And Justice For All – The Royal Commission, Jacksonville, and the HSU

Posted: February 13, 2014 in HSU Saga, Politics

As I predicted before the election last year the political witch-hunt that is the Royal Commission into unions has been announced by the Abbott government.

Many of you may be surprised to hear that whilst I believe that the Royal Commission is being carried out for the wrong reasons, those being political reasons, I am quite happy to see the Commission happen.

Many of you will probably be wondering why I support the Royal Commission as no doubt it will do some within the Labor Party and union movement considerable damage.

For starters any corruption that is weeded out by the Commission is something I will be glad to see exposed and stopped. Anybody involving themselves in corrupt practices is only doing the union movement and the Labor Party harm and we are best off rid of them.

I am also a firm believer in the much-needed and promised but never delivered reform of the Labor Party. The Royal Commission could be a catalyst for change within the Party and any change that takes the bulk of the Party’s power away from a few select unions and puts in back in the hands of rank and file members is a good thing in my mind.

I am also heartened to see that the HSU is one of the unions that will come under the scrutiny of the Royal Commission and all of the evidence I have made public will certainly be available to the Commission.

As we know Michael Williamson has had his time in court and now faces prison.

Craig Thomson too has had his time in court and is due back on the 18th February to hear the verdict of the Magistrate, although I’m sure the trial by media will continue on regardless of the outcome.

Some people however have thus far evaded court and are taking way too long to investigate.

With that in mind the two people I am really looking forward to seeing grilled by the Royal Commission are Kathy Jackson and her partner Michael Lawler.

Kathy Jackson behind an appropriate sign. The bloke on the sign even looks a bit like Jeff Jackson

Kathy Jackson behind an appropriate sign. The bloke on the sign even looks a bit like Jeff Jackson

Some of the things I hope to see addressed by the Commission are listed below:

• Why Michael Lawler was not asked to step aside from his post as Vice President as Fair Work Australia (FWA) as it investigated his partners union.

• Why the parameters of the FWA investigation seemed designed to eliminate any looking into Lawler’s partner Kathy Jackson’s branch during the time she was the Secretary.

• Why Michael Lawler is alleged to have contacted union staff and made complaints to police about union staff, and why this is not considered a conflict of interest given his position.

• Why Michael Lawler’s two teenage sons were employed by Kathy Jackson’s branch of the union despite living interstate.

• Why there were allegedly repeated attempts made by a computer with a client name michael-lawlers to access the HSU’s network using Kathy Jackson’s login details.

• Why Michael Lawler allegedly refused to co-operate with the independent investigation conducted by KPMG

• Why Kathy Jacksons child care was paid for by the members for over four years according to her sworn court testimony.

• If Kathy Jacksons’s child care payments were legitimate why are some of the cheque requisitions made out for staff benefits and strangely staff uniform payments considering the staff at the child care centre do not have uniforms.

• During the FWA investigation why was evidence delivered to investigator Terry Nassios by hand by Kathy Jackson in boxes that had allegedly been tampered with.

Jackson and Lawler share a moment after Kathy made a fool of herself in Federal Court

Jackson and Lawler share a moment after Kathy made a fool of herself in Federal Court

• Why did companies such as Koukouvaos Pty Ltd and Neranto #10 Pty Ltd which were owned by Kathy and Jeff Jackson invoice for so much consultation work when they were both HSU Secretaries

• Why did Ian Temby refuse to look at evidence against Kathy Jackson when he was compiling the Temby report stating that unless it related to Michael Williamson there is nothing he can do. This would indicate someone controlling where the investigation led, and possible protection of other parties.

• The circumstances that led to the ridiculous contract signed by Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson for Rob Elliott’s termination that saw him paid for doing nothing for 10 years.

• Why union phone records indicate Kathy Jackson making numerous phone calls to the offices of disgraced former Liberal NSW Finance Minister Greg Pearce and current Liberal Employment Minster Eric Abetz.

• Why the exorbitant spending on union credit cards held by Kathy Jackson and Jeff Jackson.

• Why was there a payment listed as to Wai Quen for $22,000 despite her not working for the union and living overseas at the time, a payment that Wai Quen denies receiving.

• Why the roughly $5,000 difference between the Kathy Jacksons claim for the cost of her union paid for Volvo and the invoice from the dealer.

• Why Kathy Jackson paid herself a $63,000 honorarium payment

• Why there were so many blank cheques bearing Kathy Jackson’s signature left in the HSU Branch 3 Office

Nothing dodgy here...

Nothing dodgy here…

There are many more queries than that, but these would make a fine start.

The other thing I will enjoy watching is all of those trustee’s and BCOM members of Kathy Jackson’s branch on the witness stand trying to explain why they signed off on Jacksons immense spending, such as the $100,000 plus per annum in cash withdrawals she testified to in court.

The BCOM and trustees are made up of these people amongst others;

Kate Wilkinson
Jenny Dunlop
Kathryn Whitfield
Rueben Dixon
Olga Gountras
Chris Hill
Mark Hindson
Lisa Magnusson
Adriana Vespucci
Kristine Olaris
Lia Augoustakis
Jennifer Croll

Another I’m looking forward to seeing on the stand is Jackson’s financial controller Jane Holt whose winery Berry’s Bridge Winery seemed to sell a lot of wine to Kathy’s union branch.

These are the people that HSU Branch 3 members hold responsible for almost sending their union bankrupt, and the members deserve answers.

These are just some of the things to look forward to in a Royal Commission.

The current Labor Party line that the matter of allegations of union corruption would be better looked after by the Australian Crime Commission don’t sit well with me.

After all the former CEO of the Australian Crime Commission is John Lawler, Michael Lawler’s brother and Kathy Jackson’s apparent future brother-in-law.

I understand the fear, suspicion and trepidation regarding a Royal Commission of this nature, but for the sake of seeing these issues addressed I say….

Bring it on.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Barry Bunnings

  1. M. R. says:

    I hope you’re joking about this Wixxy … ’cause if you actually believe those questions are going to be asked, you’re going to be more than somewhat disappointed, I think …

    • wixxy says:

      I actually don’t see how they can be avoided
      There are too many who will have to take the stand that will be referring to her actions for them to ignore

      • M. R. says:

        We can only hope … and pray, for those who believe in it. Me, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that ANYTHING good comes out of it. I just can’t believe that the rabble of wicked children has the slightest intention of doing anything except paint Shorten and the ALP as black as they can, regardless of relevance.

      • wixxy says:

        They will undoubtedly target Shorten and several others…

  2. csaw59Robin Banks says:

    I wonder if Craig Thomson will be called before the RC?

  3. owen1967 says:

    … unions were once run by idealists, humanists and socialists – defending the rights of the working class and keeping workplaces safe and fair…. the unions are run by gangsters now. the HSU example is more likely a typical example of what goes on in most unions.

    potentially a messy situation on the occasions where the gangsters running the government go up against the gangsters running the unions. this only usually happens when we have a conservative government ‘in power’.

    under an ALP government, the gangsters running the unions are the same gangsters running the government – so not much to battle about there except for the odd scripted conflict – for the benefit of the members drive (more membership is more money and proxy votes so it makes good gangster business sense).

    under the ‘coalition’ however, selected government sanctioned gangsters are given support and the opportunity to destabilise some of the ALP gangster controlled unions (to the benefit of the party sponsors – they are easy to spot … look at list of party donors – speaks volumes about them ALL).

    any investigation will be hampered by lies and deceit.
    when ‘elected representatives’ lie to, or deliberately mislead parliament, and when they purger themselves in court, NOTHING happens. NOTHING !!! not even an admission – let alone an apology.

    from this very low starting point, it’s not difficult to see why we have the situation we have.

    Peter, you are a true believer – good luck finding a mainstream political party or union that deserves your support.

    • Marcus Aurelius says:

      Well said. This is a good article, Peter, but with the recent revelation in the media that the TWU interfered in the 2012 HSU NSW elections, then surely there are more HSU characters worthy of interview than just Jackson, Thompson and Jackson’s partner. Mr Temby did at least refer to Michael Williamson and his lieutenants.

  4. Fed up says:

    Yes, I am looking forwarded to that royal commission, trouble is the dirt thrown in the mean time will stick.

    The police have found a warehouse full of records back to Gillard’s time in the AWU. Will take some time and cost to go through that one.

  5. Fed up says:

    It seems the books of all the3 unions named will be opened. How did the ETU get a Guernsey?

  6. Fed up says:

    Sorry, unions have always been run by all types, many not saints. Many with their own agenda. They have never been run by saints.

  7. Mick Malin says:

    Hey Wixxy did you see K Jackson on Paul Murray live on Fox this week, a love in to make you vomit. Jackson told Murray that she had been investigated and nothing had come of it, inferring that the investigation was finished, it would be interesting to ask that sop Murray why he doesn’t as Jackson why she told the 7.30 report that the Union did not pay for her child care?

  8. Nifty_26 says:

    Wixxy, Will you be looking into this?

    Union calls for Abbott to investigate slush funds linked to LNP

    The CFMEU has expressed grave concern that the narrow terms of the Royal Commission appear to exclude slush funds in the construction industry that are linked to the LNP.
    National CFMEU Construction Secretary, Dave Noonan said if Tony Abbott was serious about shining a torch on slush funds, there is no reason why property developer Walton Construction and Steve Nolan Construction should be exempt from being investigated by the Royal Commission.
    “Both Walton Construction and Steve Nolan Construction are in need of some very bright light shone on them.”
    It has been reported that a property trust linked to the LNP, received $430,000 in rent from Walton Construction last year. At the same time, the company collapsed, owing workers $2.9 million in wages and entitlements.
    Steve Nolan Construction, which AEC records reveal donated $150,000 to the LNP in New South Wales, and $50,000 to the LNP nationally, in late 2012 and early 2013, has gone into administration, owing more than $30 million to workers and small business owners.
    “Australian Electoral Commission records reveal that the Property Trust, and its trustee Altum P/L is a Liberal National Party fundraising organization. Its Board includes LNP state party treasurer and Senator – elect Barry O’Sullivan.
    “It is clearly recorded that they received more than $1.4 million from Walton Construction,” said Mr Noonan. Walton Construction went into liquidation last year with debts to the tune of $50 million. Queensland Government Housing Minister, Tim Mander committed to publicly examine Walton Director, Craig Walton and to investigate the $50 million collapse after a meeting with some very angry and distressed small business owners late last year.
    This includes lost wages to workers and sub contractors for work completed – a situation which the CFMEU deals with on a regular basis, according to Mr Noonan.
    “We currently have 200 workers in New South Wales who are owed millions of dollars in lost wages by Steve Nolan Construction. The workers are on the street at two different sites in Sydney protesting against the developer in an attempt to get some of the money they’re owed.
    “The terms of reference of the Royal Commission exclude companies in this situation, who have ripped off hundreds of workers and small businesses, from being investigated.
    “We call on Mr Abbott to explain why property developers who have donated to LNP slush funds will be excluded from the Royal Commission.”

    I have just listened to the ABC RN regarding the raiding of a union office in the NT. I wonder if the raid has something to do with this?

    It is time to follow the money trail between these developers and both major parties.

    • Nifty_26 says:

      The NT police took the hard drives from the union computers, apparently some sort of commission / investigations are going on regarding mining leases and the last Labor govt.

  9. clarittee says:

    Thomson didn’t go will at court today. Does anyone have the full details?

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