Front Page News – News Ltd, ridiculous front pages, & the most marginal electorate

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Local Politics, Media, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

Last night was a bitterly cold night in Sydney, and for hundreds of those who are homeless and living on the streets the nights are now becoming even colder.

The problem for these poor souls is that Rupert Murdoch has indirectly taken away their blankets and a major source of their warmth.

Sources claim that the homeless living in Sydney’s streets may not have a lot, often only what fits in their pockets or for some a shopping trolley, but they have their dignity.

Mondays Daily Telegraph in particular with it atrocious front page has meant that the homeless have had enough. They can smell the stench emitting from the News Ltd pages and have decided that they have more dignity than to sleep under such a stench, with one allegedly saying “we may live like s**t but we don’t have to cover ourselves in s**t when we sleep”.

However one persons trash is another persons treasure as the saying goes.

The treasure this time has been for furry felines however. Cats around the city have been purring contentedly as copies of the Telegraph are now be relegated to where they belong, at the bottom of kitty litter trays for cats to relieve themselves upon.

We have heard a lot about the bias of media, yet rarely has there been such an obvious case shoved in our faces.


The reporter (and I use the term very loosely) who knocked up this drivel is Ben McClellan who until recently worked at the Blacktown Advocate, a local News Ltd paper.

The front page of Mondays Telegraph led to another article from McClellan on the feeling of those in the area he used to work in, the Blacktown region, or the electorate of Greenway.

Greenway is currently represented by Michelle Rowland of the Labor Party, but it is the country’s most marginal seat, and Michelle held on by less than 1000 votes last time around.

Despite the area being held by Labor and despite Labor’s solid support in the area, Ben McClellan with all of his journalistic talent apparently couldn’t find a Labor voter when he went to a local shopping centre. He must have been trying really hard.

McClellan spoke to several people about why they were not voting Labor, and even had a picture with what they told him on it, the picture is below.


One thing you notice from what they had to say is that there were only three issues mentioned in these peoples comments as reasons why they won’t vote for Labor. Public Transport, education, and hospitals.

These people apparently don’t intend to vote Labor federally because of what a Coalition State government is doing.

Covered in these statements are the issues that Nurses have been protesting about for weeks and the cutbacks in hospital spending by Barry O’Farrell, Barry O’Farrell’s $1.7 Billion education cuts that also included TAFE, and the state of public transport as the Coalition combine cuts and privatisation sell offs.

In fact the only thing that comes close to a real Federal issue is when McClellan spoke to a local butcher:

Chilcott’s Butchery is celebrating its 80th year this month and namesake Ron said more needed to be done to help small business.

He said the price of everything had gone up, from cleaning his grease trap to electricity bills, which were now costing him $1000 a month.

“They can rein in the costs in for a start, cut out the waste,” Mr Chilcott said.

Aside from the power bills being passed on by a Coalition state government, I’m sure that Mr Chilcott will be reassured knowing that his landlord Mirvac who own the Shopping Centre, will receive a company tax rate increase of 1.5% should Abbott win in September to cover the Coalitions parental leave scheme. This will increase their company tax payments by a staggering 5% something that I’m sure will have a direct and harsh impact on his rent.

Barry O'Farrell - Not to be confused with Kevin Rudd

Barry O’Farrell – Not to be confused with Kevin Rudd

The Liberal candidate for Greenway whom McClellan seems to assume everyone that day will vote for is an immigration lawyer named Jaymes Diaz.

Whilst Tony Abbotts policy is to turn boats around, which flies in the face of his stopping the boats claim… I mean how do you turn something around that is not there? Tony Abbott saying he will turn them around means he must be telling us lies when he says he will stop them, but I digress… Anyway, Jaymes Diaz makes a living ensuring people get in to this country.

When a boatload of Asylum seekers is detected, Tony Abbott sees red, Jaymes Diaz however must see dollar signs and hear “ker-ching”.

Little wonder then that Tony Abbott was widely reported to be strongly opposed to Jaymes Diaz’s preselection again after Diaz’s failure in the previous election.

Despite Abbott backing another candidate, and what seemed like a million others throwing their hats in the ring, including burnt out rocker from the opposite side of town Angry Anderson, at the end of the day the factional powerbrokers and faceless men of the Liberal Party fought it out and with the aid of a reportedly large amount of branch stacking Jaymes Diaz came up trumps.

Diaz’s campaign office, pictured below was officially opened by Malcolm Turnbull on what must have been a proud day for the party. Situated amongst some less than glamorous neighbours and with what is reported to be a brothel operating right alongside is a door with a Jaymes Diaz corflute on it, that is the Liberal Party campaign office.

The Jaymze Diaz campaign office. The graffiti also makes a nice touch...

The Jaymze Diaz campaign office. The graffiti also makes a nice touch…

Diaz made the news last election with some comments he made on the campaign trail regarding the neighbouring electorate of Chifley. Diaz allegedly stated when asked about the Chifley seat:

“unfixable … too many Muslims”


Jaymes Diaz was reported to have said this whilst having a good childish chuckle about it with his father Jess Diaz, who is a Liberal Councillor on Blacktown Shire Council.

Jess Diaz has been a loyal member of the Liberal Party lately, supporting the sell-off of both Mt Druitt Pool and Blacktown Aquatic Centre, the privatisation of local childcare centres, the compulsory acquirement of residents homes to make way for hi-rise apartments, and the dumping of pensioner rebates on council charges.

Jaymes Diaz doesn’t need his father however and showed off his intellect and his solid grasp of policy when questioned by Channel 10, in the clip below.

If you think that that is cringe-worthy, check out the full interview via this link where Jaymes talks about a pensioner who can’t afford to run their heater whilst his father is taking away pensioner discounts on council.

Local Liberal supporters have not ended up with Angry Anderson, they have Dopey Diaz instead it seems.

This is the Greenway that Ben McClellan couldn’t seem to find. Given his inability to find what is in front of him I wonder if he managed to find his car in the car park afterwards.

News Ltd are clearly only interested in the glass half empty approach, and are seemingly looking to buy themselves the Manchurian Candidate in Tony Abbott.

Those who read front pages that say

“…Kick this mob out”

And take them to heart need to take heed of the moral fibre of the organisation that is saying it.

News Ltd, and the Daily Telegraph are a part of News Corp.

News Corp is the company that is comfortable with pursuing and then bankrolling the hacking of the mobile phone of a murdered 13 year old girl and deleting messages (and possible evidence), making her parents believe in vain that she is still alive, as they did in the case of Milly Dowler. I can think of fewer things more callous and cruel.

If that is what floats your boat (pardon the pun) then vote for Abbott and the Coalition as News Ltd seem to suggest.

Those who hack the phones of murdered teenagers endorse this man for PM - Think I'll pass...

Those who hack the phones of murdered teenagers endorse this man for PM – Think I’ll pass…

However if like I do, you believe that a “mob” who massively promotes education initiatives, provides the country’s first parental leave scheme, introduces a National Disability Insurance Scheme, makes the changes necessary to protect our environment, raises the tax-free threshold to aid to young and low income earners, increases employer superannuation contributions, and invests billions in vital infrastructure for our nation is a “mob” worth hanging onto, you won’t be so easily led.

Funnilly enough, as I write this it has been announced that News Corp had been forced to apologise to Barbara Ramjan for accusing her of being a liar.

Barabara’s crime was telling Fairfax’s David Marr about the time when her face was in the close vicinity of Tony Abbotts flying fists.

A company that brands a female victim of intimidation and assault a liar.

All class.

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  1. […] Front Page News – News Ltd, ridiculous front pages, & the most marginal electorate. […]

  2. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  3. Fed up says:

    ” for is an immigration lawyer named Jaymes Diaz.”

    With his background, he should have been able to answer that question.

  4. joy cooper says:

    Top blog post, Wixxy. Where do they find these people for their vox pops? Cannot imagine any true stevedores or metalworkers ever contemplating voting for the “enemy”. If these people are so well off they can claim they are definitely going to vote Liberal then they can thank their unions & the ALP for that. They would not have gained any benefits at all from the Libs.

    As for the News Corpse media they are an utter disgrace & are getting worse. Their latest front pages, AKA LNP propaganda posters, are contemptible. The egregious Col Allen is doing his stuff.

    The way Abbott, Turnbull, Hockey, Pyne, JBishop et al are foaming at the mouth atm, with their trash talking, it does seem as though they are panicking. Now that Beattie is in the mix they are throwing everything they can at the ALP. It’s certainly a dirty “war”.

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