Morrison Floorshow – Burnt hands, lies and mixed messages

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Media, Politics, World News and Events

I’ve been putting off writing about this subject, biting my tongue, however I am tired of the continuing attack on the good name of our defence force.

The allegations against our Navy of the torture of asylum seekers by forcing them to burn their hands on hot pipes that we have seen recently are disturbing and no doubt do our armed forces no favours in the public relations  department.

Some may disagree, but we do by and large have a noble defence force, and that is why it is a shame that we are now seeing it being made a mockery of.

The attack I speak of is not the apparent attack that the ABC launched by doing their job and reporting something that was and clearly still is in the public interest. Nor is it the follow-up bombing raid by the Fairfax media who did what our government is not willing to do by actually investigating the claims and talking to witnesses.

The utterly gutless attack I speak of is from Scott Morrison and the Abbott Government.


If Scott Morrison truly believes that these claims are outrageous and false then he would give his blessing to an investigation into the alleged incident.

For Morrison to deny the Navy this opportunity to clear its name encourages the public to have an element of doubt over our armed forces and I don’t believe that Scott Morrison has the right to make decisions like that on the military’s behalf.


As we all know the Coalition have lied to us before on the asylum seeker issue, who could forget the infamous children overboard scandal from the John Howard era?

Morrison’s take on this incident is that reporting an allegation made against the military is an attack on Australia’s armed forces, more on that later.

On Friday Defence Minister David Johnston whom many thought must have died or resigned and left Morrison in charge of the Defence portfolio also, finally surfaced and weighed into the debate.

Johnston stated several times when interviewed regarding Operation Sovereign Borders

“This is a civil public policy issue, it is not a military exercise”

Not a military exercise?

I thought that was Morrison’s reason for the North Korea style secrecy?

This leaves two possible scenarios, either Johnston has no idea what is going on in his Ministerial portfolio, or Scott Morrison is lying every time he tells us this is a military exercise.

Scott Morrison also likes to tell us repeatedly that their policy of stopping the boats in working or has worked.

Scott Morrison - Mr Smug

Scott Morrison – Mr Smug

If the boats had indeed stopped there would be no asylum seekers, no asylum seekers would surely mean no torture claims, but alas the claims remain.

Since the election there have been 45 boats enter Australian waters, that is 45 times that the Coalition policy of stopping the boats has failed.

So rather than let the public be informed Morrison blocked the media from the information sources essentially censoring them, and now holds a press conference on Fridays so it misses the weeks media cycle. At these media conferences Morrison refuses to answer many questions under the guise of it being a military operation despite the Defence Ministers repeated statements to the contrary.

I thought that it was Labor and the ABC that were supposed to be communists?

In North Korea the news is controlled by the state.

In China if you Google Tiananmen Square you won’t find images of riots or a lone man standing in front of a tank, it’s all very picturesque and postcard perfect.

In Australia, the state now attempts to control asylum seeker related news, and publicly condemns the news it doesn’t like on the subject.

If Morrison and Abbott have their way when we Google Asylum Seeker we will find images of people at the immigration desk at the airport, and when we Google boat arrivals we will only find images of the QE2 or the Fairstar.

So why are we really seeing the media blackout from the Coalition? Is it really because it is a military operation despite the Defence Ministers statements?

Many of us have a vivid memory of the Gulf War. Many of you may even remember that we had Navy warships in the Persian Gulf at the time. We watched the artillery and missile attacks live on TV as it happened.

Most of us will recall hearing the shocking news of an Aussie Diggers death in Afghanistan and the circumstances that led to it, sadly this has happened many times.

By the same token we sometimes hear of a success story regarding our troops efforts in Afghanistan.

These are military exercises I would assume, unless Scott Morrison classes wars as something different.

As I mentioned earlier Scott Morrison has also set about attacking those who criticise our military in any manner and those who report anything that may make them look bad, as he has apparently absolute faith in them and it would seem he is under the impression they can do no harm.

In Morrison’s world the military are faultless and can do no wrong. This is despite the navy vessels involved in Operation Sovereign Borders not having the foggiest idea of where those borders actually are.

Searching for the sign that says Indonesian Border

Searching for the sign that says Indonesian Border

In fact the notion of Australia’s military doing anything wrong is so ludicrous that they have now been given immunity from prosecution for their actions at sea, or as a military spokesman puts it;

‘…not face individual criminal sanctions under the Act for giving effect to Government policy”

Fairfax ran a report recently on  an investigation that the Defence Force is launching into an online racist group that is allegedly made up of serving members of Australia’s military, including some who serve in Operation Sovereign Borders.

Given this news  I’m waiting for Morrison to attack the Defence Force for investigating itself and bringing itself into disrepute.

One of the members of this bunch of bigots who is allegedly a part of Operation Sovereign Borders posted on his Facebook page regarding asylum seekers;

”…they come to jump on Centrelink and get free government housing”.

”I’m about to head out today to deal with these fuckers.”

Doing our nation proud I’m sure…

The online group call themselves the Australian Defence League and are made of racists who post hate filled drivel online. Although these allegations are only being looked into now it is to be noted that the blog site The Anti Bogan has been reporting on this groups online activities for over a year, once again what is known as the Fifth Estate is ahead of the news cycle.

In fact if Morrison thinks calling for an investigation into the military is an attack on them, then our military seems to do a fine job of attacking itself.

The military have also begun investigations into their own securitywhich was shown to be lacking after an attempted terrorist attack at Holsworthy Army Barracks in 2009.

Even this week the Air Force are looking into their security after an armed bank robbery at Richmond Air Force base. An armed bandit got into the base past security, robbed a credit union at gunpoint, and then left the base past security.

I didn’t hear cries of protest from Morrison when a Judicial Inquiry and an Australian Defence Industry Taskforce was set up in 2012 to investigate approximately 775 cases of sexual assault and abuse within the Australian Defence Force.

I guess the military aren’t beyond reproach after all, only when it suits Morrison and The Coalition.

Allegations of torture are important to investigate, particularly when it is alleged to have been done by those acting on the countries behalf.

Look my hand isn't burnt...

Look my hand isn’t burnt…

Still we understand that the Navy has a difficult job to do, we are constantly told how difficult it is by both Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison, even Malcolm Turnbull on Q&A last night used the word “difficult” when describing the issue of asylum seekers and how to deal with them.

So what is the Abbott government’s position on torture by the military?

Perhaps his comment when asked about allegations of torture by the Sri Lankan military were raised at CHOGM earlier this year will shed some light on the Coalition position.

We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen”

A difficult job our guys are doing eh?

Hmmm , I wonder.

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Barry Bunnings

  1. David Donovan says:

    Thanks mate, up this afternoon.



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  2. M. R. says:

    You’re not actually trying to make sense of what the rabble of wicked children do, are you, Wixxy? – you’ll go mad, that way … Good coverage, me old china…

  3. annette says:

    I so wish this nightmare of a Government would end!!! Excellent article wixxy.

  4. ozbrays2 says:

    You forgot the bit about our military in Afghanistan shooting innocent civilians and handing over prisoners to the Americans to be tortured.

  5. […] WixxyLeaksI’ve been putting off writing about this subject, biting my tongue, however I am tired of the continuing attack on the good name of our defence force. The allegations against our Navy of the torture of asylum seekers by forcing them to burn their hands on hot pipes that we have seen recently are disturbing… […]

  6. owen1967 says:

    Peter, do you really think Morrison looks smug?

    look behind the glasses – his eyes are vacant.
    the puffy face and fake smugness reveal plenty more – you just have to look.
    mis-direction and mis-information are his stock in trade.

    a man who has pinned his hopes on the Nuremberg Defence (“Befehl ist Befehl”).

    what should concern YOU is who is giving the orders !

  7. Iain Hall says:

    By the latest count there have been no boats succeeding in getting to Australia for 51 days and the lat time we had a period of no arrivals for such a long tine was in 2008.
    What you minions of the left just can’t stand is that the Abbott government has succeeded where Rudd and Gillard both conclusively and repeatedly failed.

    As for the burns I don’t for one minute believe the ludicrous story, especially as I have been around engines enough to know that the injuries are inconstant with the story.

    • wixxy says:

      So what are the boats being towed back then? Other navy vessels?
      Every boat they turn back is a broken promise
      I’ve been around engines too and the claims seem plausible to me and to the Indonesian police

      • Marilyn says:

        AS the daughter of a mechanic and grand daughter of many farmers I have been around many engines as well and it is very easy to burn hands on them. My own father was still doing it 20 years after he started as a mechanic.

    • Marilyn says:

      Iain it might shock the balls off you but we can no more stop one person being on the sea and entering here than we can all fly off to the moon tomorrow.

      There is this delusion that Xmas Island, Indonesia, Nauru and PNG are our borders while 60,000 km of actual Australian coastline is totally undefended – all in the deranged name of stopping the boats.

      On those boats are victims of hideous wars who on arrival here for the past 19 years have almost entirely been shown to need protection under the refugee convention – stopping them is the same sort of genocide we encouraged Hitler to commit by making jews stay in Germany and other European countries.

      We refused entry to Jewish refugees so we could maintain the white Australia policy, are you saying that in spite of that we should do it all again.

      There have been over 1 million more refugees forced to flee their homes in the last 8 weeks, over 1 million kids under 5 have starved to death, refugees and displaced people in places like Syria, Libya, Egypt and many others in the African states have been slaughtered but you still fucking gloat that some have not got here.

      It’s is your sickening racism and ignorance that is destroying this country and I would prefer 10,000 Hazara refugees to even 1 more of you.

    • Jan says:

      Iain, I hope our navy have not inflicted burns on those asylum seekers, but until there is an independent inquiry into these allegations, we will never know the truth.
      We have seen allegations of naval personnel ‘behaving badly’ being upheld.
      I agree with this article.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Peter the promise was always that the coalition would stop the boats getting to Australain territiry and it was specificllay said that boats would be turned back and they have been. That is not by any strecth of the inagination a failure of the policy of eveidence of a broken promise.

    The burns are far to superficial to have been caused by a hot exhaust

    • Marilyn says:

      Does it bother you even slightly that neither is possible or legal? Or are you such a racist that the law makes no difference because you spew out the same hate everywhere you go.

  9. Marilyn says:

    But Peter you did forget the gutless attitude of Shorten who said no investigation is required to denigrate our precious racist warriors. And if any here saw the video of refugees in an orange box being towed out to sea and dumped like garbage you have to understand that they are criminal thugs.

    New Matilda has pointed out that 2 war criminals are advising this racist, criminal policy.

    Check out JIm Molan’s record on Fallujah, a triumph in his mind but genocide for the victims in Fallujah whose babies are still deformed or dying due to depleted uranium and tonnes of white phosphorous and new age napalm being used.

    Then we have the head of the AFghan murder squad. And these murdering war criminals are in charge of hunting and destroying victims of those same bloody wars.

  10. clarittee says:

    IF the boats have been stopped from letting anyone get here , the methods used still have to pass scrutiny. This is all done in our name as we elect the government. The rest of the world is not required to be blind to what is happening, as we are expected to be. The whole idea is preposterous as a concept. Being told to do it (even when threatened with death) didn’t work at the Nuremburg trials. The Navy has been wholly compromised in this matter, and it shouldn’t have been required of them. I heard Morrison or someone today mention Malaysian cooperation. Not good enough for Gillard to use but all things change under the LieNP. ( The worlds greatest Hypocrites)

  11. Liz Holloway says:

    I wrote the following the day before the 50th anniversary of the HMAS Voyager.

    It is timely today to remember the disaster which was the demise of 82 men in the “Voyager”, which happened during the Prime Ministership of Sir Robert Menzies. The lack of a full and complete inquiry by his government has echoes in today’s Liberal National Coalition government. According to the 2-i-c of the ship, the Navy hierarchy tolerated the habitual drunkenness of the captain of “Voyager”, Duncan Stevens.

    In a similar attempt to deflect criticisms away from legitimate reporting on an arm of the armed forces, Abbott attacks the ABC’s reporting of asylum seeker matters. In later years there have been numerous instances of poor behaviour by members of our armed forces, many of them apparently hushed up by senior personnel.

    If you want to understand the Navy’s treatment of criticisms, ask your local Library, or buy the book entitled “Breaking Ranks”. By Lieutenant Commander Peter Cabban, published by Random House in 2005, it tells the autobiograhical story of the officer who had been second-in-comand in Voyager, and who retired just 5 weeks before she collided with HMAS Melbourne on 10th February 1964,with the loss of 82 lives. It was the largest loss of life in Australian peacetime naval history. Cabban resigned because of the behaviour of his captain, behaviour which should have been unacceptable to the Naval heirarchy.
    Cabban was never called to testify at the inquiry, though he could have given evidence as to the character of the captain in charge of Voyager, found in a second inquiry much later to have been ‘unfit to command’.
    I wonder if we have a parallel here, in that as at that time, the government of the day was unwilling to allow any evidence in the first inquiry that may have reflected poorly on the Navy or its senior personnel.
    This courageous story chronicles a ‘saga of duplicity, dishonour and corruption at the highest levels of government and the public service.’ It is also an account of the ‘extraordinary courage required to be a “whistleblower” in 1960s Australia, and to break ranks after a lifetime of loyalty to the Navy.’
    It will take a similar act of courage for the truth to come out now as to orders issued to our Navy regarding treatment of asylum seekers hoping to reach sanctuary in Australia. The ethos of “not breaking ranks” seems to have to be maintained in all things, apparently even to covering up what would be deemed criminal behaviour in civilian society.

  12. Rick Facer says:

    Ian boats have been turned back by sticking them in 70000 dollar life rafts during which 5 asylum seekers died trying to reach civilization. The government first failed in a standoff with indonesia when they objected to taking asylum seekers back and now they run the risk of a war with our neighbour to enforce a policy that is overkill for the problem asylum seekers represent. We now spend far more money on warboats to patrol the waters and lifeboats to send them back in and facilities to detain them in inhuman conditions than if we just brought them in and got them working. The race to the bottom on this issue by both parties is disgusting and totally at odds with our commitments as a global citizen. People write them off as economic refugee’s but there is nothing in the definition of refugee that means people who have money aren’t refugees, they just have to fear persecution in their own countries. People talk of queue jumpers, there is NO QUEUE, asylum seekers arrive in your country by any means necessary. People talk of a flood of refugees, Australia takes the most pitiful amounts of refugee’s per capita or per GDP in the world it is a trickle not a flood. Abbotts motives are not humanitarian nor are they in the best interests of Australia, he just needs the racist vote and that is all there is to it. Abbott is an international embaressment, worse he is a an excessive risk taker in a volatile area of the world, and sooner or later even the bogan brigade have to wake up and realise it’s a distraction from their real motives.

  13. Robert Henry says:

    Good on you Marilyn, and Iain I know where you’re coming from, and I’ll leave it at that.

  14. Koz says:

    “I’ve been putting off writing about this subject, biting my tongue”. You should’ve continued to bite your tongue. Newsflash-: innocent until proven guilty not the other way round.
    You just want a beat up of this to whack the coalition over the head for a while. Tony Abbott was right, why are people like you so quick to assume the Navy are guilty and the illegals are innocent victims. The only people here with a motive to lie are those coming here illegally by boat!
    Move along, nothing to see here no, story to tell.

    • Marilyn says:

      You have no sense of irony at all do you? Not one person is coming here illegally, they never have. Just because Morrison says it is so does not make it so.

      On the other hand us kidnapping people on our soil, dumping them in orange boxes, trafficking them by force over 1100 km of international waters and dumping them off shore to live or die is illegal and their entry into Indonesia is illegal only because we made it so.

      The refugees though are innocent victims, go and see Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan for yourself and try not be to such a racist knob.

  15. clarittee says:

    I’m beginning to feel there is madness afoot here, with the way this is done. Secrecy is only needed if something is not being done within the normal rules. We will come out of this badly. The end justifies the means is not a practical philosophy. Open and “ADULT” government? Talking of queues, the far one is the one tony deals in.. Force and deception are the only way to get these people back to Indonesia and of course lives will be lost.

  16. iggy648 says:

    General Angus Campbell and Scott Morisson will never reveal where the Australian Navy turn back asylum seekers, because they know that sailors stopping boats in international waters or in foreign waters without permission of the foreign government, boarding the boats, confiscating (stealing) the boats, removing the people on board without permission, possibly assaulting people on board who resist, are committing an act of piracy, and are liable to prosecution in international courts, even if they have been promised immunity from prosecution by the Australian government. (Which, presumably, is WHY they have been promised immunity by the Australian government).

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