Gutless – Alex Hawke MP the lies, the backflips, and the hypocrisy

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

When one delves into politics whether as a candidate, as a political writer, as a branch member, or even as an educated observer it is easy to become disillusioned and question your own motivations and what drives you to do your part to make the country a better and fairer place.

It is at times like this that I am so lucky to have a local MP like Alex Hawke the Federal Member for Mitchell.

Alex serves as a constant reminder of why I take such an interest in politics.

You see Alex Hawke to me represents all that is wrong with politics.

Alex Hawke is the man once described by 2GB’s Alan Jones as

“A Cancer On The Liberal Party”

That was one of the nicer things Jones said about Alex. I don’t often find myself agreeing with Jones, but on this occassion…

More can be heard from Alan Jones on Alex Hawke via this link, there are plenty of others there also.

Alex is a career politician, he has done little else coming straight from the Young Liberal movement and being pre-selected into a safe seat.

There isn’t a scale small enough to measure Hawke’s real-life experience outside of his political bubble.

A local lady looks at Alex Hawke with disdain

A local lady looks at Alex Hawke with disdain

Alex takes hypocrisy to a whole new level on many things, today I thought I’d write about just a few of them.

Alex Hawke has been quite vocal regarding his opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming that it undermines the sanctity of marriage which should be between a man and a woman. To have two people of the same-sex would cheapen the institute of marriage.

Cheapening the institute of marriage is something Alex knows all about having recently ended a marriage of a couple of years.

Alex himself was married for a brief period. In what many have called a sham marriage and a marriage of convenience.

Many who know Alex well tell how the marriage was a scheme to gain the backing of the religious rights factional leader David Clarke in order to get the numbers for pre-selection. Many sources have stated that this marriage was to cover up Hawke’s own sexuality which would seem to go a long way explain why he has taken so many young men under his wing.

One of those you men is the man last night made Deputy Mayor of the Hills Shire once again, Andrew Jefferies. Always the bridesmaid….

Andrew Jefferies a was an allegedly dysfunctional and ill educated young man from Muirfield High School. He was reportedly ‘be-friended’ by Alex Hawke, and given assistance and ‘friendship’. Hawke then used him and gave him a job in his electorate office until sources say Hawke was advised to dump him, following alleged episodes of mishandling constituents, rorting and stacking Liberal branches with young Liberals and misusing the members office to hold such meetings.

Andrew Jefferies - Always the bridesmaid

Andrew Jefferies – Always the bridesmaid

In the end the separation finally hapenned with sources telling of Jefferies crying like a little girl with a skinned knee. However the pair are still close to this day with Jefferies acting as Hawke’s puppet in council matters.

One of Alex’s latest recruits is a lad by the name of Peter Gangemi, a sheltered but intelligent studious type unlike Andrew Jefferies who is young and single. Hawke has had him promoted through the Liberal Councillors onto the Youth Advisory Council and thence to the position of the Hills Shire Youth Ambassador. He is currently an elected Liberal Councillor following Hawke’s intervention in local pre-selection events.

What we do know for sure is that Alex was married, he received Clarke’s blessing, his wife went to France to study for a couple of years, he fell out with Clarke causing a factional in-fight that caused Alan Jones to verbally tear into Alex several times. There was also a nasty email campaign and an assault reported in a bar as a result of this ugly factional fight.

Alex and his short term bride in happier days but in vomit worthy pic...

Alex and his short term bride in happier days but in vomit worthy pic…

That factional fight escalated to an incident that ended with Hawke calling police to break up his own meeting in his own office in a show of cowardice and a display of gutlessness that surprised many.

Alex then formed his own faction which now controls the Liberal State Executive. His wife has returned from France and studying and the pair have quickly separated and now await divorce, the sham marriage no longer required reportedly.

Sanctity of marriage indeed…

Alex's wife, Rebecca voted to flee to France...

Alex’s wife, Rebecca voted to flee to France…

The seat of Mitchell is home to one of the fastest growing business districts in the country the Norwest Business Park.

While those in the Greenway Electorate which has a quality MP in Michelle Rowland as a member watched the National Broadband Network roll out, those in the Norwest Business Park scratched their heads and wondered why they were missing out.

The reason they were missing out is because their voice chose to take political pot shots rather than look after his constituents interests.

Alex spoke out against the NBN many times, and then when it started rolling out on the other side of Windsor Rd started crying like a baby that has lost its dummy.

You cannot have it both ways Alex. You cannot argue against something, say it is no good, vote against it, and then complain you aren’t getting it first. That is just plain childish.

Alex Hawke waits for a page to load up with his Ultra-slow connection speed

Alex Hawke waits for a page to load up with his Ultra-slow connection speed

Alex isn’t new to taking cheap political shots however, taking cheap shots has led to Alex being thrown out of parliament several times. This may have seemed like a big joke to Alex, but it leaves his electorate without a voice in parliament, something we are supposed to be able to rely on him for.

Those in Alex’s electorate that have known the fight for equality, whether it is based on sex, sexuality, race, religion, or anything that may cause someone to be discriminated against should heed these words from Alex himself.

“We are not a society of equality. We are not a society that seeks complete equality for all of our citizens. It is not a goal that we will ever achieve and it is not a goal that I believe is worthwhile.”

Oddly enough Alex, I think the exact opposite, I think it is more than worthwhile and something we should constantly fight for.


Alex has also been outspoken on the cost to the Federal government of paying the disability pension and how it is increasing at a rapid rate with more people signing on than ever before, Alex took to the topic via Twitter figuring on scoring some cheap political points.

Alex, as a member of the NSW Liberal Executive should be all too well aware that the reason for this lies with the Coalition government in NSW. You see the changes to workers compensation laws in NSW have given a free pass to the insurance companies and left many without an income and also forced may onto welfare disability payments from the Federal government. Something that used to be covered by a company’s insurance is now covered by the taxpayer, we have the Coalition to thank for that.

When you bear in mind that all levels of government are controlled by Alex and his faction, with his faction controlling two of the three local State seats and the vast majority of the councillors it is worth looking at just what if anything the Liberal government has delivered for the area.

The current demolition of Hills Centre, a centre used by schools and children all across the community and guaranteed to not be replaced by Andrew Jefferies, Peter Gangemi and the other Liberal councillors. The proposed eyesore of a “SkyTrain” that has replaced the tunnel for the North West Rail which is yet to see the start of construction as opposed to demolition.

What's left of the Hills Centre. Liberals call this rail construction, I guess that's why it's demolition workers there...

What’s left of the Hills Centre. Liberals call this rail construction, I guess that’s why it’s demolition workers there…

We now have the prospect of elevated building heights, going from the current 7 stories to 24 stories. There is traffic disruption due to the lack of desperately need upgrades to roads like Showground and New Line Roads, plus we now have fewer buses.

A council that only a short time ago were united in calling for council to be recognised in the Constitution has seen the Liberal members completely back-flip at Hawke’s command when Tony Abbott decided he wouldn’t support it because Labor does.

The Liberal councillors from Alex’s faction have also overseen the dissolution of more than 40 years of community volunteerism, the sell out of community facilities to meet State Government demands, fewer recreational facilities, and a reduced budget for community.

Alex Hawke and his errand boys and girls at state and local level have not delivered anything for the community but smoke and mirrors and hot air.

The Liberals locally breeze into office without any real trouble as it is such a safe Liberal seat. Once they get there they can relax and do little safe in the knowledge that locals will still vote for them.

I have often said that the only way to ensure that the Liberals work for you is to vote them out.

The Liberal Party in the Hills Shire have not earned your vote in any way shape or form, yet they the expect it. What utter arrogance.

That’s why I’m kind of glad there are MP’s like Alex Hawke around, they serve as a great reminder as to why I’ll never vote for Alex and his ilk.

This kind of arrogance and hypocrisy should never be encouraged.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Liberal through and through says:

    You must be a labor supporter.

  2. owen1967 says:

    the possible bonus (albeit arguably a moot point) may be a change in the position (pls excuse the pun) of the Liberal Party with regard to gay marriage … no doubt bestiality will get another run too … but whatever Cory is into is OK with me … each to his own / live and let live and all of that!

  3. joy cooper says:

    Feel your pain, Peter. Alex Hawke is a slimy, duplicitous waste of space. Noticeable is the fact that he has not said a word about nor condemned the owner of HMP Electrical Services Pty Ltd, the Northmead business which offered its employees $100 if the Coalition won the election. Naturally this was seen as an attempt to bribe or coerce these employees into voting for the Liberals & referred to the relevant authorities..

    There must be something in the water of the Mitchell electorate as there seems to be an epidemic of shonkiness going around.

  4. M. Jones says:

    Andrew Jefferies – “an allegedly dysfunctional and ill educated young man from Muirfield High School”. I don’t know about the alleged rorting and stacking of Liberal branches or the alleged use of a member’s office to hold such meetings, but the “episodes of mishandling constituents” certainly ring true with me. As a constituent who has dealt with Jefferies, that analysis is spot-on. I would also add “rude”, given his disrespectful and inappropriate comment contained in an email to me and one other, dated September 2011. An apology would have put the matter to rest. But not for Jefferies. He refused to apologise as requested and further, “blocked” subsequent email correspondence. A truly pathetic, but not unexpected reaction.
    He is a “politician on training wheels” and it speaks volumes that the Liberal Party have so little depth in their ranks that he is now Deputy Mayor. He makes Jaymes Diaz look good!
    As for Alex Hawke – you’re right. No life experience outside the Liberal Party Bubble.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Wasn’t he the little creep who led the nazi march for young liberals a few years back.

  6. Jack Doyle says:

    What a load, trying to use vexnews as a credible source. This whole blog is a pathetic farce. Then again, you can’t expect much from either Wixxy or his intended audience; average IQs that Forrest Gump would be jealous of.

    • wixxy says:

      Great job Jack maybe you missed the Fairfax links and Alan Jones

      If I knew I was going to get a conservative audience I’d have used simpler words and highlighted the links better, I’m not used to dumbing things down for my audience

      • Jack Doyle says:

        Ah, typical wixxy “He doesn’t agree with me? M-must be a conservative. A-alan Jones and Fairfax are c-credible and fair news sources, not at all biased!” You sound like one of those idiots who takes the Telegraph as gospel. The vast majority of your posts are speculation and spin, and when you bother to cite a source you either misinterpret it or just up and parrot something that you have no way to confirm. Well done, aren’t you a clever little princess. You probably should be using simpler words, your tinfoil fedora followers would find it easier to comprehend.

      • wixxy says:

        Your the one reading them Jack

  7. […] Gutless – Alex Hawke MP the lies, the backflips, and the hypocrisy ( […]

  8. L says:

    Hi Peter. Are you aware Alex is getting married again in December?

  9. I cannot believe Andrew Jefferies got voted in again, he was so rude and intimidating when I attended a council meeting. I think if the general population saw the way he acts in council meetings they would not vote for him. I saw him helping Alex Hawke out campaining on his facebook page.

  10. Hawke also said about the Hills Centre “. I have accepted the view that the Hills Centre has not proven to be viable for our entire Hills community throughout its period of operation as its makeup and physical layout restricts its use to all performing arts sectors.

    As you may know, the State Government has purchased the existing site for the new train station along the NorthWest Rail Link due to the desperate need of improved infrastructure in the hills area.

    Whilst it is sad to see it go, as it has been a part of the Hills for a long time, things do have to change and I am also a strong supporter of the North West rail link and the benefits of better transportation for our community.”

    When questioned about this and the fact that the station could be moved a few metres “We do disagree on this, however it isn’t just a choice about leaving it or not leaving it. It is old infrastructure and unsustainable to keep it operating without significant capital investment. Given all of the factors, the council moving, the station needs and the future of that part of Castle Hill it seems reasonable and I am happy to look for new premises and options for the arts in our area.”

    After he was questioned again, he referred it to the Mayor.

    Well he was wrong on all counts.
    1. It was designed for small and large events I don’t know what he mean by restricting its use. The Southern theatre was designed for smaller events. There is not much the theatre couldn’t do. Ironically, the Mayor suggested it was “too multifunctional”.
    2. The Hills Centre was sabotaged just as it was becoming profitable due to Liberal party factions and “in fighting”. The campaign against Bernie Mullane and the Hills Centre was designed to depict the Hills Centre as draining money to gain political advantage.
    3. The liberals, State, Federal and local Government were making an issue about the new west rail. As people are now just starting to realise, they only had to move the station a few meters and we could have had both.
    4. Unsustainable without significant capital investment. Well, we offered the Government $10million for naming rights and they were not interested.
    5. “Old” infrastucture – Maybe to you Alex as you are too young to know any difference. 25 years is not old.
    6. Too hard to maintain. Of course it is when no maintenance has been done on it in 25 years.
    7. Happy to look for new premises, well Alex, there are NO premises to find you demolished the only one of its kind in Australia. What could have been a major tourism attraction turned into dust.

  11. says:

    Alex Hawke according to this article is the anti Christ. If it is true I am sad to see his marriage break down but make no mistake his wife is a very smart lady and she would not be suckered into a marriage of convienence. It is sad that this article paints Alex Hawke marriage as a sham. One could easily paint as Alex Hawke marriage ends due to his total dedication to serving his constituents. See how easy it is to put a spin on anyone’s circumstances. The other accusation of Alex Hawke surrounding himself with young men, go look in his office it is just about all women staff a petticoat goverment if you like. So please report impartially and try to give yourself some credibility.

  12. Catherine says:

    I am so pleased to see a fellow resident in the hills can think for themselves and won’t mindlessly vote Liberal like 75% of the people here. Our local members and councillors are not listening to us, and why would they in such a safe seat!

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