For Whom The Bell Tolls – The political demise of Greg Pearce

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics

Yesterday came the news of a Government Minister being sacked for what most would deem as corrupt practices.

The Minister involved is not one of those currently being dragged up before the Independent Commission Against Corruption, he has managed to avoid this so far.

The Minister involved is one of Barry O’Farrells front bench whom O’Farrell promised would be scandal free during his campaign

As I said in a post the other day, this is what is deemed a scandal free Ministry from a Coalition government.

For starters there is the publicly masturbating Arts Minister George Souris, then there’s Environment Minister Robyn Parker who thinks logging is good for Koala’s, that makes her pretty special in my books. Health Minister Jillian Skinner whose office is evacuated at the threat of a few nurses delivering her a cake. Education Minister Adrian Piccoli a man who publicly signs a pledge to maintain TAFE funding in his campaign and then slashes TAFE services as part of the Coalitions $1.8 Billion Education cuts which cost 800 TAFE workers their job, Piccoli is also famous for leaving disabled children stranded by the side of the road when he changed their transport. Emergency Services Minister Michael Gallacher, whom I believe is the first Minister in Australia to ever have his Party actually booed out of Parliament by a gallery full of police, quite an achievement indeed . Gallacher also made the decision to close Fire Stations around the state during a heat wave and spate of bushfires, forcing communities to rely on volunteer services and fire services from other area’s which were left unprotected. The Attorney General Greg Smith who insults the victims of paedophiles and supports priests charged with sexually assaulting multiple young children, then puts forward legislation, now passed, so that most victims of these paedophile priests will never be compensated. Minister For Community services Pru Goward who has overseen what many have described as a public housing crisis and has brought about such  chaos in the Department Of Community Services that child welfare is at arguably its lowest point ever and there has been talk of Federal intervention being required. Not to mention the Treasurer Mike Baird who has a 100% success rate for delivering budget deficits after inheriting a surplus, and famous for losing a Billion dollars, quite the financial conservative.

No scandals there Barry….. much.

Barry "nothing to see here" O'Farrell

Barry “nothing to see here” O’Farrell

This is the first of the current Coalition Ministers to be sacked for what is a perceived corrupt practice, and it comes after only less than three years in government.

The Minister that has been sacked is Greg Pearce, someone I have written several articles on previously, the most recent of which can be seen via this link.

Pearce has been sacked from his position as a Minister only and continues to be a part of the Coalitions ramshackle government.

Pearce was sacked over his “jobs for the boys” scandal, and is yet to face any consequences for his travel expense rorting or being blind drunk to the point of needing assistance in parliament.

Yesterday the Opposition Leader John Robertson not only called for a full investigation into all of Pearces now tainted board appointments, however Robertson went even further saying:

“After the long list of allegations that have been raised by the Labor Opposition about Mr Pearce over the last few months, Greg Pearce shouldn’t have still had a job to be sacked from,”

“Mr O’Farrell has already gagged debate and blocked a motion by the NSW Opposition to refer his Finance Minister to the ICAC.”

“This is a Premier who isn’t serious about cracking down on corruption in his government.”

“Not only did Mr O’Farrell allow this to happen, but he has actively covered it up by squashing investigations and protecting his friend and Minister.”

It is interesting to note that whilst ICAC is handing down its findings now and Labor Party members who have acted corruptly are being banned for life from Labor Party membership and calls for special prosecutors are coming from within the Party to make sure that those who have shamed the Labor brand are held fully to account, Barry O’Farrell is seeking to shield his Minister from scrutiny.

Finance Minister Greg "I don't know what it is, but I'll drink to it" Pearce

Finance Minister Greg “I don’t know what it is, but I’ll drink to it” Pearce

If O’Farrell was in any way serious about being “scandal free” as he promised he should have sacked Greg Pearce weeks ago, months even. He should have also ensured that Pearce was sacked from government and had his membership to the Liberal Party cancelled and arranged for him to be expelled him from the Party for life, as the Labor Party are doing. Anything less than that from O’Farrell is a sign of either weakness or complicity.

In my humble opinion the timing of Pearces sacking from O’Farrell is to try and ensure it is lost in the current ICAC fallout. This could be to save embarrassment or it could also be an attempt to avoid further scrutiny into Pearces appointments and also his role in some of the Coalitions major policies.

The policies I speak of are the changes to household insurance that now include a fire-levy, something that in true Liberal style ensures the consumer pays more for less, while the insurance companies reap the rewards, and of course the change to workers compensation that saw over 30,000 protesters storm Parliament House in protest.

The workers compensation changes in particular will save the insurance companies Billions of dollars, while punishing the public.

Even the Victims Of Crime legislation which I wrote about not long ago favors insurance companies. The legislation was clearly designed to further punish the victims of paedophile priests and to save the church millions in compensation payouts, but it is the churches insurers who will probably be saved the most.

Barry O’Farrell knew this was an issue and took the NSW Green Slip insurance changes away from Pearce recently because of Pearces vulnerability on issues surrounding insurance matters.

Greg Pearces Deputy Chief Of Staff Natalie Ward was forced to quit recently. Ward is married to a lobbyist David Begg from a lobby firm named PremierState. Begg is the lobbyist for a number of insurance giants and also interestingly according to his firms website the states “industry leader in workers compensation”. Begg also spent time on the Liberal Party State Executive.

Until an independent investigation is held into all of the decisions that involve insurance companies that this government has been involved in, particularly those above, then this government will have a dark shadow of doubt over it.

My gut tells me this is just the beginning.

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  1. joy cooper says:

    Think your gut could be 100% correct, Wixxy. It is beyond me how this shambolic excuse of a state government can continue to manage to hoodwink the NSW voters so that, according to polls, they would vote them back in with a huge majority!!

    Also amazing is how O’Farrell manages to slide in under the radar. It must be that pseudo avuncular look he has about him & the up-tilted chin. Oh, that chin, it has a personality of its own. His entire front bench are a waste of space & they continue to get away with it without any attention from the complicit media. There is the icy cold superior Pru Goward who should not be in charge of the lives of those desperately in need. A worse person for this portfolio I can’t imagine. The rest aren’t any better. Need we mention Gladys & Jillian or the Michaels? A sorry lot indeed.

  2. clarittee says:

    You would have to question the preselection process, ( or the “bank” of talent they have to pick from).

  3. Saaq Madiq. says:

    And where is our glorious MSM in bringing this revolting stench from the O’Farrell Government to the public. Well nowhere, just as we have come to expect from these just as corrupt bunch of mendacious misfits. The Liberals and the MSM are literally killing our democracy. Thanks Wixxy for exposing these crooks. Keep up the great work.

  4. Schoolwastetech says:

    As a school cleaner, who starts work at 4.00am and who has now lost workers comp coverage on my way to work and home again. I am thank full that my union (United Voice) has recently covered union workers with a “Journey Cover Plan” to cover the gap created by O’ Farrell and his mob.

    This week we were told that we will lose 20 hours of cleaning time from our site under a productivity improvement plan. Under this plan one permanent part time employee will be taken off the site and their areas will be shared around the remaining cleaning staff who are already overburdened and barely able to keep on top of the work.

    The sooner we get rid of O’ Farrell and his mob the better

  5. silkworm says:

    If you ask me, they’re ALL wankers.

  6. Anomander says:

    Why don’t we seem to hear or see any opinion polls around Barry’s government? We had them consistently when Labor were in power, and in the federal sphere – they are and have been relentless for the past 3 years.

    Yet here in NSW with O’Barrell in charge – not a whiff, even though he has spent a great deal of time diminishing the rights of workers, sacking people, actively supporting CSG and mining, and doing feck-all for the people or environment of our state.

    Don’t we have an opinion or doesn’t it count?

  7. clarittee says:

    I heard there were polls and he was as solid as when he first got there. what is the deal with the Solar power generator near Broken Hill wit AGL? Have they seen the light?

  8. […] For Whom The Bell Tolls – The political demise of Greg Pearce ( […]

  9. jack says:

    I’d like to see some exposure on the election promises of John Howard regarding a whole new system of Commonwealth training colleges to get the young apprentices trained and replace the TAFE system which was sadly being degraded due to lack of funds after the Olympics. It was announced in a fanfare and then quietly forgotten……

    Enjoy your writing but I think Craig Thomson is fucked…..
    Regards Jack

  10. Vince says:

    People, people, you are all complaining yet nobody want to do a thing! that is the hard truth !. Look at the workers compensation laws changed by the o’farrell government (note the lack of capital letters!), we the hard working workers who have been injured at work have lost all our rights as since 1987 the various governments have eroded our rights by modifying the Common Laws to see the so called “Modified Common Laws” taking away our rights to compensations then our rights to have a fair go and be treated to go back to work…yes hundreds of thousands have been affected, and many took to the internet to complaint anonymously but when it comes to put their names on a petitions or class actions….NOBODY …I tried several petitions and had over 450 injured workers emailing me yet only two were ready to sign a petition to request a review of the modified common laws! Our politicians know we cannot gather the numbers, we cannot act as one and they are playing on that.

    Those “Modified Common Laws” are nothing else than breaches of:
    – 1) The Australian constitution (as we should All be treated equally…)

    – 2) The Commonwealth Constitution (Yes it still applies here as we are still part of the Commonwealth and the constitution is the base/reference for our Constitution).

    – 3) The anti-discrimination act 1992

    – 4) The convention for the rights of persons with disabilities ( Australia has pledged to abide by it as part of an international treaty, therefore its content do apply in Australia).

    It is surprising the Australian people have voted for the o’barrel government knowing what they were proposing …but now you got it ..if you injure yourself at work you are F—-d one way or another, with the new legislation you are. And don’t think of trying to get your TPD insurance from your super .. it is unlikely you will succeed and be careful when taking a no win no fee lawyer as even if they don’t charge fees, they can legally charge you costs (phone calls cost , papers etc and you will be astonished how expensive those can be …another thing is that if you go to court and lose you will have to pay the winning party ALL THEIR COSTS/FEES etc …even if you had a no win no fee agreement it doesn’t apply to the other party.

    Having said so and from another topic , why Sydney south west areas are allowed to use pencil when selecting their representatives during elections? Even in the corners of Africa they have a better system with fingerprint and ink that last for month so that no double voting occurs and to avoid cheating so why in Australia do we still use pencil? hum,mm another thing for thoughts …

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