Promised You A Miracle – The Abbott government so far

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Politics

The last couple of weeks have shown some promising signs from the new Abbott government it may surprise some of you to find out.

The biggest sign of good things to come is that Abbott clearly plans to spend up big in giving us all Xmas presents and I for one could do with a bit of a Xmas bonus.

For those wondering where I have heard about Abbott’s festive spirit and big spending plans, the truth is I haven’t, I have reached this logical conclusion by his sudden need to up Australia’s credit limit by a monumental $200 Billion.

I mean if he doesn’t intend to spend the money on us, what else could it possibly be?

It certainly isn’t on foreign aid, as that has been cut to shreds. It can’t be on the public service as people are losing jobs hand over fist in all sorts of fields. It sure as shit isn’t on a decent broadband solution as the one we had coming has been halted while Malcolm Turnbull prepares the smoke, mirrors and fairy dust to fix the crumbling copper network that his piss-poor excuse for a policy is reliant upon. Theories that some of it could be used for Greg Hunts “Green Army” have been laughed off. The Army that most expect will resemble something from F-Troop rather than something out of Black Hawk Down is largely expected to be some sort of twist on a “work for the dole” programme that conservatives love the idea of because it keeps the poor in their place.

Tony Abbott appears to look out the closed window of a private jet whilst shining a light into his own face

Tony Abbott appears to look out the closed window of a private jet whilst shining a light into his own face

To try and figure it out I took a look back at the brochure of wishful thinking and propaganda for the foolish and gullible that was ironically entitled

“Our Plan Real Solutions for all Australians”

This was of course the Coalitions election campaign brochure that was big on fluff and short on detail. The fact that they chose to underline the word “Plan” makes them look even more foolish now that so much of it is falling apart after such a short time.

There on page 7 was the talk about the budget, debt and the nations finances.

photo 2

The first line boldly states

Protecting Australia from a debt crisis”

Compare that to this headline from Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald on November 13 2013

“PM warns of debt blowout”

Is it just me or do these seem to conflict a touch?

It also states that the Coalition will

“… start paying down debt so the government won’t need to spend over $8 Billion a year on wasted interest payments…”

I guess the part of this that is lost on me is the part where paying down debt means borrowing another $200 Billion, and where spending $8 Billion a year is worse than spending $200 Billion over 3 years.

That calculator Joe Hockey has must be pretty special if the interest payments work out lower if you borrow an extra $200 Billion. So special in fact is Joes calculator it is the only one endorsed by legendary band Spinal Tap, as it goes all the way to eleventeen.

The brochure even makes the bold claim of being fully costed and budgeted.

photo 1

They must have had a retarded monkey on staff that had been dropped on its head before doing the costing and budgeting and putting his stamp on most of the pages of the ludicrous brochure that a homeless person would have too much dignity to use as bog roll.

There are however some plausible explanations for the desperate need for an extra $200 Billion.

It could be that members of Abbott’s caucus have some fun runs, book launches, weddings to attend, or rugby games to watch coming up and will need the extra bucks to cover their expense claims.

Perhaps it is for the incentives that they are planning to give the polluters as part of what could well be the country’s most ridiculous policy ever, the “Direct Action” policy that is being peddled by arguably the nation’s most ineffectual Minister ever Greg Hunt. The plan involves throwing cash at big polluters while Hunt crosses his fingers that they might cut down their emissions. That is what our current government sees fit to call a plan, they even underline it.

However one of the most plausible explanations I’ve heard so far for the sudden need for $200 Billion is the idea that the cash could be for the purchasing of boats from Indonesian people smugglers.

Perhaps Scott Morrison has realised that they best chance he has of turning a boat back is if he actually owns it.

Scott “make it up as I go” Morisson was promising to stop the boats and turn the boats back for what seemed like a decade.

Well that makeshift policy has rapidly turned out to resemble something more like a steaming turd than a display of common sense.

In fact that steaming turd probably belongs in a place that is somewhere that our relationship with Indonesia is rapidly headed for care of Morrison, Abbott and Bishop.

The toilet.

Our relationship with Indonesia... it's in there somewhere

Our relationship with Indonesia… it’s in there somewhere

So far our new government has managed to piss off the Indonesians and the Americans, great job indeed. This could be the first Australian government to use Mein Kampf as its textbook on foreign diplomacy.

Maybe after NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian privatised Sydney Ferries so quickly after the Coalition sent NSW spiralling into deficit just by being elected we should have realised that the Coalition have no idea whatsoever when it comes to boats. Whilst rumours persist that the Coalition privatised the ferries after failing to figure out how to turn the boats around for the return voyage they have yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the Coalition spin it is clear that Indonesia will not allow boats to be turned back, having rejected two according to the Coalition and three according to Indonesia. Whether the number is two or three, each boat that Indonesia refuses to allow to be turned back is a broken promise by the Coalition.

However we wouldn’t even have to worry about the promise to turn the boats back if the contradictory promise of stopping the boats was kept.

So far since taking office Morrison and Abbott have overseen the arrival of at least 23 boats and 1670 asylum seekers.

Their so-called “proven policies” have rapidly turned into proven failures.

This is not like Gillards “Carbon Tax” slip up where Julia had always publicly endorsed putting a price on carbon as part of Labor’s environmental policy, but in one interview said there would be no carbon tax. That became a debate over semantics, a price on something versus a tax on something.

In contrast the promise to turn back boats and to stop the boats was made over and over again by Abbott, Morrison, and every other candidate in the Coalition, even if they didn’t know the 6 point plan that went with it.

How are those "sovereign borders" working out for you Mr Morrison?

How are those “sovereign borders” working out for you Mr Morrison?

Speaking of the Carbon Tax, despite it being one of the major policies which Tony Abbott ran on, now that he has a chance to “Stop The Carbon Tax” as he promised it suddenly turns out he needs people to send the Liberal party money for him to do it.

The Liberal Party’s chief faceless figure Brian Loughnane sent out an email which can be seen via the link below to Liberal Party members asking them to donate money to enable Abbott to do what he said he was going to do for the last few years as part of his job.

Liberal Party email shamelessly begging for money

Does it really take the Liberal Party passing the cap around to make Abbott keep his promises? I didn’t happen to see that mentioned in any brochure.

In a desperate bid to save face for its colossal failures in such a short period, the government that promised accountability and transparency will not release details of boat arrivals, and will not explain why the need for the $200 Billion despite freedom of information requests from the ABC.

If the roles were reversed and Labor were behaving like this upon taking office there would be shock-jocks organising protests and convoys of no confidence and right-wing nut jobs screaming for another election whilst waving sexist banners.

Tony Abbott and the Coalition promised us a miracle and have so far told us nothing but lies, shown us nothing but arrogance, and delivered us nothing but misery and bullshit, and we’ve only had one sitting day of parliament.

Australians deserve better.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Hilde Rombout says:

    You’re so right Wixxy and i am as disgusted as i think you are about this incompetent lot that appears to be in government. I loved your article but wished you had not added this filthy and shitty toilet, the looks of it makes me quite sick. But then i suppose it is a metaphore for the LNP lot!

  2. Keep them coming Wixxy.

    Regarding that request for funding to ‘Axe the Tax’ by Brian Loughnane, all I can say to those who care about this is to tell him, his wife Peta, TA & his mob, Murdoch et al to go a shove it. Those of us who care need to bombard these cretins with the biggest ‘get lost’ dump on all of them.

    Let’s give the ALP the confidence to hold fast, lets also give the Greens & any caring Independents the courage to also hold fast. If this leads to a DD, well that will be good because 3 years is just too long to watch this wonderful country of ours going down that disgusting toilet in your article. Boy that was a shocker Wikky!

  3. owen1967 says:

    “Australians deserve better” … bullshit Peter, Australians deserve precisely what they got – which is what they voted for (hoodwinked or not, the public spoke).

    there appears to be more than one retarded monkey in the picture … while the first prepares Coalition Propaganda, the second (and arguably more retarded) is otherwise known as the voting public.

    there will be no accountability – as has already been demonstrated (and oh, what a surprise) … and there will most certainly be no transparency.

    … the AEC has been shown to be a joke with the WA Senate election looking more like a repeat of the Jeb Bush Un-punched Chad sham than a democratic election … what will Mr Kelty do when it comes down to either lying to protect “democracy” or showing the process to be a flawed and compromised elaborate illusion? … the AEC’s explanation of the missing votes is breathtakingly dis-ingenious … their own online election booth operator and scrutineers manuals contradict their explanation … how very sad.

    just like the many versions the ‘truth’ getting around, there are also multiple versions of the following platitude … although this one -attributed to H.L. Mencken – seem to ring most true.
    “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

  4. joy cooper says:

    Top post again Peter. Many thanks.

    This government is even worse than we feared, if that is at all possible. They are a laughing stock & a bunch of bullying amateurs who don’t have a clue what true governing is all about.

    Of course, the MSM remain complicit in the continuing deliberate misinformation of the public with their lauding of this deplorable Coalition government.

    There is no way I shall ever accord Abbott any respect by referring to him by his current title & neither will I do so with idiots like buffoon Hockey et al. As for the ghastly Bronwyn Bishop, what a mockery she has already made of her long-desired role as Speaker. It only took her a few moments the bring that position into disrepute.

  5. helenmarg says:

    Great Article Peter as usual.I still cannot believe Abbott is PM.and the rest of his government have our living standards under their control. How can they run this country without having to account for their actions.I do not think I can watch QT again after yesterday. It was appalling.Thank you again Peter. PS No manners or Thought for the middle to lower income people.They will be if not already the laughing stock of the rest of the world .

  6. OzFenric says:

    For the next few months at least, the Senate might help to salve the wounds of the lower house. Labor and the Greens have successfully passed a resolution requiring Scott Morrison to brief the Parliament, both in real time and retrospectively, about boat arrivals and what happens to them. He might not want to tell the public, but he can’t fob off the Senate without being in contempt of Parliament. This could be interesting.

  7. Undergradeconomist says:

    Perhaps the coalition is using an age old strategy for debt reduction. First borrow as much as possible, then use that to pay off your credit card A, then take out a cash advance on credit card A and use that to pay credit card B, take a cash advance on credit card B and take it to pay credit card C Find something you bought on credit, which you believe hasn’t been used very much and you still have the reciept, Take it back, ask for a refund, Place that refund on credit card A. Inform providers of Credit card B and C they have been stolen.

  8. oldfart says:

    “Labor were behaving like this upon taking office there would be shock-jocks organising protests and convoys of no confidence and right-wing nut jobs screaming for another election whilst waving sexist banners.”

    Surely not, the coalition wouldn’t be involved in something like that would they?

    I must say, that I am really enjoying watching all these LNP ministers vissibly aging 25 years in 2 months. The only reason I can identify to justify the statement “the adults are in charge” is that they have all had the blinkers taken of in regards to how closely they are being watched in regards to who will be the center of attention in the daily SNAFU stakes. Mind you Dutton looks like he has contracted a fatal condition, looking very poorly indeed
    Morrison is winning ATM, walks around with an omelette on his face daily. Pretty soon the ADF will get sick of being used as a political hand puppet and jack up

  9. matt says:

    I thought to myself, “now Matt, you can’t recall any fond memories of B.Bishop, but you still need to give her a fair go in how she performs as speaker”. But she let Pyne carry on like a goose. On day one. I couldn’t stand it, its was an utterly pathetic use of parliament, and I lasted less than a couple of minutes. Peter Slipper really was the best speaker of the house I have ever seen. We needed him, and the goons in the libs destroyed the one person who actually tried to bring decorum to the place. Fuck these partisan ****s, especially those who have long forgotten what objectivity feels like.

    Remember during the height of the “arab spring” protests and riots, Abbott trying to convince Australians to “rise up” and overthrow the government? It was as ridiculous as it was pathetic.I wonder how he might respond to Australians “rising up” against his government? I can easily see him using our federal security and military assets against Australians, with the motivation of securing his and the parties position.

  10. Bob says:

    Another great article Wixxy. The list of offensive adjectives to describe this mob would be interesting. As a start: arrogant, inept, useless, ineffective, talentless, mindless, thoughtless, undemocratic, inhumane, mendacious, secretive, unchristian, reactive, without vision, reterograde’ etc, etc

  11. wixxy the fake wikileaks says:

    yer bring rudd and Gillard back and get taxed. and big debt

  12. matt says:

    Big tax? Like the PPL scheme tax? (vs. the lowest taxation to GDP rate in a long time) Or big debt, like increasing our debt ceiling to 166% of its current limit? (which is what Joe is complaining Labor wont let him do). Interesting take you have on things. Have you perhaps had a frontal lobotomy?

    • wixxy the fake wikileaks says:

      matt to even question tax makes it seem like you don’t list to anything. carbon taxes cost every one more money over all. if rudd was in again carbon tax was going on to the rest of trucks (all ready on frozen trailers. who would pay the tax? not the companies it would be you the person buying your everyday goods just like it is now but more.
      mining tax cost more then what it makes where is the sence. Send the jobs over sees is not smart because mining is Australians biggest export meaning the money comes in to thecountry to make the country grow.
      joe has to because we are in debt so we need money to keep going because of the debt plus they need to get rid of the waste of money policys that were brought in and the extra benefits people get for nothing.
      The fire and flood levy funds had not even been fully handed out before rudd and Gillard left they held those funds.
      you just don’t like change for the good because you don’t know the out come

      • matt says:

        Um, actually, the PPL is a bigger tax. Only an absolute fucking idiot(or partisan hack) can say that a carbon tax is passed on but PPL won’t be. I have ZERO problem paying extra in contribution to a carbon tax. I am totally against the coalitions PPL scheme due to it being a welfare system that benefits the rich far more than the poor. That is not what welfare is for. And I’m not poor.

        “because we are in debt so we need money to keep going because of the debt plus they need to get rid of the waste of money”

        Ok, so I see you think debt is a problem(with debt and english). The Coalition promised to pay this down right? Currently, debt is capped at 300 Billion. Sloppy Joe wants to up this limit to 500 Billion. Considering how devastating you and he think our debt situation is, perhaps you can explain this extraordinary request ? Joe can’t. He wants it raised but is using the Coalitions new ‘operational security’ silence method of communication, so we don’t have a fucking clue why he wants it. Perhaps your genius self can enlighten us? Preferably with something you have researched as opposed to heard on Alan Jones. I’m not holding my breath.

      • wixxy says:

        Absolutely, an extra 1.5% tax rate for the big companies will be a killer.

        It means that Coles, Woolworhs, the big banks, the power companies the big food manufacturers will he paying 5% more tax than other companies when you compare the tax rates…

        That will do the cost of living a world of good…..

  13. So, you wrote all of that and still didn’t say anything new or anything that anyone who has ever read anything of yours wouldn’t have already known regarding your opinions.

    Firstly, the government hasn’t borrowed another $200,000,000,000 but only seeks to be able to in order to accommodate a known budgetary spending spike that will include the full roll-out of the NDIS, Gonski along with completion of the NBN in any form along with proposed defence related purchases ranging from new aircraft, the replacement of their vehicle fleet and new ships and submarines. This spike is no surprise, the previous government actually arranged this in its sordid attempt to manipulate an artificial budget surplus, it only fell short by somewhere near $25,000,000,000. So, since much of these things I have mentioned should have already been funded over the previous six years, one has to ask, what the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Governments spend the $250,000,000,000 they borrowed? See, the silliness of this whole argument is that those on the left were fine with the first $300,000,000,000 in debt but baulk at the next instalment, almost all of which being the result of their side being in charge of the books.

    As for the oft quoted taxation to GDP ratio, the net change in that ratio sees the difference being only 0.6% yet the greatest total revenue spike in Australia’s history occurred in the past 6 years, no government in Australia’s history ever had as much money as the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Governments. Yet, it wasn’t enough, during the same time Australia managed to have the 3rd highest debt accruement in the OECD. (All whilst growing revenue at twice the rate of GDP)

    As for what the new government is going to be paying for, that is easy, it is everything that the previous government deliberately left unfunded and beyond the forward estimates to try and sneak another 3.5years at the trough.

    If you think that is bad, you wait till you have a look at the states! Whose revenues did just as well and they managed an even steeper growth in debt.

    As for that low tax to GDP ratio, don’t get used to it…

    • wixxy says:

      Firstly I didn’t mention the tax/GDP ration at all
      Secondly I didn’t say the govt had borrowed an extra $200 Billion. I was offering suggestions as to what they might be looking to borrow it for…
      And what are these unfunded things from the former govt?
      The NBN? That has creased
      The cost of asylum seekers? They were supposed to stop
      The school kids bonus? That’s been cut
      So what is it then?

      • Unfunded things from the former government? Their border security and immigration budget runs out in December, the NDIS is unfunded beyond its trial, Gonski is unfunded, the next round of Defence purchases aren’t funded, the NBN is open funded and off budget and hasn’t ceased, that would require a number of bills to be repealed and on it goes.

        Even if the boats stop tomorrow we still have to pay for the 50,000 people who arrived by boat in the past 6 years, that is a process that will take a very long time to complete so there is no figure on exactly how much that is going to cost, other than to say it will be in the 10s of billions.

        The School Kids bonus was a part of the compensation package for the Carbon Tax, which actually has cost more money to implement than it has raised, making it the greatest failed wealth redistribution tax we’ve ever tried since the government decided to keep income tax after WW I.

      • That is where your are wrong, neither NDIS or Gonski appear in the forward estimates, the entire expected cost of complete roll-out is as of yet a complete unknown, it is expected that the complete per annum cost of NDIS alone will reach more than $20,000,000,000 by 2020. The ALP moved both of those budget items back by 4 years to try and fool the public that at some point they would return the budget to a surplus when they knew even before the last budget was written that was impossible by 2016 at the earliest. NBN isn’t unfunded, the Coalition has as of yet not introduced any legislation that would do so, the NBN is a lawfully created government entity and only an act of parliament can change that. The government of the day can direct NBNco to do certain things but is still bound by contracts already agreed to and the law as it stands.

        The elephant in the room is, where are the States going to get their share of both NDIS and Gonski from? Most states are already heavily indebted and Queensland for example is nearer the limit of its borrowing capacity than the Federal Government is and NSW is looking at a large debt issue on its own.

        Then there is the issue of repayment drag on the economy, since much of our economy revolves around government cheques being cashed what happens when both the states and the federal governments have to start paying down the principle and not just the interest on their debts? Even if the Federal Government were able to trim $30,000,000,000 from its budget to even start that process the end result would see GDP growth slow and have that drag persist onward for decades. And since the largest budget surplus ever achieved was only $22,000,000,000 we’re a long way from ever moving past the interest only period, and that interest bill is likely to be more than the greatest surplus we’ve had in its own right.

        That is why it can be a good thing to accept some pain up-front rather than kick the can further and further down the road. What the ALP managed to do was spend $350,000,000,000 more than it received during the greatest revenue boom in Australian history in order to save us from the 1 single quarter of negative growth we suffered.

        Or just maybe, the ALP just can’t manage money…

    • matt says:

      “See, the silliness of this whole argument is that those on the left were fine with the first $300,000,000,000 in debt but baulk at the next instalment, almost all of which being the result of their side being in charge of the books”

      No revolutionarycitizen you dickhead, the silliness is being told how devastating this debt is by the Coalition, their consistent refrains to “pay down the debt” for god knows how long, and then one of their first requests is to be able to borrow just as much again. Thats really is the fuckheadedry of this situation you are defending – your own sides hypocrisy, projected onto the “left”.

      “As for that low tax to GDP ratio, don’t get used to it”

      No shit, the libs have form here. Only the Libs somehow can do this magical thing where they tax companies and they don’t pass it onto individuals. Oh, personal tax hikes also magically have no effect on people. Its amazing fairy dust they sprinkle at LNP functions no?

      • What part of them not having a choice are you not getting? The legislated and agreed spend instituted by the ALP doesn’t plateau till the debt reaches $400,000,000,000, so unless you’re willing to give up Gonski, NDIS, NBN and a whole host of other spending programs you’re going to have to take the lumps that this entirely the ALPs doing.

        The debt issue could be solved tomorrow by dumping the above mentioned programs and redirecting the steep increase in welfare payments under the ALP to debt repayment, hands up who wants that to happen?

        Tax hikes hurt, they certainly do, do you know what else hurts? Growing revenue at a rate faster than GDP because that is doing the exact same thing but by not calling a tax increase people forget about it. Yes, taxes are going to go up, yes it is going to hurt but the banks are going to want their $400,000,000,000+ back at some point, and the longer we don’t pay the more it costs.

        But, again, it was your side who borrowed the money with your agreement so you really can’t complain…

      • wixxy says:

        NDIS and Gonski are both funded
        Coalition backed the funding for BDIS
        As for the NBN, if has been scrapped by Coalition, his they raise funding for their own shitty network has nothing to do with Labor

  14. Thank you Wixxy! My outrage is mirrored in yours. It’s painful reading the so-called rebuttals of your points from a couple of people. Is it mandatory for right wing commenters to write painfully dense prose and refuse to react to any sensible arguments or facts? Keep up the good work, you’re keeping at least one person sane here!

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