Ray Of Light – Fair Work Commission seeks to settle its civil case against Craig Thomson

Posted: October 11, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

Today there has been a huge development in the case against Craig Thomson.

As those of you who have followed the case will be aware, the case against Thomson is based on two things;

  1. The word of disgraced union turncoat Kathy Jackson
  2. The Fair Work Australia investigation that took place while Kathy Jackson’s then fiancée Michael Lawler was its Vice President, and was later torn asunder by KPMG after an independent report into it was commissioned.

Fair Work Australia, which is now the Fair Work Commission have been pursuing Thomson in court now for  what seems like an eternity on civil matters.

These civil charges started out many may remember at a headline grabbing figure of over $500,000. This figure has steadily dropped as things like facts and evidence have been taken into account and the figure now is well and truly under $30,000. Although ancient history, publications like The Australian still like to portray the old $500K figure as fact despite it being utter fiction.

Today there has been a development that you won’t have to attend a shock-jocks wedding on the taxpayer dime to find out.

Today the figure the Fair Work Commission is disputing has seemingly dropped even further, much further.

Today in court the Fair Work Commission has requested to settle through a mediator in a bid to reach a confidential agreement between themselves and Thomson.

Fair Work have done what???

Fair Work have done what???

Thomson has welcomed this proposal, which will no doubt be of considerable relief to him financially, as the cost of the constant travelling and legal services to defend himself must have been an anchor around his neck.

It is important to note that this request to settle though a mediator was made by Fair Work Commission and not by Craig Thomson which is a clear indication of which party had the weaker case.

This will end the civil case against Thomson once the agreement is reached. It is also an indication of how much weight any evidence against Thomson in his criminal case must carry, considering it is primarily based on the Fair Work Commissions reports and investigation and it’s now even more questionable findings.

The matter will is now likely to settle before a mediator in Federal Court sometime after 21st October, but most likely early next year.

It will be interesting to see how the main stream media report this development, or even if they bother reporting it at all.

Now there's a load off...

Now there’s a load off…

Thomsons solicitor Chris McArdle had this to say on the development when I spoke to him today;

“It is a reality that over 90% of cases settle and had this not been such a high profile case it would have settled long ago. We support the move to refer to mediation as we are confident the matter can be settled quickly through a mediator.”

Although this isn’t a complete vindication for Thomson, it certainly has to be a ray of light for Craig and his family that the end is finally drawing near.

After three years of turmoil and constant media harassment no matter what your thoughts on Craig, it is about time his family started to see some closure as the toll this has taken on them cannot be measured.

After all, if anyone deserves a break, it is them.

As this went to press Michael Lawler refused to comment when I contacted him.

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  1. i alway knew in my heart that he was innocent and kathy jackson is a very nasty person and a liar.

    • Bridget says:

      Agreement to mediation is not exhonoration. I cannot believe, on principle, that if CT is completely innocent he is not fighting this to prove total innocence.

      • wixxy says:

        He is fighting to prove it in the criminal matter, however he doesn’t need to in the civil matter.

        It is not exhonoration, but it is certainly a sign of a weak case on their part

  2. sue chadwick says:

    This is a great development for Craig but the problem with confidential settlements is that the truth doesn’t get out there.

  3. helenmarg says:

    Wonderful.You could not have said better and done so much to help this appalling situation.This dreadful government has a lot to answer for in opposition trying to bring down Julia and her Government which were so much more honest than this lot.Now something must happen about the Ashby case.Thank you Peter.

  4. Marian Rumens says:

    Hope Craig sues the pants off of people who have set him up. The Liberal Party and journalists should be made to pay for their disgusting attacks on him. How he and his family has survived is hard to imagine. There is no ‘fair go’; in Australia.

  5. oldfart says:

    Craig Thomson, If you are reading this, say no, let them take you to court so the real facts come to light. Let it be reported, Then sue the arse of them all, Brandis, Pyne, Mirrabella, Abbott, Jackson and any other low life that did all this damage to you and your family.

    • Robert says:

      Hi. Don’t forget to sue the arse off Paul Murray from 2UE and Skynews for the unfounded rubbish he has been saying for the past few years. Have stopped watching him asdhe is so pro the Coalition is just not funny anymore. So biased so one sided can’t stand the man any longer.

  6. Marcus says:

    So I wonder, did any members of the Liberal Party attend Jackson’s wedding &-if yes-did any of them claim it on parliamentary entitlements? Now *there* is an interesting potential dove-tailing of two stories ;-).

  7. durk says:

    This man Craig Thompson, who lost his livlihood, his reputation, and much more, as a result of a political “witch hunt ” that one corrupt female Union official, used to divert attention away from herself, her lover and her ex husband.
    Don’t ever forget that this Austraalian Member of Parliament was “strip searched” by a corrupted Victorian Police Force on behalf of a “corrupted officer of a corrupted authority, “Fair Work Australia who happened to be the lover of the female initiator of this terrible miscarriage of justice.
    I believe that Kathy Jackson and her lover should be investigated and charged over this whole affair. They were the people who really rorted this Union.

  8. Jan Dobson says:

    With the amount of ‘publicity’ this situation has received, I’d also like to see the truth made public and those complicit called to account. However, I can appreciate that imminent closure must such a relief to the Thompson family. Hope though that the settlement includes a clear statement outlining of what Mr Thompson is definitively not guilty, otherwise some of the mud will stay with him for a long period.

    • bill slattery says:

      I despise the corrupted Australian newspaper and their Lackey Liberal party snout Journalists .Just gutless Cringers

  9. sue says:

    Great news for Craig and his family. But I must say I hope there is no confidentiality agreement. After FWA chasing Craig, all the headlines associated with it and of course the very public arrest all so perfectly timed the FWA should be made to disclose all.

  10. David says:

    Wonderful development and I’m sure Craig and his wife are relieved at last some good news. I guess I am somewhat selfish in wanting to see full ‘public’ closure for Thommo so the Newscorp scum have no dirt left to throw. Hopefully there will still be avenues open to pursue the low life who sought to destroy this man, his career and his family. My disgust is beyond expression and they should be brought to justice and the Thomson family recompensed for the pain and suffering they have endured.
    All the best Craig for whatever outcome you agree on.
    Chris McArdle has been a ‘Hercules’ in supporting his client and Wixxy, you are a bloody champion. Journalism in Australia is the better for your presence.

  11. billie11 says:

    Very happy that Fair Work Australia is seeking a settlement with Craig Thomson. He has been disgracefully pilloried and hectored for political gain.

    Didn’t Thomson also reach a confidential settlement with Fairfax which didn’t stop that organisation continuing to print fabricated evidence.

  12. Cookie says:

    Great news but if the mediation has a secrecy clause the the shock jocks will still scream that he is still guilty and hiding the truth. I just hope Thompson can sue the arse off them!

  13. jane says:

    What a brilliant result! It will probably end up being 2 drumsticks & a block of chocolate.

    However, for Craig Thomson and his family, the damage to his reputation, ability to gain future employment, his relationhips and his integrity must be beyond calculation, imo, particularly when you take into account how corrupt his accusers are.

    For that reason, I hope he doesn’t go for a confidentiality agreement and sues the lot of them for every penny they have and a very public apology from them. He deserves nothing less. I’d be prepared to chip in to help if he decided to sue.

    It won’t compensate for all the mental anguish he and his wife must have experienced these last few years, but it will help heal some of the scars.

  14. john surdge says:

    please note this is in regards to the alleged use of HSU money used for election purposes and still leaves him having to face the other 173 charges for money allegedly spent with hookers and so on. It would have been nice if this report had mentioned that.

    • wixxy says:

      Actually it’s not, most of those funds spent were cleared by the AEC this is a civil case that virtually mirrors the criminal case.

      The criminal matters are based on the same evidence

    • Marcus says:

      A yes, the “hooker” allegations-still around in spite of the fact that (a) close scrutiny of *HOURS* of CCTV footage from these brothels show no evidence that he was ever there & (b) he has an alibi for at least several of the times he is alleged to have been at these establishments. What is more important to me is why Kathy Jackson was letting her boyfriend look at confidential e-mails from fellow HSU members, & why she was giving her boyfriend’s kids extremely cushy jobs on far above award rates-amongst other misuses of HSU funds.

  15. Bill Kelly says:

    The focus should be on Katie Jackson , she has a lot of explaining to do & then there is her boyfriend.

  16. Bill Kelly says:

    The focus should be on Katie Jackson,she has a lot of explaining to do.

  17. ananda1955 says:

    who also agrees that abbott must apoligise to both craig thomsom and peter slipper. and resign !

  18. iggy648 says:

    What possible reason could the Fair Work Commission have for wanting the settlement to be confidential??? Doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

  19. hilderombout says:

    Everyone has says already how i feel about this situation. I am pleased for Craig and Zoe and their family that Fair Work Australia wants to settle through mediation. I am pleased for them that this might mean an end to this sorry and cruel saga for them. But like others i am concerned about the confidentiality clause. I do not agree with this at all. I do not want the ones who brought ths suffering and injustice to Craig to be able to hide from their deeds. They should be at the very least exposed, if not sued.

  20. hilderombout says:

    Thanks Wixxy for your continued investigations. You’re a marvel.

  21. Fed up says:

    What is actually being mediated?

    What will happen to the criminal charges, as Wixxy said they mirror the FWA charges.

    If the FWA now believe they no longer have a case, where the onus of proof is lower, what hope in there of getting a conviction in the criminal courts. where proof has to be beyond reasonable doubt.

  22. Keith says:

    John surdge October 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm had his own answer about Craig when he wrote “alleged use of HSU money used for election purposes” and “for money allegedly spent with hookers” but if John doesn’t know what allegedly means, the following well help.

    “used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof”.

  23. Alan says:

    Great news Craig justice at last.
    The media have a lot to answer, for their relentless witch hunt in aid of Abbott and his band of unprincipled trash, Albanese or Shorten the new leadership of the Labor party should pull no stops in getting to the bottom of this disgraceful witch hunt, the truth is out there, but will the media report truth. Probably not.
    Truth does not sell newspapers.

  24. Ricky Pann says:

    Gee Wixy we didn’t see that comin mate 🙄

  25. billie11 says:

    Is this site moderated

    • wixxy says:

      I moderate if myself however I only take out abuse towards other readers
      There have been issues in the past from right wing nutters and a couple of lefties also to be fair….

  26. Bridget says:

    Wixxy – what is your take on Williamson pleading guilty to defrauding our Union of some 900K? Wasn’t it Kathy Jackson who reported this to authorities ? I’m confused. Has she been charged with anything as yet? Has CT been convicted of anything? Is there any link between Williamson and CT? If Kathy Jacksons allegations against Williamson have been vindicated why would they be false against CT? This is a viper pit.

    • wixxy says:

      Yes it is a viper pit…

      Glad Williamson has pleaded guilty for stealing from the members and I look forward to the day when Jackson does the same.

      One person pointing out anothers guilt does not in any way make them innocent of anything, nor does it make every other allegation of theirs right.

      I have never said Thomson is innocent, I have just pointed out the flaws in the case against him and the false media reports that make him appear guilty in the public eye.

      Thomson has not been convicted of anything as yet, nor has Jackson been charged, she is still under investigation however.

      The links between Williamson and Thomson are not great, Thomson was employed by Williamson although there is nothing unusual about that, Kathy Jackson was also employed by Williamson. In fact the bond between Williamson and Jackson was greater than that of Thomson. Williamson was partnering with Jackson to form HSU East and Jackson was nice enough to destroy evidence by having Williamsons notebook stripped of data and reformatted.

      • Bridget says:

        Then , Wixxy, surely Jackson will be / has been implicated in court in the Williamson case? Do these corrupt officials and political figures realise how much confidence they erode? I for one am sick and tired of ALP / Union commentators defending amoral, fraudulent and corrupt officials and political figures. The fish rots from the head. Just who did support Williamson? They should fall on their sword.

      • wixxy says:

        Fair enough, however I am not defending a corrupt union official, I have always said Williamson should be held to account, but so to should Jackson.

        I have also never said Thomson is innocent, only that there is a lot of crap peddled about him and that the Coalition are pulling the legal strings

        On the flip side the Coalition tend to defend the corporations that seek to rip off workers, or the paedophile priests molesting children.

        Although it is also the Liberals backing Jackson and her alleged corruption

  27. Fed up says:

    Yes, Williamson has been convicted. The HSU will be able to claw back some of the money he has stolen.

    Yes, and Williamson has agreed to work with the police to bring more down,.

    The HSU will be unable to get all, but I believe they are holding onto one and half million.

    As for Thomson, that will work itself out soon.

    Why is there a need for Abbott to instigate new inquiries into the HSU. It has been dealt with, using laws that are now available.

  28. Nic says:

    Sounds like Bridget is fishing and trying to lead readers up the wrong path. Seems to be a pattern here. mmmm just a thought.

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