters.

What utter contempt for the electorate he hopes to represent.

However, this is not the person the Liberal Party wanted representing them in Greenway, oh no. Tony Abbott went to great effort to ensure that Jaymes Diaz lost the pre-selection, throwing up all sorts of other candidates from State MP’s to burnt-out old rockers.

Used to be known as "Happy Anderson" before the Greenway Liberal pre-selection

Used to be known as “Happy Anderson” before the Greenway Liberal Party pre-selection

This however turned out to be yet another failure for Tony Abbott as the branch stacking abilities of Jaymes’s father, Jess Diaz won the day.

Jess Diaz is one of the Liberal councillors on Blacktown council. The same Liberal councillors who closed Mt Druitt pool, are looking to close Blacktown Aquatic Centre, have voted to take away the councils pensioner rebate, have left hundreds of residents in limbo after announcing rezoning plans to take the homes from them, and are seeking to privatise the council child-care facilities.

Jess "Branch stacker, pool closer and community asset stripper" Diaz

Jess “Branch stacker, pool closer and community asset stripper” Diaz

On Sunday it emerged in the Fairfax media that there are now questions over whether Jaymes Diaz even lives in the area despite his claims that he has lived there all his life, with records showing he owns a luxury inner-city apartment.

A Liberal Party spokesman, not Diaz I might add, has claimed this is a smear tactic to discredit Jaymes and that he never lived in the apartment he owns with his brother. In contrast Diaz himself is saying nothing at all.

Well, if a Liberal Party spokesman says it, then it must be Tony Abbott’s “gospel truth” some may say.

The wiser amongst us may look at things like the facts rather than what a “spokesman” says. Little things like the fact that Jaymes owns the flat with his brother, in 2007 he was involved in a resident’s dispute, something normally done by a resident, hence the title “resident’s dispute”. Other things like an internet name being registered to a Jaymes Diaz at the apartments address. It would be a pretty amazing coincidence for Diaz to find a tenant for his flat with the same name as him as the delusional spokesman seems to be suggesting.

There are other amazing coincidences like the White Pages lists the apartment as his residential address, and that his work address of Diaz & Diaz Lawyers is listed in the same building. These things all point to Jaymes not living in the Greenway electorate at all.

Gospel truth indeed…

Speaking of Jaymes’s business, I revealed on 7th August that Jaymes Diaz was an immigration lawyer. All through the local press he was given the title “family lawyer” as that is how he is misleadingly represented in the Liberal Party paraphernalia. This would indeed be an adequate description if you were a family looking to immigrate to Australia.

However many other people I’ve spoken with regards to his work have described Jaymes as being a

 “People smuggler in a suit”.

The mystery “Liberal Party spokesman” told Fairfax that this was yet

“Another grubby tactic from Labor”

A grubby tactic from Labor? Really? Exposing what Jaymes Diaz does for work is suddenly a grubby tactic?

Maybe the “people smuggler in a suit” tag is appropriate given the Liberal spokesmen’s reaction, they clearly didn’t want the public knowing about what Jaymes does to earn a quid if they consider it grubby.

It turns out I was wrong, and for that I humbly apologise, I wouldn’t want anybody to have the wrong impression of Jaymes.

You see Jaymes isn’t actually an immigration agent. Well not any more at least. On paper anyway…

Jaymes actually ceased to be a licensed immigration agent in June. That’s not June 2005, nor June 2010, not even June last year. I mean he ceased to be licensed in June this year, a couple of months ago, just as the campaign was kicking off, around the time of his pre-selection.

This doesn’t half smell a bit fishy.

This pile of dead fish was recently described as "Smelling like the Liberal Party's portrayal of Jaymes Diaz's work history"

This pile of dead fish was recently described as “Smelling like the Liberal Party’s portrayal of Jaymes Diaz’s work history”

These things are what we actually know of Jaymes Diaz, it is what we don’t know that maybe we should fear.

It has become quite clear that Jaymes Diaz has been told to stay away from press by those running the Abbott campaign. This begs the question;

What does Tony Abbott know about Jaymes Diaz that he doesn’t want us to know?

Just keep your mouth shut kid....

Just keep your mouth shut kid….

You would think that in such a marginal seat that it would be in the best interests of the Liberal Party to have your candidate come out and redeem himself after such a spectacular screw up. Instead he is being hidden away under a rock somewhere so that nobody can learn what goes through his mind other than the sound of crickets.

Yesterday I noted that the Diaz campaign office has seen a couple of changes.

In my last post I commented on the graffiti on the signage outside his office. Shortly afterwards signage appeared there with Jaymes’s name and the Liberal party logo.

Yesterday that was gone, so too was the corflute that was on the inside of the glass door which was his office entry.

Maybe this is due to the brothel next door distracting from the campaign. I mean it’s probably not a good look for a campaign when the candidate is a Filipino immigration agent and his campaign office is right next door to a brothel full of Filipino workers.

Now the signage is gone, locals get a surprise when they knock on the door next to the Diaz campaign office by mistake...

Now the signage is gone, locals get a surprise when they knock on the door next to the Diaz campaign office by mistake…

Some have queried whether in fact Jaymes Diaz may have even withdrawn from the election. A valid question indeed given his apparent disappearance or abduction by aliens.

What we do know is that voters are being asked to take the suddenly faceless Diaz at face value.

Voters are being asked to put their trust in a candidate who the Liberal Party clearly have no faith in whatsoever. He is not even showing any confidence in himself, so why should voters have any in him?

To the voters in Greenway I say ensure you put Jaymes Diaz last on your voting paper. If you put Diaz ahead of Michelle Rowland your Labor candidate, then you have voted for Diaz by default in an electorate this marginal, despite who you put ahead of them.

If Tony Abbott cared for your electorate he would have done more to ensure you had a candidate that was worth allowing to speak or show up to media events. Tony Abbott has duped you and sold you out to local branch-stackers.

The people of Greenway deserve better.

Much better.

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Last night was a bitterly cold night in Sydney, and for hundreds of those who are homeless and living on the streets the nights are now becoming even colder.

The problem for these poor souls is that Rupert Murdoch has indirectly taken away their blankets and a major source of their warmth.

Sources claim that the homeless living in Sydney’s streets may not have a lot, often only what fits in their pockets or for some a shopping trolley, but they have their dignity.

Mondays Daily Telegraph in particular with it atrocious front page has meant that the homeless have had enough. They can smell the stench emitting from the News Ltd pages and have decided that they have more dignity than to sleep under such a stench, with one allegedly saying “we may live like s**t but we don’t have to cover ourselves in s**t when we sleep”.

However one persons trash is another persons treasure as the saying goes.

The treasure this time has been for furry felines however. Cats around the city have been purring contentedly as copies of the Telegraph are now be relegated to where they belong, at the bottom of kitty litter trays for cats to relieve themselves upon.

We have heard a lot about the bias of media, yet rarely has there been such an obvious case shoved in our faces.


The reporter (and I use the term very loosely) who knocked up this drivel is Ben McClellan who until recently worked at the Blacktown Advocate, a local News Ltd paper.

The front page of Mondays Telegraph led to another article from McClellan on the feeling of those in the area he used to work in, the Blacktown region, or the electorate of Greenway.

Greenway is currently represented by Michelle Rowland of the Labor Party, but it is the country’s most marginal seat, and Michelle held on by less than 1000 votes last time around.

Despite the area being held by Labor and despite Labor’s solid support in the area, Ben McClellan with all of his journalistic talent apparently couldn’t find a Labor voter when he went to a local shopping centre. He must have been trying really hard.

McClellan spoke to several people about why they were not voting Labor, and even had a picture with what they told him on it, the picture is below.


One thing you notice from what they had to say is that there were only three issues mentioned in these peoples comments as reasons why they won’t vote for Labor. Public Transport, education, and hospitals.

These people apparently don’t intend to vote Labor federally because of what a Coalition State government is doing.

Covered in these statements are the issues that Nurses have been protesting about for weeks and the cutbacks in hospital spending by Barry O’Farrell, Barry O’Farrell’s $1.7 Billion education cuts that also included TAFE, and the state of public transport as the Coalition combine cuts and privatisation sell offs.

In fact the only thing that comes close to a real Federal issue is when McClellan spoke to a local butcher:

Chilcott’s Butchery is celebrating its 80th year this month and namesake Ron said more needed to be done to help small business.

He said the price of everything had gone up, from cleaning his grease trap to electricity bills, which were now costing him $1000 a month.

“They can rein in the costs in for a start, cut out the waste,” Mr Chilcott said.

Aside from the power bills being passed on by a Coalition state government, I’m sure that Mr Chilcott will be reassured knowing that his landlord Mirvac who own the Shopping Centre, will receive a company tax rate increase of 1.5% should Abbott win in September to cover the Coalitions parental leave scheme. This will increase their company tax payments by a staggering 5% something that I’m sure will have a direct and harsh impact on his rent.

Barry O'Farrell - Not to be confused with Kevin Rudd

Barry O’Farrell – Not to be confused with Kevin Rudd

The Liberal candidate for Greenway whom McClellan seems to assume everyone that day will vote for is an immigration lawyer named Jaymes Diaz.

Whilst Tony Abbotts policy is to turn boats around, which flies in the face of his stopping the boats claim… I mean how do you turn something around that is not there? Tony Abbott saying he will turn them around means he must be telling us lies when he says he will stop them, but I digress… Anyway, Jaymes Diaz makes a living ensuring people get in to this country.

When a boatload of Asylum seekers is detected, Tony Abbott sees red, Jaymes Diaz however must see dollar signs and hear “ker-ching”.

Little wonder then that Tony Abbott was widely reported to be strongly opposed to Jaymes Diaz’s preselection again after Diaz’s failure in the previous election.

Despite Abbott backing another candidate, and what seemed like a million others throwing their hats in the ring, including burnt out rocker from the opposite side of town Angry Anderson, at the end of the day the factional powerbrokers and faceless men of the Liberal Party fought it out and with the aid of a reportedly large amount of branch stacking Jaymes Diaz came up trumps.

Diaz’s campaign office, pictured below was officially opened by Malcolm Turnbull on what must have been a proud day for the party. Situated amongst some less than glamorous neighbours and with what is reported to be a brothel operating right alongside is a door with a Jaymes Diaz corflute on it, that is the Liberal Party campaign office.

The Jaymze Diaz campaign office. The graffiti also makes a nice touch...

The Jaymze Diaz campaign office. The graffiti also makes a nice touch…

Diaz made the news last election with some comments he made on the campaign trail regarding the neighbouring electorate of Chifley. Diaz allegedly stated when asked about the Chifley seat:

“unfixable … too many Muslims”


Jaymes Diaz was reported to have said this whilst having a good childish chuckle about it with his father Jess Diaz, who is a Liberal Councillor on Blacktown Shire Council.

Jess Diaz has been a loyal member of the Liberal Party lately, supporting the sell-off of both Mt Druitt Pool and Blacktown Aquatic Centre, the privatisation of local childcare centres, the compulsory acquirement of residents homes to make way for hi-rise apartments, and the dumping of pensioner rebates on council charges.

Jaymes Diaz doesn’t need his father however and showed off his intellect and his solid grasp of policy when questioned by Channel 10, in the clip below.

If you think that that is cringe-worthy, check out the full interview via this link where Jaymes talks about a pensioner who can’t afford to run their heater whilst his father is taking away pensioner discounts on council.

Local Liberal supporters have not ended up with Angry Anderson, they have Dopey Diaz instead it seems.

This is the Greenway that Ben McClellan couldn’t seem to find. Given his inability to find what is in front of him I wonder if he managed to find his car in the car park afterwards.

News Ltd are clearly only interested in the glass half empty approach, and are seemingly looking to buy themselves the Manchurian Candidate in Tony Abbott.

Those who read front pages that say

“…Kick this mob out”

And take them to heart need to take heed of the moral fibre of the organisation that is saying it.

News Ltd, and the Daily Telegraph are a part of News Corp.

News Corp is the company that is comfortable with pursuing and then bankrolling the hacking of the mobile phone of a murdered 13 year old girl and deleting messages (and possible evidence), making her parents believe in vain that she is still alive, as they did in the case of Milly Dowler. I can think of fewer things more callous and cruel.

If that is what floats your boat (pardon the pun) then vote for Abbott and the Coalition as News Ltd seem to suggest.

Those who hack the phones of murdered teenagers endorse this man for PM - Think I'll pass...

Those who hack the phones of murdered teenagers endorse this man for PM – Think I’ll pass…

However if like I do, you believe that a “mob” who massively promotes education initiatives, provides the country’s first parental leave scheme, introduces a National Disability Insurance Scheme, makes the changes necessary to protect our environment, raises the tax-free threshold to aid to young and low income earners, increases employer superannuation contributions, and invests billions in vital infrastructure for our nation is a “mob” worth hanging onto, you won’t be so easily led.

Funnilly enough, as I write this it has been announced that News Corp had been forced to apologise to Barbara Ramjan for accusing her of being a liar.

Barabara’s crime was telling Fairfax’s David Marr about the time when her face was in the close vicinity of Tony Abbotts flying fists.

A company that brands a female victim of intimidation and assault a liar.

All class.

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