Here Come The Bastards – The Liberals plan to redefine democracy and democratic process

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Politics

I’m sure you have all seen in the News Ltd press what a disaster the Gillard government was.

On this site I don’t “Murdoch the truth” as others do, so I will let you make up your own mind as to which government really is dysfunctional.

Julia Gillard passed 543 pieces of legislation through a hung parliament despite the numbers being against her during her time as Prime Minister. This has made her perhaps the most productive PM in Australia’s history as she averaged more pieces of legislation per day than any other Prime Minister before her, ever.

These were not insignificant pieces of legislation either, we are talking major reforms here. Things such as a price on carbon, plain packaging for cigarettes (a world first), the NDIS, the GONSKI reforms, even sorting out the Murray Darling issues that no other government has been able to solve for over 100 years.

On the other hand we have the Abbott government, who since coming to power have done nothing but break promises and disappoint.

They promised to stop the boats, and they continue to come in at a rapid rate.

Abbott promised to spend his first week as PM with the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land, needless to say he didn’t.

After a campaign of telling us how bad debt was we now have a Treasurer “Sloppy” Joe Hockey who is seeking to almost double the credit limit on Australia’s credit card.

Abbott chose to “tighten” eligibility for those seeking Disaster Recovery Payments from the government in the middle of the NSW bushfire disaster that has left hundreds of families homeless.

Probably the biggest promise he made was to “immediately” legislate to scrap the carbon tax.

Immediately has already passed Tony

Immediately has already passed Tony

This promise led many to believe that Abbott would recall parliament so he could do this immediately, however immediately has turned out to be not so immediate at all. In fact immediately has turned into within three years if we are to believe his victory speech.

This week it has emerged that the Liberals plan for the Direct Action policy which is the foundation of the Coalitions environmental policy, and the punch-line in virtually every joke about the environment is to bypass the legislation process altogether.

This process has been in place since the senate was introduced in 1900. That is over a hundred years of history and tradition that the Coalition seek to disregard and devalue.

Are Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt really that arrogant that they think they can ride roughshod over the democratic process?

Today it was reported in the Fairfax media that chief faceless man and Federal Liberal Party Director Brian Loughnane is so distressed at the way democracy works and how Australians voted that he wants to see it changed.

We voted for the members of the House Of Representatives and the Senate and we did it for a good reason. We want to ensure that legislation is debated and passed on merit so that policies as laughable as the Direct Action policy never see the light of day.

To me a government whose campaign leading and major policy is known to have more holes in it than swiss cheese, and knows it will not pass the democratic legislation process and seeks to dodge it is not only a dysfunctional government, but is also inept, reckless and irresponsible at its core.

The Abbott government is yet to sit one day in parliament and already it is seeking to bend the rules and render the senate unnecessary.

Waddya mean it has to pass Senate?

Waddya mean it has to pass Senate?

The Gillard government believed in negotiation the Abbott government clearly believes in avoiding it.

There is an old saying that applies in particular to the Senate that goes along the lines of them being there to

“Keep the bastards honest”

Greg Hunt and Tony Abbott seek to bypass that process so what does that make them, bastards or dishonest?

Perhaps it’s both…

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  1. Dave says:

    Bottom line, “Greg Hunt and Tony Abbott seek to bypass that process so what does that make them, bastards or dishonest?”……………Just dishonest bastards will do nicely!

  2. ananda1955 says:

    just nazi’s in my honest opinion !

  3. Don’t forget that Abbott made the absurd promise that Canberra would pay half the cost of rebuilding after NSW fires. It will never happen of course, but didn’t he sound magnaminous and caring (even though he’d just restricted eligibility for disaster payments).

    • wixxy says:

      He will end up paying more than that….
      It looks like the Dept Of Defense is liable for the fires that took more than 200 houses and still burns…

      • Adam Smith says:

        The fact is that Australia depends on international treaty arrangements when it comes to re-insurance. Mr Abbott and Mr Hunt are already celebrated for the fools they are when it comes to their silly reported nonsensical ideas as international Banking and Insurance will push costs up.

      • Valda says:

        Liable for the big Lithgow State Mine fire but that wasn’t the cause of the fire that destroyed all the homes at Yellow Rock etc.

  4. Marilyn says:

    You have to get over the obsessive counting of bits of legislation passed, 96% of all bills are passed by both major parties voting together and 85% of all bills are budget bills.

    When it comes to legislation to torture and persecute the poorest in the country major parties always vote together.

    As for stopping the boats, why even talk about breaking laws still? He knows it is a lie, why keep giving the moron oxygen?

  5. owen1967 says:

    “We voted for the members of the House Of Representatives and the Senate and we did it for a good reason. We want to ensure that legislation is debated and passed on merit so that policies as laughable as the Direct Action policy never see the light of day.”

    sorry to say Peter, that is a furphy.
    legislation is passed on the basis of who pays for the lobbyists and who makes the big $$$ party donations … that’s it … nothing else – regardless of whether it’s the ALP or the Lib/Nat at the wheel.

    transparency and accountability are what we need from our politicians … from the Federal Government level all the way down to the local school council … transparency and accountability.
    taking responsibility for your decisions is what i tell my kids you have to do … and the wonderful example set by pretty much all governing bodies is that of nepotism and corruption … hiding the reasons for decisions behind mountains of bullshit (if we’re lucky … just as often they avoid the question and give no account of their corrupt behaviour).

    i have been begging that the voting public demand representation for years …. not this faux representation … the representation of big business and big union self interests … but actual representation of the constituents and communities that elected their “representatives”.

    sadly, i’m dreaming of something the general public is either too apathetic or too sad an act to realise (except maybe Marylin – your regular correspondent with whom i seldom differ in opinion … by the way, we are not acquainted … keep up the good work M, saves me typing it out). there is a way past the current mind set … it just happens to be NOT the path of least resistance and will take a little effort … just like everything else in life, there are no shortcuts, it’s not the easy way, but the rewards are great.

  6. Rob says:

    The Greens sought to reform the senate voting system as they saw this type of non-sense might prevail. Labor ignored. It is hard to know at this stage whether pandering to some right wing loonies is worse than Tony having control of the senate. My feeling is that these idiots will be the scapegoat for all sorts of sins (Tony will understand what I mean) – indulgences, great!

  7. clarittee says:

    We would be lucky to have a sensible debate about this one. Clearly it has been a silly outcome and rorted by the “clever ” types who exploit what can be exploited. The “house of review” is the section of the parliament most in need of review. It has allowed some of the most complicit arrangements to exist. Sen Harridine comes to mind. A place like Tasmania which has the population of Geelong or Newcastle has disproportionate power. I wouldn’t like to see it abolished ( as in QLD) but THIS outcome is a joke. Parties can stack it with “hacks” and people like Palmer can “buy” votes . the elimination of corruption should be the main aim.

  8. oldfart says:

    just a simple question, is this leading towards a right wing dictatorship? I mean, whats next, te outlawing of other political parties,? Queensland is already planning to lock up individuals they dont like and getting them to wear pink, we are locking up people we dont want here at a national level. Whats next, invading neighbouring countries for “lebensraum”?

  9. joy cooper says:

    Have never, ever bought a Murdoch rag, Peter, nor subscribed to his awful Foxtel so I remain, blissfully unpolluted by his hacks’ poisonous rantings. Even have a wonderful Murdoch Block extension on my browser.

    Trouble is the rest of the MSM are also sources of Liberal propaganda who continue to allow Abbott & co a free, cushy ride without being asked to satisfactorily explain themselves, & their actions. No wonder Greg Hunt popped his cork when confronted by an interviewer from the BBC who was actually doing her job properly & wasn’t in thrall to the supreme beings of the protected Liberal Party. .

  10. clarittee says:

    The LieNP are fully owned subsidiary of News Corpse. Having been placed there and supported by them they are beholden to them and will do their bidding. Don’t bother about republic and a president. The non citizen Murdoch has more power than any governor general/president that we might elect/appoint and we don’t have any say with Murdoch. Criticise his operation and you are front page assault for as long as it takes to get rid of you. FREE press it’s called by those who exist because of it. Australians who watch will be very aware of what corruption is with the LieNP cosy arrangements and special deals and hypocracy.

  11. Melinda says:

    You might like this research article that was co-authored by Greg Hunt “A Tax to make the Polluter Pay” which somebody had attached to a comment on the Guardian this morning.

  12. TechinBris says:

    Sorry, I can see a War coming from the close distance it is from us now. The first victim will be innocence, as it always was and is.
    When corruption lies at the feet of most (not all) Politicians and they choose to ignore it (complicity by acceptance) then it is a age old recipe for a Blood Sausage. Our blood of course. Their blood only spills after a lot of ours is spent to bring them to our Justice.
    Blueprint is available from your history books, titled “La Révolution française”.
    But the Hunger Games are first to start as the catalyst and we already are getting the warning of those. It is not too late to avoid it all, but now too late to stop the carnage. One day we will all learn never to trust others to do what we must do ourselves.

  13. BillK says:

    So tell me Wixxy, how did the extra 543 pieces of legislation make our lives better?

    12,835 new regulations enacted, only 58 repealed. How does the extra red tape improve your life?

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