Money Maker – Craig Thomsons Fundraiser

Posted: July 26, 2013 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics

The Daily Telegraph stated 20, the Sydney Morning Herald said 30, but the important number last night was 50, or actually 50,000 to be precise.

We all knew the mainstream media have been struggling with the facts, but I kind of hoped that counting wasn’t an issue, but alas…

The Telegraph and the Herald were playing guessing games at the number of attendees at Craig Thomson’s Legal Defence Fundraiser in the Tattersalls Club in Sydney last night without even being at the event, although in their defence News Ltd were ejected at the door without entering.

The 50,000 I mentioned is the number of dollars that was raised by putting the night, although many of Thomsons supporters were unable to make it into the city on what was a freezing cold weeknight.

In fairness the numbers were lower than organisers would have hoped for, however given that so many people actually forked out money for an event that they knew they would not be able to attend shows that there is more support out there for Thomson then the fictitious numbers being thrown around by the media would suggest.

Those that were there, and I spoke with many, all had a good night. I spoke with two ladies that had made the trek all the way from Lake Macquarie to be there, however the prize for distance travelled has to go to one lovely bloke who had travelled all the way from Ghana where he works on an Australian oil rig, although he was home on time off.

Craig Thomson - Raising funds and fighting on

Craig Thomson – Raising funds and fighting on

Guest speaker Bob Ellis had us all mesmerised with his hilarious speech that would have made Mal Broughs hairs stand on end. Bob dove into uncharted depths surrounding the Ashbygate saga that is only now starting to gain traction in the mainstream.

Chris McArdle followed Ellis and didn’t hold back on throwing one liners and wisecracks that were mostly directed at the media and their abysmal coverage of the Thomson case.

Thomsons speech was funny at times and emotional at others, the dragging out of this matter has clearly been a beyond draining experience for Thomson.

Thomson retold the story of the day he voted with the opposition in parliament causing Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne to run for the exit like two schoolgirls fleeing from a mouse. The irony of the situation as Thomson saw it was that Pyne and Abbott were not depriving the people of Dobell a say in parliament that day as planned, they were depriving constituents in their own electorates a vote.

The event gave Thomson an opportunity to personally thank some of those who have and continue to support him that he would not normally have the chance to meet. This was a chance Thomson clearly relished and is something that you can’t put a measure on.

The only way of measuring the true success of a fundraiser is always in the amount of funds raised, hence the name “fundraiser”.

So despite the reporting focusing on the negative in the mainstream, judging by the only measure that truly counts, funds raised, I would say last night was a success.

Actually, with $50,000 raised, I’d call it a raging success.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. elaine says:

    Congratulations everyone.

  2. ananda1955 says:


  3. Tony Gurnett says:


  4. Is there some way others living interstate can contribute?

  5. joy cooper says:

    Well done, Wixxy & all those who were involved. It is heartening to hear that Craig has so much support. It must give him & his wife much comfort to know this. 🙂

  6. clarittee says:

    I’m sure Craig enjoyed a group around him that cared for once. Would love to have heard your speakers. Talk about judge and jury and hangman. The MSM never give up. No-one ever takes a second look at things in journalism They build on their original “TAKE” when ever a subject is revisited.
    The electors of Pnoney and Cryne (the Gazelle) haven’t shown any credible judgement so they deserve the contempt the two show them. Vaudeville it is anyhow. ALL for effect, not fact.

  7. Wixxy, I am said bloke from Ghana, and I was happy to be there. For the record, one small correction is that I work on a Swiss owned oil rig.

    I attended the event with a group of supporters from the Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers (AIMPE; ) who are happy to be on the record to support the member for Dobell in his quest for justice.

    It was great to see Craig and give him support and we all enjoyed the speeches. As you correctly say – it is not about the numbers of supporters, but it is about the money raised.

    Good luck Craig!

  8. Fed up says:

    It is the money that counts.

  9. Signe says:

    congrats Wixxy, heard you on the radio, they were keen to down play numbers and success, so whats new? Glad it was a good night.

  10. sara west says:

    After the current court case, I hope Thomson sues those responsible for dragging his name through the dirt. The Libs did this in a desperate attempt to gain government, they do not believe in a fair fight.

  11. Stuart says:

    Have you people all been smoking crack!? Last count there were 170 charges against this numb skull, but you want to blame the Libs for a “conspiracy”!?!?

    • LindaDom says:

      Best you actually check those charges “matey”. Best you read a bit more and familiarise yourself with the case not the MSM orcherastated case.

  12. Shmemley says:

    $50,000 will buy a lot of protection in gaol.

  13. jo says:

    The only reason 50k was raised was due to labor buying tickets to apparently on sell tgem exept they never got sold. It was a front for labor to give thompson money for legal fees. 22 people attended that was a count done by person there to find out exactly who and what happened at this fundraiser. Considering 200 were expected, delays and cancelations 22 people must of made thommo proud.

  14. toShay says:

    Congrats Craig, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  15. clarittee says:

    WHY would people object to some donating money to allow that person to.defend themselves in court? IF there wasn’t a hung parliament it wouldn’t have happened. Already judged they have. Why did the papers go over the top to make out he is guilty.? It is for the courts . The papers have a vested interest to disadvantage labor and the UnFairfax were being sued by Thomson for defamation so they are not impartial either. Those who are quick to judge should still recognise Craigs right to defend himself. IF NOT then a POX on them too.

  16. Damien says:

    A fool and his money are soon parted, or 50 fools for that matter.

  17. Michael Richmond says:

    Fabulous to see continued support for the rights of union officials to rip off their members, betray their wives and generally act in an utterly hypocritical & possibly criminal way.

  18. ananda1955 says:

    obviously some people choose to believe all the lie’s. thank god they are not judge and jury

  19. Just for the record, my fiance and I were there. I know we spoke with more than 20 people, including (but not limited to) Bob Ellis, Craig’s parents, D and J (with whom we shared a table and also some great conversation), that man with the razor sharp wit, Chris McArdle – and, of course, Wixxy himself.

    It was a brilliant evening.

    Craig Thomson also visited our table and spoke with us personally, and he also individually thanked everyone for being there. I have little doubt that the camera crew at the main entrance to the club accosting anyone and everyone entering the building made people think twice about going inside.

    They weren’t very observant, however; my fiance and I snuck past them despite my shirt bearing a slogan that would have given their doddering old cuckold of an employer a well-deserved coronary. 😉

    • wixxy says:

      It was a great evening, and it was awesome to meet you guys.

      I was very impressed with your choice of apparel, and a fraction jealous because I haven’t got one 🙂

  20. Does the $50000 include Sam Dastyari’s generous contribution?
    From News Corp:
    “Mr McArdle said that at the February meeting in his office, Mr Dastyari asked how much Mr Thomson owed him in legal fees, and was told $50,000. “He said he could find $30,000 if I would keep working for Thomson, and we settled on $35,000,” Mr McArdle said. Mr McArdle is suing Mr Dastyari and the NSW ALP for the money.”

    I think I know why Sammy wants McArdle to keep working for Thomson – ie a strategy that has Thomson claim in court that he is entitled to pay escorts with union funds must have Sam and his ALP mates in stitches.

    The best $35,000 the ALP has ever spent.

  21. Dave says:

    Well done Craig the party owes you in spite of what Abbott says so if the ALP helped you raised the money then fair enough. Those Fascist rednecks in the liberal party and fox media have been screwing with the truth for the last 3 years.(longer) I cant wait for the election so the ALP can smoke them big time. I just hope Our fellow Australians whom the Liberals are treating with contempt (the dummies) are as tired of Abbott’s crap and wake up in time to smite the S.O.B.

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