Fight Back – Just when did Australians become racist thugs anyway?

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Dummy Spits, Politics, World News and Events

There is a saying I have that goes;

“It is better to be pissed off than pissed on”

An undisputable fact I assume, and I use the saying often.

Today I wanted to write about something that fits in with that saying.

Have we become a nation of barbarians?

A brutal nation of bigots, bogans, and bastards?

Because as Australians we are currently pissing on some of the worlds most vulnerable and desperate people and you know what, it is really pissing me off.

The people that I am referring to are asylum seekers or refugees.

Not boat people, queue jumpers, illegals, freeloaders or whatever tag some would like to burden them with, real people with real lives and real families who are really desperate. For real.

Now when I say “we” that is exactly what I mean. Before you climb on the nearest high horse and plead “I didn’t vote for them” we are all responsible. There is another saying that goes “we end up with the government we deserve”.

Coming to a workplace near you

The government we deserve?

No matter what Party you support or are a part of, you failed, let’s build a bridge and get over it. We can all piss and moan about Murdoch, bias and fear campaigns, but at the end of it all there are some facts we all have to face.

Tony Abbott was the one of the most unpopular opposition leaders to have become Prime Minister and even as Prime Minister was the most unpopular PM for 25 years in the first polling after the election. Despite that being the case no other Party was capable of putting up a viable alternative, otherwise we’d have a different government.

So what has sparked my anger?

The Department of Immigration published the personal details of some asylum seekers on their website, which is a breach of law and can have the outcome of each of these asylum seekers being granted refugee status. The case is soon to be heard in court.

This is not my issue.

What has got under my skin is the government’s decision to move these asylum seekers from Villawood detention centre to Curtin detention centre the day before the matter is due in court.

For those who don’t know Curtin is widely considered to be the harshest of the detention centres, it is located in remote Western Australia and is the other side of the country to where they are currently located.

Not only is this stressful for the asylum seekers before court, it also vastly restricts the access of their legal representation. Lawyers for the asylum seekers are Sydney based and Curtin has one telephone and no interpretation services.

This comes across to me as nothing short of an act of intimidation by the government which would appear to be a bunch of bullies no less. However not only is it that, but this heartless act is also taking away their rights to access legal representation on a court matter.

As a country of what once were decent people we should be ashamed.

When China’s government, which not long ago were notorious for trying to drive over students with army tanks, condemns our recent record on human rights alarm bells should be ringing.

Suddenly we're the bad guys...

Suddenly we’re the bad guys…

Recently we had the tragic news that asylum seeker Reza Barati had been murdered on Manus Island whilst under the care of Scott Morrison’s department.

Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the Coalition were all quick to say how tragic it was and how their sympathies were with the Barati family.

Well, actions speak louder than words, and based on the government’s actions the Coalitions message to the mourning members of the Barati family should have been more along the lines of;

“Reza Barati is dead, and we don’t give a fuck.”

Despite warnings before the riot in which Reza Barati was brutally murdered nothing was done by Morrison’s department. Dire warnings falling on deaf ears. That was the before the news breaking.

During the news breaking we had all the lies disguised as mistakes. The riot was outside the detention centre, then inside. No shots were fired, then someone was shot in the buttocks. Every time you looked at the TV it seemed Morrison had a different story. Reports of conflicting stories were a soft way of putting what seemed a deliberate campaign of misinformation, the  information was often contradictory.

After the news of Barati’s tragic murder right-wing commentators like Gerard Henderson started with the story that Barati was a “economic migrant” backed by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. This despite Barati’s refugee status claim not being investigated or assessed at the time.

It came across almost is if they were trying to say it was his own fault he was murdered because they claim without evidence that he shouldn’t have been there.

Since when did unfounded allegations about someones financial status excuse murder?

Scott "Hollow Words" Morrison

Scott “Hollow Words” Morrison

Now when it comes to investigating that murder in our detention centre, the message the Coalition seemingly send to the family mourning for Berati is this;

“The murder on our watch of your family member means jack-shit to us and as such we will not lift a finger to help the murder investigation”

Requests for the assistance of Australian Federal Police in the investigation into the murder of Reza Berati were denied, despite him being murdered whilst under our care in one of our detention centres.

Early reports of a Salvation Army volunteer being involved in the brutality emerged but as yet there has been no confirmation of murder charges being laid against anyone.

The human rights inquiry that was to have occurred in the wake of the tragedy was also scrapped with Tony Abbott’s blessing, and Morrison could hardly hold his trademark smirk.

Reza Barati

Reza Barati RIP

When did we as a nation become so desensitized to racism and the plight of others?

The Australia I used to think I was a part of was proud of our multiculturalism and was always quick to lend a hand.

Now we hear of columnists breaching racial discrimination acts and radio hosts being found guilty of inciting racial hatred in the lead up to race riots.

Instead of embracing multiculturalism we now have a government that is looking to pass legislation to weaken the Racial Discrimination Act so that racists are free to vilify people of the cultures that helped shape our nation.

Instead of lending a hand and helping those oppressed, as a nation we are refusing to back the United Nations call to investigate War Crimes in Sri Lanka. While we provide the Sri Lankan government with military equipment we seek to stop investigations into allegations of the genocide and rape and torture of thousands of its citizens by that government.

In fact when it comes to those war crimes condemned by the United Nations, our Prime Minister Tony Abbott states;

We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen”

"We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen" - PM Tony Abbott

“We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen” – PM Tony Abbott

What a lovely bunch we are becoming, we don’t need a backpacker serial killer to show our disdain for foreigners we’re thinking on a far grander scale now. With Andrew Bolt seemingly in place now as our Attorney General even Australian citizens aren’t safe from vilification if their skin is the wrong shade of white trash.

It is about time we all stopped being pissed off about this change of Australian culture and started pissing all over the government that is encouraging it instead.

Where you see racism or injustice expose it. Retweet it, share it on Facebook, write to your local paper, just tell people about it. We sure as hell can’t rely on the media to do it.

It is a shame it has come to this but we have to shame these people into changing their reprehensible behaviour.

Fight Back Folks.

If we don’t, nobody else will do it for us.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Ian Sproul says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see anyone coming up with an alternative plan on how to manage the refugees.

    • ozbrays2 says:

      So you’re free to think of one yourself. Why wait for someone else to do it for you?

    • Simeon Cox says:

      Simple. Remove the requirements for people to hold a visa on arrival. People can then fly here. Assess in community after minimal security and health screening in custody.

      That’s what everyone else does.

      • Marilyn says:

        In spite of what you might read there is no requirement for anyone to need a visa to come here to seek protection and there never has been. To make that a requirement would negate the refugee convention and that would be illegal.

        We pretend they need visas, but under the law as agreed by parliament and the high court they don’t.

        But Peter should beware, this filthy trick was first done by Bolkus in the early 1990’s to avoid paying Cambodians compensation for their illegal detention for longer than 273 days, he hid them all over the country then changed the law to make compensation capped at $1 and took out the 273 day limit – that is the law that then became Al Kateb in 2004 and when I saw Bolkus the day it was handed down he ran away from me like the gutless little coward always did.

        Of course the ALP’s only response has been Marles demanding that Australia not be put back “”on the table”” which ignores the fact that we are “” on the table”‘ as a signatory to the refugee convention.

        If anyone wants to counter my claims about the ALP and Bolkus I suggest you read Peter Mares excellent book Borderline and weep with despair.

    • Marilyn says:

      There are 34 legally binding articles under the refugee convention that we agreed to uphold and none of them are terribly onerous, they exhort host signatory nations to treat refugees with the same rights as nationals. Would save billions if we did just that don’t you think?

  2. ozbrays2 says:

    60% of people polled thought asylum seekers should be dealt with more harshly than they are already…..These are also the people who voted for this abomination. There are a relatively small number of Australians who care deeply and are sickened by the cruelty and the abuse of human rights carried out by closet sadists and these people are already fighting back. Until it blows up in the ordinary Australians’ faces and affects them personally they will continue to maintain their ignorance and their stance that it is nothing to do with them. Wait till the budget hits home and then remind them how much money is being wasted on these concentration camps, boats and personel when asylum seekers could be in the community contributing to bring their precious budget back into surplus.

    • Mo Ham Mad says:

      Since when did you give a rats about the budget? You are an economically illiterate left wing extremist.

      The cost of your asylum shambles was $3bn/yr. This farce is now under control.

      Why should taxpayers pay their legal bills.?

      Australians kicked your Green/Red government out. I bet you find that hard to take.

      • wixxy says:

        Your lot are only a one term blunder.

        The Coalition are already way over budget and it hasn’t even been one year yet so I wouldn’t be too cocky.

        As for economic illiterate, the election Abbott lost against Gillard the economic literate tools who fudged Hockeys figures were all fined by their own industry watchdog for such sloppy work and bringing the industry into disrepute
        That never happened to us…. But we did get international praise for our handling of the GFC
        What I think is being found hard to take is by your lot and it is that all of your party’s failings are on show and no matter what code of silence or secrecy you attempt to hide it with, just like the cobbled together Coalition you are it ultimately fails

      • Mo Ham Mad says:

        Over budget?

        Due to Krudd and Ju-liars fabulous unfunded schemes i.e:

        1. Gonski ( code for throwing more money at schools even though Oz has fallen way behind poorly funded foreign schools)

        2. The NBN $7bn spent 3% rolled out. Wow, what a success.

        2.A The NDIS.

        3. The idiotic government funded medical centres.

        Other Labour Party and green Failed schemes:

        3. The BER ripoffs – work done by big outfits like leightons with $700,00 shade structures. and $700,00 school canteens the size of a building site dongas. Pfffffft!!!!!! School libraries that no son of a bitch wanted. Wow u must be proud.
        4. grocery watch
        5. fuel watch.
        6. computers in schools.
        7. The carbon tax fiasco: 6.5bn pulled out of economy…….. 0,3% reduction in CO2 emissions. Such a success ( at wrecking the economy)

      • wixxy says:

        I was talking about the boats that are still coming….
        And our secret ones that we are leaving dumped a over the Indonesian shoreline
        The GONSKI & NDIS the LNP signed onto also, although breaking that promise now
        The NBN worked we where it was connected and as yet the Coalition have rolled out nothing
        Funny cos Sloppy Joe is now begging the states to roll out infrastructure while he scrapped the biggest infrastructure project
        The schools fell behind foreign schools under Howard’s watch although I’m sure the flagpoles he funded made a huge difference
        Since then your Coalition of clowns have pissed and moaned every time we spent money on education

  3. We’re have you been for the last few years then.

  4. Anne Louise says:

    Apart from the overt cruelty of our governments’ treatment of asylum seekers, it seems that the ultimate escape hatch or justification for ignorance is the term Economic Refugee.

    Apart from the original people of Australia, aren’t we all descended from economic refugees?

    How dare we visit different selection criteria on others than we enjoy ourselves?

    • Marilyn says:

      When we demand $30,000 from Syrian refugees and the so-called evil smugglers only demand $5,000 who are the criminals using the plight of the desperate to feather their nests?

    • Mo Ham Mad says:

      We dare quite easily due to the fact asylum seekers are not chosen, and r poor quality immigrants that are a drain on Australia’s welfare.

      If they r as u suggest economic- then they come thru the proper channels.

      The lovely little piece on the ABC the other day with Iranian bludgers is my case inpoint.

      They got a nice little ride on an orange boat.

      • wixxy says:

        The drain on our welfare will be the rich women having babies

        I don’t suggest they are economic refugees that is your lot responsible for that drivel

      • Marilyn says:

        They were better educated than you.

  5. annette says:

    Your article says it all Wixxy! Abbott in opposition made the huge deal out of Asylum seekers(they are going to take your jobs,commit terrorist acts,they are getting a bigger and better dole payment,they hang around dark alleys waiting to chop your heads off! for fuck sake!!) The Bogans hated Gillard because she was a woman and they didn’t like her voice,didn’t matter that she was doing a great job!! Abbott alone has turned Australia into a hateful,biggoted shameful country!
    It is absolutely disgraceful that this Government is getting away with what they are doing! Everything about this Abbott Government is well and truly fucked!

    • Marilyn says:

      Annette, just whose laws do you think Abbott is using considering he has passed no laws of his own dear? It was those evil twins Gillard and Roxon who re-started Manus and Nauru, deleted Australia for refugees, brought in retrospective people smuggling laws to jail anyone who helped any refugee in any capacity, Gillard who started the forced deportations of Sri Lankans without process and before her it was Rudd who set up cameras in the Colombo airport to prevent Tamils leaving and who sent Duncan Lewis and the AFP to Sri Lanka to train their navy.

      It was Rudd who put up billboards in Quetta telling refugees to stay home and die and when the Taliban rose up in Pakistan and displaced 3 million people it was Rudd who sent $40 million and the AFP to stop any of them coming here.

      Australia is a stinking, racist shithole and always has been.

    • Angus says:

      It was the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Government who started that media campaign (full page ads in papers etc) to deter boat people. Marilyn sums it up well.

      The bogans never really had a chance to truly hate Gillard because her own party knifed her.

      But it is just convenient to label Abbott and the majority of Australians bigots to suit your own agenda.

      • wixxy says:

        Of course you don’t have an agenda Angus. Racism all started with Gillard and Rudd…

        I was extremely critical of Labors stand on asylum seekers, as I have been critical of Bill Shorten on many occassion including today on his comments re Israeli settlements.

        Labor did not seek to weaken the racial discrimination act, Labor did not try and hamper a war crimes inquiry, a Labor PM did not say that “we understand” when talking about a military that raped, tortured, and committed genocide.

        As for the bogans not truly hating Gillard, the ditch the witch and Bob Browns Bitch signs, the Ju-Liar bumper stickers etc… They were all aimed at Rudd I suppose?

      • Angus says:

        Wixxy you are correct, I have an agenda there is no denying it. I am a Liberal voter and I believe we should wait and see how things work out rather than condemning the government re: their policies.

        As for the Juliar, ditch the bitch etc: isn’t Abbott getting largely the same treatment now, merely months after he was elected? He’s being painted as a baby-eating monster pretty much. Quite sensationalist.

        Weakening the racial discrimination act? I don’t think so – more like weakening the ability of a government to censor speech. We have our own social consciences and can decide what is right and what is wrong without a government telling us what is.

        I don’t know enough about the Sri Lanka situation to comment. However while a Liberal supporter I’m not a government apologist so if there is proven to be something wrong with Abbott’s handling of it I’d accept that. Although I’d be a little nervous about Australia playing the role of global policeman – isn’t this what has gotten the USA in trouble over the years?

      • wixxy says:

        We are not playing the role of a global policeman, we are choosing to be against a United Nations push for war crimes investigations that are strongly supported by many countries such as the UK which has a conservative government.

        Gillards treatment came days after she was elected fro memory.

        The amendment is to the racial discrimination act, it is quite specific and most of the Liberals think the same as I do, Barry O’Farrell was quite outright and blunt in his criticism. Deciding what was the wrong thing to say is too late after it is said.

        There is a line with freedom of speech, someone and I can’t recall who, said that if someone is that march of a hardliner on freedom of speech then they should be happy to see their photo on the front page of every Sunday newspaper with the word Paedophile in bold above it and see how they like it then.

        Andrew Bolts speech was not censored in any way shape or form, he said it and has now been charged.

        As for waiting to see how things turn out, the Liberals were calling for a new election within weeks of Gillard becoming PM.

        Abbott has broken more promises in his first few months than Gillard did in her entire term

    • Mo Ham Mad says:

      The bogans hated Gillard because she was incompetent- played the victim, race, and gender card. and she was a liar.

      Abbott promised to stop the boats, tick!
      Next will be the carbon tax.

      And no we don’t want uninvited 3rd world bludgers.

      • Mo Ham Mad says:

        To Wixxy:

        Don’t bleat about a Muslim who was killed in manus when you lot oversaw the drowning of thousands at sea- after you rolled out the red carpet for them.

        Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      • wixxy says:

        I was highly critical of Labors policies also. and the Greens also before you say it

        See we are capable of questioning and criticising our party leaders, we don’t blindly follow every move they make or everything they say

        I’m over talking to you now, I have better things to do than read your drivel

      • wixxy says:

        Abbott was a boat person too…

        Abbott is braking promise after promise and admitted to being a liar on 7 30

        The boats are still coming….cross

        The carbon tax was supposed to be legislated against “immediately”… Cross

        If not there was to be a double dissolution election…. Cross

        Your guy Abbott is so full of shit they should name a sewerage treatment plant after him

      • Mo Ham Mad says:

        To Wixxy:

        If it was you that wrote the article on The antibogan site- you referred to whites, as white trash.

        Please explain.

        Your coffee skinned buddies must be butt kissed but whites are white trash?

        your claims that white Australians are racist are hypocrisy and hollow words.

      • wixxy says:

        Misquoting…. A typical tool of a right wing tool…

  6. Bruce Priesley says:

    Well said Peter brilliant, nailed it 100%, everything I wish I could write. I’ve been saying for sometime now that this is not the country I was raised in and my parents migrated to 60 years ago. We have become “Un Australian” Sure we were called poms, wogs, dagos, abos, etc. etc. and I can recall many examples of racist remarks over the last 60 years, most I put down to ignorance and a lack of exposure to those not born here or indeed born here but not white, and I believe that they were in a minority, but the treatment we are now handing out to these refugees has reached a low I never ever thought Australians would or could stoop to, we have become no better than the regimes these people were, in some cases, escaping. There has always been an element in our society that were/are racist, but they were not given space nor the air to voice their vile opinions, now however they are given the space and time and even encouraged to do so.

    The conservatives in their manic desire for power are pandering to these bottom feeders, we all remember Howards remarks ” we need to redress the imbalance” when talking about Asian migration a not so subtle coded message for “we have to many Asians in Australia and from there its been all downhill, to now, according to this government it is wanting to legislate so that it is acceptable to be racist!! how did this happen?

    How have we become a society, that according to opinion polls, want even harsher treatment handed out to these poor souls, who risk their lives and their families lives looking for a better life? This disgustingly wealthy country and its people who are told and we accept, that these refugees want out jobs and our wealth and if we don’t stop them we will all lose our wealth and way of life what rot, what lies, but we choose to believe it. Look around you, young Australians get married and move into lavish new homes with double garages with automatic doors, 55 inch plasma screens, PlayStations, air-conditioning, more DVD’s than you find in a DVD shop, yet we are being told this is all at risk because of a handful of refugees. How dare this government be allowed to peddle such lies just so they pander to these racist so as to get their vote, and are cheered on by the right wing media for whatever reason I don’t know, power, wealth, greed, I guess. I recall Sir Humphrey Appleby lecturing Hacker once with the line, “you are indeed a moral vacuum”

    Bruce P

    • Mo Ham Mad says:

      Abbott is a Rhodes scholar boat person unlike the trash you import.Tick!

      Carbon tax repeal has been stopped due to your Labour buddies. Tick!

      No boats have successfully landed muslims in Australia. Tick! They are on Manus! Tick!

      Double dissolution? if you believed he could deliver every single ‘promise’ he made you’re naive. tick!

      What? did you think Australia could afford all gillards mad schemes? Surely you jest.

  7. Lorraine Pring says:

    Thank you Peter…sharing with my friends overseas

  8. Mike Ballard says:

    I think it best to elect politicians who promise to raise Australia’s quota of refugees to say, 50,000 a year while at the same time reducing the skilled migrant program’s quota back by say, 50,000 per annum. I think the quota may be as low as 12,00 today. Ask them, I mean politicians.

    This would allow those who can’t afford to get to Indonesia and pay some businessperson $5,000 or so USD, more access to Australia without allowing the, ‘They’re taking out jobs’ argument any oxygen. I think the people who need refuge from their own ruling class States would welcome this effort on our part and I also think we could win the battle to get such legislation passed.

    Always remember, there are at last count, 928,000 asylum seekers in the world now.

    “The 12th edition of the Statistical Yearbook reports that 45.2 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide due to persecution and conflict at the end of 2012, the highest number in almost 20 years. Some 15.4 million people were refugees, 10.5 million under UNHCR’s mandate and 4.9 million Palestinian refugees registered by UNRWA. The global figure included 28.8 million internally displaced persons and some 928,200 asylum-seekers.”

    • Marilyn says:

      We are the only country in the world who believes that if we “”take”” some refugees all the others will stay elsewhere and die and having the money to get here is irrelevant.

      For heavens’ sake why do people not understand the law states that every person has the right to seek asylum from persecution and that law does not state that people can’t pay their own way.

    • Mo Ham Mad says:

      I see, so you want to let in 50,000 unskilled non-english speaking people in so they can go on welfare when we already have a 10 year wait for public housing, and what jobs would they be doing ? – Considering there are a shortage of unskilled blue collar postions?

  9. owen1967 says:

    “we end up with the government we deserve”.
    we have the failed system we dont deserve
    … and as a consequence, the governments we have “elected” are NOT what we deserve.

    we deserve representation … we dont have that.
    we deserve a calibre of information that affords us an informed choice … we dont get that.
    we deserve a system that offers political alternatives – instead we get what is essentially the same sold-out, sorry arsed, excuse making, bigotry promoting pathetic party machine … wearing different coloured ties (BIG difference!!!).

    just look at the broken people in our Parliament.
    they are the winners of a popularity contest !!! HOW IS THAT !!!
    open some photos and look at them … look into their eyes.
    Q: how did any of them ever become “representatives” of any sane voter?
    A: because the system is broken – there is no other plausible explanation.

    our taxes are paying for this … if it were retail, we would want our money back and to be compensated for failure to deliver (and rightly so) … if it had either teeth or ‘balls’, we could get the consumer watchdog on the job … unfit goods … backed up by the ACCC who would have to conclude that the LNP and the ALP are operating a cosy duopoly to the detriment of the consumer.

  10. owen1967 says:

    Q: “When did we as a nation become so desensitized to racism and the plight of others?”

    A: 1788 … and yes Peter, it is time we grew up.

  11. Kaye Makovec says:

    “When did we as a nation become so desensitized to racism and the plight of others?”

    It began with Howard and the Tampa and spiralled downhill from there. Racists who saw it was OK for their politicians to show racism decided it was OK for them too.
    Monkey see monkey do attitude.

    As for getting the government we deserve, no way. Get rid of preferences.

  12. FigMince says:

    As I say on my blog on this subjectL “If these people really wanted to escape from persecution, they shouldn’t have come to Australia.”

  13. my say says:

    FigMince ,i really agree with you,they are worse off here than from whence they came, this government is treating them like animals,and to make matters worse for them they are now speaking to Cambodia ,to help house these poor desperate people,
    they are being denied legal aid,and the ones whose identies were published,were taken to WA before they could appear in court on friday,what has this government become

  14. Reblogged this on Nuclear Ideas and commented:
    A must read for those that care at all about these human beings , about our country and what this group of fascist thugs are turning it into.

  15. Marilyn says:

    How can you be so dumb Peter, the Greens refugee law reflects rights and obligations under all our human rights obligations.

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