Facelift – Wixxyleaks gets off its face

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Uncategorized


For those of you who are regular visitors to Wixxyleaks I wanted to let you know that you may be noticing some changes around the joint.

Wixxyleaks has undergone a facelift.

I hope you will find the new look site easier to navigate and a bit brighter to look at.

Alas the move is not without some shortcomings…

Those who have subscribed to Wixxyleaks via email, I have managed to save your details and you will continue to receive updates.

However for those of you who used WordPress or RSS Feeds to follow Wixxyleaks may need to do it again. I am sorry for this inconvenience but it could not be helped I am reliably told by those in the know.

Those who have been following me since Fred Flinstone was in nappies and have Wixxyleaks bookmarked may also need to redo the bookmark, as my old URL http://www.wixxy.wordpress .com will no longer forward to the current one.

The current site URL www.wixxyleaks.com is not changing however so most will be unaffected.

Some of my former faces which may reappear from time to time...

Some of my former faces which may reappear from time to time…

For those who still see the old site format, I am told by people who know about these things that it may take a few days for your browser, router, or server to clear its memory cache, so don’t worry, I haven’t broken the internet or anything (I hope).

While the site has undergone a facelift, my ugly mug remains the same, as does my attitude.

Please feel free to let me know any thoughts, suggestions or criticisms re the new site.

Once again I thank you for your continued tolerance and support.



  1. Michael Minns says:

    Peter ,you should be having a picnic now that Fatty O’Barrel is a Lone Granger some text


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