Western Decay – The Liberals Woeful candidates in Sydney’s West

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

Last week was a long one for the Liberal Party in Sydney’s West.

Firstly the media did know whether to send out a search party or a bounty hunter in a desperate bid to find Jaymes Diaz, and whenever someone did stumble upon him he was either quick to flee or wasn’t talking to anyone.

Listening to what locals in his electorate are saying, the only thing Diaz will say when asked anything at all is that he is out to hear questions from voters, unfortunately however he is not answering any of the questions just repeating himself saying he’s out. He is continually followed around by babysitters who at the slightest bit of movement from his lips will jump in before Jaymes gets his mouth open to utter a word, no surprise when all he does is repeat himself in the most farcical of manners.

I don’t want to exaggerate but when I say these minders and babysitters are all over Diaz and right up his backside, but they are seriously all over him like a chap suit. There are unconfirmed rumors that on September 8 Diaz has a colonoscopy booked to help remove two of them. It’s no wonder, they appear to be wedged in deep.

Jaymes Diaz faces an uncomfortable week ahead

Jaymes Diaz faces an uncomfortable week ahead

Things have become so desperate in the seat of Greenway that Tony Abbott had to stop by and try to prop up the Diaz campaign. Dropping into Seven Hills to help support the man whom he tried so hard to keep from becoming a candidate.

Still Jess Diaz has been out doing the hard yards for his son. The Blacktown councillor was spotted abusing railway staff at Pendle Hill station after being told he was not allowed to campaign and hand out flyers on the platform. As any half decent councillor would know it is illegal to do so on State Government property, still that wasn’t going to stop Jess from trying and certainly wasn’t going to make him hesitate in screaming abuse at staff in front of shocked commuters.

Not to let another opportunity go to waste, Jess Diaz also decided he was going to put up signage at Kings Langley Shopping Centre, despite the centre having strict rules against it.

Jess Diaz - coming to abuse someone near you

Jess Diaz – coming to abuse someone near you

It was a windy day and the signage that Jess was illegally erecting was flapping in the wind and making a lot of noise. A real estate agent came out of his storefront to remove the sign that was making so much noise and blocking his window. Witnesses watched at Jess abused the agent loudly and angrily, and when a passer-by stopped to stick up for the agent, he was screamed abuse at also for his troubles.

To top things off in Greenway maybe it was the brothel next door, or maybe it was an attempt to dodge the media but it would seem Jaymes or Jayme Diaz has moved his campaign office. The Diaz campaign office is now located in Toongabbie, those taking out the lease were careful to ensure it was not located next to another brothel, crack-house or bikie den.

The new Diaz office - it does look well equipped

The new Diaz office – it does look well equipped

I say Jaymes or Jayme as he goes by both names according to records.

On his election material he goes by Jaymes, and on the electoral roll, the phone-book, and the records of his inner-city flat it’s Jayme. If he was answering questions from anybody it would be interesting to ask why the need for two names and if he in fact goes by any other names as well.

Often when someone uses multiple names it is to cover up a crime or hide something from the taxman or the public. I wonder what Diaz’s excuse is.

Will the real Jayme or Jaymes Diaz please stand up and come clean?

Up in Penrith representing Liberal hopes is Fiona Scott, the candidate with sex appeal according to Tony Abbott. This comment was passed off as a “daggy dad” moment, however many people saw it as more of a desperate deviants moment of madness.

Fiona needn’t get too excited, Abbott says the same thing about Bronwyn Bishop and Christopher Pyne, although I don’t think I’ve heard him say it about Sophie Mirabella.

Nothing says sex appeal like Bronwyn Bishop with a pearl necklace according to Tony

Nothing says sex appeal like Bronwyn Bishop with a pearl necklace according to Tony

At the candidates debate in Penrith put on by the local paper Fiona was being asked questions along with sitting member and Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.

Some said that Fiona’s answers seemed very scripted and sounded like it was someone else’s words coming from her mouth. This may well have actually been the case.

A caller on ABC Radio described what she witnessed when she attended the candidates debate. The caller said that the answers to questions being asked were being texted to Fiona by a Liberal Party organiser. How does she know this? She was apparently sitting next to the organiser watching them type up and send the answers to Fiona.

After the debate the caller told radio listeners how she approached Fiona Scott to ask her some questions, but Fiona left her with the organiser she has been sitting next to and took off in a hurry without explanation or apology. Maybe she saw Jaymes Diaz?

Liberal candidate for the seat of Chifley, Isabelle White, has also been a no-show at local candidate forums.

Isabelle, who has never held a full-time job showed how seriously she takes her local responsibilities last week by not showing up to council to perform her role as a councillor and voice for her community. Alas she was not alone, in total three Liberal councillors didn’t show up, one of them being Jess Diaz who may have been out abusing people on his sons behalf.

Jaymes has little else to run on, other than his old mans bully tactics

Jaymes has little else to run on, other than his old mans bully tactics

Over in the seat of McMahon we have local Liberal candidate Ray King who made the news with his “ban the burqa” dog-whistle tirade to appeal to the racist voters the Liberal Party seems desperate to enlist.

Well, I’m going to try not to make any judgements on his mental capacity or state of mind, but he has now come out with the idea to shoot people with sniper rifles in order to insert micro-chips in their bodies.

I looked on the Liberal Party website in a bid to learn more about this policy and was surprised that aside from their ludicrous Direct Action policy there was nothing that came quite so close to sheer insanity as Kings sniper plan.

Those who live in Sydney’s west really need to wonder how much the Liberal Party really care for the region if this is the best and brightest they can come up with for candidates.

In life you tend to get what you pay for, and if people elect these poor excuses for candidates then they should brace themselves for the worst.

But let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to that…

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  1. aslsw says:

    Steady on about the use of multiple names!

    I have a hyphenated Sri Lankan surname which is beyond the capacity of most Aussies. So from an early age I have shortened it to the first half only which is used for most everyday things eg. banking, work, tax returns etc. My full (ie. official) surname appears on my birth certificate, drivers licence and passport only. I would like to say I lead a double life full of international mystery and calm but the reality is that if Aussies could pronounce foreign names properly then I wouldn’t be in this situation.

    By it love the rest of the article and basically most of your stuff!

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks heaps for that 🙂

      I understand regarding some foreign names, but Jaymes and Jayme are not that tricky for most to manage…

      I smell something fishy going on with the name…

  2. Chris Brooks says:

    Great article Wixxy, small typo in third para…chap suit…but I kinda like the imagery!

  3. C@tmomma says:

    Jayme has just boganised his name to ‘Jaymes’ for the campaign. It might get him a few more votes!

  4. silkworm says:

    I have been to Toongabbie and it is like the back of Woop Woop.

  5. billy1977c@gmail.com says:

    It’s actually not illegal to have an alias as long as you’re not trying to defraud anyone. I know a number of people from non english speaking backgrounds who have names their family call them and then western names they use otherwise. Maybe he just decided Jaymes was easier for people to say. Many people for example call themselves Will when their name is William. Is there any difference adding a single ‘s’? I only bothered to mention this as i think everything else in your article is interesting and well researched. You’re actually doing real reporting but the I think you’re off base with the name thing and the mentioning the taxman etc. Many many people use shortened names. Know any Jeffrey’s? David’s? Catherines? I really enjoy your work but when you speculate without evidence it makes it easy to paint you as a nu tjob blogger and you’re really not. You’re a very good journalist who does work nobody else is doing.

    • wixxy says:

      I hear what you’re saying however there is no reason to change from Jayme to Jaymes, neither are short for a longer name as you point out, and both are different spelling of the common Australian names James and Jamie.

      Given his refusal to show up for media events or interviews, of answer real questions from the public, those in the electorate feel that don’t know who Diaz is, having multiple names does not help

      • billy1977c@gmail.com says:

        True but is there any significant difference in shortening a name and adding a letter? Maybe that difference is cultural? Maybe he is anglicising. I think being Harold legally and calling yourself Harry is more confusing than adding an ‘s’ for example.
        Agreed that not turing up for events doesn’t help. He is clearly a muppet. My issue is that your article is full of actual reporting and reasonable assumptions and then wild speculation on why he has slightly changed his name. A lot of the stuff I read on Independent Australia and I’m not talking about your work, is reasonable and interesting and then you get half way through and the author says something and your think. Hmm this person might be a nut job or a conspiracy theorist because they add in wild speculation or innuendo or rumour. You can write what you like, I am enjoying it very much I’m just suggesting that speculation without evidence, in my opinion, undermines your actual reporting.

      • wixxy says:

        I understand what you mean, and thanks for saying so, I appreciate the feedback.

  6. Nigel says:

    Is the green voting paper jayme or Jaymes cos surely legally it has to be the same as on the electoral roll, which according to your article is different to what is on the election material, or does the green slip have both names.

    • wixxy says:

      I haven’t seen the Green Slip but it can be different, candidates have a certain amount of wriggle room.., they are asked How would you like your name to appear on the voting form?

      Minor adjustments are ok like Tony instead of Anthony etc, however Angry Anderson had to use his real name

  7. […] Western Decay – The Liberals Woeful candidates in Sydney’s West. […]

  8. joy cooper says:

    Top blog post, Peter. Where on earth does the Liberal Party find these dickheads? Their talent pool must be extremely shallow as witness the calibre of these candidates. Amazingly, the polls have Jayme(s) winning comfortably. Humph!!

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