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This week as the Craig Thomson trial draws closer to finalizing, the lesson to be learnt is that there are serious flaws in the way our media report important events.

While Independent Australia has someone who assumes the whole days events may be worth reporting on and stays in court to relay it all, the vast majority of the mainstream press seem to be off at the café, the pub, or gone for a round of golf by lunch.

How is this in any way in the interests of their readership?

It is no wonder the Magistrate has been so critical of particularly The Australian’s coverage of the court proceedings in the past.

The testimony of former Sydney brothel owner Peter Lazaris was widely reported by all of the mainstream press like it was the major event of the day.

What wasn’t reported is that in a full day in court Mr Lazaris testimony lasted less than ten minutes, nor that he was asked to step down from the witness stand by Magistrate Rozencwajg.

Mr Lazaris leaves the set of Miami Vice

Mr Lazaris leaves the set of Miami Vice

The reason he was asked to step down is that his testimony was for the most part irrelevant to the case as it had no link to Craig Thomson, and most of what he was saying was just reading aloud on the stand, with Magistrate Rozencwajg explaining

“I can read just as well as he can”

That was not reported anywhere that I saw.

My humble opinion and I am not an expert in the area, is that brothels advertise, promote and promise discretion. I would not consider going on a witness stand in Magistrates court before a salivating press pack discreet, but that is just me.

Given this it would lead me to assume one of two things, either Mr Lazaris has no integrity, or alternatively that Thomson was never a client. There was certainly nothing that Mr Lazaris presented that gave any confirmation that Thomson was indeed a customer, only excuses as to why he could not offer evidence of what Thomson claims never occurred.

As we have seen from Umberto Ledfooti’s court coverage on Independent Australia there has been a long list of witnesses that have appeared that have painted a clear picture that there were no official guidelines around credit card usage within the union, with one of those witnesses being Jeff Jackson who’s alleged improper spending on a union credit card vastly exceeds that of Thomson.

There has been testimony from Belinda Ord that the documentation  that Kathy Jackson has claimed was destroyed by Thomson was in fact under a desk in Jacksons office. These documents included financial details, credit card details and copies of signatures and drivers license details, everything that one would require to set someone up.

This too was ignored by the mainstream

Today it was time for Kathy Jackson to finally take the stand.

Jackson is in the box seat today

Jackson is in the box seat today

Jackson as you are probably all aware is the self-proclaimed whistleblower whose allegations started the entire circus that we have witnessed for the past few years.

Jackson as you are also likely aware is the fiancée of Michael Lawler who is the Vice President of Fair Work Commission (formerly FWA) whose investigations based on the evidence that was hand delivered by Jackson seemed to target Thomson. Kathy Jackson’s branch during her time as secretary was conveniently excluded from the investigation.

She is also the one who was in partnership with Michael Williamson, who employed her, to form the ill-fated HSU East. So strong her relationship with Williamson was before she betrayed him that she even purchased his wife Julie a $3,000 pair of earrings as a gift. Not bad on a union salary…

Kathy Jacksons Bulgari Earring Purchase

In her testimony before lunch Jackson often referred to what she called information from the “blogosphere”. Jackson has clearly been infuriated by the fact that her own actions have brought her under police scrutiny and documentation that has exposed her lies has been made public.

Today Jackson confirmed that Craig Thomson’s salary package included a salary, a car, a mobile phone for personal and business use and a credit card. A credit card as part of a salary package?

If this is the case then it would suggest he can spend on that card however he likes surely, as no employer can tell you how to spend your own salary.

Jackson also confirmed before lunch that the child care payments for her children were made well beyond her return from maternity leave by around four years. This is the same child care that she told Chris Uhlman when interviewed on the ABC’s 7 30 was not paid for out of union funds.

Too bad the “blogosphere” exposed that lie I guess…

Another alarming admission from Jackson is that she spent over $100,000 per year of union funds by withdrawing cash.

That is a lot of cash to spend, certainly far more than Thomson’s withdrawals which now find him facing charges in court.

When queried about her $22,000 ski trip to Mt Hotham in 2005 shown on the branches GST reporting document below, Jackson claimed she was attending a union conference there.

2005 BAS GST reporting

I guess it was lucky it was in the middle of ski season and that her and Jeff are both keen skiers.

The circus continues after lunch…

More tomorrow.

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Those who were in Melbourne’s Magistrates Court yesterday for day two of the Craig Thomson trial might well have assumed that they had in fact entered the Twilight Zone.

To say that the prosecution’s case has been left in tatters would be an understatement as this entire process makes a mockery of our legal system.

Day three looms large and despite two days of one of the country’s most eagerly awaited trial already having passed the prosecution have yet to even make their opening address.

Despite prosecution not making an opening address or calling a single witness as yet, 79 of the charges against Thomson have already been dismissed by the Magistrate.

What you have likely read about in the mainstream is how the prosecution team have vowed to appeal this decision that was made based on jurisdictional issues. The charges were dismissed as they do not relate to the Victorian police and are mostly matters involving alleged events in NSW.

What the mainstream may forget to remind their readers is that these matters had been looked into by the NSW Fraud squad numerous times after George Brandis hounded them until he ran out of phone credit or perhaps just credibility. The NSW Fraud squad stated there was no criminality involved and dropped the investigations into the matter.

Having the allegations reincarnated in Victoria where politics and police seemingly mix better must have been the Plan B.

George Brandis ponders Plan C and D

George Brandis ponders Plan C and D

The prosecution, who were well aware that this outcome was not only possible but also extremely likely went into meltdown. Detective Sergeant John Tyquin became visibly enraged at the outcome witnesses have reported, perhaps he can sense a wrongful arrest case coming, after all there were serious questions on the arrest warrant used.

The prosecutor Deborah Mandie said she was determined to appeal the decision and attempted to have the trial delayed until next year.

Clearly becoming increasingly frustrated at the prosecutions further attempts to delay their fraught case Magistrate Rozencwajg stated;

“You have had almost a year to prepare”

“It’s about time you bit the bullet”

The prosecution was given a two and a half hour break to get their act together as it would seem a year is not long enough to prepare when you are prosecuting a case for a Victorian police squad unable to uncover any evidence to back up their charges.

It is also worth noting that although being given the time off the prosecution decided not to cross the road to the Supreme Court to lodge an appeal with a judge despite their ranting that they would.

Magistrate Rozencwajg who was clearly frustrated by further attempts to delay and drag out proceedings was insistent that the trial commence tomorrow and the other charges be heard.

After court resumed in the afternoon it became known that the prosecution had made a decision that some of the charges were not strong enough to hold water and took it upon themselves to change them.

This was taken as yet another example of the prosecution and police making things up as they go along and Magistrate Rozencwajg was having none of it.

Like a parent telling a child, or a teacher to a student, the long-suffering Magistrate explained to the prosecution that they had not applied to the court to change the charges nor notified the Magistrate of any intention to do so. He then went on to tell them that they could write whatever they liked in their notes but that did not necessarily make it so or admissible in court.

In another bizarre act the defence team indicated that they are happy with the prosecution’s witness statements exactly as they are.

Another day another prosecution delay

Another day another prosecution delay

Normally there would be objections to witness statements such as then being prejudicial, or based on heresay. In an unprecedented act the defence is so comfortable that it has not a single objection to any of the statements as clearly the defence doesn’t see them as in any way damaging to their case.

It was reported on Monday night by Umberto Ledfooti at Independent Australia the prosecution has finally acknowledged in court what I have been stating for what feels like an eternity, that the movies charged to Thomson’s hotel room;

“… may not have been pornographic.”


Going even further the prosecution then stated that these movies;


“… could have been The Sound Of Music.”


Remember this is the prosecution stating this, not the defence.

Julie Andrews was shocked when the Director explained the Sound Of Music was to be accompanied by naked copulating bodies

Julie Andrews was shocked when the Director explained the Sound Of Music was to be accompanied by naked copulating bodies

How many times have we seen throughout the mainstream press about Thomson watching porn in his hotel room? What was this allegation based on?

Trial by media.

Yesterday amongst the 79 charges that were dismissed by the Magistrate were the charges related to allegations of brothel visits. The same alleged visits that despite subpoenas and scouring of the earth, no substantial evidence has yet surfaced to back up the allegations.

This must be a blow for the mainstream, as the Thomson trial without the sex and sleaze is a bit like a sausage without the sizzle.

Yesterday I note heralded the return of Pia Ackerman to writing on the matter for The Australian.

Despite the dismissing of charges relating to brothels and escorts, and the porn movies turning out to perhaps be musicals starring Julie Andrews, Pia Ackerman who has previously been slammed by the Magistrate for incorrect reporting on this case couldn’t help but add her unique sense of balance and factual reporting to the end of her article yesterday when she claimed;

“Mr Thomson is facing over 200 charges relating to alleged misuse of Health Services Union credit cards to pay for pornographic films, female escorts, flights and cash withdrawals during his time as the union’s national secretary and as a Labor MP.”

Actually Pia, it’s 145 charges now, it’s the “Sound Of Music” not pornographic films, and there are no escorts. But never mind, why don’t you throw in a couple of war crimes while you’re at it?

On Monday I morning I described the case so far by saying that “the circus continues.”

Seems I was underestimating.

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The last 50 years have seen some fantastic events and seen some huge steps forward for mankind, however it has also seen some of the worst than mankind can produce.

There have been some atrocities over the last half century that defy belief, and some of those responsible for these acts are even still alive today.

Before you delve further down the page I should warn you that there are some graphic images in this post that will upset some people, so please don’t say you were not warned.

In 1998 there would have been hardly a tear shed for the death of Pol Pot, the former dictator and ruthless leader of the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot is credited with the deaths of up to 3 Million Cambodians which made up around a quarter of Cambodia’s total population.

Those in his camps were used as slaves and most died of disease and malnutrition, however many others were simply executed or some were killed in the most grotesque ways imaginable for the entertainment of the camp guards.

Pol Pot died whilst under house arrest in his bed.

Pol Pot

Pol Pot

Slobodan  Milosevic was another one who got off lucky, dying of a heart attack in his prison whilst awaiting trial on March 11th 2006.

Milosevic was awaiting trial for war crimes that included ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Known as the “Butcher Of The Balkans” he presided over the deaths of more than 200,000 people over 10 years in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

...and the winner of the older Geert Wilders look alike contest is.... Sobidan Milosevic

…and the winner of the older Geert Wilders look alike contest is…. Slobodan Milosevic

In 1994 The Rwandan genocide occurred while the world watched on for approximately 100 days and did little.

The genocide was carried out by the Hutus who massacred somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,0000 Tutsis in the most brutal of fashions.


In 1998 Jean-Paul Akayesu, a Rwandan politician and mayor of a commune, was sentenced to life imprisonment for 9 counts of genocide and crimes against humanity which included the rape and sexual mutilation of women.

Rwanda’s very own shock-jocks Ferdinand Nahimana and Jean Bosco Barayagwiza were both given life sentences in October 2000 for inciting and encouraging the massacre throughout their broadcasts.

Also serving a life sentence for his part in the genocide is Jean Kambanda who was the Prime Minister of Rwanda during the genocide.

Bodies in a field in Rwanda

Bodies in a field in Rwanda

We all remember the hunt for former Iraqi Dictator and war criminal Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on his own citizens, massacred thousands of Kurds and his own citizens, and after the Gulf War evidence of torture was discovered that appeared to be state sanctioned and carried out by members of Hussein’s Republican Guard.

Saddam Hussein was eventually captured after being pulled out of a hole in the ground in December 2003.

After facing trial for crimes against humanity Saddam Hussein was given the death penalty and was hung on the 30th December 2006

For the people of Iraq who faced years of fear and oppression under Saddam’s rule, his death was a cause for celebration.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

For those who suffered at the hands of Pol Pot and Milosevic it must have seemed cruel to see them both escape punishment so easily and die a relatively peaceful death when they themselves had been so inhumane and cruel in their bringing about the deaths of others.

However it is not just these people who need to face investigation for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

One would have had to be hiding in a hole like Saddam Hussein to have missed Kony 2012.

The social media campaign to try and bring about the tracking down, capture and conviction of Joseph Kony, thought to be hiding out in the Congo.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the “Lords Resistance Army” thought to have recruited over 30,000 children for use as soldiers. Child soldiers recruited often kill their family while young girls are captured and used as sex slaves for the young soldiers.

It is not known how many have been killed by Kony and his forces although conservative estimates by the UN put the number at over 100,000. Many of these deaths are amongst the most shocking and cruel deaths imaginable as soldiers compete to see who is the cruellest amongst them.

Joseph Kony is still at large.

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony

We have all seen in news broadcasts over the past few years the atrocities that are ongoing in the civil war in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has been accused of war crimes with calls for action against his regime coming from all over the globe.

Assads regime has been notorious for war crimes against men women and children including massacres, torture, and evidence of the use of chemical weapons.

Victims of Assad's regime

Victims of Assad’s regime

The UN expects more than 5 Million refugees to come from Syria by the end of 2014 as a result of Assad’s rule. Estimates on the death toll have varied with the UN saying that it is most certainly over 100,000.

Most of the world has condemned Assad and are keen to bring him to justice and investigate him and his regime for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Victims of Syrian nerve gas attack

Victims of Syrian nerve gas attack

It is something that is beyond doubt that those who commit genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity should be hunted down and severely punished for their crimes.

Another nation where war crimes such as genocide, torture and ethnic cleansing are reported to have been committed is Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan civil war dragged on for 26 years and saw the deaths of over 100,000 people, mostly civilians.

One incident towards the end of the war saw 300,000 civilians trapped on a narrow beach, 40,000 of these civilians were gunned down by the Sri Lankan army and many atrocities were alleged to have been committed.

The man in charge of the Sri Lankan military was Defense Secretary  Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who is the brother of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Last week the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka was boycotted by Canada, India , and Mauritius as a protest against the human rights abuses and war crimes that have yet to see action taken.

British Conservative Prime Minister was also keen to address the violations of human rights and see Sri Lanka investigated for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Cameron stated during a press conference

“Let me be very clear. If an investigation is not completed by March, then I will use our position on the United Nations human rights council to work with the UN human rights commission and call for a full credible and independent international inquiry.”

It is clear that the British along with many other nations calling for justice for the countless thousands of innocent civilians that were tortured and massacred, men, women and children.

Not to be outdone, Tony Abbott weighed in on the discussions and when questioned about the massacre and torture of civilians stated;

We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen”

I have never heard of a country being given a free pass for genocide and torture before, and those who committed some of the atrocities must be pleased to hear that someone accepts what they have done.

Tony Abbott - Accepts Sri Lankan torture and genocide, but won't accept Sri Lankan refugees

Tony Abbott – Accepts Sri Lankan torture and genocide, but won’t accept Sri Lankan refugees

The photo’s below are of some of the atrocities that Tony Abbott has accepted on our behalf when he uses the word “We”

However Tony Abbott not only accepted their actions, which he says must have been difficult as I’m sure they were for those on the receiving end, but he also thought that giving a couple of gifts was appropriate.

A massacred Sri Lankan family

A massacred Sri Lankan family

David Cameron calls for war crimes investigations, Tony Abbott gives away gifts.

So what gift is appropriate to give a nation who used its military to commit massacres and other crimes against humanity?

More military equipment of course.

A woman raped and murdered by Sri Lankan military soldiers

A woman raped and murdered by Sri Lankan military soldiers

Tony Abbott has given the Sri Lankan government two Navy Patrol Boats for them to use in any way they see fit in return for them clamping down on asylum seekers fleeing the country due to tensions that still exist and seeing their family members executed in many cases.

A butchered Sri Lankan child

A butchered Sri Lankan child

The gift of military boats to the nation the UN accuses of war crimes costs the taxpayer $2 Million. The cynical may say Abbott is trying to emulate his idol John Howard who allegedly paid bribes to Saddam Hussein’s regime via the Australian Wheat Board.

The use of the boats as mentioned is totally unrestricted, the Sri Lankans can arm them with whatever weaponry they like.

Fairfax reported on 19th November about the actions of a similar Sri Lankan patrol boat at the end of the civil war when it came across civilians on a fishing boat.

”We held two white flags and on seeing the navy we called them, ‘Aiya, Aiya [Sir, Sir]’. There was sudden shelling and eight died on the spot … navy hit, navy attacked and many people died.”

A message needs to be sent to Tony Abbott that his actions and his words on this matter are not just inappropriate, they are truly sickening.

More rape and murder in Sri Lanka

More rape and murder in Sri Lanka

As a nation we do not accept, endorse, or tolerate genocide or torture, it goes against everything we should be standing for.

Tony Abbott, when you claim “we” accept this, you sure as hell don’t speak for me.

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A lot of information has been published lately in the nations press and online about entitlements, particularly travel rorts.

We have seen MP’s from both sides drawn into the scandal that seems to be growing more with each passing hour.

On the Labor Party front we have seen questions raised about Former Tasmanian Labor MP Dick Adams, and current NSW Labor MP Laurie Ferguson.

On the Liberal side we have WA Liberal MP Luke Simpkins, Qld National Party MP Ross Vasta, Attorney General George Brandis, National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Qld MP Teresa Gambaro, and of course Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It seems that Tony Abbott thinks the taxpayer should fund his attendance at weddings, fund the marketing promotion of his book, and fund his fun runs and triathlons, travel, meals and accommodation.

Bill Shorten, who totally flogged Tony Abbott by ten minutes in one fun run doesn’t seem to have billed the taxpayer for the pleasure.

These costs of Abbott’s that the taxpayer funded are rapidly closing in on the $100,000 mark.

Running for the taxpayer?

Running for the taxpayer?

In the Coalitions eyes that is apparently perfectly legitimate, but when Craig Thomson watches an in-house movie in a hotel on a union credit card worth $15, that warrants 2 police charges and becomes a national scandal.

Tony Abbott’s dodgy travel claims total more than three times the figure of the complete charges brought against Craig Thomson.

What is really interesting is that one of the destinations that two of these MP’s travelled to was the NSW Central Coast, Craig Thomsons former electorate, for the wedding of Michael Smith. Those who attended the Smith wedding on our dime were Barnaby Joyce and George Brandis.

I haven’t dragged out the pot and kettle for a while, but it seems more than called for in this instance.

George Brandis accusing Craig Thomson of rorting

George Brandis accusing Craig Thomson of rorting

George Brandis should know better than to charge the taxpayer for flights, accommodation, and even a government car to attend the wedding of a former shock-jock, after all he was the one leading the witch-hunt with Thomson and Slipper.

Brandis used the lame excuses that there would be journalists at the wedding, and that as Michael Smith was involved in both the Thomson HSU saga, and the Gillard AWU allegations he should be there. However this sounds more like Liberal Party interests in play rather than this being in the taxpayers interests.

Brandis is either making up crap excuses on the fly, or he truly thinks that the only place that journalists congregate is at a former shock-jocks wedding, and he expected new revelations to surface on the HSU or AWU matters during the wedding. Personally, I think he may be reaching just a tad there…

Brandis clearly has a different set of standards for himself and his colleagues to those he expects everybody else to live by.

George Brandis explains how many fingers worth of discount he wants on his travel expenses

George Brandis explains how many fingers worth of discount he wants on his travel expenses

So what does Michael Smith think of the taxpayer funding two Coalition MP’s attendance at his wedding?

I would suggest he would frown heavily on it based on his comments on-air over a similar situation in the not too distant past.

In September last year Jeff Jackson, former Secretary HSU #1 Branch and ex husband of Kathy Jackson and Shaun Hudson who is the former Assistant Secretary of HSU #1 Branch did not contest charges of using Union funds to fly from Melbourne to Sydney  so they could attend the wedding of a HSU NSW Organiser.

On hearing of these allegations Michael Smith ripped into Jackson, Hudson and the HSU over the issue, claiming that it was a misuse of members funds. Rightly so to I might add.

Barnaby gets cosy on the couch with the Smiths on their wedding day

Barnaby gets cosy on the couch with the Smiths on their wedding day

Tony Abbott and George Brandis have both spoken very highly of the HSU turncoat Kathy Jackson previously, I wonder what they think of Kathy Jackson spending over $22,000 on ski holidays in 2005 on the unions credit card. Perhaps she is being measured by the same hypocritical standards Brandis saves for himself.

There are some work entitlements that we all are entitled to, such as superannuation, accrued leave, and sick days. However, if someone is absent without leave they should not be accruing leave, or superannuation, or even being paid.

Below is a picture of a page from the 2009 Auditors report of the HSU #3 Branch of which Kathy Jackson was secretary. The page shows three staff who took leave without authorisation or filling in a leave form.

I have hidden the names of the first two employees for their privacy, but you will see that one had over 15 hours of unauthorised leave and the other over 44 hours, however it is the third name that is of interest, as are the hours off.

2009 Audit AL_Page_1

Kathy Jackson had taken over 1,021 hours off, that is 127 standard working days, or given that there are 240 working days in a year, Jackson had more than half the year off according to the auditor.

Despite this Jackson still received her wage.

I hope that this matter will be looked into further so that members can reclaim the money back, along with any superannuation payments or other entitlements paid out.

As for the time off, I assume it must have been the first six months of the year, as according the HSU #3 Branch cheque account statements available on my resource page Jackson appears to have been working flat-out spending close to $60,000 on credit cards and cashing over $22,500 in union cheques in the last six months of 2009.

As I have written about before, Senator Eric Abetz is planning to launch an attack on union corruption as a major priority. We are as yet unsure what form this will take, a Royal Commission, a Judicial Enquiry, a Senate Enquiry, or just a good ol’ fashioned Liberal Party witch-hunt.

Any enquiry into union corruption that does not look fully investigate the allegations and mountains of evidence against Kathy Jackson is a pseudo-enquiry that is only being launched for political purposes.

However enquiry’s and investigations for political purposes are nothing new, one only has to look at the crumbling case against Craig Thomson, or the absolute farce against Peter Slipper.

Rorting the system is not just about travel allowances, it is also about manipulating and abusing the legal system to suit a personal or political agenda.

When it comes to that kind of rorting, as the last few years have shown us, the Coalition are in a league of their own.

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Today I wanted to send out a big Thank You to Gladys Berejiklian.

For those of you who don’t know her, Gladys is the NSW Transport Minister and is widely considered to be one of the Liberal Party’s strongest members in the NSW Coalition Government.

The reason for my wanting to thank Gladys is for showing us how the Coalition fix things, that way we will know what to expect if we vote in an Abbott Government that says they are going to fix things.

Gladys has been kind enough to fix up the safety on Sydneys public transport system, here’s how she did it.

Gladys decided that having the dedicated transit officers was not good enough for public safety, and thought that putting real police on our trains and ferries would have a rapid impact on commuter safety.

It has.

Commuters safety has been drastically compromised because the number of police patrolling transport is approximately half of the governments own targets for next year. The targets for next year are for 610 officers, according to a 7 News report the current number is 317.

The sceptical among you may think that Gladys and the Coalitions decision to sack an entire workforce of transit officers and replace them by giving existing police more responsibility was a case of O’Farrell wielding his axe and cutting costs at the expense of ordinary citizens, but no… less is more when it comes to passenger security apparently.

I don’t know what would make Gladys seriously think that asking police to put their hands up for the role of patrolling transport was going to work. Cops don’t join the force to ride on trains all day and night or stand on empty platforms. Cops want to chase bad guys, solve crimes, bust drug dealers and something that gives them a sense of serving the public, and if it involves a bit of an adrenalin rush, great. What they don’t want to do is ask kids if they have a ticket or ask teenagers to take their feet off the seat.

Gladys "So this is what the inside of a train looks like" Berejiklian

Gladys “So this is what the inside of a train looks like” Berejiklian

The result of all this is that no cops seem to want to fill the role, in fact internal adverts for the role within the police force for the southern region in June had not one response. This has meant officers are being seconded to transport patrol, taking them off the streets and the beat while violent drunks terrorise the city streets after being evicted from pubs and clubs each Friday and Saturday night. Taking them off patrol and response teams while motorcycle gangs turn our suburban streets into shooting galleries, as the search continues for missing Police Minister Michael Gallacher.

You will be pleased to know it’s not just the rail that Gladys has “fixed”, she has done a knock up job of fixing Sydneys ferry services as well.

The Sydney ferry service was in disarray according to the Coalition and Transport Minister Gladys was coming to the rescue and promised to fix it.

Fixing it apparently meant privatising it. What a surprise.

Once again, just because the Coalition flogged Sydney Ferries off and took a pile of cash to help them achieve yet another budget deficit, don’t go thinking this was a cash grab, certainly not…. This was about fixing the ferries and improving service.

So, let’s see how Gladys and the Coalition went with their “fix”.

In the year since the selling off of our public asset, there have been some startling changes:

• A 50 per cent increase in service cancellations that aren’t due to bad weather or fog;
• Customer complaints have risen by 27%
• Five collisions and groundings this year, versus zero the previous year
• Not a single ferry service is meeting the on time running target. Not One

To pay for these “fixes” commuters are being charged more for their ride (if it shows up), despite both Berejiklian and O’Farrell assuring us fares wouldn’t rise after privatisation. In fact fares have skyrocketed and are due to rise again shortly.

Those who commute from the Inner West are being asked to cough up an extra $416 per year in fares, and for those living out West where they have O’Farrell himself as Minister, fares from Parramatta and Rydalmere have shot up a whopping $884 per year.

Funnily enough those travelling from Tony Abbotts electorate, on one of the busiest ferry routes, the Manly Circular Quay route are also being asked to shell out an extra $884 per year.

So how do the Coalition look after the Federal Leaders constituents you may ask, well read it and weep…

• 13,980 fewer passengers catching the ferry in the first year of the privatised service;
• A cut of 176 ferry services;
• 36 per cent increase in ferry delays; and
• Service cancellations are up 50 per cent.

If that’s how they look after Tony Abbotts voters, what chance do we have?

With results of what the Coalition call “fixes” like that, it is no wonder that Shadow Minister Penny Sharpe is jumping up and down.

Penny has let fly at the government in recent days stating;

“One year into the privatisation of Sydney’s ferries, passengers are paying higher fares for increases in cancellations, customer complaints, collisions and groundings,”

“The O’Farrell Government signed an $800 million contract with the new operators to privatise our iconic ferries, but it is delivering poorer services for commuters and visitors to our city alike.”

Ms Sharpe also raised another interesting point when she said;

“Commuters have every right to be worried about this Government’s other plans to sell off parts of our public transport network.”

A valid point indeed with talk of all kinds of areas under threat of possible privatisation, such as the CountryLink rail service.

Shadow Minister Penny Sharpe - keeping the public informed of the real facts

Shadow Minister Penny Sharpe – keeping the public informed of the real facts

Even transport that doesn’t even exist yet is under threat under a Coalition government.

The North West Rail link was to be a two storey publicly owned underground rail service that took commuters from Sydneys North West to the city.

Now it is going to be a single story privately owned shuttle service to the already overcrowded North Shore Line. Under Gladys’s watchful eye we have seen the costs blow out, the capacity almost halved, a completely different gauge of rail being used so it can never be incorporated into the existing rail network, a few kilometres a “SkyTrain” already being referred to as the “graffiti wall”, and a tunnel bored so small to make future expansion impossible without shutting down the whole service for years.

In addition to this we will have to see the existing Epping to Chatswood line downgraded to suit, and it also means the Parramatta to Epping line can never be built.

All this for a service that is slower than the current bus service and will dump people at Chatswood where they will have to hope to board an already overcrowded train.

Gladys Berejiklian has been touted many times as one of the best performing Ministers in O’Farrells team. It must be hard to shine and stand out amongst such a fine team of Ministers.

For starters there is the publicly masturbating Arts Minister George Souris, then there’s Environment Minister Robyn Parker who thinks logging is good for Koala’s, that makes her pretty special in my books. Health Minister Jillian Skinner whose office is evacuated at the threat of a few nurses delivering her a cake. Education Minister Adrian Piccoli a man who publicly signs a pledge to maintain TAFE funding in his campaign and then slashes TAFE services as part of the Coalitions $1.8 Billion Education cuts which cost 800 TAFE workers their job. The previously mentioned Emergency Services Minister Michael Gallacher, whom I believe is the first Minister in Australia to ever have his Party actually booed out of Parliament by a gallery full of police, quite an achievement indeed . Gallacher also made the decision to close Fire Stations around the state during a heat wave and spate of bushfires, forcing communities to rely on volunteer services and fire services from other area’s which were left unprotected. The Attorney General Greg Smith who insults the victims of paedophiles and supports priests charged with sexually assaulting multiple young children, then puts forward legislation, now passed, so that most victims of these paedophile priests will never be compensated. Minister For Community services Pru Goward who has overseen what many have described as a public housing crisis and has brought about such  chaos in the Department Of Community Services that child welfare is at arguably its lowest point ever and there has been talk of Federal intervention being required. Not to mention the Treasurer Mike Baird who has a 100% success rate for delivering budget deficits after inheriting a surplus, and famous for losing a Billion dollars, quite the financial conservative.

It is certainly more than enough to drive one to drink, which of course is exactly what Finance Minister Greg “Pearced as a parrot” Pearce did.

Pearce sobers up to front the media with Barry

Pearce sobers up to front the media with Barry

So far I would go so far as to say that Berejiklian has the “Sadim Touch”. For those who are unaware of the term it is the opposite to the” Midas Touch”, which is basically to say that everything she touches seems to turn to crap.

All I can say is if this is how the Coalition go about fixing things, we will be in dire need of a renovation rescue after one term of an Abbott government should he win.

If it comes to that, I reckon New Zealand is looking good….

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Drivers Seat

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Turning on the news in the school holiday periods, particularly in December and March will quickly tell you what a dangerous place Australian roads can be.

While our road tolls may drive us to despair there have been significant steps forward over the years to try to minimise the number of accidents.

Majorly significant of course are the drug and alcohol testing of drivers, but that is just a small part of the achievements.

Millions of dollars have been spent trying to educate the public about driver fatigue. Many cars have inbuilt alarms that sound after two hours of continuous driving. Most of you have probably seen the “Driver Reviver” stops at the side of highways giving drivers a chance to pull over, have a break and a complimentary cuppa.

New laws have been brought in to attempt to curb the number of P Plate drivers wrapping their cars around telegraph poles killing and injuring themselves and their mates. There seems to be a certain demographic of teenage boys who think the road is one big Playstation game.

Five kids died after leaving a party on this horrific P Plate accident

Five kids died after leaving a party on this horrific P Plate accident

These days the focus seems to be on distractions for the driver.

Leading the charge here is of course the mobile phone.

Most cars these days have Bluetooth capabilities, as do most mobile phones, so the number of excuses for yakking on with a phone to your ear are becoming far less plausible. Even if you don’t have Bluetooth in your car, a headset for your phone will likely cost you around $5, and that’s if your phone didn’t come with one already.

Texting, tweeting, profile updating, emailing, all of these things are utterly daft to do whilst driving, so heavy penalties are in place for those foolish and inconsiderate enough to still do it.

There are however other things that are designed to distract the driver that have not been banned and made illegal. Maybe we should be looking at these also.

The obvious distraction would be the billboard. If a billboard does not divert the drivers attention away from the road and towards it, then it has failed to do its job. Massive billboard posters of some supermodel in lingerie, looking like she is about to burst out of her bra, and with a look on her face like she is about to have a When Harry Met Sally diner moment may indeed sell a lot of socks and dental floss, but do they distract drivers and cause accidents?

Don’t think it’s just the guys getting distracted either. We have all seen some spray-tanned hunk with ripples in all the right places adorning the back of a bus or a billboard, glistening with fake perspiration and what appears to be a creature from the Alien series of movies attempting to escape from his jocks. Sometimes they don’t even show the guys head, I mean who cares what his face looks like. Oh well, whatever helps sell perfume and diet soft drinks I guess…

However, that is not the issue I wanted to highlight today, the issue I wanted to highlight is those people at the side of main roads with signs, waving them about to distract drivers.

How the hell is this activity legal?

As a driver you concentrate on the road but your peripheral vision is always alert for movement, and when you notice movement you will divert your attention to that movement. This comes from experience behind the wheel and keeps you alert for cyclists, children not paying attention and stepping out in front of you, pets that dart out from nowhere at random times, other cars not stopping at corners, and all sorts of other hazards. Seeing movement at the side of the road instantly takes your attention from the job at hand, driving.

Maybe I’m a bit misguided, but I thought wobble-boards were only for Rolf Harris and used for tying kangaroos down.

Rolf- He's got his own dramas now...

Rolf- He’s got his own dramas now…

These people at the side of the road wobble their advertising boards like there’s no tomorrow. They wobble them, shake them, spin them, I have seen people throwing them in the air and juggling with them, something I’m not so sure is 100% safe on Victoria Rd in peak hour. I have also noticed that some of these sign boards even have a handle on the back to help the user juggle it.

I wonder what happens when one of these signs is thrown up in the air as a bus or truck hammers past and a sudden gust of wind follows them.

Below is a video of a guy promoting his sign-waving company in the US. You will notice he talks about attacting the drivers attention, and you will also notice the sign-waver, who is clearly quite good, drop the sign, imagine dropping it on a windy day beside Paramatta Rd…

With a federal election approaching I would encourage all those standing to ensure that your campaign staff do not use this method of getting your name out there.

I say this because I was told the other day of a Liberal Candidate being promoted by what looked like teenagers who were waving corflutes around on the median strip of Sunnyholt Rd, one of Western Sydney’s busiest roads. I would hope that the candidate, Jaymze Diaz has more respect for his volunteers and the safety of motorists than this display would indicate.

However I am sure that all political party’s face the same problem, not just the Liberals.

I can assure you if it was me, I would hate to be the one blamed for distracting a motorist and causing a 5 car pile up, and I can equally assure you that if it were a political candidates corflute being waved, they would certainly be the one blamed. I would have thought causing death and injury wouldn’t usually score too many brownie points with the electorate, but what would I know?

I also wonder if Domino’s would find themselves legally liable if there was a bad accident caused by the behavior of an employee who was paid to distract drivers. That would make for an interesting case.

If people don’t think that this really is that dangerous, I would be interested to see what would happen if Domino’s pizza started with a campaign of distracting drivers outside primary schools during school zone hours. I wonder if that would cause a change of heart on the subject.

Anyway, I don’t expect anything will change too soon, but I’ve had my gripe for this morning.

Drive safe folks.

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Today I wanted to do a post on something that there is nowhere near enough of in this country. Organ Donors.

As I type this there are around 1600 people desperately waiting for organs.

There are a lot of myths surrounding organ donation but here are a couple of facts that might prompt you into action.

1600 patients waiting does not sound like a high number at all, although it is still 1600 too many. Most would consider with the number of organ donors who have registered that those waiting would receive the organs they require pretty quickly.

Alas, this is not the case.

In 2012 there were only 354 donors of organs in the whole of Australia.

You may think that number is a gross exaggeration, surely there must have been more than that you would think. However the sad fact is there wasn’t.

The facts are that very few people who have consented to organ donation die in circumstances where their organs are able to be used. In order to use an organ doctors need to be able to remove it quickly and in a sterile environment, which pretty much means that someone has to pass away in a hospital to be able to donate.

This significantly reduces the odds for the needy hopeful recipient.

In fact it is only around 1% of those who consent to organ donation that will end up in a position to give someone else the greatest gift of all, and this is purely down to their location or circumstances when passing away.

To make matters worse over 40% of those people still end up not donating organs because their family override their decision to donate. This is not for any bitter and twisted reasons it is purely because they are not entirely sure of their deceased relatives wishes to donate and so play it safe and do not allow the donation to take place.


This is why choosing to be an organ donor should not be kept secret, in fact quite the opposite. In order to give the gift of life donors need to ensure people know about their decision to be a giver, particularly their family.

For a surgeon whose entire career revolves around saving lives on a daily basis there must be few things more heartbreaking than having access to a willing donor taken away from them because the prospective donor never got around to telling their family.

For those who are unsure how to raise the subject with their family, or just what to say, the good people at Donate Life have produced a booklet which can be viewed as a PDF via the link below.

Organ Donation Family Discussion Kit

To those who wish to register to donate you can register online via this link, phone 1800 777 203, visit a Medicare Service Centre or your local GP should also have registration forms.

Even if you have ticked the box on your driver’s license it is still important that you register, in fact in NSW the previous register held by NSW Roads and Maritime Services has been decommissioned.

The Australian Organ Donor is the only national register, and the only register than is linked to your Medicare number, and it can also be accessed 24 hours a day by medical staff.


For those seeking more information on organ donation and transplants I can suggest checking out the two Facebook pages linked below as a starting point.

Donate Life

Transplant Australia

We live in the “Lucky Country”, so pass on some good luck today by registering to become an organ donor.

It will be the best decision you make all day and it could well be the greatest two gifts you will ever give.

Life and hope.

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With Easter coming up this weekend it is timely to look at a couple of industries and how we should approach our purchases for the Easter season.

Many of you may have read some of my previous posts on child exploitation and human trafficking, it is a subject I feel strongly about. However what you may not realise is how your purchasing decisions can have an impact on the most evil of trades.

Many of us this weekend will gorge ourselves on chocolate, myself included, and some of us on Friday will not eat red meat and will feed on fish instead, I’m not one of those.

For those who are part of the fishing or chocolate industries this is the busiest time of the year without question. For those of us who aren’t in the industry it is the time of year where we head to the supermarket and fill a trolley with chocolate eggs, and head to the seafood store to buy hideously overpriced prawns and fish. Some brave souls will even cut a path to the fish market, which turns into a moshpit for the morning as people struggle to grab anything that smells like it once lived underwater.

Did someone say 10% off flathead?

Did someone say 10% off flathead?

I wanted to let my readers know briefly about what is happening behind the scenes in these industries so that you can be better informed when spending your cash, as it is cash that makes all the difference, nothing else has the influence of a few bucks.

When eating your chocolate this weekend I hope you don’t end up with a horrible aftertaste that many of the cheaper brands of chocolate can leave you with. That aftertaste could well be the blood sweat and tears of children.

Most of the world’s cocoa, which is the main ingredient in chocolate, comes from West Africa. The Cocoa is grown on farms and then harvested in 35 degree heat by children as young as 6. These children are put to work in fields, often loaded with pesticides, to swing machetes and carry heavy loads all day.


While the Gina Rineharts and Tony Abbotts of this world may call this maximising efficiency, most of us would label this practice barbaric. These children are used as slaves and often end up suffering terrible symptoms after breathing in pesticides all day in the humidity and heat. Nausea, diarrhoea, and migraine headaches are common, many even end up with cancer and kidney and liver problems.

Human trafficking is also common in the production of cocoa, workers are often trafficked around the different farms as required for harvest. Many of those who are victims of trafficking are children, forced into slave labour so that their family can afford to eat.


There is more information in the factsheet that I have linked below which has been produced by World Vision.

Chocolate factsheet

For those who are yet to buy Easter eggs, there is also a link to a Good Chocolate Guide below. Please take the time to have a look at this or forward it to your friends as buying from company’s that have ethical practices is extremely important in the battle for human rights. The Good Chocolate guide also has a list of retailers where you can buy ethical chocolate. Also linked below is a Chocolate Scorecard from World Vision, you may be surprised at which companies tick all the boxes and which ones don’t, I was.

Good Chocolate Guide

Chocolate Scorecard

The seafood industry also is plagued with child labour and human trafficking. The vast majority of the worlds seafood comes via Asia and there is so much exploitation of families living in small fishing villages it is impossible to measure. Despite being an island that is famous for its seafood, in Australia we import approximately 75% of our seafood from Asia.

Children in remote villages with no access to education are often forced to work on unsafe fishing vessels that are verging on breaking apart and fill with water faster than a Hollywood producers Jacuzzi. Many of these children die at sea, many are forced from their home for weeks, and some are even forced to carry human cargo and are labelled as the worst of the worst by people like Tony Abbott calling them ruthless people smugglers, elevated from being a desperate starving child to a criminal mastermind in one Abbott or Morrison press conference.

One of Abbott's criminal matermind people smugglers on his way to being deported

Two of Abbott’s criminal matermind people smugglers on their way to being deported

The golden rule when it comes to buying your seafood is to buy Australian. If you are unsure, ask at your seafood retailer which seafood is from an Australian source.

The reason I stress buy Australian is not only is it better for our economy, but you can be reasonably sure that the seafood has come from an ethical source. Below is a link to Seafood Factsheet from World Vision that goes into far more detail and is quite eye-opening.

Seafood factsheet

However, it is not just the human rights violations that are an issue when it comes to fish, there are environmental concerns also.

Sustainability is a word that we don’t hear often from the Coalition, but we here it so often from the Tony Burke you would think it was his middle name, it is in fact in his title as Federal Minister For Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

The reason that sustainability is so important is that many fish are in danger of being wiped out, as we are consuming them faster than they can breed. This is the reason we are so protective of our waters, so that they are not overfished by operators from other countries who don’t care about the sustainability of species.

We have the best seafood in the world, and we need to ensure it is still around for future generations to enjoy.


When it comes to sustainability it is best to consult an expert, and the Australian Marine Conservation Society are at the top of that list. In fact they have published a book on the best way to purchase seafood simply titled Sustainable Seafood Guide. For those who don’t want to purchase a book, there is an interactive advice page on their website.

For those with an iPhone there is an app available for free from iTunes via this link, or for those with a QR Code Reader the below code will take you straight to the app on your iPhone. The iPhone app even covers canned Tuna.


For those who just want something they can print out, the kind folk at the Australian Marine Conservation Society have done a PDF especially for us which can be viewed printed or downloaded via the below link.

Australias Sustainable Seafood Guide

I hope all of my readers have a sustainable and ethical Easter, and I hope you all enjoy your extra days off and stay safe on the roads.

I should also add for the sake of the kids, that I have consulted with the Easter Bunny regarding the eggs that will be delivered. I have been assured all eggs from the Easter Bunny are 100% ethical.

I hope everyone else follows suit.

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Easter rabbit

Talk Of The Town

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Local Politics, Uncategorized

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in NSW we are rapidly approaching council elections.

Having received the Liberal flyer for my ward, I thought I’d share it with you all and see if it stacks up to the “Liberal With The Truth Test”. I thought I’d use the test from a Local, State, and Federal perspective, as it may just have more relevance to you all then. Call that a hunch…

So, below is an image of the front of the card. Yes, it is a card, not a foldout leaflet, just a card, which is fine.

The 3 candidates, I won’t go into them, but just briefly Deputy Mayor Michelle Byrne, despite being Liberal is actually quite a nice person, I wouldn’t vote for her, but she is genuinely nice. Mike Thomas I have never said 2 words to, however if I had the chance to say 2 words I have a good idea what they would be, and, needless to say, they would not be good and morning… Mike Blair I wouldn’t know if I fell over him, and his picture doesn’t help much. I can only assume that he is not really photogenic, maybe even grotesque, either that or he couldn’t be arsed showing up for a photo shoot. Maybe, given what has been going on in the Hills Shire with the Liberals of late, there may have been concerns that people may recognize him from Australia’s Most Wanted… Who knows???

Anyway flipping the card over, let’s take a look at the back.

Ah, the 5 point plan. Where have I seen that before? At least this one doesn’t mention the sinking, turning back, or stopping of boats I suppose.

So let’s look at the plan points

1. Protect our unique Hills lifestyle

That sounds really good, and it would be, were it true.

Some of you may have seen a recent post I wrote about a development that is being proposed in my area. In an area that is made up of single and double story houses, there is a proposal to put 2, 25 story towers of cheap flats. The developer in question has made 2 separate donations to the local Liberal Party.

Meanwhile the State Liberal govt has chosen to take what was locals thought to be a plan for an underground railway, and turned it into a “Skytrain”, complete with a graffiti wall.

Our shire is called the Garden Shire, with Liberal control of council, and now state govt, we are rapidly becoming a concrete jungle.

Protect our lifestyle? Big fail.

2. Continued fiscal responsibility

This one is a cracker…

At Federal level, this is the party whose shadow treasurer, Sloppy Joe Hockey, assured us the coalitions costings had been audited. Later on, not only was that shown to be shabby, the accountants who did the “auditing” were fined by their own industry watchdog, but even after all that, we still ended up with a multi billion dollar black hole anyway.

At local level, the fiscal responsibility of the Liberals has seen the Liberal Mayor forced to step down over questions of embezzling $280,000, and questions were also raised regarding underhanded payments for the new council chambers property by shock jock, Ray Hadley.

Another Liberal councillor is leaving this council whilst being investigated for cab-charge fraud.

Fiscal responsibility, don’t make me laugh… Epic fail.

3. Improved infrastructure

Now what would that be? I recall an earlier piece I wrote on the state of our local roads which are nothing short of a disgrace.

At state level I have already mentioned how the underground railway near us has turned into a “Skytrain” that nobody wants. This rail link that has yet to be started was also going to be heavy rail, it is now going to be light rail. Where it joins the existing Epping to Chatswood heavy duty rail line, the O’Farrell govt have announced the existing line will be upgraded to suit.

I’m sorry? Upgraded from heavy rail to light rail? Would that not be a downgrade?

Anyway, infrastructure under the Liberal State govt has seen only 1 development so far. We lost a monorail. What an achievement.

Improved infrastructure, another fail.

4. Revitalising our town centres

In the Hills Shire we have 2 town centres, Rouse Hill, and Castle Hill.

Rouse Hill has a great town centre I have to agree, it has cafe’s, has atmosphere, it has fountains that kids can play in as they are at ground level and designed with kids in mind, it is a great centre. However it does not need revitalising, that’s already been done.

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Actually, in the Town Centre is a plaque that bears the name of the person responsible for the Town Centre, Frank Sartor.

Ah yes, Frank, the former Labor minister. Never mind though, at least the Liberal Party’s Phillip Ruddock opened another part of the community that is vital, the McDonalds at Dural.

As for Castle Hill town centre, it has seen vast improvement. If only it didn’t take half an hour on a Saturday morning to drive 500m up Showground Rd to get to it. It seems like an eternity ago that the plans were drawn up to fix the road, and even then it was the Labor councillors that had to raise the money for the design.

Sorry, another fail.

5. Community Engagement

We’ve already seen that your number 3 can’t be arsed to turn up for a photo to hopefully get himself elected, so we don’t expect much engagement from him.

One of the buildings where there was a lot of community engagement was the Hills Centre. It was used by council, by local schools, local religious and community groups, and of course charity and disability groups.

That is now closing down. It will be gone. Great community engagement at work there by the local Libs.

The Samantha Riley Drive Residents Action Group, who are the residents fighting the 25 story towers, have not heard from Clr Mike Thomas, not a peep. This is despite sending him letters, emails, and leaving phone messages. Even when the group has attended council twice, he has not acknowledged them at all, let alone shown any interest whatsoever. Despite it being his ward.

Community engagement is yet another fail I’m afraid.

So it seems the five point plan, despite it being short and simple, is clearly all too much for the local Liberals. I would suggest at starting out with a 1 point plan, seeing if you can get that together and maybe build from there.

Aside from 5 point pipe dream, we have the rest of the card that talks of integration of the Nth West Rail Link. That is at least 8 years away guys, a long way from integration…

We have the need for the provision of

“essential infrastructure such as footpaths and open space”.

Wow, we can expect footpaths under local Liberal government? They really are looking after the big things.

And “open space”… Gee, I hope that doesn’t blow out the budget. I have never heard of someone trying to get elected before on the promise of “open space”. Not only that, they even call open space infrastructure.

Only the Liberal Party could ever take doing absolutely nothing, call it creating open space, and then think of it as an infrastructure achievement.

I hope the rest of you have just a big a laugh as I did when your local Liberal flyer arrives.

That promise of open space and referring to it as infrastructure to me is just the funniest thing I have seen in ages.

Anyway, it gave me a good laugh at the end of my weekend, I hope it makes you smile as we head into another working week.