Two Sides Politics – The press and the forgotten side

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Media, Politics

Some of you will be shocked by what I am about to say, shocked and appalled.

The main stream media are letting us down.

I know it’s something I don’t often say, but it is true we are seemingly  being drip-fed a distorted view of the news.

The commercial TV networks all seem to sing the same tune, except for the occasional blip which is probably intended to provide the illusion of balance.

If the ABC step a fraction too far towards the centre Tony Abbott comes out saying things like…

“This is the kind of thing I will recall when the ABC comes looking for funding”

…cheered on by shock-jocks and right-wing columnists.

As for those in the printed press, News Ltd is something we don’t expect a lot from but despite low expectations they continue to disappoint.

The Australian has continued to show itself as having about as much relevance as a safety warning label on a AK47. They may as well rename themselves the Far Right Daily.

The irony of a newspaper that wastes so much ink and paper dehumanizing asylum seekers, who are foreigners seeking to become Australian citizens is not lost on me. After all a foreign-owned newspaper that calls itself The Australian can’t really be too critical of those seeking to be Australian I would have thought.

As for the Herald Sun and the Telegraph, they seem to have become the essential reading of the average bogan. Nothing more than rags of propaganda full of anti asylum seeker drivel, climate change denial, and the reprinting of Coalition members press releases. But with a bit of news thrown in somewhere, probably because they kind of have to.

I’m only surprised the page three girls haven’t made a comeback in the Tele and the Herald Sun, as that seems the demographic being aimed at by News Ltd with it’s back pages full of brothel and prostitute adverts.

I have no issue with political bias at all that would be rather hypocritical of me, however at least be upfront about it instead of trying to portray balance.

Fairfax for what it’s worth, if we ignore the rantings of their shock-jocks on the radio stations they own, has been the beacon of light amidst the fog for many including myself.

The problem with Fairfax is not so much what they report and how they do it, but often when they report it or if they report it.

Examples of this would be the travel rorts saga that plagued the Abbott government in its early days.

Details of Abbotts spending of the taxpayer dollar on travel to fun runs, bike rides, weddings, and even the marketing promotion of his book were known long before the federal election, yet Fairfax chose to wait until after the election to run with it.

Don't knock my togs, your paying for me to be here wearing them...

Don’t knock my togs, your paying for me to be here wearing them…

Online news has yet to hit its stride in Australia, with most of the traffic going to the online versions of Fairfax and News Ltd.

New online player The Guardian is showing great promise but as yet doesn’t seem to have the Australian resources for complete coverage of Australian events.

As for Crikey, they have shown themselves to be a fantastic spamming organization, with inbox’s around the country filling up with desperate bids to make you pay for their version of the news at 25% off, or 30% off depending on what day you look at your spam folder. Unfortunately, aside from a great cartoonist they have little that would make you visit their site for free, let alone pay for.

So, what has made me vent about the media today you may well wonder.

For starters the coverage of the March in March was abysmal, inadequate and completely at odds with coverage given to similar events in the past.

The events in the past I speak of are the Carbon Tax Rally, and the Convoy Of No Confidence.

The Carbon Tax Rally is something that made front page news and was discussed weeks and months afterwards, even still spoken of today. 4 Corners even dedicated an entire program to the event.

Attendance at the Carbon Tax Rally was estimated at around 5,000 although organisers optimistically claimed 10,000.

The Convoy Of No Confidence attracted a handful of trucks and around 300 people showed up, although many of those were actually press. The press attended despite shock jock Alan Jones’s best efforts to scare them off, berating Fairfax’s Jacqueline Maley for asking a reasonable question, and then being caught out lying about a police blockade that turned out to be a police escort.

Estimates have the March in March attended by over 100,000 yet it has not received even a fraction of the attention.

In Melbourne alone an estimated 30,000 people marched in protest, despite the talk of protesting being made a criminal offence by the Victorian Coalition government the week before, despite it being a violation of international human rights.

An apparently insignificant number of people gather in Melbourne

An apparently insignificant number of people gather in Melbourne

That is six times the number of those who attended the Carbon Tax Rally, or triple the number at the most optimistic of counts by those with seven fingers. It is also 100 times the number that attended the Convoy Of No Confidence.

That is also just one of the March In March locations. There were March in March protests in capital cities and regional cities and towns all over the country, in fact there were more protest sites for the March In March than there were trucks in the Convoy Of No Confidence.

Yet where is all the coverage? Where is all the press outrage over Abbotts many lies and broken promises already?

Tony Abbott brushed off the protest saying with an arrogant giggle

“I thought the only march in March was the St Patrick’s Day March”

I notice he neglected to mention the Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras that attracts thousands and provides a huge boost to Sydney’s economy and also occurred in March. Then again in Abbott’s world, people of that type don’t count…

Another group of those insignificant to Abbott marched earlier in March

Another group of those insignificant to Abbott marched earlier in March

The most interesting side note has been the comments on one of the banners at the Melbourne march that simply read “Resign Dickhead” from Andrew Bolt of all people, with the laughable mock outrage covered in a great response from the banner waver at Independent Australia.

Like Tony Abbott however the main stream media seem to have also brushed the event aside and told those who attended they don’t count. Well not as much as those who attended Carbon Rally’s anyway.

Another story which still has a long way to travel as yet and will be interesting to watch will be the turn of events surrounding the current ICAC investigation that has seen Arthur Sinodinos step aside from his position as Assistant Treasurer.

When former State Labor MP’s Eddie Obeid, Joe Tripodi, and Ian McDonald were being exposed by ICAC and having details of their corruption laid out for the world to see, the press were all over it like a rash and rightly so too.The coverage was massive and seemed never-ending.

In Sydney, for added effect News Ltd decided to use a bright red graphic to brand the actions of a few corrupt individuals “NSW Labor Inc” in the Telegraph for each article on the hearings and their findings.

The damage done to the Labor Party by these individuals was enormous, across the country Labor has been forced to take a huge bite of shit sandwich and yet keep on smiling. Now that sandwich sits on a plate in front of the Liberal Party.

Heath Aston of Fairfax has written an excellent background piece linked here that gives a great overview of the case Sinodinos has to answer before ICAC.

Arthur Sinodinos for those who don’t know is a Federal Liberal Senator, and until stepping aside this week he was the Assistant Treasurer, he is also the man responsible for the upcoming changes that take away the protections that investors have from predatory financial advisors.

Sinodinos looking far more comfortable than he does now

Sinodinos looking far more comfortable than he does now

Sinodinos was John Howard’s right hand man after Graham Morris fell on his sword after Howard needed a scapegoat after his own travel rorts scandal cost the jobs of three Coalition Ministers. Morris is a man most remember as the guy who made the “kick the crap out of her” comment about Julia Gillard.

Sinodinos was also the former Treasurer and also President of the NSW Liberal Party.

In the last year we have seen a string of NSW Liberal MP’s hauled in by ICAC and even seen a raid performed on a serving Liberal Ministers electorate office, that Minister Chris Hartcher was forced to stand down.

Despite this we have yet to see News Ltd start using a graphic branding the articles “NSW Liberal Inc”.

It is not only Sinodinos that is implicated in this corruption inquiry, there are also Liberal lobbyists such as Michael Photios who was formerly a member of the Liberal Party State Executive.

With the Liberal Party State executive involved one would expect that there may be far more people involved in this scandal than we are currently aware of, and I expect many more tough questions to be asked of many current and former Coalition MP’s.

Given that the alleged corruption centered on the infrastructure needed for water supply in the Liberal Party member dominated North West of Sydney, and the firm was based in Rouse Hill, I suspect there may be questions asked of Liberal MP’s and perhaps councilors in the area, particularly those with previous or current connections or influence over the Liberal Party State Executive.

I just hope that those in the Coalition members who are dragged before ICAC are blessed by News Ltd with the same style and amount of coverage that former Labor MP’s received and continue to receive.

However, I won’t be holding my breath.

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  1. ngkdijui says:

    During my working lives in Vic, I always heard Australian colleagues, of all races said, ‘people of Asia were corrupt’. My response was always, there are corruption in all country. They said, not in Australia! Well I always said, not true, in many Asia country, people corrupt openly, only in Australian, the corruption is all cover under the carpet. What say you?

  2. Kati says:

    Very well put. Thanks for a great article.

  3. M. R. says:

    Just as well. You’d’ve karked awready.

    • Bridget says:

      No mention of CT’s Pre–sentencing hearing. No attack on the apologists (his legal team) begging the judge (and the community) for forgiveness for his crimes. We in the Union have not forgotten. Pot shot us if you will but I thought as a balanced “journalist” you would have kept your “readers” on top of the Story. When you fly to Melbourne for the sentencing don’t forget to pack a large jar of Vasoline for the innocent Ex-Member for Dobell. He will more than likely need it in the future.

      • wixxy says:

        You can give up on the “Bridget” charade Kylee
        I will have a full report after Tuesday on the outcome.
        Not much to say about Tuesdays events which were quite dull
        Maybe that’s why I heard Bolano slept through most of the hearing….
        I notice you are once again speaking for the whole union.

      • Eric Arthur Blair says:

        That’s right, “We” in the Union haven’t forgotten & thanks to independent news sources such as this one, we’ll continue to be properly informed. Union members have a responsibility to be aware & vote accordingly for change… if that’s their wish, when the opportunity arises.

  4. Deborah H says:

    Just one thing about all the information in your HSU articles, has all this information that you have complied ever been given to news outlets like the ABC say Four Corners? Curious about why it hasn’t because I feel it needs to be more widely known. Have you ever been sued about any of the information you have put in your articles about the HSU? Just wondering because if the information contained in your HSU articles is not true why haven’t you been sued & made to delete all the information???

    • wixxy says:

      Yes it has, at though not to 4 Corners.
      I have sat down and gone over the material with producers of Lateline, 7 30, 60 Minutes all of whom where interested but decided not to go there.
      I was interviewed regarding the documentation for 9 News but their legal team were scared off after Lawler allegedly threatened legal action.
      None of the information has ever been disputed as false, in fact Jackson has confirmed much of it herself, and no reasonable explanation has been given for her actions.
      I have had threats of defamation action from Lawyers representing Kate McClymont, and also Michael Lawler although nothing ever proceeded with them

  5. A Source says:

    Very sad, but we can all be bought I suppose. Tony Abbott in parliament today > “I think Arthur Sinodios did the absolute right thing. He is a good man, he is a brave honourable man, and he is a friend and colleague of whom I am proud.” LOL.. Apparently Mr Sinodinos has been to busy being a brave honourable man to notice his $200,000 pay check, (kickback) and his 20 million dollar possible payday. Senator Arthur Sinodinos’s $200k salary kept secret from Australian Water Holdings investors, ICAC hears.

  6. Wendy Simpson says:

    Can Paul Barry do a story on !edia watch on the NON media watch and reporting of the March in March . Who do we ask?

  7. wirilda says:

    “Some of you will be shocked by what I am about to say, shocked and appalled.
    The main stream media are letting us down.
    I know it’s something I don’t often say, but it is true we are seemingly being drip-fed a distorted view of the news.”

    Not shocked or appalled Wixxy 🙂

  8. clarittee says:

    What? The march of imaginary people who carried insulting signs, but it didn’t actually happen? THAT March in March.?

  9. Dave Bradley says:

    Mr Arthur Insidious indeed.
    Tony Abbott has bought us The Renaissance of the Age of Inhumanity.
    Greed or just plain Kleptomania, whether its their lies or their plundered expense accounts these people have no remorse. Maximum sentences must be demanded. Get Centrelink to investigate them all.

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