Serve The Servants – The Coalition makes a punching bag of Sydneys west

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

It seems like such a short time ago that Western Sydney was apparently important to the Coalition, and we were being constantly told how much they cared for those living in the west and how the Coalition had their best interests at heart.

The West had a so many visits from Tony Abbott during the election campaign that you would think Peta Credlin lived there. Whilst Tony was here we learnt that if you squint really really hard then you may find some sex appeal in Penrith MP Fiona Scott, and that when explaining a six point plan to a candidate it is best to get past point one. Since the election however, despite flying over the region on his way to the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, he has yet to drop in for a cup of tea.

During the campaign the west also had the pleasure of Joe Hockey’s presence, and the NSW Government thinks the west is so important that Barry O’Farrell made himself Minister for Western Sydney despite living on the North Shore.

Some have compared Barry O’Farrell being Minister for Western Sydney to having a misogynist who throws punches into walls to physically intimidate women being the Federal Minister for Womens Affairs…

In fact none of the NSW Cabinet is from Western Sydney despite it being of such importance, I guess talk really is cheap within the Coalition.

For those who don’t live in Sydney’s West I’ll give you a brief rundown on some of what has been happening now that the Federal Election is over and the Liberal attitude towards the west has reverted back to normal.

During the federal election campaign I had an encounter with a Liberal Councillor from Blacktown Council by the name of Karlo Siljeg that covered a couple of issues.

Karlos "The Spineless" Siljeg

Karlo “The Spineless” Siljeg

I asked him why the council was closing down the Blacktown and Mt Druitt public pools. Mr Siljeg said that anyone who suggested that didn’t know what they were talking about and that it was definitely not happening or even being considered.

Mt Druitt pool was closed and then reopened due to the election and is now to be closed again. It is such common knowledge that the council is looking to close Blacktown Aquatic Centre that even the Liberal Mayor Len Robinson has commented on it both in council and out, it has even been reported in the local media.

I then asked him why approximately 400 residents had been left in limbo with the zoning of their houses. According to Mr Siljeg this is utter crap and nothing but Labor Party lies. Unfortunately for Mr Siljeg the council he is a part of has sent several letters to residents and many of these residents protested in front of council to voice their rage. It received wide coverage both locally and across the state, perhaps Mr Siljeg doesn’t follow the news.

Then I asked him about plans to privatise the councils child care centres at which point he fired up considerably telling me amongst other things that this was

“Complete and utter bullshit”

Mr Siljeg then thought he’d lecture me by telling me that saying things like that during an election campaign was irresponsible.

As the conversation was deteriorating at a rapid rate I left.

I bring this confrontation up as last week there was yet another protest outside Blacktown council. A large crowd had gathered to voice their fury at the councils plans to privatise the child care centres that Mr Siljeg thought it irresponsible to be honest about in an election campaign.

Residents and childcare workers protesting the Liberal attempts to close childcare centres

Residents and childcare workers protesting the Liberal attempts to close childcare centres

The motion was due to be put forward in council that night however due to the protest this didn’t eventuate.

Like gutless rats crawling down a sewer drain some of the Liberal Councillors decided not to face the public, and upon hearing of the protest fled. Jess Diaz was one of these as was Karlos Siljeg.

The insults that the gutless Karlos Siljeg hurled along with his now proven lies meant absolutely nothing then, and even less now as insults only mean something when they are delivered by someone worthy of at least an ounce of respect.

Karlos Siljeg (naturally far right) gets a taste of what its like to deliver rather than take when turning on the NBN in Greenway with MP's Conroy, Rowland and Husic. The Liberals are now scrapping the NBN as we know it...

Karlo Siljeg (naturally far right) gets a taste of what its like to deliver rather than plunder when turning on the NBN in Greenway with MP’s Conroy, Rowland and Husic. It takes “special” kinds of principals to show up to turn on something your Party was so heavily opposed to. The Liberals are now scrapping the NBN as we know it…

What I find irresponsible Mr Siljeg is lying through your teeth during an election campaign to try and get your candidate, Jaymes Diaz who had become the laughing-stock of the world over the line to represent an area he doesn’t even live in.

What I find complete and utter bullshit Mr Siljeg is your attitude towards the people who gave you a chance and voted for you. However now residents realise that they have not only voted for someone who will increase their cost of living and vote to destroy or privatise public facilities but have voted for a complete and utter coward also, your time in council should be a short one. No wonder you weren’t campaigning in your own ward.

This week so determined are the Liberal councillors to close these child care centres that they have organised an extraordinary council meeting to have another crack at passing the motion against the public wishes. However another protest is planned for outside council again which promises to be even bigger and angrier considering the Liberal councillors appear to have selective deafness.

Let’s see if being gutless last week pays off this week.

If this goes through this time Deputy Mayor and Independent Councillor Russ Dickens who is serving his final term on council will have to back the Liberals.

People tend to remember your final acts when it comes to legacies and I hope Clr Dickens decides he doesn’t want to be remembered  as the guy who took affordable child care away from his fellow residents and supporters.

Speaking of closing down pools and public assets the now Liberal run Holroyd Council has been doing its best to keep up with Blacktown.

Holroyd council has decided to support a single aquatic centre at Merrylands which will mean the closure of the public pools at Wentworthville and Guildford.

As usual little or no regard was given to things such as the needs of local schools for facilities for swimming lessons and carnivals.

What was likely given consideration however is that Wentworthville pool sits on a prime development site with a large vacant lot next to it where a club used to stand on a busy corner, and multi-storey professional services building across the road. Developers must be salivating at the prospect…

Wentworthville pool, enjoy it while its there...

Wentworthville pool, enjoy it while its there…

Across the road all over Sydney you will find roadwork going on, some minor, some major. In fact if you drive anywhere in the state you will find major roadwork under progress on our state highways. We pay for this roadwork in our taxes, our fuel levy and our car registration costs, and that is fair enough.

What isn’t fair is that despite all of this roadwork occurring residents of Sydney’s Western Suburbs are the only ones that have to pay for this work on public roads.

Since Labor removed the toll on the M4 which connects the west with Sydney in 2010 families have benefitted from the cost savings, now that Barry O’Farrell is Minister for Western Sydney he is changing that.

Barry has decided that the west can fund its own roadwork and after completion of work on the M4 will be bringing the toll back once again.

The toll will be capped at $3.90 and be dependent on distance travelled, however that figure is based on if the toll were in place today, and does not take inflation into account which by the time it is introduced in 2017 will bring it closer to $5 one way or a $10 round trip.

We don’t see residents of the North Shore coping with huge hikes in their costs of going to work over the Harbour Bridge or via the Harbour Tunnel, however the those in the west don’t have the same luxury.

The M4 tollgates - making a comeback under a Coalition government

The M4 tollgates – making a comeback under a Coalition government

Barry O’Farrell and his Liberal Party henchmen he calls Ministers have decided that struggling families in Sydney’s west can afford to spend an extra $50 a week travelling to work. That’s $200 a month less to feed the family or in the kids education fund.

Speaking of education funds those in Sydney’s west may have to save harder now there is a Coalition government in control in Canberra.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has already announced that he is planning to remove targets on university attendance for students from a lower socio-economic background. If you are a dunce from Vaucluse you’re in, and if you’re a genius from Mt Druitt you’re out. That is the backwards logic the Liberals call investing in Australia’s future.

Now more than ever it seems the numbers that determine your child’s future will not be their exam marks or IQ levels, it will be the numbers on the bottom right of their university rejection letter. Your postcode.

Pyne has also flagged the privatisation of the HECS scheme which will make even less affordable for those families struggling in the west.

Pyne ponders more ways to punish the poor

Pyne ponders more ways to punish the poor

I hope that next time an election comes around residents in Sydney’s west remember these things, as the Coalition is counting on them forgetting.

However those in the west need to remember this about their elected representatives. We are not here to serve their needs, they are there to serve ours.

Federal Parliament has not even sat yet since the election and already we are seeing the west being pillaged and plundered by the Party that tried to tell us they cared.

We are certainly getting a glimpse now of what they really care about.


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  1. I hate them and I don’t even live in western Sydney. Actually hate doesn’t sound strong enough. I can’t get used to the fact that we are going to have to put up with them for 3 years.

  2. Ellie V says:

    Many, many sources / think tanks (e.g. The Grattan Institute) have advised the government against privatising the HELP / HECS, as the public will lose money on it (in forgone future government revenue).
    As for how they blew through the west for the election (tumbleweeds), I am not surprised, (and I too, don’t live in Western Sydney – but Western Melbourne was treated with the same disdain).

  3. Leigh says:

    Everything you mention here is happening right across Oz. Here in WA the things that get said in election campaigns is now just laughed off of brushed away. I find it strange that Labor Govts are expected to govern for all yet people accept that Lib Govts only govern for the few. Everyone knew Abbott, Newman, Barnett, O’Farrell, Napthine were going to to put public assets into private hands and use public money to make that possible….and still the stupid bastards vote them in or back in.

    • anne louise says:

      I live in Western Sydney and I’m incredulous at the attitude of many people here.

      There are the stubborn – who believe that a Labor government can’t help small business (but Libs will); the apathetic who won’t research issues such as HECS and tertiary education; the blind who suckle on the epistles of Hadley, Jones and Bolt; and the greedy who can see that a Liberal govt will allow them to keep rorting the tax payer (eg FBT).

      These are the voters who don’t even know what has happened since the election because they simply do not care. After the glitzy campaign, as long as fire fighting, surf life saving, athletic Tony Abbott got in they don’t care.

      You wonder whether it is due to the successful manipulation of communities such as Western Sydney that they are not motivated to rail against it, do they recognize that they have been played, or do they see the futility?

  4. Lisa Hoare says:

    My children had their school carnivals at Wenty and Blacktown pools. I used to work for the Children’s Services Dept at Blacktown. I left the Western suburbs for The Gold Coast ten years ago and have always lamented the lack of good council services here compared to the there. Well it looks like it wont be long and I will only have my memories of when local councils delivered for the people of the area

  5. puffytmd says:

    The Western suburbs Lib voters are getting what they deserve. The Western suburb non-Lib voters unfortunately are also getting what the Lib voters deserve.

    • Dez says:

      I believe that the simpletons that voted Liberal, particularly those that live here in the west, deserve far worse.
      They deserve eternity on deserted island with Akerman, Jones, Hadley and Bolt to rule over them.

      Siljeg, Diaz(‘s) and O’Farrell need to be publically flogged.
      Lying pieces of shit like them can’t get away with this.

  6. clarittee says:

    Thoughtful research by the few is easily counteracted by the gullible wishfull thinkers. pounded by the unrelenting CRAP from Jones, Hadley and Bolt.. They break the rules but squeal “FREE speech when confronted. The same people shield themselves from conflicting opinion by cutting it off, or resort to ridicule and abuse. So much for free speech. I’m stuffed if I can work out why anybody listens to them..

  7. FriendofChildCare says:

    Well I agree with all above. The saddest thing is the Mayor of Blacktown spends more time playing golf than running council. He is not a good advocate for Blacktown, I want residents to know the liberal councillors can’t be bothered to attend a full council meeting they walk out part way thru they are happy to put their hand out and receive over $2000 a month to represent you But you tell me how many turn up at events or citizenships etc. Being Elected to represent your community is something to be proud of.

  8. deknarf says:

    Those who earn less than $200,000 pa, live in Western Sydney, have a mortgage and a family, and vote conservative, are fools! Welcome to conservative world!

  9. my say says:

    the lying by these scum bags went on in every electorate,that is how they got to form government,and they are still doing it ,along with keeping us all in the dark,
    i really hope all the people who voted for this grubby lying lot are happy,its a pity we all have to suffer

  10. Politicians lied to you? Please, say it isn’t so!

    That post lacked some focus so I will stick to two points here, firstly, the NBN, The ALP were just caught out in a monstrous lie of their own regarding areas that were mapped as under construction, when in reality they weren’t. That goes a long way to explaining why that not only has the NBN missed every performance target so far but is only attracting $17,000,000 in revenue from 71,000 customers, that is $239 per paying customer per annum, seeing as I am paying more than 4 times that per year for my NBN connection either a whole lot of people are getting theirs for free or the subscriber numbers are a lie. Eventually most people are going to get a fibre-to-the-home connection as planned by the previous government, and eventually over time everyone will get that connection, the current government is only going to be able to temporarily make the cost saving of running some fibre-to-the-node connections in order to speed the construction process along. That said, no-one is getting a fibre-to-the-home connection for free, every penny spent in construction of the NBN comes from government issued bonds which will be repaid plus interest by the tax payers, and the total cost of that will be anywhere North of $50,000,000,000. And once that debt is to paid the NBN will have its capital cost absorbed by government like Telstra’s was and it’ll be sold off for the same reason, that was the ALP’s plan and remains so and the LNP will be no different.

    Secondly, almost all university places require a minimum scholastic performance before you qualify for entry so dunces from any school regardless of how much money they have still can’t get a place. Which is why TAFE is for most of far more benefit than university, as you can earn and learn in some relevant fields before later gaining a degree if needed. The previous government instituted some of the deepest cuts to university funding but that fact was conveniently omitted by the author of the blog, we all have wheelbarrows to push but glossing over that to attack someone else for fiddling the edges takes a special level of one-eyed bias. Selling student debt isn’t meant to make the government money, in-fact student debt only incurs CPI increases and not interest and a great portion of it is never repaid because students may not go onto earn enough in order to qualify for repayment. Selling the debt is a means of capitalisation, the government would receive a sum of money that it could either pay down existing debt or use in consolidated revenue (where Wayne Swan decided to use the Flood Levy as opposed to spending it on flood repairs in Queensland after the 2011 floods, the very reason for the levy in the first instance) in order to lessen the need to borrow more money, both so that the interest payable by government is lower than it other-wise would have been. That wouldn’t be required if one government didn’t make $350,000,000,000 worth of unfunded promises on top of an already existing $50,000,000 worth of bond market capitalisation and then failing to even place a further $100,000,000 worth of promised welfare spending in the budget forward estimates. (thanks ALP, you bunch of practical jokers, you!)

    • Billypot says:

      Revolutionary ,If you think private enterprise will cough up to buy HECS debt without a return ,you are delusional ,Must be driven by LNP Ideaology !!

    • easygoing777 says:

      I have a nice bridge for you to buy revolutionarycitizen if you believe one word of what you wrote,been culling Liberal press releases.
      Odd you paying 4 times a year I pay every month costs me about 89 dollars and my supplier told me the NBN would be cheaper.
      We must assume your an economist a Liberal one as most I have read say they are crazy to sell or secularize the HECS debt.

      • “seeing as I am paying more than 4 times that per year” Just in case you had trouble reading that the first time (which you obviously did). So my original point stands, either a whole bunch of subscribers are getting their NBN for free or NBNco have been overtly dishonest regarding the number of subscribers. Why would your provider tell you it would be cheaper? Nonsense, $89 a month for 100mbs is cheap and certainly isn’t reflective of the infrastructure cost for it the brought to you either.

        I didn’t say selling the debt was a good or a bad idea, I only explained the rationale behind its sale. Personally (and seeing as I hope to begin a degree next year) I hope it isn’t sold as it isn’t the most pressing issue facing the budget. The HECS/HELP systems we have now work well and certainly work a great deal better than the US System which of-course includes student loans with interest, which is ballooning and may contribute to another debt driven crash in the US Economy in the future.

    • anne louise says:

      revolutionarycitizen – I’d be inclined to check my facts if I was you. (Here’s a hint – main stream radio, TV and print media won’t be any good for this).

      • If you wish to state something I said was incorrect provide an example, I am more than able to back-up anything I stated.

      • wixxy says:

        I don’t have time to argue out every point that you make as I have other things to do at the moment, however you stated in your initial response

        “Secondly, almost all university places require a minimum scholastic performance before you qualify for entry so dunces from any school regardless of how much money they have still can’t get a place. Which is why TAFE is for most of far more benefit than university, as you can earn and learn in some relevant fields before later gaining a degree if needed.”

        Just as nearly there isn’t there, almost all is not all, and if you think money doesn’t talk when it comes to private colleges you are delusional

        TAFE is in option, and I’d get in while its there as the current Coalition put the axe into it as part of their $1.7 Billion in education cuts and who knows what else is to come?

        Your lack of research also shows in you NBN plan choice, and your logic in regards to people getting it for free, a simple Google search showed me that I can get Optus unlimited on the NBN for less than half of what your paying

    • anne louise says:

      First I’ve heard of Flood Levy going anywhere but towards flood relief.

  11. John says:

    So typical of the Liberal/Coalition and this is just the beginning. Thank you wixxyleaks.

  12. Ange Kenos says:

    You would have to be mentally deficient to ever believe that the Liberals would keep promises to anyone except the mega wealthy

  13. Fed up says:

    but we will have cheaper electricity. All is well.

  14. Fed up says:

    That Wenty pool is not a bad one. Guildford is indoors and heated.

    Does gets very hot in those suburbs.

  15. grumplebum says:

    Feel free to shout me down, but every example above is consistent with the Liberals’ (simply put) user-pays approach. Removing burden on ratepayers with no kids subsidising others’ childcare by $3m a year? Check. Putting a toll on the M4 to help pay for major widening and extension project? Check. Consolidating public facilities like pools because the maintenance backlog in Blacktown is at $200m and growing? Check.

    Labor is happy to let people think they can have whatever they want for free, and the good times will keep rolling – someone else will foot the bill. The Libs inevitably get voted in to give some tough love. You want something, you have to pay for it. Nothing comes for free, no matter what Labor’s been telling you for 16 years…

    • anne louise says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Just imagine if the Libs and their mates had to pay as they used.

      Perhaps if councils and govts spent money on maintenance and infrastructure and not on trips, entertainment, cars, events and anything they think they are personally entitled to, there’d be money available for upkeep of public facilities.

      Which the rate payer and tax payer have user-paid already.

    • LG says:

      Does this apply to LNP ministers rorting the public purse to attend weddings?

  16. Ruth Brown says:

    I spent my early childhood (up to age 10) at Mt Druitt and left only a couple of months after the Mt Druitt pool opened. For a family with limited transport options, no local pool meant no swimming lessons and now, rapidly approaching 50, I am still one of the few born & bred Aussies who can’t swim a stroke. Being a non-swimmer, I rarely took my children to a pool when they were growing up and as a result they are not much better in the water than me. I am often embarrassed about not being able to swim – even for hydrotherapy treatment – and I really regret and am ashamed that I didn’t make an effort to learn as an adult so my now-adult kids could be safer and more confident in the water.

    Closing Mt Druitt, Blacktown and other suburban swimming pools is a huge step backward in water safety for working class families and will impact on generations to come. And who knows how many potential gold medallists are Blacktown Council depriving the country of?

  17. Adam Smith says:

    Local Government in Australia and Blacktown in particular has always been regarded as the beating heart of local democracy. But if people believe in democracy, then the selection of any eligible citizen who’ve nominated for Council must surely be based on integrity, trust etc. Come to think of it, local citizens nominating for State & Federal public office must also pass the integrity test. It won’t be that long before a majority of working people awake, to discover, that they’ve been lied to and that by the removal of publicly owned infrastructure like Swimming Pools and implementation of private roads subject to hefty tolls plus 10%GST (GST to be increased 15%?) they should get the message. I can only trust that the ALP will rediscover its reason for existence and once again “shine the light upon the hill”.

  18. In reply to Wixxy, I am paying for 100mbs and no other provider will give you that speed for any less, in-fact I had to go through this with multiple providers because some providers where not able to provide NBN access to my area due to whatever contractual arrangements they had made. I won’t go into how many complaints I had to make to the various authorities just to get NBNco to do their job. The fact that they were 8 months late in finalising my connection and that wasn’t considered unreasonable by NBNco says a lot about how well they’re managing the roll-out. On the averages I provided people would have to be paying nearer to $20 a month or less for NBN access and that simply isn’t happening, so either NBNco is being dishonest regarding its revenue or dishonest about how many subscribers it is attracting.

    Also, if your degree isn’t competitive entry chances are it’s a BS degree and won’t be worth the paper its printed on at completion. No amount of money will get you into a law degree for example, but I suppose if you really wanted that degree in performing arts or what not I am sure they’ll come to some sort of arrangement. Of-course money talks, never said it didn’t, but for a real degree worth something the money is spent at the private school before university tailoring your results to suit your intended area of study.

    Which Coalition Government are you talking about regarding TAFE cuts? TAFE is largely a state issue and seeing how most states are now in a worse debt position than the federal government I am not surprised that cuts are being made. The NSW State Government is sitting on a debt liability that makes what Joe Hockey has to deal with look like lunch money, so what would you like to see the NSW government do? It is quite easy to sit on the side-line and snipe away, not so easy to come up with a solution that works though.

    How would you like to pay a 20% rate of GST like they do in some places?

    • wixxy says:

      You based your idea that people were getting it for free based on what you pay

      That wasn’t even the cheapest Optus plan

      • The cheapest Tier1 NBN plan (15mbs) is $29 a month for 10gig. (which is still more than the revenue to subscriber average) (according to Whistleout) Optus still wants $70 a month for 30gig a month on ADSL2+.

        So, I stand by my initial claim, and given that NBNco was being overtly dishonest in regards to what areas were under construction it is entirely plausible they’re fluffing their subscriber numbers.

      • wixxy says:

        Or perhaps your total revenue figure is wrong?
        We have already ascertained that the figure you based your original point on was incorrect as not everyone is on your plan….

      • The total revenue figure has to be right, it’s in their financial statements. Even if everyone was on Tier1 either their revenue or subscriber numbers are wrong, I am asserting the later, it simply isn’t possible for them to have 71,000 paying subscribers as they claimed.

  19. Deborah H says:

    Can you please stop calling yourself ‘revolutionarycitizen’. A more appropriate name would be ‘reactionarycitizen’.

  20. Dez says:

    It is really obvious that you are either heavily retarded or reality-challenged.

    That $17million is for a year you say…………you claim 71,000 customers are connected (despite other places saying there are 62,424 active services).

    NEWSFLASH TO revolutionarycitizen:


    In fact, most have probably been active for less than a year. Mine has only been active for a few months.

    Another NEWSFLASH TO revolutionarycitizen:


    I know several Mature Age students who have gained entry into Engineering Degree courses with a Year 10 certificate. The reason they got in……experience and determination.

    You really have to try to stop spouting bullshit. It is only embarassing for you.

    • Dez says:

      Oh…..and by the way revoluionarycitizen, that $17million would have came from the wholesale cost……AFTER the RSP’s have taken their cut.

    • Even a mature age student can not gain entry to a competitive entry degree without either first completing a diploma in a relevant field or show extensive employment in the relevant field. So extensive in-fact that even after working in disability care for the Qld Government, in aged care for Blue Care amongst other3 and after being a paramedic for QAS my mother still did not have enough experience to gain entry for a Ba and had to do a TAFE course to bridge the gap. Even my wife could not satisfy university entry requirements for her degree as a mature age student and had to complete three TAFE courses to gain entry. I myself have to complete a diploma and then complete a full year of study at university just to start the degree of my choosing. So, again, unless you’re doing a meaningless degree money won’t help you.

  21. wixxy says:

    We won the fight for the child care centres after yet another protest on the issue outside Blacktown council last night.
    One Liberal Mark Holmes crossed the floor and the Indie Russ Dickens backed Labor in keeping the child care centres open and in public hands.

    The real issue is how it got to the point where two protests were needed to convince Liberal councillors that child care is an important issue in the community.

    Mark Holmes in taking so long to back the community rather than now to pressures from his fellow Liberal councillors has only highlighted his failure to hear his communities voice unless they are screaming. His last minute backflip only after two public protests show us how spineless he truly is.

    His only defense would be that Mark Holmes spends such a small amount of time in his ward that he wouldn’t know what they want if they didn’t scream and raise banners outside where his council paycheck is signed…

  22. Fed up says:

    Sorry. mature age students can gain access to degrees without formal qualifications. Did so myself, at forty. Many things are taken into consideration, including the work one has done over a lifetime. One has to demonstrate they are capable of doing the work.

    My way, after leaving with intermediate certificate, years of working in factories and labor jobs, was to enroll for one semester of a TAFE certificate. This enabled e to be accepted at uni.\

    Many come in the same way at the time. Yes, and all were successful. Yes, it was hard in the beginning, but did not take long to get the hang of things, Ended up with a Diploma, then a degree.

    When it comes to the NBNCo, no one has answered the question, which is the elephant in the room, what is the state of the copper wire, and what is the cost of remediation, to enable fibre to be hooked to it.

    Why dump a simple and state of the art technology, that will take us to next century, for unproven, complicated, hybrid and expensive technology, that will be eventually replaced with fibre to the premises. Does not make sense, in any language.

    Who wants u handed back to Telstra. That is what is going on.

    • Firstly, what degree did you get? Was it competitive entry?

      Ok, as for the NBN, firstly, it was not a simple anything, it was the largest infrastructure undertaking this country had ever conceived requiring the largest capital works program we’ve ever attempted and may have ended up being the second most expensive government program behind replacing our entire air-force with F-35s. The complexity of this program was made more-so by hiring a management team that between them had not a single clue.

      The over-all cost saving by changing the end-connection type is or will be large in real terms but negligible when you consider the size of the program. Also, a great deal of the copper connections would have to be replaced anyway, either because they were requiring replacement because of their age or in some way damaged. So, this gives NBN proponents an opportunity, since it is legislated all new connections must be fibre-optic you can lobby senators to block any changes to that legislation which would ultimately force the government over time to complete the FTTH network. (which will happen to a large extent because there is some votes in it anyway)

      Telstra doesn’t want the network, it rolled over and played puppy the moment the money was on the table to get rid of it. There is more money to be made in being a retail provider, also, its mobile network is going gangbusters. Telstra knows damn well that much of its copper network was due for replacement, it had been in the process of replacing the parts of its network with fibre-optic as it was and more than likely we would have ended up with a fibre-to-the-something network eventually.

  23. M. R. says:

    Yes, you are indeed informative and in a way that makes ingesting the info. almost enjoyable. But I have to write ‘almost’ because it’s all so utterly INFURIATING and HAIR-TEARING that I could spit. Well, I wish I could, anyway. I know we need to know this stuff, just as we need to know what Quentin tells us on Friday evenings; but oh, if only I could bear it! I just shut down, after a while: there’s only so much goddam Liberal ghastliness an old fart can tolerate. :-\

  24. Nick says:

    What future does Blacktown City Council have if it just keeps bleeding money on childcare and other services it provides. How can private industry return a profit on childcare where Council is loosing $3 million dollars on roughly 1000 children or roughly $3,000 per child. Why should other ratepayers who have no other option but to send their child to a private childcare centre in Blacktown City Council because the same Council has decided not to provide childcare in the new release areas. The reason for this was the Labor led council decided a long time ago that they will not expand the childcare business because they were not willing to bleed more money – the reason was there was no unmet demand for childcare as the new areas are well served by the private industry. On the matter of pools: Mt Druitt Pool was a pool that Blacktown City Council didn’t want in the first place. It was built by the State Government in the early 1970’s at the same time Council was building it’s own pool at Emerton. The State Government handed over the pool to the Council that didn’t want this pool and then it had to keep it going over the years, receiving not much in terms of support and funding where as Emerton Pool received a lot of funding from the Council and over the years it has been constantly upgraded. No SANE Council has two pools within 5km of each other: Mt Druitt and Emerton Pool are in direct competition with each other – they overlap. The area does not have the population density to sustain two swimming pools run by Council, let alone with all the competition in the surrounding area. Your articles are biased and very much one sided

    • wixxy says:

      One sided? Bloody oath.

      I don’t like to see child care services and public facilities that others have worked hard for shut down by for a short term money hit.

      I would have offered another side to these disgraceful antics of the council however up until the last minute they were all denied by the Liberal councillors.

      Each of these things the Liberal councillors denied numerous times when approached on them.

      I am aware that the reasons I have written for their actions are ludicrous however given that they were intent on lying to the public and denying these things I had to use whatever comments they had made publicly on the matters to try and provide both sides as you are so adamant that I should.

      I can’t really apologise for the sheer stupidity of the reasons I have given for their actions as they are their own.

      If child care was being so effectively run in the private sector there would be no need for the low cost alternative from council, but as the masses who converged on council demonstrate there is a clear need for it.

      You complain that the private child care industry can’t turn a profit, is that the industry you are in perhaps, or is it that you are a Liberal Party member perhaps.

      As for population density and pools you do not seem to give much thought to population growth, unless you are assuming that the population may shift to somewhere that has a pool perhaps?

      The council has done two backflips on Mt Druitt pool so far is that a SANE council at work?

      This council is selling off the farm for short term dollars to the developer buddies of Strata Manager Mayor Robinson. They know they will never be re-elected and are trying to make out like bandits while they can.

      They can expect resistance

  25. Nick says:

    Actually on average Blacktown’s Child Care Services are more expensive then many private Childcare services. How do you know that the Mayor has a vested interest in the development of Mt Druitt Pool, where is your proof ?

  26. Luke says:

    The council did a backflilp because majority is held by a backflilping “Independent” Councillor who changes his opinion on a regular basis. Mt Druitt has an over provision of pool capacity, and there is not much justification to have another council facility in relative proximity. Childcare owned by BCC is more expensive the most private facilites out there, and how can it be that some facilities that have 40 places only have 20 or so kids in a centre. Some centres are loosing a staggering $7500 per child per annum ! Why didn’t Council build more child care centres in the new areas like the Ponds ? Because the Labor run council in 2006. commissioned a report which told them that their centres are a basket case and that they need to keep this under wraps and just let it run it’s course. To stay “popular” Labor ignored the fact that many of their child care centres are in direct competition with each other, that they are overstaffed and just kept the old ones going. For years many centres received no capital expenditure to improve the facilities because there is no money in the kitty to do the necessary work improvements.

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