Deeper Underground – Liberal James Diaz a no-show at candidates forum

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Local Politics, Media, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

It was a quiet Tuesday night at Blacktown RSL Club, but in one of the upstairs function rooms, things were far from quiet.

Residents had shown up to meet the Federal Candidates for the seat of Greenway and ask them the questions that are important to them. Candidates show up out of respect for residents and so that if they have something to say to the community it can be stated in public and reported in the local press.

The event was hosted by the two local News Ltd papers the Blacktown Advocate and the Rouse Hill Times.

Last night the candidates at the forum were

Michelle Rowland  (Australian Labor Party) Current sitting Member

Jodie Wooton  (Palmer United Party)

Anthony Belcastro (Katter’s Australian Party)

Chris Brentin (Greens)

Marie Nichols (Rise Up Australia Party)

Jamie Cavanough (Australian Voice Party)

The candidates who cared enough to show up L-R Nichols, Belcastro, Cavanough, Wooton, Brentin and Rowland

The candidates who cared enough to show up
L-R Nichols, Belcastro, Cavanough, Wooton, Brentin and Rowland

Missing once again was the Liberal Party candidate Jaymes Diaz, who has clearly either withdrawn from the election or been ordered to not front the press by the Liberal factional overlords.

Given that the only serious contenders for the seat are Labor and Liberal the staunch refusal of the Liberal candidate to return a phone call to organisers, let alone show up is yet another display of contempt for those he hopes to serve. It is also a display of the attention Sydney’s Western Suburbs can expect from an Abbott led government.

It is also interesting to note that a late cancellation was the Christian Democrat candidate Alan Green.  This is the Party that is directing its preferences towards the missing Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz, locals were keen to ask about his choice regarding preferences. Unfortunately Alan Green “around the gills” seemed to think that his poor preference choice was something that could not be justified, so he just decided to turn his back on locals and not even bother fronting up.

It would appear that Mr Green thinks that to back and preference a campaign that has been built on deceit and lies and then not even bother showing up to answer for it is the Christian thing to do .

Of the candidates that did front up, Jodie Wooton from the Palmer United Party was well spoken but not real certain of some of her facts and her presentation sank (pardon the pun) when asked about Clive Palmers Titanic and the buying of materials, construction other services for the ship were being done offshore.

Representatives from the other minor Parties tried but didn’t really make any impact, although the Rise Up Australia candidate Marie Nichols was good for comedic value.

It was interesting however that these candidates all seemed to be campaigning on State issues, as there is clearly a lot of anger at how a Coalition government at State level is not delivering for the area at all.

Many issues were also raised about council matters. Since becoming a Liberal dominated council there is clearly a lot of anger at the way locals are being treated and the sell-off of and planned privatisation of public assets. These matters although relevant due to Jaymes Diaz’s father being one of the culprits on council, and the way the Liberal Party has shown contempt for the area at every opportunity so far, are mostly not a federal issue.

The two Parties that came to the evening having done their homework were Labor and the Greens. There is no question that their responses were received the best by the audience.

Chris Brentin from The Greens was clearly well read on his Party Policies and was even able to supply detail on their costing structures, which funnily enough makes him better prepared than Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Sitting Member Michelle Rowland of the Labor Party answered the questions addressed to her without hesitation and in detail. Questions involving funding, carbon pricing, the manufacturing industry and coal seam gas were answered by talking about Labor policy, how it is being implemented nationally, how it is being funded, and how it is delivering in the local area giving specific examples and the difference being made by her actions on the ground and with local residents.

It was quite apparent to all that Rowland was in a class of her own last night.

Several members of the public, including some Liberal supporters were there with questions they stated were for Jaymes Diaz, but with Diaz being a no-show their disappointment was evident.

When the question of preferences came up, Katters Australia Party candidate Anthony Belcastro  got a big cheer when he explained that he had put Labor ahead of Liberal explaining that it was the only responsible thing to do given the failure in every aspect of the Liberal Candidate. The Greens Chris Brentin was also cheered when he stated he was directing Greens preferences to Labor.

The other fringe Parties were heckled and booed as they tried to explain that it was their Party’s decision not theirs to preference Jaymes Diaz higher than Michelle Rowland.

One resident told me after the forum;

“Nobody wants a Party puppet who puts their Party’s needs ahead of what’s best for the community and Jaymes Diaz is not fit to represent our community”

The closest the public came to seeing the Liberal candidate was a cardboard cut-out which most of the candidates thought was hysterical, although Rowland refused to be dragged into the debate, leaving Diaz to explain himself if he ever decides to come up for air.

Some candidates were happy to mock Diaz and slam his as a gutless failure, yet still direct preferences to him

Some candidates were happy to mock Diaz and slam his as a gutless failure, yet still direct preferences to him

It cannot be over emphasised how much anger, disappointment, frustration and bitterness there was for not only Jaymes Diaz, but also for Tony Abbott for allowing this to happen and for keeping his candidate locked away from any real scrutiny. Jaymes Diaz is clearly not fit to serve his community and his community deserve and expect better.

As the Katter candidate Anthony Belcastro put it, Diaz has

“No respect for locals and thinks he can get into parliament just because he has a Liberal logo on his t-shirt”.

Locals in the area will need to ensure that they don’t vote for Jaymes Diaz by default.

In order to ensure that, voters need to ignore preferences if they are voting for minor Parties (particularly the gutless no-show Christian Democrats). Voters need to ensure that Michelle Rowland is voted for ahead of Jaymes Diaz. In a seat this marginal to not do that is as good as voting for Liberal which will give you Jaymes Diaz as your voice in Parliament, making you effectively mute.

Also in attendance last night from News Ltd was Ben McClellan, the Telegraph reporter responsible for some of the most biased and ridiculous front pages ever seen in this country. It will be interesting to see his take on the evening, in fact as I left I overheard him telling one of the audience the quote he needed, although he moved away before I could hear what it was. I have never needed to ask someone to repeat my words back to me in order to get a quote, but then again I don’t tend to distort the facts like many of those at the Telegraph.

If one thing was clear last night, it was that locals want a strong voice in Canberra. Locals respect Michelle Rowland for what she has delivered for the community and what she stands for, even if they are not fans of the Labor Party, locals are smart enough to know that it is the local member you are voting for and a strong local member is something to hang onto.

The last thing they need is a faceless failure who when it comes to speaking up for the community may as well be mute.

That’s what the Liberal Party have on offer with Jaymes Diaz.

No wonder he’s gone underground…

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  1. Good article. I feel compelled, however, to point out that the plural of party is parties, not partys and definitely not party’s. That is all.

  2. Heather says:

    Great analysis as always Wixxy. Surely, people in that electorate could not possibly contemplate voting LNP?

  3. dwejevans says:

    Good stuff wixxy, really admire your work,….Well done, BUT, just where is Ms. Jackson these days? Just wondering!

  4. joy cooper says:

    Great work, yet again, Wixxy.

    There does seem to be quite a few LNP candidates who must have also been told to lie low as they are apparently missing in action,from what I hear. Just shows the “calibre” of their chosen representatives. Can’t even be trusted to speak to the voters. Oh dear & there will still be those who will vote for them regardless.

    Kathy Jackson won’t re-emerge from her hidey hole until after the election, if ever. She is strangely low profile, isn’t she?

  5. silkworm says:

    Maybe she’s hiding out with Christopher Pyne, you know, James Ashby’s lover.

    Love your work, Wixxy. Keep ’em coming.

  6. godzilla says:

    The Lib candidate in Cunningham refused to front the ABC’s debate yesterday.

  7. Brian says:

    Having not attended the forum the report appears to be fairly written however I think that the point relating to “her presentation sank (pardon the pun) when asked about Clive Palmers Titanic and the buying of materials, construction other services for the ship were being done offshore” is somewhat unfair. Unfortunately Australia’s shipbuilding industry has been effectively destroyed by the actions of successive Australian Governments (and some State ones). In the global economy it is not competitive on what will be a fairly unique build.

    • wixxy says:

      I totally agree, even in Newcastle they can’t build the ship…

      However it was the materials that were the issue. Wooton did not handle the question well and was laughed at and jeered by the audience. In the end her explanation was it was Clives hobby and he could do it however he wanted. At that point her presentation truly sank, that’s not my opinion, that was based on the overwhelming audience response

      She could have come out swinging and she did try but let the audience get the better of her

  8. Greenway Local says:

    Another great article Wixxy, couldn’t get to the Forum in person myself unfortunately.

    It seems that “lying low” (“lying doggo” perhaps?) is the current MO for the Liberals:

    Says a lot for the Liberals. I just hope the locals around here are well enough informed to make the right decision. Greenway is a very diverse electorate, which none of the mainstream media wishes to portray.

  9. Dez says:

    I’ve noticed around Rivo that many of Diaz’s signs have gone.

    Good riddance if he has decided not to run.

    Hopefully his father and his fellow Liberal nuts in council will follow suit.

    Only a true simpleton would vote Diaz now.

  10. […] that ratbags are not combined to the fringe parties. Read more here Bookmark the […]

  11. Greenway Local says:

    Jaymes is still refusing to answer questions from anyone, even his constituents, with his minders shielding him from any scrutiny:

    Constituent and freelance radio producer Andrew Jaffrey confronted gaffe-prone Jaymes Diaz, asking why Mr Diaz had failed to show up to a candidates’ debate this week.

    Mr Jaffrey detailed his encounter with Mr Diaz on Twitter, saying it was like Monty Python meets Benny Hill.

    “Jaymes Diaz at Blacktown refusing to answer questions on policy. Just keeps saying “we’re for families”, he Tweeted.

    The Tweets continued:

    “What were your reasons for not going to the community forum?” “I’ve answered that question” “But I’ve only just asked you” “I’ve answered”

    “Minder: “We’re not answering any more questions at this time” “You haven’t answered any”. JD: “I’m here for families”

    “Truly in 22 years of this stuff I’ve never come across such a bizarre candidate”, Mr Jaffrey said.


  12. Marilyn says:

    That is one hilarious interview. But why is Margo Saville today doing a major hatchet job repeating the same old debunked lies about Craig Thomson for Crikey?

  13. clarittee says:

    Why do DOGS lick their d… s . Because they can. The Thomson thing shows what a great job of deception can be propagated without answerability. “All those charges” keeps getting repeated . The amount is about 12k over 5?years for a card issued correctly to be used? The issue is whether he was authorised to use it and if it was ever reconciled and if he was ever asked to refund challenged items and refused to do so. This guy is entitled to his day in court. Justice delayed is justice denied. If ever anything looked like a stitch-up THIS does. Prostitutes?? Well we saw a disappearing one fleetingly. That gets the old biddies chatting. ALL the ingredients are there and all at the right time. THOM(no”P”)SON. All from a Fairfax file. A paper he was suing for defamation .

  14. […] must also know, but weirdly is silent upon the similar / gagging of Jaymie Diaz in Greenway, several others in Western Sydney electorates and as for Ron Delezio, LNP […]

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