Strange Times – The criminal case against Craig Thomson takes a turn for the surreal

Posted: November 27, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

Yesterday in a Melbourne Magistrates Court Craig Thomson was left scratching his head.

In what has been the latest bizarre event in the whole saga surrounding the former MP the prosecution in the criminal case have gone all schizophrenic on us, offering one thing and doing another.

Sources close to the case have told of the prosecution approaching Thomson with an offer they likely hoped would be too good, or Thomson would be too broke to refuse.

An offer was reportedly put to Thomson’s to plead guilty to one single new lesser charge of “Gaining Advantage By Deception” and all of the other charges would be dropped.

The advantage to Thomson would be he would no longer have to spend a king’s ransom defending the 173 charges that apparently are no longer important in the eyes of the prosecution.

The advantage to the prosecution being that as their case crumbles due to a lack of any evidence to support their charges, they have at least saved some face by being able to say they laid a charge after Thomson made a deal.

Thomson refused the offer deciding instead to pursue justice through the court system so the public is left with no lingering questions on the matter.

Craig Thomson - Refused an offer the prosecution hoped he couldn't refuse?

Craig Thomson – Refused an offer the prosecution hoped he couldn’t refuse?

In a shock move the prosecution then decided to lay another 50 charges on Thomson.

The reason Thomson is left scratching his head is because he doesn’t even know what those charges are as I write this.

If this isn’t a case of making it up as you go along I don’t know what is. How can 50 charges be laid without even knowing what they are?

This is like the cops rocking up to your door, kicking it in and dragging you off in handcuffs, and when you query why, saying they don’t know but they’ll let you know when they come up with something.

As reported in The Australian there were no new allegations of criminality, so it is a mystery as to what these charges might be based on. I’ve not heard of charges being laid without an allegation of criminal behaviour before, but then again this is the Thomson case…

If not new allegations of criminality then one must assume that these new charges will be yet more charges relating to the other 173 charges most of which are carbon copies of each other. This would seem to be a rather desperate ploy to me and also encourage the belief that it is more about the quantity of charges than the quality of them.

If this is how the prosecution process runs under the control of a Coalition State Government, then the public deserve better. This is just becoming a hideous waste of taxpayer funds for the sake of preserving a few delicate ego’s.

Delicate ego's

Delicate ego’s

Greg James QC put it like this;

“If this is the approach of the Crown, then this prosecution is doomed”

Today’s development acts as a further example of a prosecution in utter disarray and scrambling to hold a case together.

This also shines a light into the bullying tactics that are used when the Coalition seek to manipulate the legal system as a means to enforce their positions, no matter whether that position is right or wrong.

This is a morally bankrupt political party seeking to bully their way out of being seen as foolish for believing the allegations of a serial liar who calls herself a whistleblower whilst living it up in union members funds because it suited them at the time.

Give it up and let’s get on with our lives.

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  1. M. R. says:

    What else would you expect from this version of guvmint, for heaven’s sake?! 😉

  2. hilderombout says:

    I to was very surprised to hear the news of new charges against Craig. That he does not know what those cherges are makes it all the more ludicrous. I agree with him to fight for justice rather than take the bait of the prosecution. For who is to say that at a later date they will not come back to the other charges, and besides, his name will be smeared forever. Go Craig, fight them and hold your head high. You have many supporters who will stand by you! Thanks Wixxy for keeping us updated.

  3. owen1967 says:

    Mr Thomson is no doubt aware that being confident of your position is not always enough …
    as Billy Bragg once opined:
    “this isn’t a court of justice son, this is a court of law”.

  4. Angie says:

    Can you list all the charges please so the public can see?

  5. clarittee says:

    Why do I have no faith whatever in the Justice system. This case and the Ashby Slipper Brough deal are really worrying. there must be no suggestion that politicians can use police forces for anything political or we are no better than Zibabwe was, at it’s worst.
    The more the fiasco of the Thomson case progresses the more silly it looks. The political gain side must be over. Now they make it worse trying to extricate themselves from the mess of their own creation. Thomson must be able to withstand the set-up he is placed in. The rotten Rabbitt government would drive anyone to suicide if it served their purposes. It’s Corruption with a capital “C”.

  6. joy cooper says:

    Astounding, Peter. This whole stinking affair leaves me stunned & these are the very same people who firmly believe are our rightful rulers!!! Zeus help us all.

    Thank you for the update We wish Craig well. He must feel as if he has fallen through the looking glass or is in an incomprehensible Machiavelian nightmare. 🙂

  7. “Give it up and let’s get on with out lives.” i think you ment our not out… btw

  8. This is extraordinary. The Clayton’s charge. The charge you have when you are not having a charge.

    Having been a Police constable (many years ago) I have been present at the charging of many people. There is a procedure to go through. You have to read the charge and then give the person charged a copy of it and also an indication as to when they have to appear before a magistrate for the system to progress.

    For the Press to report that there are another 50 charges when no procedure outlined above has been gone through is indeed bizarre. Not only is it a set of Clayton’s charges, it is also a set of Clayton’s media stories.

    However there is an explanation Peter. We are in Australia and perhaps we do have Kangaroo courts!

  9. Kate says:


  10. avaricemedia says:

    Its all about the public perception…the more charges, he must be guilty

  11. clarittee says:

    It IS about perception..When I argue Thomsons case, the number of charges is always brought up. How could this person ever have a fair trial with all the front page crap the media have piled on the case? The undisguised plan “B” was always to send him bankrupt destroy his marriage or drive him to suicide. Don’t forget Mal Washer’s concern( which I believe was genuine). Nasty people here playing nasty games. I suppose they would think the end justifies the means, but I certainly don’t. Respect for justice is the loser here and it is a fundamental tenet of a good civilised society..

  12. clarittee says:

    when I say Here I don’t mean in Wixxy’s site. I mean here in the situation we are discussing in this country.

  13. Fed up says:

    It is about delaying the hearings proper. So far, none of the additional charges, that has occurred every time they have appeared in court has added to any new criminal behaviour.

    Up to now, I thought it was abut not having it heard before the elections.

    One has to wonder why now.

    One can only come to the belief, that they are putting pressure on, bullying him into giving up, agreeing to some minor allegation.

    Could the hatred be so bad, they want to see him destroyed.

    Could it be, they know Thomson could walk, and the heat could then turn to others involved in the case.

    Has it something to do with the upcoming investigation by Brandis and Abbott into the HSU.

    We must have Slipper back in court soon.

    Can anyone point me to any other case, that every time it comes to court, extra charges are laid.

    Nothing said before hand.

    When is the Magistrate going to say, enough is enough.

    One could imagine the outcry, if it was Thomson and his legal team taking delaying actions.

    • Gilly says:

      I doubt that it is driven by hatred. My reading that it is driven by self protection. There are some murmurings about abuse of process as in the Slipper case.

  14. Louise says:

    Surely the magistrate is fully aware that their time is being wasted and they and the justice system they represent are being used as pawns in this nasty game.

  15. Gilly says:

    The extra charges are against existing events i.e. some events have 3 charges against them no 2 charges as previously. When the new charges were laid and the reason given the Judge did say that he was not convinced they were needed.

  16. hannahquinn says:

    It’s difficult not to believe that this is designed to further penalise financially, and that the reason is because their own case is weak. Otherwise, they’d go straight into proving the charges he already faces. Hard not to believe it shows doubt and insecurity on the prosecution side. It also underscores the political motives and aspects of the case.

  17. Ivan Ransom says:

    Remember Lindy Chamberlain. This will drag on until there is a change of government.

  18. I don’t know what’s happening. I’m reluctant to think that somehow the justice system is corrupt, but these sorts of things are worrying. It’s months now since the Slipper/Ashby case was before the courts applying for leave to appeal. What has happened? How can it take so long to make a decision? And this case with Thomson. We know, thanks to Wixxy, that there were many worse things happening at HSU mostly involving Kathy Jackson. So here we have the police going for Thomson and taking their sweet time to look at KJ’s appalling rip-offs. If we cannot rely on the justice system – and it’s looking frighteningly likely that we can’t – then we are in deep trouble as a country. We must not be complacent.
    Thanks Wixxy for all you do to keep us informed.

  19. Schoolwastetech says:

    Thanks Wixxy. All the best to Craig and family from me and mine. We have never doubted that this has been a political stitch up.

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