Parasite – The other side of the NSW fire disaster

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Politics

Over the last week you could be forgiven for thinking that NSW was facing the apocalypse.

A State Of Emergency has been declared, there are numerous fires burning out of control, hundreds of families have lost their home, one man is dead, the suburbs of Sydney are covered in a blanket of smoke, and we are told the worst is yet to come.

As always a situation like this brings out the best and the worst in people.

The best of the best has been the extraordinary efforts of or firefighters and our emergency services crews, who as per usual have gone well past the point of merely doing their duty and have consistently exceeded all expectations.

It is not just the men and women in our emergency services crews either. Backing them up are some remarkable teams of volunteers that can be found both behind the scenes supporting emergency services, and also those who are right there on the frontline such as our volunteer fire brigades.


The mountains of clothes, towels, toiletries and other essentials that have been donated through various charity organisations has been something we should be proud of as a nation. Australians have a tendency to bond together in times of need and reach out and lend a hand where it is needed. Some would call it the spirit of the “Ol’ Digger” in us all, others would just call it the “Australian Way”.

However there are those who do quite the opposite to lending a hand when it comes to those who are suffering. These are the type of people we should all be ashamed of, those to seek to take advantage of suffering people who are at their most vulnerable.

There are no words strong enough to adequately describe the type of species that would seek to steal from or take money away from the victims of a natural disaster such as this, those that come to mind are profanities I do not wish to impose on my readers.

Some forms of bottom feeders, or dung beetles may eat shit to survive, but I doubt that these species would sink to the depths that these people plummet to in order to make or save a buck.

Some of the people I am referring to are those looting houses after they have been evacuated. As far as I’m aware no looters have been caught as yet so I can’t put any names out there on this front.

What evacuated residents think of looters...

What evacuated residents think of looters…

However there is another member of this sub-human species that I actually can name and shame for taking money away from those in desperate need.

His name is Tony Abbott and he is our new Prime Minister, and leader of the Liberal Party and The Coalition in Australia that is made up of the two parties that had to join forces to maintain relevance, the Liberals and Nationals.

In NSW the Liberal Party is the Party that once taking power spent $20 Million less than the Labor government had done the previous year on the Rural Fire Service.

There were 39 less tankers supplied by the Coalition to the RFS than under Labor the previous year, and the allocation of funding to fire brigade stations and fire control centres fell by more than 80%.

A funding cut to an emergency department that exceeds 80%. That is quite simply staggering.

When Barry O’Farrell talks of increased funding this year he is coming from a low base after such monstrous cuts the previous year.

Then there is all the fire station closures

How many homes could have been saved were it not for the unnecessary and frankly reckless spending cuts?


Still, that’s why in NSW we now pay a $300 levy to the insurance companies so that they aren’t hurt by the spending cuts like we are.

Some would say this was to save money after Labor left the state in such a financial mess.

Actually Labor left NSW in surplus, and the financial mess was of the Coalitions own making and was soon fixed when the Auditor General found the $1 Billion that the” L Plater” Treasurer Mike Baird had lost somewhere.

However it is the actions of Tony Abbott that have stung the most as it was announced during the middle of the bushfire crisis.

Raising the cost of living in a town near you... and everywhere else

If I give money to disaster victims there will be less taxpayer money for my MP’s to spend going to weddings and on holidays

Tony Abbott through Justice Minister Michael Keenan has announced that there have been changes made to the eligibility requirements of the Disaster Recovery Payment.

The Disaster Recovery Payment gives victims of natural disasters essential access to funding. These are people who have lost everything, are injured or have been stranded in or cut off from their homes or have no electricity or water.

Tony Abbott in an act of utter disregard at best or perhaps inhumane cruelty has decided to cut off those who have been cut off from their homes from this vital assistance.

In what may be like an episode of Survivor on steroids perhaps Tony Abbott is expecting those who have been cut off from their homes to forage around in the burnt out bush looking for berries or dead animals to feed the family.

Luckily these people can rely on others who are born with a heart such as charity and community groups that will take these people in and assist them with their immediate needs, despite being stretched to the limit both financially and in terms of manpower.


On the weekend there was a bi-election in the State seat of Miranda that may act as an indication of just what the public think of what has been happening in NSW under a Coalition government.

In this bi-election there was a swing to Labor of approximately 27%.

Much of this may be put down to the firefighters who were at the polling booths on the day to protest the drastic cuts to their service by the Coalition. This was something that had been organised with the Australian Electoral Commission well ahead of the fires.

Firefighters who had been fighting fires gave up their time off to voice their disappointment in the Coalition government at the polling booths.

Whilst exercising their rights they were abused, bullied, intimidated and threatened by members of the Liberal Party including member of the NSW Ministry.

Imagine that, the worst bushfire crisis for nearly 50 years are going on and Ministers and Liberal members think it is appropriate tho bully, threaten and harass the very people who risk their lives to save people homes.

Real classy bunch this State government…

NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard - Spent te weekend abusing, threatening, and intimidating the States finest firefighters

NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard – Spent the weekend abusing, threatening, and intimidating the States finest firefighters

There will be those who will criticise me for writing this during a bushfire crisis. They will say that I should wait until after to discuss these matters.

What they mean is wait until the crisis is over and there is less interest in the story so as to minimise damage to the Liberal Party.  Sorry, that’s not how I roll.

There will be those who will point the finger and say I’m politicising a disaster, and seeking to take advantage of others misery.

If a government changes the Disaster Recovery Payment terms in the middle of a disaster to save a few bucks at the expense of the vulnerable, I think that is politicising a disaster more than someone who just points out what the government has done.

When the leader of that government who has just spat in the faces of victims poses for photo opportunities in Volunteer Firefighers uniform and in RFS trucks so the photos can be leaked to the public (I won’t publish them) that is taking advantage of others misery, not writing about it.

The Oxford dictionary defines a parasite like this;

“A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return”

Even worse than giving nothing in return, Abbott has actually taken away from victims.

Does this make Tony Abbott Australia’s first parasitic Prime Minister?

Or maybe something even worse…

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Fed up says:

    One of your best. Spot on. As I have written elsewhere, this government is not about waste,

    It is about small government. Small government at out expense.

  2. Fed up says:

    We have to discuss climate change now. This is because the Abbott government intends to dismantle the CEF suite of bills, that deals with carbon emissions.

    Too late to speak up, after this has occurred. It is not about a toxic tax. It is about how we address the problem of man made climate change, caused by carbon emissions.

    Abbot and Co, are terrified that the public might just look beyond his claims of toxic tax,

    It is not about a toxic tax, it is about carbon emissions.

    We had the fire authorities passing on a message from Abbott. Why are we not hearing from him, in person.

    Could it be, he is scared of questions.

  3. clarittee says:

    You get played for a sucker by Tiny Abbott. They’re not small government nor a cost saving in the long term government, or an open government. They are a mean spirited cut taxes on the RICH and pass them onto the poor, CONSPIRACY. That’s what a consumption Tax does and it is their favourite tax. A double tax for those who have saved when it wasn’t easy.. A slug on every purchase is the way they want it. It’s coming soon. Conditions for workers and injured CUT by the agents of the USA Tea Party. in Australia. SOLD and brought to you by the Murdick Corpse of FACT twisters

  4. hilderombout says:

    Wixxy, thanks for your courage to bring this up at this time of the horrendous bushfires in NSW. What a shit – excuse to shits everywhere – this monster who pretends to be governing for us all is

  5. hilderombout says:

    Wixxy, thank you for your courage to give us this information now that NSW is burning. I am furious with this disgusting person whom i do not want to name, but who pretends to be govern for all of us for his cruel policies. What a joke! NOT!!! To take from people who are suffering and have lost everything to help out his rich mates who do not need any, is beyond the pale. And for him pretending that he is helping the firies by getting his snout in the papers because he sat in a firetruck is even worse hypocracy. Yes Peter, this is exactly the right time to bring this to the fore and show up this despicable coal-lic-tion for what it is.

    • wixxy says:

      I just write the story, the ones with real courage are on the frontline defending homes and saving lives.

      I wish them all the best for today, they will need all our support on what is forecast to be a shocking day ahead for them

  6. Fed up says:

    Yes, even on the Central Coast, the winds are beginning. No worries this week, as all about me, was burnt out last Thursday and Friday.

    Many seem to be dismissing the warnings on the mountain. The impression I got, some are climate deniers, that are taking the message from the firefighters, as some type of conspiracy, to scare them.

    Wanting to keep their heads in the sands, dismissing the evidence about them.

    I hope some of these people are kept safe, and their actions do not put others at risk.

    I do have daughter, at Bullaburra, on the other side of the highway. Can only hope the predictions are wrong. If it jumps the Western Highway, things will be truly bad.

  7. cowper133 says:

    Abbott’s behaviour during this crisis has been appalling! His absence in the public domain is an insult to all those suffering the effects of the bush fires through loss of properties and livelihoods or to those giving up their time and risking their lives to help out in this emergency. Leadership? Sorely lacking, I’m afraid. The Facebook story of him arriving for his photo ops and then leaving is an appalling abuse of his office. Let’s hope those who voted for him are starting to question their decision!

  8. TechinBris says:

    One thing I have discovered about our Species in general, of which I have never found to be incorrect, so far. When things are at their worst, most of us are at our best. When things are at their best, we generally tend to be at our worst. But some people are always at their worst to others all the time, but at their best for themselves all the time, but this is only because of their flawed self-worth.

    • mashj50 says:

      no it is not about small government it is about total control via huge government at minimal cost,decisions are made for the shareholders not the herd.

  9. clarittee says:

    I just love the Blue mountains area but the problem looming there has been obvious for years. Same with many parts of Victoria. Often people who have lived in areas where they have witnessed fires move on or pass away and the new residents are not cognisant of the risks. It is a devastating thing to be in a fire affected area. (I have) I hope the fire fighters are successful but it must be difficult when you have been kicked in the teeth by cost saving Simpletons with the wrong view of public responsibility. I hope when the dust settles there will be an investigation of the treatment of the fire and ambulance services and their personnel. An easy target for a quick buck saved but poor long term effect. Like cutting education and rehab and all the things that make a society a place for all. You can judge the quality of a government when they reduce expenditure on prisons, not increase it. Vote Lieberals OUT. ALL they think of is money for the already rich, and no services for the PUBLIC.

  10. Heather says:

    Well said, Clarittee. Agreed. Thanks Wixxy for a fine piece.

  11. Maureen Webber says:

    It is now too late for those who voted for this government to question why they did. But I hope now that they will be ashamed for why they did. Short term gains for long term misery for all. Thank goodness for ordinary aussie people who are rallying around those who have lost everything. Pity the liberal government won’t (not can’t) help them when they need it most.

  12. jaycee says:

    This govt’ was voted in on a fraud. The entire election campaign was one of blatant bias against the Labor Govt’ and blatant obfiscation and non-examination of the LNP. “policies” by the MSM. It was in effect , an act of treason by the MSM. against the nation’s interests.
    We have been cheated!
    We need justice!…..trouble is, the authorities that oversee such legalities appear to have been likewise corrupted!

  13. my say says:

    yes this government is a fraud, who gained power on lies and fear ,and who ruined two mens lives to gain power ,but then we were all told tony would sell his arse to gain power, what a pity so many didn’t take notice,the trouble is we all have to suffer for their stupidity,

  14. silkworm says:

    Corruption and stupidity everywhere. I am ashamed of my fellow Australians. Anyone who voted for this mob deserves to suffer.

  15. So much one-eyed gutter-sniping in such a small space…

    There is a reason why PM Tony Abbott has been absent from the public eye, firstly, he is actually on-duty with the RFS, and secondly he absent for the same reason Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten is, they’re not the main show in town, the victims of these fires are.

    Also, the changes made to the disaster relief payment were the exact same changes the then Treasurer Wayne Swan abused people for claiming. He then went on to deny Queensland some $750 million of the disaster relief money raised by the “Flood Levy”.

    About those fire-fighters, members of the FBEU were out manning election booths whilst their state burnt around them, a stain undoubtedly on the character of the fire-fighting community in general. It also shows that yet another union cares more about enriching itself and garnering power than the broader community from which its members are drawn.

    Also, yes, cuts were made to some services, that happens when debt payments need to be made, get over it. Also, during this fire emergency there are roughly the same number of paid and volunteer fire-fighters available as were available for the apocalyptic 2001 fires, so there has been no drop in standard or capability of any sort.

    Ten minutes on would have made this piece a whole lot better, however, I dare say the piece is as intended, just another hatchet job for purely partisan reasons.

    • MrHasBean says:

      Your last paragraph describes your comment quite succinctly…

    • jaycee says:

      Hey!…”Seditionary 1″…just because YOU’VE sold your nation to the “lowest bidder” (aka Rupert M.) , don’t go expecting us to sympathise with or to join you….now go pick up your 30 pieces of small change!

    • ian says:

      So, seddy ol’ mate,

      Just what cuts are going to be made when we have to start paying back Joe Hockeys $1/2 trillion worth of debt. Hmmmm, wonder what to start with? Perhaps these;

      Greg Hunts family holidays to Hamilton and Hayman Island

      Abbotts family outings to the Melbourne Cup. Maybe even charter flights to the Birdsville races or remote indigenous camps.

      Business trips to Cairns, via Perth.

      I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

      One other thing Seddy, me ol’ china plate, you’d best start to understand that your hero, Tony Abbott, is now, always has and forever will be…a gutless, spineless empty shell that can, has and forever will be used as dish rag by those who own him. Contrary to what most think, I don’t despise Abbott. Sadly, I am forced to pity him.

      I’m sure that any who witness those who sell their testosterone for the sad, dubious and fleeting pleasures of sycophancy would feel the same. Except, perhaps, those who have also sold their strength for nothing other cheap, gaudy baubles and the chance to bask in the benign contempt of those who own them.

      • Would you like the list of ALP MPs who’ve had to repay monies?

        You may call Tony Abbott anything you like, difference is, he’s now the Prime Minister and you’re just another nobody sitting behind a keyboard whinging about it.

        Show’s who has really got the courage doesn’t it…

    • joy cooper says:

      @Seditionary1 With regard to your slanderous statement about the members of the NSW Fire Services, who manned the polling booths during the Miranda by-election, it is a known fact they were all off-duty officers who weren’t needed for the fire emergencies occurring well outside their area. Their presence had been organised well before the fires & had the okay from the AEC. Nor were they wearing their current uniforms but their own paid-for old uniforms. They also had to suffer abuse, bullying & intimidation from a state Minister who was well outside his own electorate. Very poor behaviour indeed as was that of many Liberal voters. Nasty people all.

      Please follow your own “advice” & do some research. Guess the rest of your comment is as worthless as this. Also, why did such services need to be savagely cut? O’Farrell inherited state coffers from the ALP that were in surplus, although they quickly turned this surplus into a deficit. Why? Possibly for ideological reasons. Who knows with the Liberals. They are a weird mob. .

      PS Top blog post Peter. Well said indeed.

      • Nothing slanderous about what I said, If the FBEU thinks there is something slanderous or defamatory about what I wrote they can sue me. It does not change however the fact that, off-duty or other-wise the decision by the FBEU to have its members man election booths whilst in the middle of an emergency was a poor one.

  16. Wobbles says:

    I may be proven wrong but I have never seen a photo of Abbott actually fighting a fire.

    A tweet from Bilpin suggested that all he did was eat, watch others back-burn and drive a truck.
    Actually fight a fire? No.

    I’ve also read that during the June fires last year (when he interrupted his leave ) he left as soon as the cameras did because he wasn’t actually qualified to be on a fireground as he had not undertaken the mandatory 5 days training.

    If his RFS membership is soley for the purpose of self-promotion rather than from a sincere civic duty that makes him even worse.

    I await evidence to the contrary.

  17. joy cooper says:

    @Wobbles It has been alleged that images of Abbott, last January (?), in his pristine clean RFS uniform were cloned by the Daily Telegraph to make it look as though he was walking away from a fierce bushfire. These were published in their rag.

    There hasn’t been any taken of him actually fighting a fire with a hose, that I have ever seen. Could be wrong.

  18. Fed up says:

    Yes one sees plenty of him eating. None actually doing anything.

    Now he was there 14 hours, it is said.

    Now one would think, there would be one or two that manage to take a snap or too. Even back to the kids, look who is with me.

    There must have been one or two Abbott haters, that wanted to show him up.

    We know, that if posted on the social media, it would become apparent in minutes.

    I suspect, sorry, I cannot believe otherwise, if he was genuine, he was allow to sit in the truck all night, as what occurred the Sunday before at his own depot. All trucks going out, but his.

    More worrying, is why is he hiding from the media and public.

  19. Peter, thanks for once again raising the O’Farrell NSW fire budget cuts. It’s not about just ‘getting over it’, it’s wrong – on a number of levels. For example, Police and Teachers were exempt from the cuts because they are ‘frontline’. NSW firefighters (Volunteer, part-time, fulltime) were not considered ‘frontline’, and therefore copped the cuts. Not frontline? How many times did we hear O’Farrell call firefighters ‘frontline’ this week? The BOF fire cuts are wrong, and firefighters are concerned about the fire station closures occurring directly due to the budget cuts. We’re concerned about the job cuts that look like they have to come soon, to both fire services (RFS + FRNSW) due to O’Farrell’s unfair and dangerous decision. The community are concerned too, and that should concern the Govt.

    A quick thanks to Joy for correcting the incorrect statements by Seditionary1. I was one of the firefighters who stood on booths that day (after working all night, and returning to work that night), copping venom and disgraceful behaviour from Lib staffers, boothers, MP’s and Ministers. I note Seditionary1 didn’t mention that ‘behaviour and character’. 23 years I’ve been attending major emergencies and bushfires in NSW, and to have someone question my (and my fellow caring and compassionate firefighters) ethics and reputation is in itself “a stain undoubtedly on the character of” the person making it. Joy is 100% correct. We had every legal and ethical right to be there, and we’ll be back unless the budget cuts are repealed.

    It’s October. Summer hasn’t even started, and O’Farrell’s budget cuts are compromising the safety of firefighters and the community. It’s going to be a long summer for all of us, and the Govt should be held to account for their reckless decisions. Thanks for helping us to do that Peter.

    Darin Sullivan

    • Police and Teachers weren’t facing job cuts because their union is better than yours, and that’s just the way it is. (not saying I agree with cuts, just stating the obvious)

      Saying that the BOF Government inherited a surplus is like saying John Howard inherited a strong budget position whilst ignoring the amount owed column or what had been left off the books beyond the forward estimates reporting period. It completely ignores the $129B in debt he inherited or the $300B in superannuation liabilities the state faces.

      So unless you all want to start paying more and higher taxes some people are going to lose out. Sure, it isn’t great that it’s fire-fighters who are taking one for the team but who’d you rather it be?

  20. Reblogged this on and commented:
    #NSWFIRES and politics

  21. Roy Hill says:

    I have no problem with the bulk of what is being said here, but I question the involvement of the Australian Electoral Commission in the Miranda bi-election. The AEC conducts Federal elections and bi-elections not State bi-elections.

  22. TechinBris says:

    When a committed people volunteer to help in worthwhile Community Support activities, I have always witnessed a willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done, whatever task they take, as they do know no matter if your at the front of the line, or the rear guard support, you are supporting the whole Community of which you are part, especially in times of the Community’s need. This includes unsung roles as those who are running messages, making sandwiches and refreshments and transporting them out to those in the front line of what ever it is they are doing. These are the unsung Heroes of our Community. Their role is just as critical to getting the job done. I bow in respect to all that do such, the silent unthanked, but committed Volunteers that do the duties they perform, with no fanfare at all. HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY!

    So was our Prime Miniature, Tiny Abbott doing anything as such? Was he there supporting the Fire Fighters in some way, anyway, in helping those fighting the fires? No, he dressed up and his support was to himself in doing Public Relations for his own Image enhancement, instead of being one of the Community doing his part of the support, however he could, in the time he was there. Sitting in a Truck and denying that being available to support the Citizens of Sydney? Way to go Tiny! At least you could have been constructive making refreshments instead of holding up resources you did for your photo shoot.
    The imbecile nauseates me.

  23. Justacceptit says:

    Reblogged this on Justacceptit's Blog and commented:
    Well worth a read!

  24. mashj50 says:

    You are living in an illusory world of choice,, there is no government of the people there is only corporate enslavement, voting for labour is no solution as it is simply the other hand of the same beast, Your Government created in 1900 at Federation was taken from you in 1933 and has been in operation ever since, Policies of no burn in the Australian bush are intentional, it has nothing to do with Green policies, and everything to do with making living in the Australian bush dangerous, and designed to discourage more & more people from moving out of the cities much easier to control the sheep in cities than roaming around the Australian countryside.In light of the hidden agenda to relocate all humans off the land into Mega cities the policies and actions of all government bodies makes perfect sense, Agenda 21 which Australia fully supports has encouraged dangerous and idiotic forest management presented to us in the guise of “sustainable practices in the name of Biodiversity” How cooking Echidnas in fire storms of incredible radiant heat is maintaining Biodiversity I will never know, but there you have it, with these latest fires and the policies attached to them you have at least a glimpse of who the real danger is, not the fires themselves which of course a devastating, but more the builder’s of the bonfires via dangerous policies, your local ,state & federal Governments,they are fully committed to this agenda and will implement it in the name of good management until all non essential citizens are removed from the landscape & safely installed in cities where they can be managed on the government’s terms like the rest of the herd, Once you filter all of their actions via this filter everything they do makes perfect sense, why else do you think they have removed all financial support for those who lost everything? the reason of course is that they are actively sabotaging people’s capacity to rebuild in the same location and hope that the experience was so devastating that they will move off the land for good, this is the harsh truth of the matter, the more devastation & upheaval they can create in rural areas the better for their agenda 21 policies, This is no conspiracy theory it is available for all to see in black & white at the click of a button I invite you all to do the research for yourself to see that it is so,

  25. Julie says:

    For anyone who has been near the bush in the last 10 years will know that the undergrowth has been growing and the fire danger getting worse every year. It has nothing to do with climate change. Climate change has all to do with government organisations getting funding for projects to keep their jobs, nothing more.

    Nothing has been mentioned here about the O’Farrell cuts to rural fire fighter ration packs. I think all they get now is a bottle of water. Cutting fire stations is atrocious. So is all the cuts to government organsiations.

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