The Carnival Is Over – Abbott already lying and even more Diaz campaign disasters

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

We are sure to be hearing a lot about what the election results have told us, and it is true that they tell us many things.

Things such as

  1. People don’t like a Party with infighting going on constantly.
  2. The public don’t like the direction the Right Faction has taken the Labor Party
  3. Even so The Labor Party is still the most popular political party in Australia with the Liberals still having to rely on preferences from the National Party to form government
  4. A look at how the senate vote has played out makes it clear that people don’t trust Tony Abbott and don’t trust him or his party with too much control.

The number of primary votes came out like this

Australian Labor Party   3,596,825 votes

Liberal Party     3,369,726 votes

Liberal National Party     927,826 votes

The Greens    893,964 votes

The Nationals   489,150

Interestingly enough The Greens, whom the Coalition write-off as a fringe Party, are virtually on par with The Liberal Nationals whom the Liberals rely on to form government as they are yet to be able to form government in their own right in my lifetime, and more than 80% greater that the Nationals who also form the Coalition.

Those who had trust issues with Tony Abbott didn’t have to wait long before their suspicions about his ability to spin the gospel truth were confirmed.

Tony Abbott hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already things are looking shaky.

Tony Abbott’s “Real Solutions Contract ” with Australia, pictured below, has 6 points or promises. As a leader of a Party of simple MP’s and candidates, Tony may indeed be used to scrawling his name on contracts that simple, but none of these are backed up with realistic policies.

The back of a Liberal How To Vote flyer

The back of a Liberal How To Vote flyer

On the “stronger more diversified economy” experts now say that there will be little difference between the two parties on the economic front with revenue and overall taxes remaining largely the same.

The surplus that we heard so much about is now becoming more like a pipe-dream with Abbott in his victory saying that we will

“Be on track to a believable surplus in three years”

What does that mean? Believable to who?

Ross Gittins when writing about the Coalitions financial scare campaign for Fairfax put it like this;

“I was never taken in by their (The Coalitions) five years of frightening the fiscally illiterate.”

We have all heard how Australia is now open for business with Abbott saying that the mining industry will now be free to take off free from all those things that were holding it back, the mining tax, the Carbon Tax, and all the Green Tape etc.

Maybe Abbott missed it, but one of his biggest cheerleaders from the mining industry, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest CEO of Fortescue last year posted a record profit and paid out their first ever dividend to shareholders. Twiggy’s dividend payout was a paltry $102 Million making it clear these miners are not doing it tough as Abbott would have us believe. These record profits I guess is what Tony refers to as closed for business?

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest - Devestated at the impact of the mining tax & carbon price

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest – Devestated at the impact of the mining tax & carbon price

The “Carbon Tax Gone” was one of the big two promises. Something we have heard about for years and something that Abbott was going to do everything in his power to see scrapped as fast as possible, saying several times that it was his top priority. He was even suggesting a double dissolution election so he could get it through the senate.

Well, what a difference a day makes. Now Abbott tells us it will be something we need to wait three years for to happen, and the double dissolution looks unlikely as it will more than likely make it harder to push changes through the senate.

If Abbotts top priority and as fast as possible means waiting three years, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on any “token promises”.

As for “end the waste and debt”, what a grandiose non-specific statement. The only waste that the Liberals specified during the campaign, the ergonomic chairs, turned out to be a lie at any rate.

“Build modern roads and improve services” is another grand statement, all governments build roads, even local governments.

As for improving services we have already seen what that means with the Coalition Broadband policy. A slower second-rate service that will have a huge chunk leased from Rupert Murdoch and his failing Foxtel network. Something that is hideously expensive ongoing.

There were even plans to censor the internet like they do in China and North Korea, we will wait and see when this idea come back.

“Stopping the boats” was to be a huge priority. Abbott told us many a time how he would be straight on a plane to Indonesia to sit down with the Indonesian government and form a plan to stop the boats.

Well that has now stretched out from being Abbott getting straight on a plane to three years once again. So much for the urgency…

I also don’t remember “proven policies” that included buying boats from people-smugglers with taxpayer dollars. Perhaps Abbott is just keen to give the smugglers a second revenue stream?

As for the “two million new jobs”, well that has stretched out to “within a decade”. Although they misleadingly left that part off the “How To Vote” flyers

Within a decade?

We could have had two or three new governments by then. What an utterly irresponsible promise to make and ridiculous thing to claim. In all likelihood Abbott won’t be in power in ten years to need to explain why this promise was broken.

The contract not on the "how to votes", note the "within a decade" on the last point

The contract not on the “how to votes”, note the “within a decade” on the last point

A lot was also said by the Liberals about a stable and strong government.

Labor achieved a strong government that delivered huge reforms despite a hung parliament, internal infighting, a hung senate, a hostile media and a Global Financial Crisis. We will see how Tony goes with just a couple of these issues.

As for a stable party, we will watch Malcolm Turncoat, I mean Turnbull with much interest, Abbott defeated Turnbull as the leader by a mere one vote.

I even saw John Howard talking about leadership stability and infighting on TV on election night, criticising Labor for its leadership struggles. I have three words for John Howard, Alzheimer’s, Peter and Costello.

Although those who are in the Labor Party may be licking their wounds at the moment there is much to be thankful for.

The bloodbath and night of the long knives predicted by right-wing commentators didn’t eventuate, not even close to their dire prophecies of doom.

Tony Abbotts first statement after winning in his speech was that The Labor Party’s vote was at its lowest level in over 100 years. This was a complete and utter lie.

It was Labor’s worst result since 1934, but that is not over 100 years by any stretch of the imagination. This statement shows that Abbott is extremely comfortable lying, or Joe Hockey did the math again.

Below is the video of Abbott’s victory speech which shows the 100 year lie and the stretching of his immediate policy promises to three years.

The wiping out of Labor in Queensland and in Sydney’s West didn’t occur with key seats targeted by the Liberals such as Parramatta and Greenway holding onto their Labor Party members. Greenway in fact picking up what was almost an extra 3%.

The election day in Greenway was however marred by one incident of utterly gutless behaviour by the deputy campaign manager of the Jaymes Diaz campaign (something that he will probably leave off his CV).

The offender arrived at a polling booth in Lalor Park and started screaming at a female volunteer. He then proceeded to tear down signage off the fence whilst continuing to hurl abuse.

The target of this unprovoked outburst was visibly shaken afterwards and was clearly concerned for her own safety at the time. As was a Greens volunteer who was there with a child.

Ben McClellan of the Daily Telegraph pulled up in a car park over the road moments later and chased the offender down the street with his photographer. The offender however refused to say who he was, and other Liberal volunteers refused to comment or name the offender, with one only saying that he had tried to calm him down to no avail.

The gutless thug flees the scene (photo courtesy News Ltd)

The gutless thug flees the scene (photo courtesy News Ltd)

The target of the assault that almost turned physical had this to say on the matter;

“He started ripping them off the fence like he was going mad, like a bloody psycho.

“I am not here to be abused, it has just upset me. I don’t like aggressive men, I am shaking. I’ve done this for a long time and I don’t have to be abused.”

Once the photo of the perpetrator was released it was reported by volunteer  John Niven that the same man had been over at Metella Rd Public School at Toongabbie yelling and being abusive and pulling signs down.

Another campaign volunteer Michael Riley remembered him as being rude and aggressive with people at Toongabbie station during the campaign.

However he saved his biggest outburst and threatening behaviour for a female volunteer who was working a busy entrance on her own, real classy.

As this incident was all about signs, now is a good time to bring up another issue with the Jaymes Diaz campaign that was only confirmed today.

There had been complaints of Diaz’s campaign team erecting signage and hanging corflutes on vacant houses and council property where they are not allowed to be placed.

On Friday 6th September I noticed signage erected on both street-fronts on the property of Blacktown 7 Eleven located on one of the areas busiest corners opposite a homemaker centre a McDonalds and a KFC. It had clearly been there for days. I contacted the head office of 7 Eleven who passed the information on to their regional manager for the area.

The signs were erected without any authorisation or permission according to 7 Eleven. This means whoever authorised the putting of signs on 7 Eleven’s private property without authorisation was breaking the law. Below is a copy of 7 Eleven’s response.

7 11 Letter

Could the mystery gutless thug who claimed to be Diaz’s deputy campaign manager have had something to do with this signage?

Unfortunately for this nameless gutless thug, News Ltd’s Ben McClellan did some checking and found out that he does in fact have a name, one I’m sure will cause further outrage.

I must also say at this point that I have been critical of Ben McClellan’s reporting in previous posts, however his reporting and investigative work on that matter have been outstanding as was his bravery in chasing an angry aggressive thug down the street.

Also unfortunate for the spineless coward is the fact the woman he decided to intimidate was Nicole Scott, a staffer of the Former Premier Nathan Rees who is now the Shadow Police Minister. Someone who is not as easily intimidated as the type of woman he may usually encounter. Nicole has spent her career defending the rights of others and standing up to bullies, as has her boss.

This is not the type of thing that Nicole Scott is likely to let rest.

After some investigative work by Ben McClellan the offenders name turned out to be Jerome Smith, and lo and behold he is in fact the son of Greg Smith.

Jaymes Diaz and Jerome Smith - Liberal Party champions

Jaymes Diaz and Jerome Smith – Liberal Party champions

Greg Smith some of you may remember is the Liberal Parties NSW Attorney General. The same one who has vouched for paedophile priests and introduced the recent Victims Of Crime legislation that made it harder for victims of paedophiles to have charges laid by changing the statute of limitations, and also slashing the maximum compensation payouts to an obscene level that will save the church millions of dollars in settlements and leave victims feeling as if they have been raped once again.

Greg Smith may sleep soundly after being so generous to child molesters, however now his own son is in the spotlight I wonder how he is feeling.

Jerome on the left and Greg Smith on the right with the winning bidder at an auction Jerome was auctioneer at

Jerome on the left and Greg Smith on the right with the winning bidder at an auction Jerome was auctioneer at

Having his own son exposed as a gutless thug and someone who is comfortable intimidating women may make him lose some sleep as one wonders where Jerome picks up this type of behavior and attitude.

Is Jerome a chip off the old block, or the black sheep of the family?

Either way if he is not banned from all campaigning by the Liberal Party we should all see it as the Liberals endorsing that kind of behaviour and that kind of attitude towards women.

Greg Smith - Friend to pervert priests and father to a gutless thug

NSW Attorney General Greg Smith – Friend to pervert priests and father to a gutless thug

Aside from this incident however Saturday was a relatively peaceful voting day, this was the only incident in NSW that required the police.

The debate will go on as to whether Rudd’s installation as leader was a success, or whether Labor stood have stood behind Julia Gillard. Not that anybody can ever have an answer that is certain.

My take on it is that Kevin Rudd was like a relative that you haven’t seen in ages. You are all excited and happy to see them when they return, but the longer they stay the more you want to see the back of them as they start to irritate you.

So now if you believe all the spin we will have a government that

“Says what it means and means what it says”

However, when it says “immediately”, it means three years. When it says “as soon as possible” that also means three years.

Already disappointing supporters with his sudden within 3 years moving of goalposts

Already disappointing supporters with his sudden within 3 years moving of goalposts

It is no wonder Liberal voters whom I have spoken to feel duped and betrayed already.

We will now have a government of

“No excuses and no surprises”

They are right on that part at least, I am not in the least bit surprised that no excuses are being offered for the sudden three-year stretching of what were core policies that the Liberals were elected on.

It is staggering to think that Tony Abbott has started out his term as Prime Minister by publicly stating a lie in his victory speech. This lie came across as arrogant and was also completely unnecessary. It is the only time that I can recall a Prime Minister Elect making his first public statement and his victory speech begin with a blatant lie. It will be no surprise at all to see him continue that trend throughout his term in the PM’s chair.

With a start like that it is clear when it comes to integrity in politics, the carnival is over.

Well and truly.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. dyoll09 says:

    Reblogged this on AZIAZONE.

  2. Roger says:

    Wixxy; full disclosure please. Were any of he persons mentioned as being abused your current girlfriend and a staffer of a Labor State MP? I’m no fan of Smith and do not condone alleged behaviour such as this but you of all people should understand the importance of full disclosure.

  3. dwejevans says:

    Surprise surprise, abbott lies!, Who would have thought? Can anybody really see abbott lasting 3 years, I personally cannot find one feature of this person that I could possibly like. I find it interesting that all the talk about Labor leadership (2 leaders) over the last 6 years ignores the fact that the coalition itself had 3 leaders during that time, Nelson, Turnbull and abbott, the latter scraping in by just 1 vote. For the good of the country I hope that abbott is turfed out within the 6 months that I predict!

    • johnward154 says:

      When Gorton one by one vote he stepped down from the leadership, because he felt a leader with such a thin margin could not lead a stable Government.
      How wise.
      A different type of man.

  4. clarittee says:

    Seems all the incidences of damage or trouble were on Labor people and Greens. Are we allowed to judge a party by the people who vote for them and they have in their party? They tend to fail the reasonableness and NICE test. In Wide Bay the labor candidate took votes from W Truss. How is Sophie going in Indi?

  5. Dez says:

    It would have been good to have Jerome “No Balls” Smith at our polling place (Rivo).

    I’m sure there would of been many of us more than willing to plant a fist in his massive fat face if he had tried those gutless antics.

    • Steve says:

      Yes Dez, I would love to have fat bastard Jerome try that at my booth, sad little man he is.Even Hadley says Greg Smith is a loon, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Apparently he was on a booth in Nth Rocks when Howard turned up a few elections back. He had to be prized off Howards leg ( dry humping ) praising god for every day he was PM, fat sycophant.

  6. johnward154 says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Lah de dah!

  7. bernyl says:

    The problem is, we are the only ones who know all this, and/or could give a flying fig. Most Ozies can’t be bothered nd simply believe what the MSM magnates tell then in every media outlet there is other than the ABC. And many ABC presenters aren’t game to say anything about the toxic Libs for fear of being seen to be one sided or ‘against the norm’, out of step. If we can’t get some control over the MSM we’re basically stuffed..

  8. Keith says:

    I know The Liberals/National Party are a QLD based party, but how did they get votes in a Federal Election?

    Liberal National Party 927,826 votes

    • MB says:

      The LNP are the conservative party branch in QLD. Call it Liberal party QLD. So in QLD the candidates as part of the coalition ran under the name LNP instead of Liberal party or The Nationals. There were not separate candidates in QLD for the Liberal Party and National Party in QLD seats running against the LNP. They aren’t a different party to the Liberal party with different leaders or a different party room, that form a coalition, they are the same party. The Nationals however are a different party they have their own party room, their own leader, and they form a coalition with the Liberal party.

  9. MB says:

    Check your facts. The Liberal Nationals are the name of the party in QLD ONLY, as the Libs and the Nats merged in QLD. In other states you have Liberal in city, and National in country, but in effect they are all still the same party, and hence why they are merged. The Greens are a country wide party found in every state, in every electorate, so country wide they got the same votes as party in 1 state. So yes, a fringe lunatic party.

    • wixxy says:

      “In effect” does not make it a fact.

      A merged party in one state does not make it the same party as a non merged party in another state.
      If it were the same party it would be called the same and merged in every state.

      So I guess using your logic on fringe parties that makes the Nationals twice as fringe as The Greens considering they got around half the vote, either that or you’re the lunatic….

      In effect….

      • MB says:

        I get your point, but I was merely commenting that you cant call the LNP a different party to the Liberal party that form a coalition, and the premise that the coalition is 4 parties joined together is not correct, it is 2 parties. Consider the LNP as Liberal party QLD. Its like in Victoria Wooworths traded under the name Safeway, in other states it is called Woolworths, it is the same company, just a different name in 1 state. The LNP sit in the same party room as the Liberal party, have the same leader etc, so they are the same party. In QLD you did not have LNP candidates competing against Liberal Candidates or Nationals candidates. However, you are correct that the Nationals on the other hand are a different party. They have a different party room, different leader, and together they form a coalition with the Liberal Party. And in some seats they ran against a Liberal Party candidate. As to whether the Greens or The Nationals or both are a fringe party, I will point the following stats. The Greens ran in all 150 seats, meaning they averaged 6259 votes per seat, which was 8.33% primary, and won 1 seat. The Nationals ran in 16 seats, averaging 31,425 votes per seat, at 39.9% primary of the seats they competed in, and won 9 of those seats.

      • wixxy says:

        Whatever way the numbers are juggled and what Parties vote are joined together to count as one on the Coalition side, The Labor Party is still the countries most popular political party based on first preference voting for an individual party

  10. Keith says:

    Was Jerome Smith one of the nameless, faceless and gutless men of The Liberals?

  11. Bridget says:

    What is happening with CT’s trial or has it been dropped because the Libs are in power?

  12. Ken_oath says:

    The treatment of women by this misogynist Opus Dei nutter Jerome Smith is not surprising.

  13. Roger says:

    Keith, I am not, nor have ever been, a staffer or Member of Parliament, just in case you asked. Full facts by all sides is needed. Wixxy is a good bloke; always been honest and upfront with me. I have no agenda but balanced and full reporting.

  14. Greenway Local says:

    The Liberals are already making cuts:

    “The Coalition has reduced the amount of money it is spending on its Direct Action carbon reduction plan by more than $300 million.

    The plan the Coalition took to the 2010 election was worth $3.2 billion, but just before Saturday’s election the Coalition reduced it to just under $2.9 billion.”

    And get this for an astounding piece of logic, cutting a rebate helps low-income earners:

    “The biggest saving, $200 million, comes from halving the amount the Coalition plans to rebate consumers for installing solar panels and solar hot water systems.

    The payment was supposed to be $1,000, but the Coalition says it is cutting it to $500 because the cost of the products has come down and it wants to target low income earners.”

    Full story:

  15. Steve says:

    Top post wixxy. Rudd is now being accused of having narcissistic personality disorder by the press, however they have barely raised an eyebrow over our new PM, the pathological liar. I think he has slid into this sort of self delusion as a way of masking the unstable side of his personality. Look at how he speaks now when he is lying, everything slows down, very calm and deliberate, face to camera, i’m looking at you and you are going to believe what i am telling you – incredible ! But it works….for now. Lets see how it holds up when the press has finally become bored with the ALP and starts giving him a bit of grief. Can’t wait for unfiltered Tony to pop out occasionally.

  16. Fed up says:

    Why is it, that the last few elections, have seen bad behavior by Liberal supporters. Did not some end up before the court after the previous election.

  17. johnward154 says:

    Democracy, freedom and relationships are not handed to you on a plate. These are things you must fight to retain every day. Legislation can be written. Constitutions can be enshrined and carved in stone but there is no guarantee they will be with you tomorrow

    These three ideals, can be eroded by neglect unless cherished. They can be taken away, unless defended. They will become dulled, if not valued and continually improved, each and every day.
    We must cherish, protect, and improve them each day in order to preserve them.
    Neglect them and they become meaningless.

    We have a duty of care to democracy, to ensure that all the people are well informed with factually based options with which to make their decisions.

    Truth is at the core of Democracy.
    Some participants in our recent election have chosen to misinform and inflame, thereby failing in their duty of care towards democracy through acts or omissions and distortion that could reasonably be seen likely to damage the people and the very fabric of our democratic institutions.

    It must be no longer acceptable that political offerings can avoid scrutiny, be deceptive or misleading, or be distorted half truths and exaggerations or scandalous rumours that we have experienced that led to the Coalition victory.

    Such behaviour is illegal under the Trades Practices Act and would attract a heavy penalty. Electoral lies and slander are not protected by parliamentary privilege.

    Rule number one and two next election?

    “If it’s not right don’t do it;

    if it’s not true don’t say it”.

    Marcus Aurelius

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