Kicking Against The Pricks

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Media, Politics

Like many others I awoke to the news that Eddie McGuire did not need to take the “phone a friend” option to say something stupid.

I won’t repeat what Eddie said as it was stupid and foolish, and clearly many people took offense at it. Although it’s available all though the press, and you’ve probably heard it anyway.

I will however say some things in Eddie’s defence if I may.

In the context of how it they were used, his words were clearly meant as a joke. Now I know that is not an excuse, however I think the line with jokes comes down to intent.

I don’t believe Eddie had a malicious intent when he uttered the words he is clearly now regretting. He now seems genuinely upset that he has foolishly caused offense.

Eddie "should've phoned a friend" McGuire

Eddie “should’ve phoned a friend” McGuire

He has however done the right thing so far, he has fronted up and apologised on any programme that will have him, and has spoken to several indigenous players directly to offer his apology and explanation.

Yes we all wish it hasn’t happened, but I don’t believe that Eddie really deserves any sort of harsh punishment.

The timing of this could not have been worse after the weekend’s uproar when Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes was called an “ape” by a young girl in the crowd at a game.

Goodes initial response was one of anger, pointing the girl out in the crowd and letting her know what he thought of her insult.

This story ended with a devastated 13-year-old girl, and a completely admirable AFL Player making amends.

Goodes showed what a great man he is off the field and was quick to forgive the girl for her taunt, believing she knew no better and was only repeating what she hears elsewhere. Goodes used this ugly episode as a means to put out the anti-racism message.

Personally I think next time the award is due, Adam Goodes should be nominated for Australian Of The Year for his handling of this touchy subject.

Adam Goodes. A class act on and off the field, and Wixxy's Aussie Of The Year

Adam Goodes. A class act on and off the field, and Wixxy’s Aussie Of The Year

I hope the public have the same level-headed approach when it comes to Eddie McGuire.

In contrast to the stance on racism in the AFL, we have the NRL the other football code.

The last couple of weeks we have once again seen the level of respect some players seem to reserve for women, and how good they are at tipping horses. Where do they stand on racial vilification, racial slurs, stereotyping and hate speech I wonder?

The NRL for years have had 2GB as their official broadcast station, although now they are using 2MMM.

2GB as you may know is the home of Alan Jones and Ray Hadley, as well as several others who also discuss Islamic related matters, and asylum seekers in such a balanced manner.

Ray Hadley in particular is someone who is a commentator for many of the NRL matches, a regular on TV shows related to the NRL, and someone who often writes a column in The Daily Telegraph that is match related.

Ray "I Love Muslims & Asylum Seekers" Hadley

Ray “I Love Muslims & Asylum Seekers” Hadley

Ray Hadley spews out hate speech on the airwaves on an almost daily basis. He can often be heard referring to Asylum Seekers as “illegals” despite it being perfectly within international law to seek asylum, with or without papers, and by whatever means available. He often questions how many of these asylum seekers are terrorists regularly. This is commonly known as racial stereotyping and I’m pleased to answer his question for him based on arrivals so far, zip, nada, nil, none whatsoever.

Hadley loves to talk up the racist hype about the Islamic community, how they want to take over and impose sharia law on us all.

Despite his co-worker Alan Jones being forced by courts to make an apology to the Lebanese community for his on air comments that many claim instigated the Cronulla race riots, Hadley is certainly the cheerleader for “Team Racism” currently.

If the NRL was in any way serious about taking an anti racism stand, they would remove Ray Hadley from any commentary position for his continuing on-air agenda of racism.

It is interesting to see how Eddie McGuire was quick on the front foot and raced out to offer apologies. Alan Jones had to be dragged through courts for years to obtain one, all the while his station that aired his racist comments remained the “Official NRL Broadcaster”, most codes would not be happy to endorse a station that promotes a broadcaster that refers to Lebanese Australians as “Vermin”, the NRL clearly was.

How long do people think it would take Hadley to admit wrong and apologise?

Instead of trying to make an example of someone like McGuire who screwed up and is going out of his way to right his wrong, we should be targeting those who promote racism and racist attitudes on a daily basis.

It is not just Ray Hadley either, some may remember the case dragged through the courts surrounding Andrew Bolts comments in a column he wrote about some Indigenous Australians.

Andrew Bolt defends himself outside court, while the guy behind is inspired to sleep...

Andrew Bolt defends himself outside court, while the guy behind is inspired to sleep…

Bolt lost his appeal in court for his column which was both factually incorrect and defamatory, yet many still defended him.

One of those who defended Bolt was of course Tony Abbott.

Currently Attorney General Mark Dreyfuss has recently publicly appealed to Tony Abbott to back down on his intent to repeal the section of the Racial Discrimination Act that Andrew Bolt was found guilty of breaching.

If Tony Abbott should gain power after September’s election his vow to weaken racial discrimination laws, and repeal the section of the Act will be a blow for not only the Indigenous community but any other community that fights racism. Abbotts decision to back the perpetrator rather than the victims is something we should all be taking careful note of.

Racial Discrimination Laws? Not for long...

Racial Discrimination Laws? Not for long…

I agree with the public sentiment that racism needs to be stopped and has no place in sport. However I don’t think it should have any place in Australian society at all. Most of us are the descendents of the “First Fleet” of boat people and we live in a Multiculural country, it’s been that way since we were all born, those who don’t like it should get out and make room for someone who will.

After all. racism is ugliness in one of its most pure forms.

Those who promote racism should be exposed and shamed, and those who back and support them should be viewed with nothing less than contempt and scorn.

That’s why this September there is no fucking way I’m voting for Tony Abbott…

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  1. dyoll09 says:

    This country needs a fuckin shake up lest we return to Coward Mark 11..

  2. mindmadeup says:

    Reblogged this on you said it… and commented:
    A slightly different take on Eddie McGuire’s comments

  3. Wayne says:

    ‘The other football code’

    Neither are football, and there are two others, one of which being the real form of the game.

    No, he wasn’t being racist or deliberately degrading, but boofheads comments from these people are becoming common. Sheedy and his spiteful comment (and yes, it was spiteful: the amount of service he has done indigenous AFL does not alter that) and Johnathan Brown’s derogatory statement toward Facebookers North Coast Storm Chasers, who do a terrific job, calling them ‘dole bludgers’. I’m sorry Browny, but a group of people keeping tabs on dangerous weather conditions is of more use and interest to me than a mob of knuckleheads playing a game that looks like seagulls fighting over a chip.

    Unfortunately boys, your sport is and always will remain on a par with your brains, little, and inconsequential.

    • wixxy says:

      The funny thing with the NRL is they call it football by mostly hold it in their hands…. go figure

      Nothing wrong with the game, just some of the crap surrounding it

      • MWS says:

        What about American Football – only two players (out of 45) actually kick the ball (one being a place kicker, the other a punter) and both kickers come onto the field for about 5 seconds especially to kick the ball. There are even members of the “offense” who are “ineligible receivers” and can’t touch the ball unless it has been touched by a member of the opposing team (a fumble).

  4. clarittee says:

    Not inclined to defend McGuire, but when you recall the sexism of A Jones saying WOMEN were causing all the ills in our society naming quite a few “examples” you would wonder how HE could get away with it.. The question of degree and INTENT must be considered. The station Hadley and Jones work at appeals to some of the worst “ideals/attitudes out there. So does Scott Morscum on asylum seekers. ( but HE does lay preaching so he must be OK and “nice”).?

  5. kabdoo says:

    Thanks for this. I hadn’t really looked at it that way. Yes, it is unfair and it is time to apply the same standard across the board. One thing about the seeming over-reaction to Eddie’s comments is that it shows how unacceptable racism is becoming with a large proportion of Australians and how out of step some of our celebrities and politicians are, thinking they can continue to spew their hatred with impunity. There was a time when the acceptability smoking around kids was debatable. try having that debate now… Hopefully racism goes the same way as our other collective ills.

  6. Marilyn says:

    But did you watch Dateline on Tuesday night with the DIAC stazi bugging and tracking Mark Davis for merely trying to enter Gilllards racist gulag on Manus Island?

    It’s not use just pinning racism on Abbott and the liberals, Gillard is worse because she knows very well the damage and expense of these illegal prisons on Nauru and Manus Island and has done it again only worse.

    She walked down the steps waving like the red Queen patting the natives on the heads with trinkets and has not uttered a word about it since. Manus Islander decency put the Red Queen and all of us to shame mate, if you didn’t watch it I suggest you go to youtube and watch it.

    Gillard thinks the only migrants who should be allowed are proper ones like her parents – she can cry over a well educated and high functioning white child with Down’s and then say not a word about a terrorised Syrian child with autism locked up in a ten hut in Melbourne.

    I cannot and never will vote for either major party, they are inherently racist and the ALP was founded on racism or have you conveniently forgotten the dirty racist laws by the unions to keep the Chinese out of the mines, the white Australia policy, the racist war on Vietnam and other atrocities along with the invention of the refugee prisons and torment to pretend that the dirty deal Gareth Gareth brokered with Reagan and Thatcher to make the Khmer Rouge look like nice blokes justified locking up and deporting a few hundred Cambodians who loudly disagreed.

  7. Dez says:

    “That’s why this September there is no fucking way I’m voting for Tony Abbott…”

    No fucking way I will be either…….or for that twerp James……Jaymze…..(or whatever way this village idiot spells his name) Diaz in Greenway.

    Just patiently waiting for when the first of the nutty Liberal old boy’s club finally goes to jail……….will it be Bolt…..Akerman…..Hadley………Jones……Brandis……Pyne…..or Abbott??

  8. matt says:

    When I was first told that Goodes had been called an ape, I immediately responded that if the field was completely white, someone would still call a player an ape.

    Ive never felt that calling someone a primate has anything to do with race. I dont look at primates and think ‘they look like such and such race’, I look at certain people and think ‘they remind me of a monkey/baboon/chimp/orangutan/pig/horse/seal/etc…’.

    Most of the time it is a persons physique/gait and/or behaviour that reminds me of an animal. ‘GorilIa’ and ‘Ape’ tend to refer to a persons size. I often refer to children as ‘little monkeys’ for the way they tear about the place and climb all over everything. Sometimes a persons face reminds me of an animal, but that is usually white people and chimpanzees. And overwhelmingly that is due to expression, not features. By current logic that must make me a self hating racist. Which reminds me, who hasn’t had a laugh at George Bush looking like a chimp:

    Guess we are all racists 🙂 And what is with the disturbing lack of empathy for the fair skinned and scarlet topped amongst us so endearingly referred to as ‘rangers’ (hint, that is slang for orangutan :P)

    Also interesting to note, is that we have been calling ourselves apes for a very long time, and not as an insult. Taxonomically, humans are one of the “Great Apes”. While todays PC brigade likes to exclude humans from this group, others who take a less emotional approach disagree:

    The point to all this crap? Most people don’t use it as a racial insult. The first time I came across it as an insult to describe a particular group of people is the quran. Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166. These are the verses where the pious get their ideas that ‘jews are the descendants of apes and pigs’, a daily mantra in the middle east. I have also come across religious american white supremacists, describing black americans as ‘monkeys’ (they believe blacks are less evolved, whereas muslims believe that allah ‘cursed’ jews – two sides of the same coin). The supremacists are much smaller in number though, as they don’t have any verses in the bible to support them. However, neither groups usage means these labels become exclusively racial terms.

    All the prostrating, guilt, angst and hand wringing this issue has opened up on the airwaves doesn’t sit quite right with me. Its like too many people are using this trivial matter to scream loudly ‘I am not a racist!’ so they may continue their silence on more serious racial issues – issues where their thoughts might not be so acceptable. I suspect many are former or closet bigots.

    Despite my argument I can, however, appreciate the way Goodes took it. Its a shame(on society) that he felt the need to leave the field, and even bigger shame that he felt he had to do a 30 minute press conference explaining his position. I think he fired at the wrong target on this occasion. Understandably he responded to perceived racial abuse, but the reality is that it was just garden variety abuse, and quite tame at that.

    I must say though, Goodes certainly knows how to speak, sounds really good. I bet he will be getting a lot of courting from the political parties on a future career.

  9. matt says:

    Oh and Eddie Mcguire, LOL what was he thinking. I guess this means now it is racist for a black or a white person to be king kong, one is stereotyping and the other is black-facing 😛

    • Geoff Andrews says:

      I completely agree with your comments, Matt. In how many films has one seen (say) a woman call a man a “big ape”? It usually applies to someone who’s a boofhead or clumsy. I think Goodes’ reaction, sensitive little flower that he is,(and, I hasten to assure him, that I’m making no insinuation about his sexuality in alluding to floral sensitivities) said a little about his own concept of prejudice, the boofhead.

      • matt says:

        Yeah the “Ape” is big and clumsy, the “Gorilla” is big and scary, and “Baboon” is used in place of either when appropriate, because it is fun to say – BA-bOOON! 🙂

  10. Leigh says:

    Way too many boofheads and rednecks in both NRL and AFL.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    Racism serves Abbotts political agenda. Remember the cheer of approval in the stacked public gallery when during the budget reply speech Abbott roared ‘We will stop the boats’. ……….expect more intolerance in Australia in the future – there are votes in it

  12. clarittee says:

    Just how you could legally turn around a boat on the open seas eludes me. What happens if it sinks during the operation? Somehow I feel this is going to end badly.
    Demonising them is what the LieNP are doing and It may get them in government. Shamefull behaviour. Shames Australia.
    The number of refugees in Lebanon is such that IF Australia had them at the same ptoportion, to the population as it is in Lebanon we would have 5,000,000. FIVE million. Jordan and Turkey have similar large numbers. Moreso Jordan that still has lots of Iraqis..

    • monicaswickedstepmother says:

      Boarding another vessel on the high seas (outside any country’s border) is PIRACY. Removing fuel/food or water to force any vessel to return is also PIRACY.
      I suspect the vessels will be sabotaged, as happened previously under the Howard Government (as Tony Abbott should know).

      • matt says:

        A boat on the highs seas is subject to the the jurisdiction of the flag it flies. The nation that has jurisdiction can board the flagged vessel at any time. If it flies no flag, or a false flag, then it is subject to piracy search and seizure laws, whereby any country can board the vessel. Most of these vessels are Indonesian flagged. Provided these boats are not breaking certain laws themselves, Australia can only legally board them in international waters(outside the 12 nmi boundary) with Indonesian permission. At this stage, that is not looking likely.

  13. matt says:

    Peter, after reading:

    “Federal Police have revealed an asylum seeker…had been convicted in absentia in 1999 of pre-mediated murder, destruction of property, possession of firearms, ammunition and explosives without a permit and membership of a terrorist group – the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.”

    I felt the need to comment on this line:

    “He often questions how many of these asylum seekers are terrorists regularly. This is commonly known as racial stereotyping and I’m pleased to answer his question for him based on arrivals so far, zip, nada, nil, none whatsoever.”

    Firstly I would make the distinction that it is cultural as opposed to racial stereotyping. The complaints are about beliefs or ideologies(sharia, jihad, womens rights etc), not some outdated notion that people of a particular genetic makeup will not be able to fit in. A ‘criminal gene’ or other such nonsense. The point at which we decide that a practice is no longer benign and therefor illegal in our society is a whole other topic, but it is legitimate.

    Secondly, we don’t get told of things that are considered a risk to national security. The only reason the story I linked is in the news is because they made a clerical error and released him into the community, so they had to answer at senate estimates. There are a (small) number of people held for adverse security findings, the details of which we are not told.

    Not everyone fleeing the authorities in their original home are being ‘persecuted’ – historically ratbags flee their homes once they are caught out or lose their support base. The bigger the mess you make, the further you have to flee. It is disingenuous to argue asylum seekers are all innocent, the population contains ratbags, just like any other large sample of different people.

    However, I agree with you that the issue is exaggerated and used to pander to racist sentiments, as well as prey on genuine fears. Perhaps instead of saying ‘zip, nada, nil, none whatsoever’ it would be more credible to say ‘very few’.

    • wixxy says:

      I see your point Matt however Asylum Seekers are made out as possible terrorists by Hadley & co

      There have been no Asylum Seeker who have arrived by boat ever been convicted of a terrorist act in this country, so my statement is correct

      If there was one conviction of even a minor crime related to terrorism by an asylum seeker we would see 10 page spreads through News Ltd and shock jocks would be talking about it for months I’m sure…

      But I do take your point

      • matt says:

        I agree they exaggerate the situation for political gain, the federal libs have been playing the race card ever since I started paying attention to politics. Its one of the (many) reasons I so despise the politics of TA.

        However the technicalities of conviction in Australia are irrelevant to the situation. We don’t (with few exceptions) prosecute people in Australia for crimes committed in another country. The whole point of security screening people is so we can find out if they are suspected or convicted of serious offences overseas and then we try to send them back – if they are willing to take them – before they commit an offence here. We have a number of such people currently in ‘limbo’. We do not prosecute them on Australian soil, unless they have committed an offence here. Suspected terrorists are also treated as intelligence assets and their details rarely disclosed. Spooks are generally better at keeping secrets than pollies and public servants, so don’t expect the media to know anything that doesn’t get leaked or heard in an Australian courtroom.

        In regards to the screening process, I was somewhat taken back to read in the article that:

        “Currently ASIO is providing a full security assessment for somewhere between 10 and 15 per cent of people who are on track to get a protection visa.”

        This is because ‘staff are under increasing pressure because of the high number of asylum seekers arriving in Australia.’

        I guess the important word in the first quote is “full”. I’m not quite sure what I think about that at the moment. It certainly does not sound like an acceptable long term security solution.

  14. Benny says:

    Obviously Jones Hadley and Bolt are paid to promote the Liberal party. There are many studies that show that conservative voters have primitive brains that respond to fear mongering. So naturally fear mongering is what you hear from conservative politicians and their paid media stooges. The truth is that conservative politics is about entrenching privilege and keeping the less fortunate in their place, it is not complicated, it is hateful and monumentally selfish. but not complicated. The irony is that the people who stand to lose most from conservative politicians are often their biggest fans… back to the simple fear mongering.

  15. Larvey says:

    As a Collingwood fan and member I am quite upset at what has happened. Sick at the thought that what was said was thought “funny”,s and sick at the thought of Eddie McGuire having said it. Don’t know what to think, I am very disappointed.

    Adam Goodes is definitely a role model for all of us to emulate. His fatherly understanding and compassion was poignant. He gets my vote for Australian of the Year.

    I have always been proud of the AFLs record on issues that effect the community and general all round family friendly values and I still believe they a hold the top position across the codes when it comes to role models for young people. This is a very saddening event.

    Yes, racism seems to be acceptable in some quarters and goes on regularly without comment by loon Shock Jocks. But I have lived and worked around Australia and believe it to be a tolerant land. Intolerance is usually generated by the politicization of an issue by vested interests, IMHO. Thanks for a sane perspective.

  16. Terry says:

    Rugby League gets judged harsher than any other sport in Australia.
    Contrary to popular belief, Ray Hadley is not well loved amongst Rugby League fans.
    He has bullied his way onto Channel 9 after years of criticising their rating on his radio show.
    Since the take over of Rugby League in the 90’s by News Ltd, Rugby League has been the little play thing by News Ltd and later on radio station 2GB.
    Fortunately, the game has regained it’s ownership and now receives a fair amount for their TV rights.
    Unfortunately for Rugby League, they had to award their rights to Channel 9 and Fox Sports for the next TV deal to remove the first rights clause from future deals.
    Even radio rights are double from the last deal:
    The current ARLC CEO has been called an idiot by Ray Hadley. I think the criticism had more to do with Hadley being upset that David Smith did not fall into line with 2GB’s line that the Australian Crime Commission’s report into drugs in sport was concocted by Kate Lundy and Jason Claire.
    Also, the ARLC has put people in place to lobby government for funding to the same levels the AFL do. Hadley is of the opinion that because Graham Annesley once worked for the old NRL, they didn’t need to lobby government.
    Annesley has been promising, through Phil Rothfield’s Daily Telegraph column to put a roof on ANZ stadium and moving seats behind the in-goal close to play. Annesley was rolled by his cabinet, even though they somehow found $50m to upgrade the Swans home ground the SCG:

    NRL CEOs wanted News Ltd journalists, particular AFL cheerleader and Swans fan Rebecca Wilson (wife of John Hartigan) banned after disgraceful reporting on the passing of John Mannah:

    Don’t think for one minute that everything is wonderful in the AFL.
    Who will ever forget Swans players Michael O’Loughlin and Adam Heuskes:

    Just recently there was an interesting article in the SMH about the protecting of Eddie’s Collingwood players:
    2GB have no loyalty to Rugby League. Alan Jones is a big fan of the AFL’s GWS and often has their chairman Tony Shepherd on his show.
    Tony is big supporter of the Liberal Party.
    Of course, GWS is coached by Kevin Sheedy who was unhappy with his team’s lack of ability to attract support in Western Sydney with his expat team, housed in the luxury of Breakfast Point and made a silly comment about soccer.
    Some may even say it was racist.

  17. janama says:

    “despite it being perfectly within international law to seek asylum, with or without papers, and by whatever means available”.

    Then why does the Immigration Department refer to them as Illegal immigrants?

    If I escape from Afghanistan I’m perfectly entitled to claim asylum in Pakistan. It guarantees that Pakistan won’t send me back to Afghanistan. I then become a registered refugee with UNHCR.

    If I then fly to Indonesia, get on a boat and arrive in Australia I am an Illegal immigrant because I was already granted Asylum back in Pakistan. If I was living in Indonesia without being persecuted I also am not entitled to claim asylum in Australia.

    You can only claim asylum once!

  18. Peter SmallWick says:

    Wixxy should join the Labor Party, they need more losers to complete the party, why hasn’t Eddie had his membership of Collingwood revoked, that’s the standard penalty for all the other members that make racist remark but Eddie is above anybody else. Wixxy you do realise there has been plenty or terrorist attacks in Australia by Lebanese member, google Bilal Skaf for one. He led a pack rape gang of Lebanese who targeted young white Christian women. There has also been criminal convictions of members for planning terrorist attacks.

    • wixxy says:

      Yeah, and how did they arrive eh? Boat from Indonesia or Qantas from Beirut?

      How many attacks and crimes are committed by White Australians of European descent wise guy?

      Google crime figures Australia

    • matt says:

      Um, there have been no “terrorist attacks in Australia by Lebanese member”. Thankfully there have been no successful terrorist attacks on Australian soil since the 1980’s (unless you want to count the Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta, 2004).

      Skaf is a sadistic depraved racist criminal, but there is no political agenda to his crimes. He was not on a jihad. His only cause is himself.

      Did you conveniently miss the recent coronial inquest into the killing of Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans? Or systemic criminal activity perpetrated by white offenders is somehow different to you? The most horrific crimes in this country have not been committed by lebanese. And no I am not blind to lebanese gangs or jihadists. I consider Hizbollah and its affiliates as legitimate targets of our security agencies, to put it mildly.

      You are one pathetic troll.

  19. Terry says:

    Gerard Herderson blames the influx of Lebanese Muslims into Australia on the Liberal Government of Malcom Fraser:

    It is reasonable to assume that most of these Lebanese-Australian Muslims came to Australia as a consequence of what was called the Lebanon concession, when Malcolm Fraser was prime minister of the Coalition government in 1976, or of the family reunion scheme afterwards. There had been a long tradition of migration to Australia by Maronite (that is, Christian) Lebanese and they settled successfully. There was also a small number of Muslim Lebanese who were accepted under the migration intake and did well.
    The Lebanese Civil War took place from 1975. At the time, some Maronite Lebanese Australians approached Fraser with a view to Australia accepting some of their fellow Lebanese who were caught up in the conflict. Fraser agreed and introduced what was called the Lebanon concession. It was a concession because the Fraser government agreed to accept individuals, under Australian refugee and humanitarian intake, who were not strictly refugees.
    As the cabinet papers for 1976 reveal, this was bad policy and appallingly implemented. It turned out that the Maronites did not want to come to Australia. But poor and poorly-educated Muslims were attracted by the proposal. Contrary to the plan, few – if any – had connections in Australia. As I documented in my pamphlet Islam in Australia (Policy Exchange, 2007), the policy got completely out of hand. The Lebanon concession was jettisoned in November 1976.
    A majority of the Lebanese Muslims who arrived in 1976 and after settled in Sydney’s south-western suburbs. They arrived when the Australian economy was in relatively poor shape. Many were ill-equipped for employment in Australia at a time when the manufacturing industry was in decline. Some never obtained meaningful employment and became reliant, with their families, on welfare.

    Read more:

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