Excess Baggage – What comes with an Abbott Government

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Politics

If there is one thing that needs to be pointed out to swinging voters, it is that should they decide to vote for their local Coalition candidate, they are not just voting for their local candidate and Tony Abbott, they are also voting for the Liberal Party and all that comes with it.

Unfortunately many in the public seem oblivious to Tony Abbott’s faults, no matter how many there are on display. People are also neglecting his questionable morals and his shocking track record when it comes to choosing his staff.

So maybe it’s time we look at what a vote for the Coalition puts in power, and who will be front and centre and making decisions that affect ours and our children’s future.

A good place to start is Sophie Mirabella.

Sophie is a favourite on the ABC’s Q&A show, she really knows how to irritate people in a major way and viewers remember her as being the one who couldn’t seem to get far enough away from Get Up’s Simon Sheikh when he passed out on the show.

Sophie is also the one still in and out of court regarding the power of attorney over her former partners finances. Colin Howard, who was 40 years older than Sophie, helped fund her campaign to enter parliament, then she left him and married. Until 2011 Colin Howard had been missing from his children for two years who had attempted to contact Sophie regarding his whereabouts many times to no avail.

Colin finally surfaced after a nasty fall from his bed.

His children returned to find their father on death’s door having spent two years being looked after by Mirabella and her husband on a farm property. His physical and mental health were in a catastrophic state and his power of attorney had been signed over to his minder, Sophie Mirabella. Colin died shortly afterwards. The whole sordid saga can be read via this link.

A good choice for a Minister?

A good choice for a Minister?

There is also everyone’s favourite Nazi nephew Eric Abetz.

Abetz showed his hand last week when he let the cat out of the bag regarding changes to Industrial relations that he would like to see. It seems he would like to see the government be able to reduce award rates where he feels it necessary, and also make it harder for unions to enter a workplace.

Anybody who is a worker on an award rate anywhere in the country should hear alarm bells ringing loudly at this news.

Eric Abetz is one of the right-wing extremist faces in the Liberal Party, he sits in the Senate because if he ran for the House Of Representatives in his home state Tasmania, he would lose and lose badly.

Abetz and Brandis - Bad news for workers and minorities

Abetz and Brandis – Bad news for workers and minorities

Another popular member of Tony Abbotts team is another face from the Senate, Cory Bernardi.

Cory is so far to the extreme right that even people like George Brandis need a telescope to see him.

Tony Abbott actually hand-picked Bernardi as his Parliamentary Secretary before his comments comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality ruined any credibility as a decent human that he once may have had, and destroyed shows like Lassie for thousands of children around the country.

Bernardi is also well known for his ability to promote hate online via his running of many racist and degrading websites aimed at asylum seekers and Muslims, in particular women who wear the burqa.

Bernardi even offered to escort European racist and controversial  politician Geert Wilders around the country and to organise his itinerary. Geert Wilders should not to be confused with Gene Wilder the comedian, as Wilders is a preacher of hate and one of the major inspirations for Anders Breivik massacring 77 people, mostly children in Norway 2011.

Those who say that he should be respected as he is an elected politician forget Hitler was also elected.

Bernardi's mate Geert Wilders

Bernardi’s mate Geert Wilders

My bet is Bernardi can’t wait for Abbott to keep his promise to alter and weaken the Racial Discrimination Act.

Then there is Christopher Pyne, widely regarded as Australia’s most annoying man, a title that he seemed to relish when interviewed for the Good Weekend.

Pyne has a knack of offending sensibilities every time he opens his mouth. His talent for annoying is only bettered by his talent in sprinting for the doors of Parliament when things don’t go his way.

This is just to name a few, there are also other charmers like Scott Morrison, Kelly O’Dwyer, George Brandis, Michaelia Cash, and of course Barnaby Joyce.

These are the people who could be helping run our country in a couple of weeks, many of them from the front bench.

Coalition meme

If you too find it alarming and scary that someone like Sophie Mirabella may be serving as a Minister soon, or that George Brandis will be the Australia’s leading law-maker and keeper then it is best we spread this news around to all and sundry.

Forget pointing out Abbott’s faults that is falling on deaf ears, maybe a reminder of the baggage attached to him as colleagues is what is required.

I sure as hell don’t want to be living in a country with these people at the helm, just as I’m sure you don’t.

So I guess the big question is…

What are you prepared to do to stop it happening?

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. […] Excess Baggage – What comes with an Abbott Government. […]

  2. AusElectronicsDesignersAndBuilders says:

    Sharing this! People just don’t get it, you would not just get Tony, you’d get these nutters too!

  3. Heather says:

    Well said Wixxy. Love your work. You are spot on as usual. Listen up people.

  4. silkworm says:

    You left out Mal Brough.

  5. Nicholas L Carroll says:

    Not only at the current national level: a vote for Abbott in Lindsay, Greenway, Chifley and other west Sydney seats is a vote for people like Diaz, ‘sexy’ Fiona or the airhead facing Ed Husic! These people are simply tagging along on the Abbott waggon, with no credentials of their own and who are only looking to snare a backbench salary, one probably considerably higher than their distinct lack of credential would earn them elsewhere!?

    If they are not prepared to speak to the people in their electorates, how the hell does anyone think they are going to stand up for Western Sydney in a government dominated by long time Lib powerbrokers none of whom are exactly working class and only one of whom (Morrison SBHS) went to a public school!

    Oh and Wixxy, you forgot to mention good old ‘kerosene bath’ Bronwyn!


  6. Roger says:

    It’s the “swingers” we should be worried about, Wixxy

  7. lance says:

    Tragically — “THERE”S MORE” —:
    ma and pa Howard (rewarded by Abbott) moving into the Governor General position at Yaralumba

    ( after a lifetime of suckling on the public teet and–taking a huge remuneration pay-out –after embarrassingly being voted out of office and thrown out of his electoral boundary seat of Bennalong )

    Thus allowing the double dipping of tax-payer funds
    and also allowing tax payers to pick up the excessive wine bill for these two public purse loafers to lounge about at the expense of all Australians

    In the words of Mungo McCallum (the) Howard (s) are the— UNFLUSHABLE TURD

  8. joy cooper says:

    Outstanding but extremely scary post, Peter. Another lamebrain (where do they find them?) Liberal candidate is the good friend of Tony Abbott, Ray King, standing for McMahon. He proposes a new policing system where criminal suspects would be injected with satellite-trackable microchips shot from a high powered sniper rifle..These are only suspected mind not yet convicted of anything.

    This is so far out that even a Liberal “source” is calling this great idea a futuristic scenario. How futuristic? One for the egregious Scott Morrison & George Brandis.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Ah I love the smell of a burning Lefty Peter!
    especially when he invokes a Godwin’s law violation more than once in a blog post.

  10. Dez says:

    Only a cretin or blithering idiot would vote Abbott and his team of assorted nuts in.

    Unfortunately it seems this country seems to have many cretins and blithering idiots.

  11. nobby says:

    a bunch of warmed up political zombies led by the fundamentalist random slogan generator,cletis the slack jaw yokel abbott.

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