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It was a lovely day in Sydney’s West the sun was shining, the birds were singing, a glorious way to end a weekend.

In the historic town of Windsor on Sydney’s North Western rim however things were far from peaceful, far from it indeed.

At Windsor, around a thousand people showed up at Australia’s oldest Public Square to protest against the wanton destruction of not only this historic Square, but the utter assassination of the towns character.

The cause of all of the fuss is the proposed upgrade to Windsor Bridge which crosses to Hawkesbury River.

The bridge is historic, and in the view of the vast majority of locals should be kept in place for local traffic.

An old picture of Windsor Bridge with Thompsons Square at the top of the hill on the right

An old picture of Windsor Bridge with Thompsons Square at the top of the hill on the right

However there are issues, the current bridge is prone to flooding in extreme weather and has had to be closed down a number of times for extended periods. The bridge itself is quite narrow, and with trucks passing each other as well as buses it is an accident waiting to happen. There is also the increasing need to create a faster passage between Sydney and Singleton which will vastly speed up freight into the New England area.

The question is “what is the right way to address these issues?”

The RTA put forward 9 options and took submissions from the public, local council, and local business.

One of the never ending stream of trucks going past the site

One of the never ending stream of trucks going past the site

On the 4th August 2011 the new Coalition Roads Minister Duncan Gay, showed his respect for those in the area, and his lack of understanding of basic mathematics and declared Option 1 as the preferred option.

I mention his math skills and respect for others because it defies any form of logic how Option 1 came to be the preferred option.

Of the submissions received it was confirmed that 40% voted for Options 1 and 2, although no breakdown was given. That means less than 40% supported Option 1 and over 60% were against Option 1.

With arithmetic like that I can only assume Joe Hockey lent a hand with the adding up.

Option 1 destroys Thompson Square, the oldest Town Square in Australia, it means heavy vehicles will continue to flow through the town with all of the adverse effects from that. The RTA themselves put it like this in their report:

“ is acknowledged that there would be adverse heritage impacts associated with the preferred option, particularly on Thompson Square and the surrounding heritage buildings. The preferred option would also likely have some noise, vibration, socioeconomic and visual amenity impacts.”

Option 1 also allows for no extra traffic, as it is still only 2 lanes, talk that it will be wide enough to accommodate 4 lanes is optimistic at best. This would restrict footpaths and would only provide narrow lanes, and it does not address the number of lanes on the road either side of the bridge. Speaking of the road on either side, with no plans to address this road the new bridge will make absolutely no difference in the case of flooding despite it being higher, unless the Coalition are planning on people rowing their cars to the bridge. The road will still be prone to flood waters.

Protesters gather at Thompsons Square

Protesters gather at Thompsons Square

What the good people of the Windsor region want is a bypass, it is that simple, and it has been done many a time before, albeit under a Labor Government.

A bypass ticks all the boxes, it improves traffic flow, it can be constructed to avoid flooding, it keeps heavy traffic out of a historic town, it means that Australia does not lose its oldest Public Square, and it means the locals keep their historic bridge.

The aim of the protest was to send a message the NSW Government that the locals will not sit quietly while their towns character and the states heritage are destroyed.

As previously mentioned around 1,000 people showed up to vent their anger and hear from what was an impressive list of speakers:

Dail Miller – Community Action For Windsor Bridge

Ian Carroll – National Trust

Barbara Perry MP – Shadow Minister For Heritage

David Shoebridge – The Greens MLC

Jack Mundey – Green Bans Icon

Rebel Hanlon – CFMEU

Rod Storie – Former Liberal Member and local Solicitor

Susan Templeman – Federal Labor Candidate, seat of Macquarie

Missing in action were the Liberal Party, the same Liberal Party that claims to understand “The West”.

Missing were Premier Barry O’Farrell, Planning Minister Brad Hazzard, Roads Minister Duncan Gay, and Robyn Parker Minister for Heritage.

Windsors Heritage?

Windsors Heritage?

Other notable no-shows were these Liberal members, Bart Bassett Member For Londonderry, Kevin Connolly Member For Riverstone, and last but not least Ray Williams Member For Hawkesberry and Parliamentary Secretary For Western Sydney.

Ray Williams, who during his election campaign told of the people of Windsor’s frustration at how little the Labor Party had done regarding the bridge, and how once the Coalition were in power things would begin to happen within a few short months.

I'm not gonna say Ray Williams is full of it... but check out the size of his toilet paper roll.

I’m not gonna say Ray Williams is full of it… but check out the size of his toilet paper roll.

Well Ray, under Labor $25Million was allocated to the project and submissions on 9 options put out to the public. Since your government’s involvement the $25Million has dropped to $18Million, the submissions from the public have been ignored, and two and a half years later the locals need to hold protests in a desperate bid to get your attention. Oh, and the bridge has had to be closed last year due to flooding.

Ray Williams told parliament that he sent out 12,000 letters regarding the project and Option 1 and only had one response come back against it. He has however chosen to ignore the over 10,000 signatures on petitions organised by CAWB.

As yet, nobody has been able to track down this mystery letter of Rays, so it is generally assumed he is referring to his mention of the project in his newsletter which would have a mail-out of around 12,000. This is a newsletter, and does not invite responses. It is unaddressed mail, many would consider it junk-mail particularly from Ray, and due to Rays electorate only bordering the bridge, of the 12,000 mailed out, only a small handful would be affected by the plans. It would have been more appropriate if Rays colleagues Basset and Connolly took an interest in their community and sent out addressed mail on the issue.

Windsor Bridge closed last year by flooding

Windsor Bridge closed last year by flooding

The speeches on the day were passionate and emotional and all were well received by the crowd.

In particular Barbara Perry, Shadow Minister For Heritage gave a rousing speech that guaranteed everybody was fired up. Highlighting that this protest was not a fight against progress, it was about protecting heritage and investing taxpayer dollars wisely. Highlighting the history of the Square and man it was named after, convict turned magistrate Andrew Thompson.

“If anyone knew the value of hard work, if anyone knew the meaning of a new start, of redemption. It was Andrew Thompson”

“We are standing in the birthplace of the notion of a “fair go”“.

“Destroy the historical setting and composition of one of the most significant colonial townships in Australia?

If that is progress we’re not interested”

“You cannot reduce this place to a cost benefit analysis, if we lose our heritage, we risk losing our core values”

Crowd favorite Labors Barbara Perry Shadow Minister For Heritage

Crowd favourite- Labors Barbara Perry Shadow Minister For Heritage

Susan Templeman also gave an emotional speech and showed those in the Macquarie electorate what a passionate Federal representative they would have in her.

I am the Labor candidate for the seat of Macquarie, named in honour of a visionary man. And I will not stand by in silence as the local Liberal State MPs trash his legacy.

The point for me is that this place is unique. Once gone, it’s gone for good. And Bart Basset, Kevin Connolly and Ray Williams should be condemned for failing to admit their misjudgment on this issue. Who can say why they are so determined in the face of so many reasons why it’s a bad idea?”

Macquarie Labor Candidate Susan Templeman and Prominent Labor Member Andrew Punch

Macquarie Labor Candidate Susan Templeman and Prominent Labor Member Andrew Punch at the protest


But perhaps the quote of the day came from local solicitor and former Liberal Party Member Rod Storie.

Rod is not just any old ex-Liberal party member, far from it. Rod has quite a background within the party and has been dismayed by the way that the Party views those in Sydney’s West.

“I am extremely angry and saddened by the contempt that the Liberal members show for their own area and constituents.”

Rod then continued

“These electorates have delivered three State Liberal seats and one Federal Liberal seat. All Western Sydney seats.

The Premier, Barry O’Farrell gives himself the title and mantle of Minister for Western Sydney and proclaims great interest in Western Sydney and the North West.

The actions in constructing this monstrosity of a bridge through Australia’s oldest public square shows nothing less than total contempt for these electorates and the people who live in them.”

Alas, no local Liberal members were present to hear the concerns of locals, nor were any of the Liberal Federal candidates that are supposed to be so interested in the West.

I will be watching events surrounding this historic town closely and will keep you updated as required, for those interested in learning more, you can check out the Community Action For Windsor Bridge website here, or like them on Facebook here.

With so much at stake in Sydney’s West come September’s Federal election, Julia Gillard will no doubt be hoping that the NSW voters look to the historic town of Windsor when judging which party has the region’s best interests at heart.

I will leave the final say to the Labor Party’s Susan Templeman.

“There is an opportunity here for preservation of a uniquely historic area, rather than its destruction;

There is an opportunity for the building of a better bridge, not merely a replacement;

and there is an opportunity for a special town to be revitalised by a State Government project, rather than destroyed.”

I hope that Barry O’Farrell and Co are listening Susan, I really do, but I won’t hold my breath….

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

On Sunday night my mother had to be taken to hospital because of an ongoing issue with her heart and blood pressure.

This story is not about my mother however, as she is ok now, this story is about the saga our hospitals in NSW have become under a Coalition state government.

There are those of you who will no doubt be thinking that things were not really all that fine and dandy whilst Labor were in power. I am not in any way suggesting that we had a Utopian Health Care system under Labor, far from it, however due to the Coalitions cutbacks the resources we have are being stretched to breaking point and beyond.

My mother lives in Sydney’s Hills Shire, so she can choose to head north or west when it comes to going to a public hospital, there are none in this shire.

On Sunday night, my sister decided to take her North when she was taking her to a hospital emergency ward. Heading West would mean a trip to Westmead hospital where one can wait in the emergency ward for over six hours and not be seen by a doctor, other than that there is the Hills Private hospital.

My sister instead chose to go to Hornsby Hospital. My sister who is a registered nurse that used to work at Hornsby Hospital explained to the Triage Nurse that my mother, who was visibly shaking had blood pressure over 220. The nurse responded by asking “Does she wish to see a doctor?”.

What sort of stupid question was that? No, she doesn’t want a doctor, she just wanted to come and sit on your floor with sick people for five hours to watch TV with no sound….

After being given the news that it would be at least 4-5 hours waiting in an overcrowded emergency ward, and looking around the waiting area for a comfortable place to sit on the floor as there were no seats, my sister decided a change of plans was in order.

After receiving that bit of news, and given my mother’s blood pressure was through the roof and she was shaking uncontrollably, my sister decided to take mum to the Sanitarium Private Hospital at Turramurra where she was put straight into a bed and shortly afterwards was seeing a doctor.

The problem with The Sanitarium Hospital, is that you are charged $300 in the emergency ward just for showing up, and it is the same at the Hills Private Hospital, and other private hospitals around the state.

The Sanitarium Hospital. The $300 option B

The Sanitarium Hospital. The $300 option B

My mother and father are self funded retiree’s, the type of elderly people who the Liberal Party would like everybody to strive to be as they don’t cost the government as much money. They also have private health insurance which although expensive is another tick in the box for a right-wing government.

However $300 is a massive hit in the hip pocket for someone of that age, a pretty decent hit for most of us actually, but especially someone who is retired. What’s even worse is that the $300 is not covered at all by Private Health Insurance.

Sydney’s north-west is a massive population growth area under the Coalitions plans. There is the plan for the North West Rail Link which seems to change plans due to a failure of some sort every month, recently the costings for contracts blew out by over $30Million. There are plans for hi-density cheap housing, possibly housing commission, and plans for business districts. What you won’t hear the Liberal state or Federal members in the region talk about are plans for public schools, parks, or publicly owned medical services.

If the health system in the area is at breaking point now I wonder what it will look like after we have another 50,000 residents in the area.

On Sunday, Fairfax reported on hospitals in the Nepean area, another part of Sydney’s west that is being punished by the O’Farrell government.

The Nepean Hospital have been calling on Health Minister Jillian Skinner to put some funding into the maternity ward urgently as it is unable to cope. The hospital have now seemingly taken matters into their own hands and thought outside the square, although the solution is a little bit third-world.

When Barry O’Farrell thought it was more important to spend money purchasing new furniture for treasury, the Nepean Hospital seemingly just extended their maternity ward into the car park. Unfortunately as they don’t have staff to spare, patients giving birth in the car park have had to fend for themselves.

Jillian Skinner at a North Shore Party. Sharing a joke about those in the West giving birth in car parks?

Jillian Skinner at a North Shore Party. Sharing a joke about those in the West giving birth in car parks?

Other expectant mums have been turned away from hospitals due to staff shortages only to give birth on their kitchen floor when they get home.

Barry O’Farrell, despite being Premier appointed himself as Minister For Western Sydney because it was apparently such an important area to him, at least that is what he told us.

 Just like Tony Abbott, Barry talks up the West while living on the North Shore. Barry’s Parliamentary Secretary for the Western Suburbs is Ray Williams, a man so far removed from reality and normality that he thought his home in North West Sydney was too far to travel to and from like the others in the west do every day. His solution was to claim accommodation costs when he was at parliament so he could use the taxpayer to pay off his inner city flat. A nice little rort indeed…

Barry cares so much for those in the West he slashed $125 Million from the planned upgrade of Blacktown public hospital almost as soon as he took office and now he has families from the West delivering their own babies in the Nepean Hospital car park.

The Health System in the west under Barry O’Farrell and the Coalition is not just sick, it is in cardiac arrest. The Minister, Jillian Skinner seems to think that cutting corners and funding will fix the issues, but for all Skinner’s spin and drivel the crisis appears to be worsening.

Hospitals in the West suffering?

Hospitals in the West sufferring? Barry tries to fight the smirk

Barry clearly has no faith in his new MP’s from Sydney’s West or he would have appointed them to something more than just a backbench, so if Barry has no faith in them why should we?

I’m a bit sick of hearing the spin about what the Coalition is going to do for those in the West. Instead I’d rather take a look at what they have actually done, and the hospitals are a fine place to start.

Barry O’Farrell touted his government as the ones who were going to fix the state, they were the long-awaited cure. Now it seems like they are the cancer, and everyday it becomes even more terminal.

The Coalition in NSW are proving to be one damn bitter pill to swallow.

I hope those in the West think about that before voting in September.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Some of us in NSW remember what it was like to have a State minister that cared about their portfolio. We wipe a tear from our eye as we cast our mind back a couple of years and remember those days fondly. It is a shame that they let the internal bickering take over and ruin what was once  a good government.

So let’s have a quick look at some of our current motley crew of NSW Ministers and how they care for their portfolio’s.

Our Environment Minister Robyn Parker declares that logging is good for koalas, and waits a couple of days before telling a community they have a deadly chemical spill in their neighbourhood. Risking the lives and health of every man, woman, and child in the area, we may not see the impact of this decision for years yet.

Adrian Piccoli, the Education Minister who just keeps on giving. He gave the disabled children of the state a lesson in apathy when he left them stranded by the side of the road after he took away their bus services. The poor kids were eventually tossed in the back of station wagons and the like, with no safety features like seat belts. What an utter disgrace. Adrian made up for it though by announcing he was cutting $1.7 Billion from the state’s education.

Education Minister Piccoli counts to ten with both hands

Greg Smith, the Attorney General who spends his time insulting victims of sex crimes whilst personally vouching for and singing the praises of their paedophile attackers. Smith was last seen removing your right to be silent.

Then we have George Souris, the Minister for the Arts, who seems to think that public masturbation is a performing art.

Pru Goward, Minister for Women, spent years allegedly showing her respect for wives by helping poor old Janet Howard out, supposedly doing the hard yards for Johnny. Earlier this year this Minister for Women shut down the NSW Woman Of The Year awards.

Pru having a good day

I shouldn’t be too hard on Jillian Skinner, NSW Health Minister, after all, she has managed to increase hospital bed numbers in NSW. However, this has been done by counting chairs in waiting rooms as beds, can you believe that? Apparently if you injure your foot or leg or something along those lines, and can be treated by a doctor in a waiting room chair, then that chair counts as a bed. If someone collapses on the floor and is treated, are they going to count the floor as a bed too? Seriously, what sort of imbeciles do we have running the place?

Cutbacks in NSW have got so bad that patients are being told to just wet their hospital beds because there is not enough staff to fetch a bedpan.

Where I live, in the North West of Sydney, we are lucky to have a Parliamentary Secretary and a Minister with our best interests at heart.

Our Parliamentary Secretary is a man by the name of Ray Williams, I actually have a category on my site with his name on it, due primarily to the sheer amount of bile that this man spews, and the utter offensiveness of his character.

Ray Williams heads for the toilet

Anyway, after questions were being raised by media that made Ray uncomfortable, he reportedly put his tail between his legs and fled the country. These questions involved his campaign manager, Greg Burnett, who was forced to stand down from his position as Hills Shire Mayor after allegations surfaced regarding a $280,000 embezzlement, allegations of branch stacking by Ray and memberships being paid for members, and Rays alleged involvement or knowledge of these events.

Ray resurfaced again recently at a Young Liberals night which has become rather notorious. After initially saying that Alan Jones did not make any comments re Julia Gillard’s fathers recent passing, he changed his mind after being told the event was recorded. Suddenly he had a vivid memory of the event turning noisy and he must have missed that bit where Alan insulted, in the most personal of ways, not just our PM, but every person in the nation with a shred of decency, including many of Alan’s advertisers it would seem.

With Ray as a Parliamentary Secretary, you would hope that the Minister for Western Sydney would look after us so there was no need to rely on second fiddle. You would be disappointed.

The NSW Coalition held their victory party in Parramatta after their election win, it was all part of the Coalitions promise to look after the West and North West of Sydney, particularly with infrastructure.

Since then, Sydney’s west has been overwhelmed with disappointment, to put it mildly.

Barry shows his remorse to those in the West

In the North West, we have the much touted, over promised North West Rail Link. Before this failure of a project, under the watchful eye of Gladys Berejiklian, has even started, it has turned into light rail. This means the Epping to Chatswood line, a successful line built under the former Labor government, will have to be downgraded to suit what has already been dubbed the “North West Fail Link”. Local residents are now faced with the prospect of a 4km graffiti wall underneath a “SkyTrain”, which is funny, because local residents thought it was going underground.This state government has a great track record with above ground rail also.

Still, some of The NW Rail is underground, you may have seen the clips with animated trains going through the tunnel for the media broadcasts. These are pure fiction, the trains shown are two level, the tunnel is only big enough for a single level carriage. Does this mean we should be halving the Coalitions projected passenger numbers I wonder? Or does someone need to head to Bunnings and buy Gladys and Barry a tape measure?

Tunnels? Gladys struggles with the square peg round hole scenario

Residents are now looking at the prospect of skyscrapers in residential area’s as the O’Farrell govt desperately tries to find funding to support his multi-billion dollar unfunded promise. Barry need population density to attract private investors.

When it comes to funding matters, it raises other questions about the level of care this State government has for those in the west also.

It seems also that the funding for the Parramatta/Epping line has been diverted elsewhere. Parramatta was desperate for this line, and the Federal Government was also throwing in the dollars to support it, but now, Parramatta has been left to clean up after O’Farrell’s victory party with nothing to show for it other than the knife marks in its back.

So who is the minister for Western Sydney? You may well ask. Who could be so apathetic to the needs of those who they are supposed to be looking after. Well, the Minister for Western Sydney is none other than Barry O’Farrell himself.

For those of you wondering where Barry’s imaginary funds are being diverted to, as it certainly isn’t education, one needs to look north.

The Pacific Highway upgrade is the supposed beneficiary. I am in no way saying that the Pacific hwy should not be funded, I am just saying that it should have been already budgeted for so that funds allocated to Sydney’s west did not need to be diverted. Those of us in the west and North West are being punished for the total lack of budgetary talent within a totally inept State Government.

However, upon closer inspection of Barry’s diverted funds, there seems to be a lot of smoke, and more than a few mirrors. A lot of spin and talk of diversion, but no actual dollars to speak of.

With that in mind,  let’s have a little look at the absolute shambles that has been the coalitions dealing with the Pacific Highway upgrade, both at State and Federal level.

Back in the dark days of the Howard era, it was established that the Pacific Hwy was a state road, and the state should be held responsible for it’s upkeep. However, the Howard Coalition government managed to find some funding to help out the State Labor government, however there was a condition, as PM John Howard pointed out

“My Government’s preference remains for the duplication to be completed by 2016, in line with out 2004 commitment … if the NSW Government will match our financial commitment…”

The Labor government in NSW matched the commitment as requested.

In total over the 12 years the Howard regime was in power, during the biggest boom time our nation has ever seen off the back of the mining industry, the Federal govt under Howard manage to find $1.3Billion for the Pacific Hwy upgrade. This is despite it being labelled the “Highway Of Death” by Derryn Hinch due to so many accidents, particularly those involving buses and trucks.

By stark contrast, the Federal Labor government has managed to find $4.1Billion since 2007 for the highway during a global financial crisis. It’s not just about saving lives either, although that is clearly a priority for some governments, it is about investing in vital infrastructure. There is also $3.56 Billion is funding yet to come, making the Coalitions investment seem like something less than a token gesture. However this further $3.56 Billion is based on the NSW Coalition also showing commitment to the project to the same level.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has strongly pushed for the NSW govt to match the Federal govt in spending on the highway, but that was in opposition. Now that the Coalition is in government the story has changed considerably. Or is it just that they cared from the opposition bench? Now they have added responsibility they no longer care maybe?

Duncan Gay searches for guidance

To come up with money for the project, Nationals leader Warren Truss, and Premier and Minister for the Western suburbs hatched a cunning plan. Screw over those in the west that Barry represents and divert the $2Billion in Federal funding from the Parramatta/Epping rail link, and send it up north for the Pacific Highway, great.

Barry however forgot something rather important, he has already screwed over those in Parramatta, where he held his victory party. He told us all after he seized power that he was scrapping that project and putting the Federal money into the North West Rail Link. So Federal funding was taken away from the Parramatta link, now there is nothing to take away to devote to the Pacific Hwy. The Federal government can now only allocate $68Million as the money has been spent elsewhere.

The truly sad thing is, Barry couldn’t even use the money for the constantly changing North West Rail Link which is still yet to start construction. The problem is both Barry and his Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian don’t seem to realise that Sydney has a harbour. The stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that people will need to cross the harbour and address the need for a second harbour crossing. Preferring instead to dump the entire commuting public from the largest growth area in the country, the North West, onto the already congested North Shore line at Chatswood, a station where passengers often have to wait for the next train as they can’t fit on the first one that arrives.

A Coalition staffer testing Barry and Gladys’s new plans for a harbour crossing?

Barry claims that NSW is being punished because Federal funding for infrastructure in NSW is low in comparison to other states, even those with Coalition governments. Here’s the thing Barry, when dishing out billions of dollars the bean counters at Infrastructure Australia probably like to see some things beforehand. Plans come to mind, direction is another nice touch, common sense is often smiled on, and a team of Ministers that seem vaguely capable would be a fine place to start.

Earlier I spoke of inept Ministers that are totally devoid of commonsense, or not at all capable of looking after their portfolio, or maybe just plan couldn’t care less who they trample on for a decent bit of spin or a soundbite.

To those of you who think you have it bad, spare a thought for those in Sydney’s West and North West. Out here we have a Minister with a knife in our back, and a parliamentary secretary that should have been sacked a long time ago, even if just to save the Premiers image.

I’m starting to wonder if Campbell Newman would be preferable. That is scary.

Sorry folks, it appears I may have been wrong about something…

Some of you may have read my posts regarding NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s massive unfunded promise of the North West Rail Link. I have had a lot of negative things to say about the decision to put a 4km stretch of this rail link above ground through a residential area. The section of the rail link the Liberal State Government has imaginatively called the SkyTrain.

An Eternal Optimists Impression Of The SkyTrain


My views have apparently been misguided in regards to the “SkyTrain” section of the North West Rail Link. As I will endeavor to explain.

I am however, not alone in my mistaken state, The Hills Shire Councils official position is the same as mine, that the 4km stretch from Bella Vista to Rouse Hill should be underground, as the public were expecting.

The Hills Shire Mayor Greg Burnett, who despite my having the occasional shot at, really is a decent well-meaning bloke, despite being a Liberal Party member ( I guess we all have our shortcomings),…. Anyway Mayor Burnett has gone on public record many times with the view that the Hills Shire would prefer that the SkyTrain idea be trashed, and the line be underground where the vast majority of the public expected and prefer it to be.

However, it seems after talking to some local businesses and local residents we have all been mistaken, the SkyTrain will be welcomed by many residents, and will give many businesses a boost.

Talking to some local parents the other day most expressed their enthusiasm for the SkyTrain, saying it would “Encourage their kids to play outdoors”. They think it will encourage their kids to take up a new hobby, and take an active interest in the arts, particularly painting.

I thought it was worth asking some of the kids, so I went to a park nearby where the kids hang out with their skateboards. I had a brief chat with about a dozen kids about the SkyTrain and was encouraged by their interest.

These were just your average kids, you know, baggy pants, hoodies, skateboards under their arms, some had backpacks that seemed to rattle when they moved…. But these kids were enthralled by the idea of the SkyTrain, they were almost salivating at the prospect.

It is fantastic to see such an interest from the youth. They were full of questions about how long the SkyTrain section was, how big the pylons holding the rail up in the air were, whether the pylons were steel or concrete, whether the area would be fenced off or if there was easy access, what kind of safety surveillance would be used…. They had a real interest which I thought was fantastic.

Not only is the SkyTrain good for families, it is also good for local business. I spoke to several local businesses who were all looking forward to the SkyTrain being completed, and all stated that it would not be good to have the rail underground as the vast majority seem to believe.

These businesses have asked that I not use their real names for fear of a negative impact on their business, or for fear of getting in trouble at their work. So I will use false names to express their points of view

Dave, is a young father from Rouse Hill who is excited at the thought of the SkyTrain, and could not speak highly enough of the concept. He is expecting his workload to go through the roof and thinks he will have to employ more staff, which is great news for the area. Dave works for himself, and has owned and run his own graffiti removal business for 3 years now. Dave says the bus shelters bring in some work, but nothing on the grand scale a SkyTrain promises.

Local glazier Tim, was just as excited. although he wouldn’t go into detail as to why he thought his business would increase, as he had concerns over an Environmental Impact Study or something… He just thought that there would be a sudden and huge uptake in requests for double glazing.

Speaking to staff at the local Bunnings was also encouraging, they expected to see huge growth upon the SkyTrain being built, particularly in the paint section. In fact there was talk of tripling the size of the spraypaint display and stock to cope with the expected increase in demand. That’s pretty impressive….

Garry, who is a plasterer who has been doing it tough since Barry O’Farrell brought in his own version of Workchoices is also optimistic. Garry told me that since O’Farrell and the Liberals started stripping away the entitlements of the public service employees, things have been tough, as a large sector of the public now don’t want to spend money and attempt to do the work themselves, like on the dumb reality TV shows. Garry says that the vibrations from the SkyTrain will be brilliant, he is expecting years worth of work from cracking cornices and walls.

It is not only hardware and trade services getting excited either.

Salespeople at electrical retailers The Good Guys, and Harvey Norman are also looking forward to the SkyTrain. Not only are they expecting many local residents to have to upgrade stereo equipment to cope with the extra noise, there was another unexpected surprise….

The building of hundreds of cheap high-rise apartments, in order to boost population density to attract investment for the rail link O’Farrell can’t pay for, has come as a welcome surprise. Not only will this bring in new customers, but due to the height of these apartment blocks, many current residents will have far less access to sunlight. This means extra sales of things like clothes dryers and heaters. Brilliant.

Given that these apartments will be cheap, local bottle shops are also excited as they are expecting a lot of young people to move in and share accommodation. This will increase alcohol sales enormously, as local parks fill up with older teens keen to have a drink with their mates. It is excellent to see the SkyTrain having a social impact as well. Also expected to benefit are local shops that sell small bottles of juice, although some locals have raised concerns that their garden hoses may constantly shrink or go missing….

So it would seem this SkyTrain may not be that bad for local business, I had no idea…

Maybe it is just as well the electorates concerned have 2 of the laziest State MP’s ever, Dumb and Dumber, on crack… I speak of Ray Williams, and David Elliot, both Liberal members. Clearly there are actually a few people who will be cheering the fact that these 2 excuses for MP’s have absolutely no respect or regard for the overwhelming opinion of their electorates.

Two local State MP’s that we can always rely on to do nothing, and that sadly, is no mistake…

Today folks, I wanted to tell you all about a man I know named Ray Williams.

You may have seen him on the news recently, his hair freshly dyed, or maybe you read about him on the front page of the Telegraph, or the two page spread that followed on pages 4 and 5, you may have even heard him get called a “grub” on air by right wing 2GB talkback host Ray Hadley before hanging up on him.

It seems this former bus driver is too good for the buses now….

Ray "Fat Cat" Williams

Ray Williams likes to say he came from the transport industry, and he did, just as the people who clean the trains at night do. Ray was a bus driver with big plans.

Ray ran for Liberal pre-selection for State Government in the seat of Hawkesbury NSW, challenging sitting MP Stephen Pringle. Ray defeated Pringle under allegations of branch stacking.

Most shocking of all were allegations of Williams bribing a local pastor in order to gain congregation members votes. These allegations were never proved either way, it was one mans word against the other.

I am not going to suggest to you who should be believed, you can decide for yourself. The local parish pastor, or the dodgy wannabe politician. I’ve made my choice…

The Hawkesbury seat is the safest Liberal seat in the state, only a complete imbecile could lose it for the Liberals. Ray almost did that year….

Stephen Pringle ran as an independent, and scooped up a massive chunk of the conservative vote, it must have been a wake-up call to Ray, who seemed to think Liberal branding would make it an easy win….

Last years elections were a disaster for Labor, Labor lost an average of 17% across the NSW Electorates. In Rays seat of Hawkesbury, one of the electorates with the $20Billion promise of the Nth West Rail Link, Labors votes dropped 1%, in fact in the booths outside of the Rail Links influence, the Labor vote increased at every booth, some as high as 25% Even the Rouse Hill booth, where Ray spent most of election day, and is the major station on the promised rail link, Labors vote increased…

Ray claimed that he had the biggest swing to him in the state, and he did… as Stephen Pringle didn’t run this time, so all those conservative voters came flooding back to The Liberal Party. However, the fact is in terms of conservative votes, Rays seat had one of the lowest swings.

These things I know, as I was the Labor candidate for the Hawkesbury seat I have studied the figures in detail….

Rays election campaign focused on two things primarily, public transport, and government waste.

Public transport was a big one due to the promise of the Rail Link, and the debacle of the M2 that Nick Greiner, a previous Liberal Premier left us. The M2 only started to be widened under the previous Keneally Labor govt.

The supposed waste that Ray always went on about, was money that he saw as being spent needlessly by the government. Anybody that he saw as getting money needlessly Ray liked to call “Fat Cats”. These Fat Cats should be sacked, or made to resign was the message Ray preached.

Ray "Fat Cat" Williams in one of his forner 8 lives

Judging from what has emerged this week, I am assuming that Rays resignation will come any day now. I mean, if you don’t stand up for what you believe, or practice what you preach, you are less than a man…. In my view anyway.

This week, those of us who live in the North West of Sydney were outraged to hear that Ray Williams was in fact a Fat Cat. Claiming $259 a night of taxpayer money to stay in the city when parliament sits, as it is too far to travel for poor Ray….

You might think that $259 gets Ray a nice hotel room, but no, that money of yours pays off Rays mortgage. You see Ray got himself a city flat that we can all pay off for him…

The hide of anyone to campaign that they understand the transport needs of working families, when they are sitting in their inner city flat to avoid it….

Then again, maybe he stays in town to avoid getting busted for drink driving as his mate Liberal MP Bart Basset did last year.

As the local MP, you are supposed to be able to relate to your electorate, sympathise with their problems, understand their issues. Ray it seems, thinks he is above all of that, with one of the major issues in the area being public transport, and one of the others being the roads. Rays decision means he is totally unqualified to comment on any of these issues, and any comment he does make on the rail link, bus services, or the M2 should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Someone so interested in local transport issues, you would think he would take the time to attend a meeting with the Hills Transport Working Group, but alas, this is yet to happen. But I will let him off this one, as I understand where they meet is probably too far from Ray for him to get to. They meet right under his electorate office…. Seriously, he is on level 2, the committee meets on level 1… It is comforting to know he takes an interest….

Ray thinks his electorate is rural, and thinks that he lives in a rural area… It is worth noting that Ray was given a promotion by Barry O’Farrell, Ray was made Parliamentary Secretary For Western Sydney. Note the last word in that title, Sydney.

This may be a news flash for Ray, but Sydney is the capital of this state, it is where Parliament House is, and it is where you charge us $259 a night to stay at your own place…

At this point I should point out that Ray is actually entitled to receive this payment, however, it is an option he does not have to take. Someone who made such a big deal about waste, should certainly not take it. There are other MP’s living further away from the city who don’t claim this entitlement, because they have a thing we call Integrity… Ray, it is called Hypocrisy, and in this case it is spelt with a capital H.

Ray actually lives in Rouse Hill, kind of… Let me briefly explain… Until a few years back, where Ray lives was called Nelson. When Ray was a councillor in the Hills Shire Council, he pushed hard to have the suburb boundaries changed. Eventually Ray got his way, and his house left the suburb of Nelson, and became part of Rouse Hill. The value of Rays house shot up immediately…

I have been lobbying the council for months to change the name of where I live to Point Piper or Vaucluse , but to no avail….

A quick look at Rays website tells you that Ray has been quite busy. Ray has a fully staffed office at Rouse Hill, I know of at least 4 people that work there, not including Ray (after all I did say work)

Ray "Fat Cat" Williams plays with a stuffed toy during question time

Rays website, is where those people who put their misguided faith in him can go to see the work he is doing and all the great things he has accomplished….

Pardon the language, but sweet fuck all….

According to his website, he has done nothing since August 2009, that’s right folks, last decade.

You would think that with all of the staff we have been paying for,  they would have at least come up with a decent story as to what Ray has been up to, I mean other than fleecing the taxpayer.

To his credit, Ray has agreed to pay the money back, after seeing the outrage in the community caused by his actions. I hope we see this happen sooner rather than later, it may even give him something to put on his website.

Now that the “fat cat” is out of the bag, Ray has also yet to decide whether or not he will spend the $17,000 of taxpayer money on an overseas trip.

He had already applied for the money, but given the issues he is now facing, he is thinking twice about going. Still, at least he hadn’t decided where he was going to go yet, he just wanted the money side sorted out first I guess.

I could rattle on for ages about our Fat Cat Friend Ray, but I shan’t…. What I will do though to make it easier for anyone interested, is add a category to this blog site called Ray “Fat Cat” Williams and post previous blogs where he has appeared(there have been a few) in there, make sure you check out Christmas O’Farrell And The Plump Pussies.

I will keep you posted on developments…. Unlike Rays website….

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Those of you who live in Sydney’s Western Suburbs must have felt pretty special last March, pretty special indeed.

NSW had a new Premier in Barry O’Farrell, the Liberals were in power and things were going to change out west,Barry said so. To make sure we all knew how determined he was to make a difference out west, Barry held his victory party in Parramatta after the election. Then, upon realising that he had no talent whatsoever in his party, appointed himself as Minister For Western Sydney

The residents of Western Sydney must have been excited at the special attention they were sure to receive.

Well, I think Sydney’s West would now be wishing they could turn back time about now.

It seems all of Barry’s posturing was just foreplay, and he has now decided it’s time to thoroughly screw the west. Alas, I am quite sure this is not the special attention the residents of Sydney’s West hoped for.

One of the first things Barry did when he took office was to scrap the Western Express Rail Line, then he pulled funding from Blacktown hospital, but now comes the biggest shock of all… Barry is looking to turn Penrith into a nuclear waste dump.

Yes you read that right, a Nuclear Waste dump.

It seems some rich people over at Hunters Hill have an issue with somewhere near 5,000 tones of radioactive waste in their neighborhood, and who can blame them? I wouldn’t want to live next door to Chernobyl either…

Hunters Hill for those of you who don’t know it is one of Sydney’s richest suburbs. It has many of Sydney’s most exclusive harbor side properties, and is Liberal heartland.

In typical Liberal fashion Barry has decided the best solution to this problem is to take the radioactive waste from Liberal heartland and dump it on those lesser people who live out west.

I guess we should have expected this type of environmental terrorism from a Premier who immediately after taking power, carved up and effectively shut down The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.

It is not just Barry either. The NSW taxpayer is also paying the extra salary for a Parliamentary Secretary for Western Sydney also, his name is Ray Williams.

So where is Ray in all of this? Missing in action it seems. Ray seems to have been happy to take the extra money for a Parliamentary Secretary role, and then taken up a second job, impersonating a mute.

My mother used to say if it wasn’t wise, then don’t say it. Ray Williams, a man known for having Verbal Diarrhoea, and for being accused of bribing a church pastor, has heeded that advice and is not saying anything.

This is such a disgrace it is hard to contemplate.

For starters Ray Williams should resign and go back to driving buses. Ray’s total inability to show any guts, or stand up for the people he is supposed to represent is reprehensible. As a Parliamentary Secretary, Ray has proved to be a total waste of space. It would seem Ray, you are one of those “Fat Cats” that you are always referring to.

So what is supposed to be happening with the waste?

Well, it would be moved by a convoy of trucks to a Kemp’s Creek waste centre near Penrith. Once there the waste would be processed and disposed of. This realistically means it will be buried.

The convoy of trucks would transport the radioactive waste through the suburbs of Sydney, past houses, schools, and parks where children play. Let’s hope there are no accidents or spills. But I would like to request that the trucks detour past Barry’s house, just so we know he has put every effort into safety.

O’Farrell made an election promise not to dump this problem on Sydneys West, and still insists it is something he does not want to do. Barry though, tell us that he has been advised that Kemps Creek is the “most appropriate site” for the radioactive material. I wonder if the person giving that advice lives near Hunters Hill…

Rumours that the NSW Liberal Government are funding extra wards at Penrith hospital to cope with possible birth defects, such as babies being born with 2 heads, or babies born with their internal organs on the outside, are just that, rumour. The Liberals are in fact cutting funding to hospitals in the west as part of the wests “special treatment”.

So, to the Westies amongst you, how special do you feel now?

While we can’t turn back time, we can learn from our mistakes. Bring on the next state election…Quick

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It was a good weekend in Sydney. The sun was out, it wasn’t quite as cold as it has been, and then the Sunday paper arrived. It all went rapidly pear shaped from there…

After 2 weeks of anger, protests, and pleading with the O’Farrell Liberal govt in NSW, the article on page 9 of the Sunday Telegraph got right under my skin. As I’m sure it did for thousands of other citizens of this state. Citizens who have been misled, and had their faces spat in, by what is probably the worst government seen in Australia since the days of Jeff Kennett.

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Workchoices is not “Dead, Buried, and Cremated” as Tony Abbott assured us numerous times. Here in NSW under O’Farrell, it has been given a new lease on life.

Thousands of people have been bringing the city to a standstill over the last fortnight ,to protest this ridiculous legislation. This legislation affects all those that we rely on, emergency services, nurses, teachers etc The police were luckily thrown a lifeline by the Shooters and Fishers Party, but they are still protesting at any rate, as they realise this legislation is immoral and obscene, and had it not been for some wheeling and dealing, the Liberals would have hung them out to dry also.

Mr O’Farrell, when asked by the press, what he had to say to all of the protesters he had dodged, explained. This Workchoices legislation would affect him, and his govt the same as all of the other public servants who were protesting. It really was the only possible spin he could put on the unfolding crisis. As it turned out, it was utter crap.

Imagine how all those people who protested in the freezing cold, and in the rain, must have felt when they saw the headline on page 9 of the Telegraph yesterday “Liberal Cash Splash On MP’s”. Here was Big Bad Barry, splashing the cash out to his own crew, before pushing the legislation through. The word “Hypocrite” is not strong enough to describe his callous actions.

It seems, that in a further bid to end the waste, and cut back on spending, Barry O’Farrell has taken it upon himself to give out extra cash to a record number of MP’s. The only things he forgot were his red suit and reindeer.

Parliamentary Secretary positions, and new committee chairmen, are being created willy nilly… it’s Christmas come early in the NSW Liberal Party. Every Liberal member gets a present. But unfortunately, for those protesting outside his office in the cold and rain, Christmas is looking decidedly bleak.

Below is a link to the article that spits in the face of our nurses, teachers, firefighters and countless others…

Then, as I continued to flick through, I saw something just a few pages later that made me laugh out loud. I probably shouldn’t have laughed, but it was just so ridiculous I had to. The ironic nature of the article, considering what I’d just read was just incredible.

One of these new parliamentary secretaries, just given a huge pay rise, a 20% rise in fact, was a man called Ray Williams. There, just a few pages after the “Cash Splash” story, was a one third page article on Ray’s bold new plans to fix Western Sydney.

So, what are these plans for Western Sydney that Ray has in mind? Does it include Hospitals, roads, railways, schools, services, infrastructure of any sort?

Alas not… Ray’s big plan is to sack the “Fat Cats”. That’s it, nothing else. A 20% taxpayer funded pay rise, and parliamentary secretary promotion well earned.

Whilst that does sound like an extremely well thought out plan Ray, full of flair, imagination and style, I think that the people of Western Sydney are hoping for just a little bit more. Things like facts, direction, and vision go a long way Ray. Maybe some thoughts on services and infrastructure for the hundreds of thousands your govt is hoping to house out in the West. But what would I know? Sacking some Fat Cat’s is probably better…..

OK then, back to Rays plump pussy plan…. Nowhere does he give any hint as to who these mysterious “Fat Cat” creatures may be. I have my doubts as to whether he has a clue himself.

But what the hell, Ray’s alleged plan was something to talk about over a third of a page. Too bad it was an article devoid of any real content at all, although, at least it presented a nice picture opportunity… It must have been the slowest of news days.

Below is a link to the article. If you ever need a lesson in how to fill an article with nothing but hot air and hollow words, look no further.

Ray explains that he doesn’t know what these overpaid bureaucrats do between 8 30am and 5pm.

Well, I’d like to help Ray out a little bit here, by telling him what some of them do. Plus, in the spirit of goodwill, I’ll even offer him a suggestion for the first “Fat Cat” head on a plate he should serve up.

Ray, I believe what some of these over paid “Fat Cat” bureaucrats do, during their working day, is give interviews to the Sunday Telegraph, and maybe even talk themselves up on 2UE. They also ignore the protesters outside their parliamentary offices, whilst negotiating their new pay rise at the taxpayers expense.

Ray, if you want to know what these “Fat Cats” look like, take a look in the mirror. If you want to know what they do all day, check your diary.

However Ray, I agree that there are some overpaid “Fat Cats” that do need to be sacked.

I’d start with Nick Greiner. He would be at the top of my “Fat Cat” list. After all, he’s the head bureaucrat over there at Infrastructure New South Wales. You remember him Ray? He is the one who’s “independent” advice you are relying on to strip Western Sydney of the vital infrastructure it was to be receiving before we foolishly elected a Liberal govt.

Maybe you should stick to trying to break up the RTA Ray, how is that going at any rate?

The voters in this state will remember these things at the next election, of that you can be sure. We are learning valuable lessons daily about this sorry excuse for a government.

One of the most important things we have discovered is the one this O’Farrell govt definitely have got, and that is the hide of an elephant…

Oh, and by the way, if you see any of these Plump Pussies running around our Western Suburbs, please let Ray know. He can be contacted on this number


Thank You

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