Waiting For The Worms – The leaders debate and the ignored result

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Media, Politics

Last night astrologers in Australia were shocked, surprised, and astonished to discover a new planet just outside our solar system.

Astrologers have decided to name the planet, which is in constant darkness, after those who seemingly inhabit it, Planet News Ltd.

Astrologers were also surprised to find the planet even has a moon, which they have named Laurie Oakes.

This would seem to be the only thing to explain the opinions being dished out by the delusional on last nights leaders debate.

Other possibilities include we have gone into an alternate reality, a kind of Twilight Zone, or perhaps there was a full moon I was unaware of.

The most likely explanation however is that the result was decided before either Rudd or Abbott had uttered a word.

Those who watched the debate last night would have seen the verdict from “The Worm” which is the graph line decided by the opinions of the undecided voters in the audience. That verdict is in direct contrast with the results being touted by many last night and today.

Kevin Rudd 59% approval

Tony Abbott 41% approval

After the show Laurie Oakes explained that

“the worm tends to favour Opposition Leaders”.

I would assume then that Abbott’s loss by almost 20% is measuring him kindly and the truth is an even greater defeat.

Today News Ltd are touting that Abbott is the preferred choice to manage the economy. The debate I watched saw The Worm in the negative almost the entire time Abbott spoke about his pseudo economic scheme (no plan was announced). Rudd in contrast never went into the negative at all when speaking on his plan for the economy, in fact most if the time it was as high as it can go.

On planet News Ltd and its Moon Laurie that apparently makes Abbott the winner.

Can we also claim to have won the Olympics while we are at it?

That is the forward direction Tony...

That is the forward direction Tony…

In another desperate bid to make Rudd look bad News Ltd are accusing him of cheating.

Apparently the notes he took in clear view of those running the debate are not allowed?

Some would call it being prepared, some would call it allowing yourself to give accurate figures and answers, some would say having the information on hand is treating your audience with respect, some would even go so far as to call it using common sense. News Ltd call it cheating.

Now I won’t pass any judgement on what is cheating, but in a contest of any sort I have never heard the competitor with the losing score being declared a winner before, that is a first.

I’m not saying things went perfect for Rudd, far from it. Rudd totally screwed up on the second Sydney airport question, as it should have been an absolute sitter for him.

The NSW Coalition government under Barry O’Farrell has been the roadblock in getting progress on this issue, O’Farrell doesn’t want another airport he thinks we should fly people the Canberra and bring them here by train. Those flying from Canberra to Sydney should just fly around in circles for an hour or so and then catch a train.

The infrastructure providing transport to the airport should have been another winner for Rudd. The Airport Rail Link is the only piece of rail infrastructure delivered by the former Coalition State government in NSW. To say it has been a disaster from day one would be an understatement. It is privatised and was such an utter failure the government had to pay compensation to the owners that NSW Taxpayers are still paying off. Some have described this attempt at infrastructure from the former Coalition State government an utter clusterf**k, I personally think that is being kind.

Nobody uses the rail line because the cost of a return ticket to the Airport from the city is $31.80 for a 10 minute peak time journey. At that price you may as well catch a cab. Those who think this does not sound extreme bear this in mind, a return fare from Central to Newcastle is $11.60 off peak, that’s a 160 km journey one way, Bathurst is the same fare for 230 km.

On the Coalitions privatised Rail line however the 8km trip will cost commuters $29.40 for an off-peak return trip.

People living in the area to be serviced by the Coalitions Nth West Rail Link must shudder considering it has already become a privatised shuttle service before a single piece of track is laid.

It was a huge missed opportunity for Rudd.

There were moments from Tony Abbott that were cringe-worthy though, the fake laugh that sounded like a hyena with a bad case of hemorrhoids. The attempts at delivering party slogan sound bites that came off sounding badly rehearsed and entirely unconvincing, it was a performance that was underwhelming to say the least.

It also needs to be said that Tony Abbott also missed a golden opportunity to stick one up Rudd.

Rudd took repeated pot-shots at Abbott over the Coalitions plans to include the GST in a tax review. Abbott called it a scare tactic and said that he would not raise the GST. If Abbott really wanted to nail Rudd he cod have simply said that the GST would be taken out of things to be looked at in the review.

A basket overflowing with GST opportunities...

A basket overflowing with GST opportunities…

That would have been simple and stopped Rudd on his tracks and made Rudd’s attack look like a cheap shot based on little.

Instead Abbott refused to rule out expanding the GST into other areas that are currently GST exempt like food, medical equipment and supplies, and pharmaceuticals for example, and refused to take it off the Coalitions list of things to review.

This should make people wonder about where the Coalition are headed with the GST, I mean we all eat and we all occasionally need medical supplies or prescriptions filled. Further doubt is raised when Abbott blatantly and repeatedly lied during the debate about needing the approval of the states to make GST changes. Even after he was corrected he continued to tell the lie.

Abbott's refusal to rule out putting GST on medical supplies could be a bitter pill to swallow...

Abbott’s refusal to rule out putting GST on medical supplies could be a bitter pill to swallow…

By the end of the debate Rudd had given an open response to the questioning and Abbott had gone the opposite direction.

Abbott as mentioned refused to rule out changes to what is GST exempt and to take GST off the Coalitions list of reviews. Abbott also refused to say where savings were coming from in his already dodgy figures saying they will come “in good time”. The last election “in good time” meant at the last-minute so the numbers could not be scrutinised properly, when they were scrutinised the private firm that put them forward were fined by the industry watchdog for such shoddy work.

Planet News Ltd may have pre-picked their winner, I choose to base my winner on what actually happened.

That and the scoreboard….

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. KB says:

    I was one of the 100 people contributing to the worm. I think what came across was a lack of authenticity from Tony Abbott. Rudd came across better. But he should have owned getting Aus through the GFC more and he stank at the airport response.

  2. David says:

    its now a daily wall to wall 4th Estate blitz on the Govt, ABC included. When Labor win the election, Rudd’s first priority must be to summons ABC CEO Scott and demand his resignation immediately. There is enough evidence to hang the Tory bastard 10 fold. The Board is equally complicit, they have sat back and allowed this disgraceful abuse of the National Broadcasters charter to happen.
    Many of the News and Current Affairs staff also have their snorters in the trough, obviously hoping for their due reward from Scott should they get Abbott over the line.
    On the fossil Oates. Dementia has obviously set in, he is to be pitied for the loss of a once well oiled brain

  3. Pamela says:

    On the notes I just need to point out that Abbott too had notes otherwise what was he scribbling on with his pen. surely not the lectern. It is common practice in debates to have notes to prepare for the debate. I have never seen a debate with people without notes. The only politicians I have seen who never seemed to need notes is Obama and Julia Gillard.

    • PH Duck says:

      Certainly true both Obama & Gillard are exceptional speakers. Now I believe we need to give a little credit to Abbott for remembering to do the big “Uncle Sam Wants You pointing finger” trick, Unfortunately he may have shot two Greens in the third row as his choreography was characteristically out of synch, as were some of the prepared lines which he attempted to delivered with his asperge inflection, visually oapparent in their “off time” delivery also.
      I believe we saw two relatively guarded political clones trying to fly kites without wind. No one really got off the ground, however Rudd certainly appears to have the better kite if he is able to lift Rupert Murdochs foot.

  4. C@tmomma says:

    Another area ripe for the Coalition’s GST pickings, is the one their little mate, Gerry Harvey, keeps bleating about. A GST on Internet Purchases < $1000. So far no one has brought it up and Abbott, therefore, has not had to deny it. I reckon it would be a tidy little earner for an Abbott government's coffers.

    • dafid1 says:

      C@tmomma I recall Treasurer Bowen saying Govt would not be taxing online purchases. That was early in the campaign not sure when though. Will ask his office for clarification.

  5. dedalus says:

    The whole election campaign is another reality zone. Rudd is locking in his key demographics (eg NBN supporters, gay-marriage supporters, gay community, climate-change believers, disabled community, public servants, etc), while Abbott appeals to the general, politically unengaged electorate.

    But the general electorate will split somewhere in the 40-60 range, one way or the other, while the single-issue demographics mentioned above will likely split 70-30 ALP way. It’s the same strategy Obama used to defeat a tea-party influenced Republican party.

    So my logical mind says that ALP should win, based on demographic breakdowns. The gst scare is aimed at counteracting the Murdoch tabloid scare.

    By the way, the boats are coming at a much reduced rate lately, and show promising signs of stopping.

    The main issue Rudd has to counteract is debt/deficit. He should turn this against the coalition by aligning his views on debt with the views of the business sector.

    The business sector well know that debt is necessary for business growth. This is the key point.

    In other words: “My view on debt is this: modest debt is necessary to invest. Not to use capital, which is what the Coalition is saying, is not what any business would advocate. I am with business on this.”

    Rudd should also bring home owners into this debate by pointing out the simple truth that mortgage debt is necessary to secure their asset future. Low interest rates leverages off this.

    • Marilyn says:

      Why do you think it is legal, right or moral to prevent refugees from seeking protection? Is there something missing in your brain? There is no legal or moral way to stop any boat on any corner of the sea no matter how much whining Australian’s lie and babble about it.

      It’s not our ocean you know.

      And William Maley says it rather well.


      REfugees are being tortured and tormented all over the world and clowns in Australia think it is marvellous to keep them out.

      23,000 people a day are still fleeing for their lives, 20,000 kids a day are still dying of starvation, thousands a day are being blown to bits in wars and all Australia can do is try to restrict refugee visas to 20,000 even if they have to waste $2 billion a year to do it.

  6. Ross Barber says:

    Definitely an overload of Mooning going on all round in the press
    and from both of the chaps on the podium and their respective me too parties
    just as an side I live in Fisher I have decided not to vote at all and say it publicly
    I wont pay the fine I base my decision on no suitable candidates to vote for as it is either Brough Slipper or Palmer. the Green fellow doesn’t even register on the radar here and my small refusal wont either but its a matter of principle
    Thanks Peter

  7. Pricilla Naidoo says:

    Both leaders had notes but this morning it is being reported as Rudd cheating. There are many close up photos of the two leaders with notes. Think it is called preparations and having facts right instead of being blabbering idiots on national TV.

  8. Pam says:

    I thought Rudd won “hands down”. Abbott at times just could not answer.Very unprepared. So reverted to slogans, AGAIN. His false laugh was deplorable.Actually his constant smirk at Rudd, and the loud laugh was very distasteful at best. Uncalled for!! Like who laughs at an opponent, during a debate? But the one thing that stands out, is the FINGER POINTING at the camera,(us) was just so UNCLE SAM (USA ARMY of YORE)!! I cracked up laughing. Yes NEWS LIMITED is just so biased.
    Thanks Peter for your “reporting” for us. Well done!

  9. iggy648 says:

    If Tony didn’t have anything written down on paper, this means nothing he said has to be the truth, (by his own admission). Anyway, why would you need notes if you only have to remember 6 three word slogans?

  10. Robert says:

    If Rudd was cheating by using notes, then what was Abbott doing? https://twitter.com/kackles74/status/366558455407984640/photo/1

  11. Brad Long says:

    @RobertL I think that’s from a different debate, the guy standing next to Abbott wasn’t there all night last night.

  12. Marilyn says:

    I don’t know why they took votes on the commercial channels, none of them ran the debate. I took the line that I would rather poke out my own eyes with a blunt stick.

  13. Schoolwastetech says:

    What was Lyndel Curtis doing at the end of the debate when Abbott went down into the audience a gave her a kiss and a hug?

  14. Annie says:

    Well there you go Ms J Bishop (on Captial Hill) questioned Rudd’s sanity because he used notes during the debate. It looks like any excuse will do.

  15. Adam Smith says:

    I watched what seemingly approximated a debate. Mr Abbott told me nothing and Mr Rudd confirmed, having prevented this nation from entering into a serious recession, that I’ll be better off with ALP economic management.

  16. Mystic Medusa says:

    astrologer =/= astronomer

  17. Adam Smith says:

    Every nation of the world is concerned with maintaining and improving infrastructure. Amazingly the LNP has suddenly discovered infrastructure. Mr Abbott has declared to upgrade the Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane. Back in 1977 Parliament voted to fund Australia’s National Highway linking Sydney and Brisbane the LNP voted to fund the Sydney to Newcastle connection and then the connection from Newcastle the New England Highway via Maitland, Tamworth, Armidale and into Brisbane. They completely rejected the Pacific Highway. What we’ll get under Mr Abbott is a massive toll road project and if he increases the GST to 15% on everything, whilst bringing back work-choices-phase 2 we will be better off. Give me a break!

  18. oldfart says:

    Robert and pinkannie, it’s been shown that the photo of Abbott using notes was from the 2010 debate with Gillard. The cheat line has blown up in his face as he did the exact same in 2010

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