This House Is A Circus – Craig Thomson Trial Day 2

Posted: December 4, 2013 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics, Uncategorized

Those who were in Melbourne’s Magistrates Court yesterday for day two of the Craig Thomson trial might well have assumed that they had in fact entered the Twilight Zone.

To say that the prosecution’s case has been left in tatters would be an understatement as this entire process makes a mockery of our legal system.

Day three looms large and despite two days of one of the country’s most eagerly awaited trial already having passed the prosecution have yet to even make their opening address.

Despite prosecution not making an opening address or calling a single witness as yet, 79 of the charges against Thomson have already been dismissed by the Magistrate.

What you have likely read about in the mainstream is how the prosecution team have vowed to appeal this decision that was made based on jurisdictional issues. The charges were dismissed as they do not relate to the Victorian police and are mostly matters involving alleged events in NSW.

What the mainstream may forget to remind their readers is that these matters had been looked into by the NSW Fraud squad numerous times after George Brandis hounded them until he ran out of phone credit or perhaps just credibility. The NSW Fraud squad stated there was no criminality involved and dropped the investigations into the matter.

Having the allegations reincarnated in Victoria where politics and police seemingly mix better must have been the Plan B.

George Brandis ponders Plan C and D

George Brandis ponders Plan C and D

The prosecution, who were well aware that this outcome was not only possible but also extremely likely went into meltdown. Detective Sergeant John Tyquin became visibly enraged at the outcome witnesses have reported, perhaps he can sense a wrongful arrest case coming, after all there were serious questions on the arrest warrant used.

The prosecutor Deborah Mandie said she was determined to appeal the decision and attempted to have the trial delayed until next year.

Clearly becoming increasingly frustrated at the prosecutions further attempts to delay their fraught case Magistrate Rozencwajg stated;

“You have had almost a year to prepare”

“It’s about time you bit the bullet”

The prosecution was given a two and a half hour break to get their act together as it would seem a year is not long enough to prepare when you are prosecuting a case for a Victorian police squad unable to uncover any evidence to back up their charges.

It is also worth noting that although being given the time off the prosecution decided not to cross the road to the Supreme Court to lodge an appeal with a judge despite their ranting that they would.

Magistrate Rozencwajg who was clearly frustrated by further attempts to delay and drag out proceedings was insistent that the trial commence tomorrow and the other charges be heard.

After court resumed in the afternoon it became known that the prosecution had made a decision that some of the charges were not strong enough to hold water and took it upon themselves to change them.

This was taken as yet another example of the prosecution and police making things up as they go along and Magistrate Rozencwajg was having none of it.

Like a parent telling a child, or a teacher to a student, the long-suffering Magistrate explained to the prosecution that they had not applied to the court to change the charges nor notified the Magistrate of any intention to do so. He then went on to tell them that they could write whatever they liked in their notes but that did not necessarily make it so or admissible in court.

In another bizarre act the defence team indicated that they are happy with the prosecution’s witness statements exactly as they are.

Another day another prosecution delay

Another day another prosecution delay

Normally there would be objections to witness statements such as then being prejudicial, or based on heresay. In an unprecedented act the defence is so comfortable that it has not a single objection to any of the statements as clearly the defence doesn’t see them as in any way damaging to their case.

It was reported on Monday night by Umberto Ledfooti at Independent Australia the prosecution has finally acknowledged in court what I have been stating for what feels like an eternity, that the movies charged to Thomson’s hotel room;

“… may not have been pornographic.”


Going even further the prosecution then stated that these movies;


“… could have been The Sound Of Music.”


Remember this is the prosecution stating this, not the defence.

Julie Andrews was shocked when the Director explained the Sound Of Music was to be accompanied by naked copulating bodies

Julie Andrews was shocked when the Director explained the Sound Of Music was to be accompanied by naked copulating bodies

How many times have we seen throughout the mainstream press about Thomson watching porn in his hotel room? What was this allegation based on?

Trial by media.

Yesterday amongst the 79 charges that were dismissed by the Magistrate were the charges related to allegations of brothel visits. The same alleged visits that despite subpoenas and scouring of the earth, no substantial evidence has yet surfaced to back up the allegations.

This must be a blow for the mainstream, as the Thomson trial without the sex and sleaze is a bit like a sausage without the sizzle.

Yesterday I note heralded the return of Pia Ackerman to writing on the matter for The Australian.

Despite the dismissing of charges relating to brothels and escorts, and the porn movies turning out to perhaps be musicals starring Julie Andrews, Pia Ackerman who has previously been slammed by the Magistrate for incorrect reporting on this case couldn’t help but add her unique sense of balance and factual reporting to the end of her article yesterday when she claimed;

“Mr Thomson is facing over 200 charges relating to alleged misuse of Health Services Union credit cards to pay for pornographic films, female escorts, flights and cash withdrawals during his time as the union’s national secretary and as a Labor MP.”

Actually Pia, it’s 145 charges now, it’s the “Sound Of Music” not pornographic films, and there are no escorts. But never mind, why don’t you throw in a couple of war crimes while you’re at it?

On Monday I morning I described the case so far by saying that “the circus continues.”

Seems I was underestimating.

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  1. M. R. says:

    How did the legal system get to this? How is it that there appears to be no way of controlling the media or of ensuring that cases brought to court actually hold water?
    I must be really naïve …

  2. Heather says:

    Best wishes to Craig and his defence team.

  3. matt says:

    Wow, Vic Police – making NSW police seem competent. That is quite some feat.

  4. Maureen Walton says:

    This is happening because there is NO JUSTICE in the law anymore.

  5. James Briggs says:

    What an Absolute Farce !

  6. hilderombout says:

    Thanks Peter for keeping us posted. I certainly admire Craig for not lying down and dying. He might know that we are behind him and you most of all have done him a great service in believing in him and encouraging us with your reporting to do the same, Wixxy. I am sure Craig will be vindicated in the end. And i hope he will sue his prosecutors, including Brandis and the Australian. Thank you once again.

  7. staffordhall says:

    Trial by murdoch. We know how successful he is at picking his target, after all, look at the government he has given us.

  8. clarittee says:

    Stinks to high heaven. Some are in too far to pull out. The longer it runs the more it looks contrived. What for. to over throw an elected government. That’s probably more serious than murder. Why can’t we be told who referred Slipper to the AFP too. ( Denying him the minchen protocol for around 1,000 dollars) linked to the same outcome. Come on Guardian. There’s a story here.

  9. .’….as reported on Monday night by Umberto Ledfooti at Independent Australia the defence has finally acknowledged in court……..’
    I think this might be a typo Wixxy.

  10. joy cooper says:

    Many thanks Peter for keeping us up-to-date.

    The News Corpse rags are purveyors of mendacity & sick destroyers of reputations. Do so hope the Pia Akerman fabrications & flimflam are brought to the magistrates attention after all the Australian hasn’t complied with his first request yet have they?

    All the best to Craig. Have a feeling this trial is being held in Melbourne to try & break him increasing his expenditures whilst having to defending himself. Same with the prosecution’s attempts to delay the hearings & drag it out until next year. Petty & pathetic.

  11. Wixxy, you might want to read today’s Australian – page 6 I think – about a ruling of Fair Work Tribunal. Even the Australian is incredulous of Michael Lawler’s dissenting judgement.

    While it doesn’t fit a narrative that some imagine of Michael Lawler being Tony Abbott’s tool, it does suggest he is deeply compromised by something

  12. LOL, any ideas who this Jeff Thomson character might be?

    Perhaps a person who has a problem with filling in credit card vouchers that don’t fail on authentication?
    Jeff ****son

  13. Cookie says:

    Yet, five minutes ago, on radio, the News [for want of a better term] reported that the charges of visiting a brothel, etc, etc, are to be taken to court in NSW. The bulk of the populace have no other reference than the MSM and its inaccuracies, distortions and lies. How on earth do we get the truth out there???!!!

  14. Schoolwastetech says:

    Thanks for the update Wixxy.
    I have never doubted that Craig has been the target of the malicious LNP and it’s MSM cronies/masters.

  15. Helicalgroove says:

    “LOL, any ideas who this Jeff Thomson character might be?”

    No, but the prosecution wouldn’t want to get a certain former fast bowler pissed at them, believe me.

  16. Jenny Giddins says:

    Channel 9 News tonight presented a very ugly picture of brothels, prostitutes and porn! Very damning!

    • wixxy says:

      Trial by media….
      All of those charges have been dismissed and investigated in NSW and dropped
      Prosecution put it in their opening address to feed the media and public opinion

  17. Gypjor says:

    Hi Wixxy
    Great and informative article as always.

    I am a little confused though. According to MSM, Taylors opening remarks were about an alias used in Sydney “Jeff Thomson” and other events that occurred in NSW. I had thought these NSW items were dismissed as they were not under VIC jurisdiction and so I am not sure why they were allowed in opening remarks.

  18. RonO says:

    What a shambolic mess, our Vic police must hav nothing else to do & as for their prosecutor, maybe another 5 years at uni might help. The worst feature is, we the Vic taxpayer are paying for this bumbling outcome of political mucking racking engendered by the joke that is now our Federal government & some discredited woman.
    Thanks Wixxy, more than anything we deserve honest reporting.

  19. very interesting indeed, and thank you. One point though: It’s not Pia but Piers Ackerman, who is a rather unsavoury man, not woman. You can often see him vituperating on Insiders, or read him in the Australian.

  20. clarittee says:

    No it’s Pia, he has a daughter.

  21. skydog says:

    “Thomson is also accused of using union funds to pay for a hire car, accommodation and flights from Melbourne to Sydney when he and his former wife were searching for a NSW rental property.”

    Hey Peter just found this line from the Guardian report of yesterday, Did Craig Thomson have a former wife?

  22. joy cooper says:

    The Murdoch slime media & the commercial TV news are making a big deal out of the allegations that Craig Thomson used a “false” first name on one or some receipts & that he took Jeff Thomson’s name in vain. If anyone is going to use a false name they would surely use phony first names AND surnames not just change their given name keeping their own surname. How silly that would be. Smells to high heaven as far as I am concerned.

    Also did think the magistrate had thrown out the NSW charges so why was the Vic prosecutor allowed to use these in her address to the court? Very strange indeed.

  23. hannahquinn says:

    This is what happens when politics enters the courtroom. It is why there must always be, and seen to be, clear separation of powers.

  24. hannahquinn says:

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    It wouldn’t even be so bad if the mainstream reported each day’s proceedings factually.

  25. Schoolwastetech says:

    The expert former HSU Jeff may be able to shine a light on the Jeff Thomson.

  26. LOVO says:

    It would seem the media and and the police need to be hauled over the coals in regards to how this has been ‘handled’.
    Truth in reporting protocols, a limit on media ownership and an investigation into political bias within the state and federal police might be the end result of this unfair pogrom on Mr Thomson.
    Thanx Wixxy for the updates, cheers 😉

  27. RealWorld says:

    I just found your sight and thought t might be informative and something worth reading. Then after 5 minutes realized t is just another left wing ranting site. At least now know where all the ALP Facebook supporters went after the election.

    • wixxy says:

      Yeah, we would have gone to Asia for a break, but since the election Australians are not real popular over there…

      Still, at least we’d have had no problem getting back by boat I guess…

  28. Jay says:

    Well said real world! I find it amusing that the ABC are reporting the same facts as the rest of the mainstream media. Standby for some egg on your faces if Thommo is found guilty. And will you be apologizing to the HSU members who had their union funds stolen Wixxy? By the way the reason we aren’t to popular in Asia as you point out, is due to a Mr Snowden who stole classified material from the former government, which was held until a change of government than released by the Gaurdian and amplified by the ABC!

    • wixxy says:

      Yeah it would have nothing to do with the way Abbott has handled the matter

      Blaming Snowden, the Guardian and the ABC is like blaming 9 News for a murder because they report it. Only a complete moron or a right winger would think that.

      If Thomson is guilty why would I have to apologise? I am only interested in seeing a fair trial that is not conducted in the media.

      I also fail to see how he can be found guilty of the hookers and brothels when he is not charged with that. Those charges have been dismissed, I have never heard of someone being found guilty of a charge they didn’t face before.

      • joy cooper says:

        Well said, Wixxy. The fact that those charges were dismissed but that the prosecutor chose to give them prominence in her opening address was curious. Of course, they were salacious allegations which the media regaled in reporting. Ch 7 even displayed an image of the interior of a brothel “Jeff Thomson” was alleged to have used. Not that any right whinger would even give such things a thought before rushing in to castigate you

        PS Have my own suspicions re this “Jeff” just quietly.

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