The Beginning Of The End – Craig Thomson’s Trial draws close to an end

Posted: January 23, 2014 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics, Uncategorized

This week as the Craig Thomson trial draws closer to finalizing, the lesson to be learnt is that there are serious flaws in the way our media report important events.

While Independent Australia has someone who assumes the whole days events may be worth reporting on and stays in court to relay it all, the vast majority of the mainstream press seem to be off at the café, the pub, or gone for a round of golf by lunch.

How is this in any way in the interests of their readership?

It is no wonder the Magistrate has been so critical of particularly The Australian’s coverage of the court proceedings in the past.

The testimony of former Sydney brothel owner Peter Lazaris was widely reported by all of the mainstream press like it was the major event of the day.

What wasn’t reported is that in a full day in court Mr Lazaris testimony lasted less than ten minutes, nor that he was asked to step down from the witness stand by Magistrate Rozencwajg.

Mr Lazaris leaves the set of Miami Vice

Mr Lazaris leaves the set of Miami Vice

The reason he was asked to step down is that his testimony was for the most part irrelevant to the case as it had no link to Craig Thomson, and most of what he was saying was just reading aloud on the stand, with Magistrate Rozencwajg explaining

“I can read just as well as he can”

That was not reported anywhere that I saw.

My humble opinion and I am not an expert in the area, is that brothels advertise, promote and promise discretion. I would not consider going on a witness stand in Magistrates court before a salivating press pack discreet, but that is just me.

Given this it would lead me to assume one of two things, either Mr Lazaris has no integrity, or alternatively that Thomson was never a client. There was certainly nothing that Mr Lazaris presented that gave any confirmation that Thomson was indeed a customer, only excuses as to why he could not offer evidence of what Thomson claims never occurred.

As we have seen from Umberto Ledfooti’s court coverage on Independent Australia there has been a long list of witnesses that have appeared that have painted a clear picture that there were no official guidelines around credit card usage within the union, with one of those witnesses being Jeff Jackson who’s alleged improper spending on a union credit card vastly exceeds that of Thomson.

There has been testimony from Belinda Ord that the documentation  that Kathy Jackson has claimed was destroyed by Thomson was in fact under a desk in Jacksons office. These documents included financial details, credit card details and copies of signatures and drivers license details, everything that one would require to set someone up.

This too was ignored by the mainstream

Today it was time for Kathy Jackson to finally take the stand.

Jackson is in the box seat today

Jackson is in the box seat today

Jackson as you are probably all aware is the self-proclaimed whistleblower whose allegations started the entire circus that we have witnessed for the past few years.

Jackson as you are also likely aware is the fiancée of Michael Lawler who is the Vice President of Fair Work Commission (formerly FWA) whose investigations based on the evidence that was hand delivered by Jackson seemed to target Thomson. Kathy Jackson’s branch during her time as secretary was conveniently excluded from the investigation.

She is also the one who was in partnership with Michael Williamson, who employed her, to form the ill-fated HSU East. So strong her relationship with Williamson was before she betrayed him that she even purchased his wife Julie a $3,000 pair of earrings as a gift. Not bad on a union salary…

Kathy Jacksons Bulgari Earring Purchase

In her testimony before lunch Jackson often referred to what she called information from the “blogosphere”. Jackson has clearly been infuriated by the fact that her own actions have brought her under police scrutiny and documentation that has exposed her lies has been made public.

Today Jackson confirmed that Craig Thomson’s salary package included a salary, a car, a mobile phone for personal and business use and a credit card. A credit card as part of a salary package?

If this is the case then it would suggest he can spend on that card however he likes surely, as no employer can tell you how to spend your own salary.

Jackson also confirmed before lunch that the child care payments for her children were made well beyond her return from maternity leave by around four years. This is the same child care that she told Chris Uhlman when interviewed on the ABC’s 7 30 was not paid for out of union funds.

Too bad the “blogosphere” exposed that lie I guess…

Another alarming admission from Jackson is that she spent over $100,000 per year of union funds by withdrawing cash.

That is a lot of cash to spend, certainly far more than Thomson’s withdrawals which now find him facing charges in court.

When queried about her $22,000 ski trip to Mt Hotham in 2005 shown on the branches GST reporting document below, Jackson claimed she was attending a union conference there.

2005 BAS GST reporting

I guess it was lucky it was in the middle of ski season and that her and Jeff are both keen skiers.

The circus continues after lunch…

More tomorrow.

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  1. M. R. says:

    I was waiting to see your latest on this. It hasn’t let me down.

  2. and you won’t hear a word of it even on “our ABC”

  3. Heather says:

    Keep it coming. I can’t imagine from all of this that Craig Thomson could possibly be convicted.

  4. Nifty_26 says:

    Nice reporting, lets hope it all works out for Craig and his family. Have you had anymore correspondence from Mr Lawler? Hope that is working out for you as well, I’m sure there are plenty of people who would assist in a nanosecond.

  5. joy cooper says:

    Great report Wixxy. Thank goodness for the “blogosphere”, a power gravely & stupidly underestimated by those in the Liberal Party. The great unwashed now have such information available at their fingertips thanks to Ms/Mr Google.

    Today’s court testimonies will not be seen in any of the mainstream media. Doesn’t suit their narrative.

    Thank you Peter. 🙂

  6. Nifty_26 says:

    Compare the difference Wixxy vs ABC –

    Notice the comment regarding the folder.

    Thomson’s credit card records ‘looked very strange’

    She told the court she came across a mysterious green folder under a desk while investigating Thomson’s expenses during the audit which followed his exit from the union.

    She says unlike other files, its contents were “very ad hoc” with only a few hand-written notes.

    Ms Jackson told the court that she gave folder to the union’s auditor, Ian Dick.

    “I presented the folder to Mr Dick,” she told the court.

    “I flicked through it but I didn’t sit down and Google search every item.”

    Ms Jackson told the court her investigation into the exit audit revealed a pattern of cash withdrawals, travel and incidental purchases that “did not really match up”.

    She testified Thomson’s credit card records “were not kosher and looked very strange”.
    The folder appeared from nowhere. It would be interesting to find out if she had been coached by family friends if you know what I mean. I not suggesting she has, but it would be worthwhile to find out.

    Any comment Wixxy regarding the ABC reporting?

  7. Mark says:

    Wixxy, glad to see you back on deck !! The MSM media reporting has been appalling.

  8. Bella says:

    Great work Wixxy. I too have been holding out for your commentary. As always it’s a ripping read.
    The ABC coverage has continued to disappoint although tonight’s news did at least refer to Kathy Jackson being questuined about her own misuse of union funds.

    Thoughts and best wishes are with Craig and his family. Let’s hope the ordeal’s very soon over and there’s a speedy resolution in Craig’s favour.

  9. tullibardine says:

    It was very disheartening to listen to the rote news reports today, using the ‘alleged’ in that banal way. Yet repeating the bullshit as ‘truth’ and Jacksons subjective description of the Thomson’s file contents as ‘really strange’ Jesus fucking Christ on the cross, if I was outraged , I wonder how the Magistrate keeps a straight face while this village whore spreads her innuendo and whatever else she plies, in complete oblivious disregard for her obtuse stance. Her arrogance with regard to thinking she has the Magistrate’s intelligence measured is so hilarious but mostly contemptuous. I loathe her and all who sail in her. May she go down for the last time!! Robina.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Dave says:

    Good on you Wixxy. We are relying on you for the truth in this story. I am truly in awe of Craig and his wife throughout their ordeal and looking forward to seeing him cleared and the culprits in this conspiracy in jail where they belong. This story in history will be bigger than watergate when the truth is known.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Why are the courts going on and on about bloody hookers, he didn’t go there and the slip they are on about has nothing to do with anything. I think the magistrate who said that crap was irrelevant should shut it down.

  12. Kate says:

    Interesting court appearance by witnesses to say the least ~ I really can’t see how any of this is helping the prosecutors, only makes me wonder in regards their intelligence !

    Thanks for the update, I also have been waiting for your report, hope you are feeling much better !

  13. is it just me or has someone added the year 2005 to the date on this memo?

    It is so much clearly and more defined than the rest of the text. Like someone had been dickering around with various memos and decided that he or she needed to add the year in to make it that more indisputable

  14. clarittee says:

    IF any of this stuff was found to be “doctored” it would put the cat among the pigeons

  15. maree says:

    The front page of the telegraph today demonstrated the useless pack dog mentality of our msm! Incapabable of investigative sound fair journalism

  16. Fed up says:

    Did that writing expert use the word probable?

  17. Michelle says:

    So by your reckoning a company credit card is to buy porn, hookers, and any ol’ other personal expenses you please unless it says in black and white do not use for hookers, porn, or any ol’ other personal expenses you please? How about illegal drugs? They ok? Kiddy porn? Bestiality flicks? Who knows where that missing cash went. The tax office, every other employee, and every other employer in Australia manage to distinguish between personal and private expenses. It’s about time unions and union officials are held to account too. You can tell those that have never cleaned dunnies for a living and paid their union dues while they did it. They’re the ones quite happy for union officials to treat union members funds as their own.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks for putting words in my mouth

      You forgot to mention the purchase of tactical nuclear missiles also….

      • matt says:

        You are a strange one Michelle.

        Equivocating legal consensual sex between adults to pedophilia and bestiality?

        Only a perverse and twisted mind could reason such a thing.

      • D. Batty says:

        So you seem to be saying that the credit card issued to Criag Thomson was part of his salary, and anything he bought with it was part of his salary. Not the Unions funds, but his own, to spend as he liked. Is that correct. I f so did the Union include this personal income on his income tax certificate. Did Thomson declare the income on his tax returns? I guess the answer is NO.
        So the funds were NOT part of his salary. Then they needed to be accounted for as legitimate business expenses. If they weren’t, then he is a thief of Union members funds. Union members funds, not the Unions funds, but the funds of some of the poorest paid workers.
        For you, or anybody else to excuse or support this is disgraceful.
        And the stealing of union members funds by ANYBODY is just that , a CRIME.
        The offenders are criminals and need to be dealt with as such.

      • wixxy says:

        I am not saying it, I am saying that is what is being testified to in court….

        I’m reporting events not saying whether I agree with them or not

  18. Fed up says:

    Was there any evidence that said what the video where. I believe the magistrate commented they could have been fairy tales.

    We will soon know if any of the allegations sack up.. Probable do not count.

  19. Unfortunately for Thommo there is already rumblings that the Australian Tax Office will be seeking undeclared taxes based on what he spent on those credit cards…

  20. Fed up says:

    Well, maybe the taxation will be having a busy time with all involved, as I believe this type of arrangements is widespread across industries.

    Maybe an inquiry is needed into salary packages in general. It is my observation, that salary package can indeed get one a better car, than they are likely to buy out of any normal salary.

    It is also my observation that similar packages are used in the NGo and Charity areas.

    I hate to say it, but they seem to save money for the employer, and avoid tax under PAYE.

  21. It will come down to two things, wether the intent to avoid tax was criminal and wether he has the money to pay the bill plus penalties. And yes, the ATO is cranking-up its hunt for monies it is owed. Yes, Unions do often get free credit cards from not only the union but from out-side sources (a well known means of effective corruption) but big business does it too, executives and like get cards the business writes off whatever is spent. And certainly this form of subtle and not so subtle corruption should be weeded out.

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