Steal Away – The Hypocrisy of those who rort the taxpayer and praise Kathy Jackson

Posted: October 10, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics, Uncategorized

A lot of information has been published lately in the nations press and online about entitlements, particularly travel rorts.

We have seen MP’s from both sides drawn into the scandal that seems to be growing more with each passing hour.

On the Labor Party front we have seen questions raised about Former Tasmanian Labor MP Dick Adams, and current NSW Labor MP Laurie Ferguson.

On the Liberal side we have WA Liberal MP Luke Simpkins, Qld National Party MP Ross Vasta, Attorney General George Brandis, National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Qld MP Teresa Gambaro, and of course Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It seems that Tony Abbott thinks the taxpayer should fund his attendance at weddings, fund the marketing promotion of his book, and fund his fun runs and triathlons, travel, meals and accommodation.

Bill Shorten, who totally flogged Tony Abbott by ten minutes in one fun run doesn’t seem to have billed the taxpayer for the pleasure.

These costs of Abbott’s that the taxpayer funded are rapidly closing in on the $100,000 mark.

Running for the taxpayer?

Running for the taxpayer?

In the Coalitions eyes that is apparently perfectly legitimate, but when Craig Thomson watches an in-house movie in a hotel on a union credit card worth $15, that warrants 2 police charges and becomes a national scandal.

Tony Abbott’s dodgy travel claims total more than three times the figure of the complete charges brought against Craig Thomson.

What is really interesting is that one of the destinations that two of these MP’s travelled to was the NSW Central Coast, Craig Thomsons former electorate, for the wedding of Michael Smith. Those who attended the Smith wedding on our dime were Barnaby Joyce and George Brandis.

I haven’t dragged out the pot and kettle for a while, but it seems more than called for in this instance.

George Brandis accusing Craig Thomson of rorting

George Brandis accusing Craig Thomson of rorting

George Brandis should know better than to charge the taxpayer for flights, accommodation, and even a government car to attend the wedding of a former shock-jock, after all he was the one leading the witch-hunt with Thomson and Slipper.

Brandis used the lame excuses that there would be journalists at the wedding, and that as Michael Smith was involved in both the Thomson HSU saga, and the Gillard AWU allegations he should be there. However this sounds more like Liberal Party interests in play rather than this being in the taxpayers interests.

Brandis is either making up crap excuses on the fly, or he truly thinks that the only place that journalists congregate is at a former shock-jocks wedding, and he expected new revelations to surface on the HSU or AWU matters during the wedding. Personally, I think he may be reaching just a tad there…

Brandis clearly has a different set of standards for himself and his colleagues to those he expects everybody else to live by.

George Brandis explains how many fingers worth of discount he wants on his travel expenses

George Brandis explains how many fingers worth of discount he wants on his travel expenses

So what does Michael Smith think of the taxpayer funding two Coalition MP’s attendance at his wedding?

I would suggest he would frown heavily on it based on his comments on-air over a similar situation in the not too distant past.

In September last year Jeff Jackson, former Secretary HSU #1 Branch and ex husband of Kathy Jackson and Shaun Hudson who is the former Assistant Secretary of HSU #1 Branch did not contest charges of using Union funds to fly from Melbourne to Sydney  so they could attend the wedding of a HSU NSW Organiser.

On hearing of these allegations Michael Smith ripped into Jackson, Hudson and the HSU over the issue, claiming that it was a misuse of members funds. Rightly so to I might add.

Barnaby gets cosy on the couch with the Smiths on their wedding day

Barnaby gets cosy on the couch with the Smiths on their wedding day

Tony Abbott and George Brandis have both spoken very highly of the HSU turncoat Kathy Jackson previously, I wonder what they think of Kathy Jackson spending over $22,000 on ski holidays in 2005 on the unions credit card. Perhaps she is being measured by the same hypocritical standards Brandis saves for himself.

There are some work entitlements that we all are entitled to, such as superannuation, accrued leave, and sick days. However, if someone is absent without leave they should not be accruing leave, or superannuation, or even being paid.

Below is a picture of a page from the 2009 Auditors report of the HSU #3 Branch of which Kathy Jackson was secretary. The page shows three staff who took leave without authorisation or filling in a leave form.

I have hidden the names of the first two employees for their privacy, but you will see that one had over 15 hours of unauthorised leave and the other over 44 hours, however it is the third name that is of interest, as are the hours off.

2009 Audit AL_Page_1

Kathy Jackson had taken over 1,021 hours off, that is 127 standard working days, or given that there are 240 working days in a year, Jackson had more than half the year off according to the auditor.

Despite this Jackson still received her wage.

I hope that this matter will be looked into further so that members can reclaim the money back, along with any superannuation payments or other entitlements paid out.

As for the time off, I assume it must have been the first six months of the year, as according the HSU #3 Branch cheque account statements available on my resource page Jackson appears to have been working flat-out spending close to $60,000 on credit cards and cashing over $22,500 in union cheques in the last six months of 2009.

As I have written about before, Senator Eric Abetz is planning to launch an attack on union corruption as a major priority. We are as yet unsure what form this will take, a Royal Commission, a Judicial Enquiry, a Senate Enquiry, or just a good ol’ fashioned Liberal Party witch-hunt.

Any enquiry into union corruption that does not look fully investigate the allegations and mountains of evidence against Kathy Jackson is a pseudo-enquiry that is only being launched for political purposes.

However enquiry’s and investigations for political purposes are nothing new, one only has to look at the crumbling case against Craig Thomson, or the absolute farce against Peter Slipper.

Rorting the system is not just about travel allowances, it is also about manipulating and abusing the legal system to suit a personal or political agenda.

When it comes to that kind of rorting, as the last few years have shown us, the Coalition are in a league of their own.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Nifty_26 says:

    It is time to rally, people unite, arrange location – work out where most of IA / Wixxyleaks supporter are or arrange one in each city – AFP, Minister office, arrange a date, Unless we act now and decisively we will go nowhere. If it can get going then make it a fortnightly or monthly event (Different days) until we get the answers. We cannot let these people run and hide anymore behind the MSM or the AFP. The MSM has to be used for OUR purposes and the AFP needs to be brought back into line as the PROTECTORS OF AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS and not be manipulated by political scum. Also we cannot let big business off either but I feel the prior is more important.

  2. oldfart says:

    Someone over at IA mentioned that a complaint had been lodged with the AFP, which they(AFP) have acknowledged as received. The complaint was lodged against one Anthony Abbott for falsely claiming travel and accomodation entitlements as an MP. this was done after it was reported that Abbott refused to pay back more than $80k in questionable claims. Having said that will the same yardstick be applied by Finance not accepting repayment from the member, now that the complaint has been lodged with the AFP and will the AFP investigate the claiming of $80k with the same vigour as they did Slippe’rs $900 ?

    Tony Abbott, may well live in interesting times. People in glass houses

    • Kathy says:

      will be interesting to see how this unfolds, I have been waiting to hear if this had been reported to the AFP and if so what action will they take, given that this is the prime minister, one would expect the same diligence they have applied before, however I fear not …….

  3. joy cooper says:

    These are truly awful, deplorable people &, even worse, they firmly believe they are the rightful rulers of this wonderful country. Anyone else is just a “pretender” who warrants no respect & must be rubbished or maligned at every opportunity.

    Even their supporters feel this way & allow them carte blanche to commit whatever rorts or acts of nastiness they so choose. They can do no wrong &, apparently, no trough is too big nor deep enough for their snouts to enjoy. Despicable.

  4. […] Steal Away – The Hypocrisy of those who rort the taxpayer and praise Kathy Jackson ( […]

  5. brickbob says:

    This mob should be called the Australian Ballet Party as they dance around every issue,their policies are pure fiction and they employ just as much spin and they only have one Ballerina.”’

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