Temperamental – The Hills are alive with the sound of vile Liberal language

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics

On Friday night I was invited to attend a Christmas function at Bella Vista Farm in the Hills Shire in Sydney where I live.

The event was the Hills Shire Council Christmas party and was hosted by the Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne whom as always was a gracious host.

The event itself was a great success, an outdoor event always runs the risk of disaster but thankfully the weather was onside and a great evening was had by all. Well almost all.

An unfortunate event almost as soon as I arrived with my partner however got our evening to sinking start.

When I arrived I was making my way through the guests and saying hello to those I knew and introducing my partner to those who had not met her as yet. Whilst making my way around I was greeting some people whom I knew that were standing near the Deputy Mayor Andrew Jefferies.

Andrew Jefferies

Andrew Jefferies

The Deputy Mayor and Liberal Councillor Andrew Jefferies then proceeded to yell at me “Don’t you fucking say hello to me”, “Fuck off and don’t come near me”.

I wandered off to defuse the situation and chat to others, however Mr Jefferies took it upon himself to pursue me and abuse me in front of several other guests.

Jefferies was angry at me for an article I wrote some months earlier although I have written a couple of articles where his childish antics and comments are mentioned so I can’t be sure which one.

Despite Jefferies being known for his smart arse style and frequent attempts to belittle others apparently he doesn’t feel his own behaviour should be open for discussion and fair comment.

I told him politely that I didn’t think that a council Christmas function was an appropriate place or time to have this discussion however Jefferies clearly felt differently.

In front my partner who was quite shocked at the unprovoked outburst and other guests I gritted my teeth and smiled while Mr Jefferies poked me in the chest and repeatedly called me a “fucking c**t”, words that I would not use in front of female company, particularly females that I do not know. Alas that’s just me, I am capable of restraint and respect, however I’m not Andrew Jefferies.

It is not alarming that a Liberal councillor would throw abuse at me, especially one with the apparent temperament and ego of Andrew Jefferies.

What is alarming however is that when I attempted to defuse the situation by wandering away Jefferies decided to pursue me. What is also alarming is the clear lack of anger management capabilities he can add to his list of failings. Even more alarming is that he would use such vile sexist obscenities in front of females.

However what is most alarming is that Jefferies thought that a Christmas function in front of invited guests was an appropriate venue to spew forth his vile rantings and threatening behaviour.

Andrew Jefferies - The Hills Shire Christmas Turkey

Andrew Jefferies – The Hills Shire Christmas Turkey

As I pointed out to Mayor Byrne and Hills Shire Council General Manager Dave Walker in a written complaint regarding the matter;

Someone who cannot hold their temper, someone who will abuse a journalist in front of his constituents and invited guests at a Christmas function for writing an article he doesn’t like, and someone who is comfortable using the most vulgar and sexist of profanities in front of females he has never met is not someone who I feel is fit for office, and certainly not befitting of the title of Deputy Mayor in a council that has always shown the highest of standards.”


Although it was suggested that I report the incident to police as a result of the poking I decided not to potentially cast a shadow over the event, it is a shame that Jefferies did not show the same consideration.

Andrew Jefferies is a Liberal Councillor and a Deputy Mayor, however he is also hoping to be pre-selected as a Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming NSW State election.

Not only that, due to the public outcry and internal fighting in the Liberal Party over the majority of the State Executive of the Liberal Party in NSW being made up of lobbyists, changes have had to be made to the make-up of the Executive. There must have been desperation to fill positions within the executive, as something has led to Andrew Jefferies being appointed as a member of the NSW Executive.

Andrew Jefferies is known as a protégé of Federal Liberal MP Alex Hawke who is Jefferies former employer and his current factional leader. Hawke has guided Jefferies in his career path and taught him everything he knows along the way and was most surely instrumental in Jefferies appointment to the State Executive.

Alex "cancer" Hawke

Alex “cancer” Hawke

Hawke himself has often been the subject of controversy and even Alan Jones has referred to him as a “Cancer on the Liberal Party”.

Click on this link to hear Alan Jones talking on an episode where Hawke and Jefferies called in 25 police to their own branch meeting to stop opponents voting.

For those reasons any behavioural issues involving Andrew Jefferies must also be seen as a reflection on Alex Hawke who continues to support him and by doing so endorses his behaviour.

I am actually one of Andrew Jefferies constituents but needless to say he has not secured my vote should the Liberal party decide to endorse him again for council elections.

If I were a member of a Liberal Party branch I would also be taking note of this when voting in any upcoming pre-selections, as this episode I am sure will re-emerge again in an election campaign.

As for what should happen with Mr Jefferies, that is not my decision to make, however I know what a political party with morals and integrity would do.

If I were someone like Barry O’Farrell or Tony Abbott I would view this as a wake-up call. Jefferies is clearly someone who is likely to damage the party’s reputation and community standing, and as such is a liability that I would be going out of my way to distance myself from.

Then again this is the Liberal Party, maybe this is the kind of behaviour they are proud of.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Benny says:

    You should report the incident to the police, it is not really an option.

  2. M. R. says:

    Crikey! Another post it’s impossible to ‘like’, Wixxy … but if you manage to catch the attention of a single as-yet-not-won-over Liberal, you’ll be doing bloody well.

  3. joy cooper says:

    Peter, this disgusting type of behaviour seems to be par for the course with many of these younger Liberals. They are so full of their own self-importance that they don’t give a damn about anybody else. Puffed up little fascists. These are the sort of amoral creeps who believe they are superior to others & are natural born leaders. Nasty, nasty, nasty. The Liberal Party appears to encourage such despicable excrement. Unfortunately, such loathsome creatures will get voted in by the unthinking, uncaring “aspirationals”.

    Incidentally, this blog post has already found its way to first page Google 31 min ago. Fantastic!!!.

  4. Someone who tells another to go away in the strongest possible terms, then proceeds to follow said person around the room, must be eleven bottles short of a dozen.

  5. easygoing777 says:

    should have dropped him only language people like him understand,

    • wixxy says:

      Wasn’t the venue for that unfortunately

      • Dez says:

        Yet again it demonstrates the type of scum the Liberal party attracts.

        I very much doubt I would of had the self-control you have Wixxy, and you should be applauded for it.

        It really shows what sort of a spineless coward/banjo playing redneck Jefferies really is.
        I live in the Hills area and really hope I bump into this pathetic piece of crap one day soon.

      • wirilda says:

        Whoa Dez!!!! Easy on the banjo players……we don’t like those lying LNP wankers either!!!

  6. tullibardine says:

    He sounds just like the now Independent lib Shaw. A foul mouthed lout from Frankston, acts like the Gestapo. Can’t wait for him to be trashed at the next election. Filthy bully. R

    Sent from my iPad

  7. matt says:

    Expecting Libs or their supporters to choose a candidate based on morality is pretty far fetched Pete. Swing voters, sure. Libs, they will just give the guy a fucking medal for taking it up to someone on the other side.

    Report it to the police. His masters may try to use various arms of the government to screw with you, but it would make for some great articles 🙂

  8. Roger says:

    Is Jeffries filling in on 2GB over the Christmas break? He was the mentality (or lack thereof).

  9. clarittee says:

    Someone should point out that their screening methods are not working. I noticed ONE new candidate in the lower house in the national parliament who is not moving his head in unison and doesn’t say shame on cue. You pleasant man is par for the COARSE, in Lying Nasty Party ranks

  10. Stuart Dean says:

    Smarmy looking bastard. Fake smile, half-closed eyelids, hardly disguised arrogant pose. You can tell a lot from the look of a person. These type are convinced they were born to rule. I abhor violence, but a quick head-butt to the bridge of his nose woulda been good to see…

  11. Dave Bradley says:

    Wasn’t there a young liberal student representative by the name of Tony Abbott who used to engage in this type of vicious behavior to intimidate and suppress people with alternative views.
    I don’t want to read too much into it but there seems to be a pattern in their selection process and is there possibly a training manual in bullying somewhere in the liberal party library for the ‘aspirationals” to use.

  12. Lynda says:

    Very very unattractive man!! And his mate eeeew!!

  13. Nigel Gould says:

    A very sad person,i feel sorry for him that he has sunk to suck a low level .I know of his lack of communication and personal attacks on good men and women ,will turn on him and the Liberal Party.Every dog has its day ,and in the Hills area some people have attack dogs to do the dirty work.

  14. John Reagan says:

    So… Let me get this straight…. One nut jumps you and ‘all progressives’ are jerks? That’s how the title reads. IMO, that’s a pretty jerky attack from someone who feels hard done by.

    • wixxy says:

      Think you are referring to the regressives….

      I never said one looney makes them all looney, but it wouldn’t be the first or the 101st time a someone tried that ol’ childish right wing tactic of putting words into my mouth

      Maybe you should try something new and read past the title

      • matt says:

        He must be a yank, oblivious to the peculiarity of Australian politics where ‘liberal’ is the moniker of the conservative party.

  15. clarittee says:

    They should change the Party name. LIBERAL they are not and it i might be adding to their confusion about policies. Can someone think of a clear name for the way they function? Privilege for the already privileged. I will leave the wordsmiths to do their work. NP is Naturally Protectionist, Pathetic Passe, Peurile. Labor should change theirs too. These titles are no longer descriptive or relevant.

  16. It is certainly regrettable that so many who engage in public discourse lack the ability to do so in a civil dignified way.

  17. Ricky Pann says:

    Sounds like he would fit into the current cast of Liberal, loudmouth, stupid, arrogant and above their station…he’s probably a christian too 🙄

  18. Mona Peli says:

    …hosted by the Hills Shire Mayor Michelle Byrne, who, as always, was a gracious host.


  19. helen says:

    Tim Wilson also is another bully who as a gay man has many skeletons in his closet
    Listen to Joy Fm Melbourne

    Need a more progressive party that aren’t full of sexist creepy young men

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