Milk It – News Ltd milk the Craig Thomson story for all its worth

Posted: September 3, 2013 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics

Ah, what a surreal world it must be to be a Liberal MP in Victoria.

When someone can waste vast amounts of taxpayer dollars and the courts time just to suit their own political agenda things are clearly broken.

Today the Australian ran an “Exclusive” story about what happened in an open court yesterday regarding the ongoing Craig Thomson case.

Craig Thomsons matter was due for a mention later this month, however given that we have a Federal election on Saturday this was not convenient for the prosecution, which is acting for the State of Victoria, or the Coalition that runs it.

Rather than wait until the scheduled mention another one was requested of the court on Friday 30th August by the prosecution. This request was granted and the mention was held the next working day which was Monday 2nd September.

So what new revelations emerged from this rushed through court mention? None

What new evidence was presented? None

What new claims were made? None

But what the hell, it meant that News Ltd got to run another negative piece on Craig Thomson in an election week.

The whole thing seems like it was set up so that prosecutors could stand up and rant unchallenged and use the court as a place for political grandstanding.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg was quoted in the article as saying

“You can’t have it both ways,”

in regards to Thomsons defense.

Thomson doesn’t want things both ways at all, and despite many requests has yet to even see the evidence against him in order to make a judgement for himself.

There are a number of legal options open for Thomson but until he is given access to what is in evidence as the prosecution are legally bound to do. he cannot make a decision.

Although Thomson has stated consistently throughout this saga that has seemingly gone on an eternity, that although he was legally entitled to use the union credit card as he saw fit, he has never used it in an inappropriate manner.

This is not having anything both ways at all as the prosecution would like us to think.

Thomson thinks it would be nice to see some evidence...

Thomson thinks it would be nice to see some evidence…

Thomsons is the only story that has been consistent in this matter. His accuser Kathy Jackson is under police investigation and has had charges laid on her by the union and according to sources has allegedly been receiving psychiatric care. As for the allegations against Thomson they have plummeted from over half a million dollars to under thirty grand, very consistent indeed.

I’d go so far as to say the evidence against Thomson has only been consistent in its inconsistency.

As for the “Exclusive” story in The Australian, how can something that happened in open court be an exclusive? Anybody can waltz in and report on it.

Me writing about it now means it isn’t exclusive any more.  Are News Ltd really that desperate that they will claim anything as exclusive these days?

Exclusive??? Really???

Exclusive??? Really???

The story itself is just a rehash of the drivel printed by the paper in the past.

In fact there is so much drivel in this article that it needed two people to put it together and who better than Ackerman and Higgins.

It would seem that this court mention was staged for the News Ltd press so they could smear Craig Thomson once more before the election.

The story itself was so lame that the only two people to have any interest were Ackerman and Higgins, and due to the fact that nothing new was presented or discovered the total lack of interest from credible news agencies meant that it could be presented as an exclusive. Win, win.

What happened yesterday tells us more about News Ltd and the Liberal party than it does about Craig Thomsons case.

What a disgraceful display of justice perverted and journalism for sale.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. dwejevans says:

    Botto lines say it all!
    What happened yesterday tells us more about News Ltd and the Liberal party than it does about Craig Thomsons case.

    What a disgraceful display of justice perverted and journalism for sale.

  2. Dez says:

    Murdoch’s media (and the withered old turd himself) has hit the level of “pathetic disgrace” pretty much worldwide now.

    Hopefully this will all begin to backfire on these mental defects (including any of the nutty Liberals complicit in this)……..very soon.

  3. Fed up says:

    What is needed, is an inquiry into the Victorian police. Then that is not new for the state, is it.

  4. billie11 says:

    I agree that News Limited has behaved the same way in Australia as it does in the UK

    We need an antipodian Leveson enquiry

    I was shocked when I saw page 1 of The Australian today

  5. Heather says:

    Well said Wixxy. Perverting the course of justice seems to be a national pastime these days.

  6. joy cooper says:

    Think of how bad it will be for truth & justice if the woeful George Brandis becomes Australia’s micro-managing, fingers in every pie Attorney-General. Doesn’t bear thinking about it. It will be as bad as the old days of the Soviet Union. “Brave New World” will be upon us.

    Thanks for showing us just how despicable LTDNews can be, Peter & keeping us informed about the hoops they are forcing Craig Thomson. to jump through, repeatedly

  7. Bridget says:

    As a union member I hope CT’s electoral loss doesn’t derail his day in Court where his innocence or guilt may be proven – for the benefit of all members. That aside – how did he only get 5% of the primary vote in Dobell ???.

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