Man On The Moon – The rise of independent media

Posted: July 25, 2013 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics

If there is one thing that we should all be protecting and supporting in this country it is our independent media.

It is our independent media that looks at issues without having to worry themselves about the interests and opinions of those who advertise with us. Most of us only make a small amount of money out of our writing at any rate, but I can assure you if you worked it out per hour it would make Gina Rinehart drool, as it would be measured in cents not dollars. Most of us do it out of a passion to see the truth exposed, or are just sick of the main stream media pushing their own agenda and opinion.

The mainstream media are supposed to be factual non-biased reporting, and the opinions of their writers are supposed to be restricted to opinion pages. This means when the average person reads something in the news section they do not expect it to be one side of a two-sided story, they are entitled expect a certain amount of balance.

I am by no means saying that independent media is not biased, of course some of it is. However it is usually far more transparent than the MSM. The reader is usually far more aware of which side of the argument the writer is coming from. Nobody reading Wixxyleaks for example would consider themselves as reading the views of those on the right.

Independent media is just like any other form of media, we are prone to making the occasional error or two, however in my case and the media I write for of read, it is corrected it as quickly as possible and every effort made to highlight that correction. The mass media on the other hand tend to become all arrogant and bury a tiny apology on a page towards the back of the paper, but only if and after the error is shown on Media Watch. If the error isn’t highlighted it is usually ignored and the article is amended online quietly in the hope nobody notices.

We are often criticised for our grammar, speelling, and punctuation, something I have been guilty of on the odd occasion. For me it is mostly for putting apostrophe’s in inappropriate place’s. However in our defence, we don’t have a team of editors checking our work and often Microsoft Word disagrees with WordPress or Tumbler or whatever site we use and auto-corrects things to the pursuit of the American Way.

I should point out, the screw ups in the above paragraph were intentional.

Two things have made me scratch my head recently in regards to the main stream media and their coverage of news events.

Firstly, I am sick of all the articles saying how wonderful Julia Gillard is and how much she achieved.

That horse has well and truly bolted. It would have been nice to have seen some of those stories in the previous three years, but alas the media didn’t like Julia then. It must seem rather surreal for Julia now, reading all of the praise from what were after all her real executioners.

Julia Gillard - now she is gone the MSM love her again

Julia Gillard – now she is gone the MSM love her again

The other one is the asylum seeker deal with Papua New Guinea which is being slammed for being harsh. This seems to me a complete about-face from their “Stop the boats”, “We’re being invaded”, and “Incoming terrorist” approach of not that long ago.

I’m not going to get into a debate about the policy at this time, but the media certainly seems to have reversed their position somewhat.

I was reading how Papua New Guinea’s poor were pleading to Mr Rudd not to dump Australia’s problem on them. That’s all very well, however I wonder if they were also asked about Australia dumping millions of investment dollars on them also. The poor people of Papua New Guinea must hate the idea of infrastructure investment coming their way.

Do you know what I’d like to see?

I’d like to see a report in the conditions in Indonesia. The poverty, the brutality, the lack of services, the filth, and the desperation of the place, after all that is where the Coalition tell us constantly that’s where they will be sending asylum seekers by turning back boats. The difference being that it would be going back to Indonesia would be without any support or funds for infrastructure and education, not to mention against the Indonesian government’s wishes, and stated positions, although it is apparently inflammatory to say that this may cause any kind of conflict.

Political currency

Political currency

You know that independent media is doing its job when the main stream come out and criticise our work.

It was not long into the Jacksonville series of articles that used evidence and documentation rather than the word of a union turncoat and rumour to tell the story, that News Ltd decided to have a shot at what I was doing.

Being unable to criticise what I had written or dispute any of my evidence they chose to attack me on the front page of The Australian, I won’t be linking the article. The best they could come up with was referring to me as a “failed Labor candidate”.

This is in fact true, if you consider being asked by your branch to stand in the safest Liberal seat in the state and not winning a failure. When I was told by the reporter that was how Kathy Jackson was referring to me I explained the electorate I stood in and the circumstances, also pointing out that Jackson herself has lost a Labor pre-selection in Victoria, and then taken the Labor Party to court to dispute it and lost again, which I thought made her a wee tad deceitful and hypocritical, The Australian neglected to mention any of that.

I have been attacked on many levels by all sorts of kooks and crazies, however these attacks only reinforce that I must be doing something right.

When Craig Thomson announced that two supporters had set up a legal defence donation fund to help him raise money to thwart the apparent Coalitions plans to bankrupt him, and to help ensure he received a fair trial, the first to attack was Kate McClymont from Fairfax.

Just the facts please Kate

Just the facts please Kate

McClymont had won a Walkley award for one of her articles regarding the HSU, an article that has now been shown to be almost entirely incorrect and based on a shoddy investigation and the word of a liar who is now under police investigation.

In fact, I wonder how much of McClymonts private investigation work for Fairfax was done by a company called Brosnan Investigations, or one of the other investigation firms with the same street address. The director of these private investigation firms, as well as a publishing company is a man by the name of Graeme Brosnan.

Graeme Brosnan I believe is Kate McClymonts partner, a property search has them owning multiple properties together. Brosnan is an author of many books, including some real life crime stories that McClymont has reported on, and a private investigator.

Sources have alleged that Michael Lawler, VP of Fair Work Commission and Kathy Jacksons fiancé has been a client of Brosnans private investigation firm for some time.

If this is in fact true, it would mean Kate McClymont has a financial interest in this case and is possibly even doing the PR work for her partners client with her articles.

Given this information I would take anything that McClymont has to say on the matter with a huge grain of salt indeed.

My investigation into the HSU has been labelled a conspiracy theory by some, so here are some undisputed facts, not theory.

  • Kathy Jackson was the whistleblower/turncoat
  • It was the FWA investigation that crucified Thomson in the media and publics minds
  • Kathy Jacksons fiancé was Michael Lawler
  • Michael Lawler was Vice President of FWA
  • Michael Lawler was appointed to that position by Tony Abbott
  • The FWA investigation was torn apart and slammed by an independent report by KPMG in which Michael Lawler was the only FWA employee who refused to cooperate with investigators.
  • Kathy Jackson has been a director of companies in receipt of vast sums of union money
  • Kathy Jackson has been guest of honour and speaker at Liberal functions
  • Kathy Jackson is now under police investigation

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the whole sorry saga so far can be found via this link. To me it would seem that those who claim that there is no link between these undisputed facts would be the ones reaching for the bigger size tin foil hat.

Also coming under attack recently has been Independent Australia who are fast developing a reputation for being both ahead of the curve and on the ball.

An article in The Australian recently referred to Independent Australia as 9-11 denying conspiracy theorists.

This totally inappropriate attack at the expense of over 3,000 victims is not only cowardly but is totally unfounded.

The attack was in regards to the ongoing Ashbygate investigation which, along with the Jacksonville investigation have served to highlight both the need for Independent Media and the failure of the mainstream.

James Ashby rehearses his lines

James Ashby rehearses his lines

Mal Brough himself described those involved with Ashbygate in an interview with the Sunshine Coast daily as:

“politically motivated crackpots and “the same sort of people that think man never landed on the Moon”.

The mainstream however have chosen not to pull Brough and others sprouting the same garbage up for their words. This is despite the judge presiding over the matter in court, Justice Steven Rares having this to say on the subject:

“Mr Ashby acted in combination with Ms Doane and Mr Brough when commencing the proceedings in order to advance the interests of the LNP and Mr Brough.”

I can confirm for you all that those involved in the Ashbygate Trust and Independent Australia all do indeed believe in the moon landing, however I regret to say I am unsure of Justice Steven Rares view on that matter.

It is interesting that many of those in the mainstream, particularly those from News Ltd, and those in the Coalition who accuse us of being conspiracy theorists continue to push the theories of climate change sceptics.

Lord Monckton - News Ltd and the Coalition would have you believe him over scientists when it comes to climate science

Lord Monckton – News Ltd and the Coalition would have you believe him over scientists when it comes to climate science

We hear the ridiculous arguments about the earth cooling, the invisible substances, and the sea levels dropping and yet are expected not to see the hypocrisy when they label others as conspiracy theorists.

Whether they like it or not, Independent Media is on the rise in this country as it has been in most Western countries, and as long as people keep sharing, liking, and re-tweeting it will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Considering the state of Australia’s main stream media, perhaps it’s just as well.


Since publishing this article I have received a letter from lawyers acting for Kate McClymont and Graeme Brosnan demanding that I take down material relating to them, which they alleged was “scurrilous” and “defamatory”. The part of the letter that most succinctly states their position is as follows:

‘Ms McClymont and Mr Brosnan each complete their professional endeavours professionally and appropriately and independently of each other. Ms McClymont’s published works are the result of her own research and investigations, and represent her own interpretation of the information she has obtained and/or her own independent views. More particularly, Mr Brosnan … nor his company has ever represented (nor even met or had anything to do with) Mr Lawler, Ms Jackson or anyone else associated with the HSU, let along sought to influence Ms McClymont’s writings on the topic (or any other topic).’

I completely deny that anything I have published is defamatory, and welcome their feedback and comments which can be put on the comments section of this site at any time.

I have been informed by McClymonts and Brosnans lawyer that I have been misinformed in regards to claims Brosnans was at one stage a policeman, so I have removed that part of the article and apologise for any misunderstanding as a result of it.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Paul says:


    Independent media rightfully applauds itself when a story crosses over to the MSM, and is equally confused, and annoyed when a story doesn’t.

    Do you think the model of MSM, wanting to break and own stories somehow impedes this crossover happening? i.e. you have so forensically laid out the HSU case, what new information or angle could the MSM bring to it? I can’t imagine 7:30 or Four Corners laying out your blog as the basis for a story? A producer pitching to get resources would be told to find something new in the story, even though the information supplied by you, and possibly in time by the Ashby trust could be all there is to be reported?

    Sorry if not clear, typing on the run. Keep up the good fight.


    • wixxy says:

      Hi Paul,

      I totally understand, I can tell you that before I wrote my articles I met producers for both 7 30 and Lateline who decided against the story. I also filmed an interview with channel 9 for a news story on the documentation.

      My understanding is that the legal departments blocked it.

      The mainstream have a tendency to not report on things that have been reported elsewhere so on big issues I would try and have them break it, however this didn’t work as 3 words in a tiny article relating to Jacksons credit card expenditure meant that when all of the details came to hand the MSM wouldn’t publish.

      I’m sure it will all come out one day, but until then we just keep slogging away…

      There are some fantastic people in the MSM however, so I am encouraged by that…

  2. wirilda says:

    Hear Hear Wixxy!!! And I’m proud to be a “politically motivates crackpot” who DOES believe the moon landing happened. I watched it at school!!!

  3. MWS says:

    I’m an Ashbygate donor and also accept that the moon landings happened – remember that the Soviets were also trying to be first to land a man on the moon – simple radio-direction equipment would have been able to tell if the signals of the moon landing were really coming from the moon or not.

    Perhaps Mal Brough could be asked about his views on anthropological global warming (and the deniers in his own party) before calling anybody else a conspiracy theorist?

  4. owen1967 says:

    … the day McClymont won a Walkley Award for her article on the HSU, the prestige of the Walkley diminished … from irrelevant to farcical … the journalistic equivalent of a Turkey Slap delivered by Glenn Milne … the majority of participants in the mainstream media should hang their heads in shame … if they cared as much about facts, balance and content as they do about pun filled by-lines and punctuation – they might have a future as a media service … but alas, the MSM can no longer consider itself as a news service … it long ago became an entertainment service (and a very poor one at that).

    which is why you have an ever growing readership Peter (as does IA and other members of the 5th estate) … the MSM has unwittingly (and arguably unwisely) created an environment in which the blogosphere will thrive … which is likely to ultimately be to the benefit of all.

  5. Saaq Madiq. says:

    What brilliant work you do Peter. The so called journalists (?) like the bitter prune McClymont ,really are an embarrassment, but then again they do have their sleazy agenda to run with their faceless buddies from the big end of town. There are some great people in the independent media and you are one of the very best of them. Keep up the great work and keep getting stuck into these grubs. I just love it.

  6. Guess who is up for an award tonight?
    2013 Kennedy Awards for Excellence in NSW Journalism

    “NSW Journalist of the year 2013 finalists: @Kate_McClymont (@smh) Joanne McCarthy (@newcastleherald) and Tim Noonan (@sundaynighton7)”

  7. helenmarg says:

    another wonderful would leave mainstream media for dead.keep up the amazing insightful true journalism Peter.

  8. clarittee says:

    Peter has different AIMS than the MSM. (as well as ethics . A thing absent from their thoughts. When your job is at stake how much does one kow tow for the sake of keeping it?

  9. Tibor dombi says:

    Bloody good read mate! Weird isn’t it? I read 1984 back in about 74 and thought, nah won’t happen! And here we are It’s happening before our eyes. I donate to the ashbygate fund, and if the bastards ever try to nail you, you can count on everything I have to give.

  10. oldfart says:

    “the same sort of people that think man never landed on the Moon”
    I think if anyone is mooning, then it’s Brough flashing his arse at the Australian people.

  11. Heather says:

    As another Ashbygate donator and moon-landing believer, I just want to say bravo. It is wonderful to have Independent Australia doing such a brilliant job in place of the moribund old media. Keep it going!

  12. hannahquinn says:

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    The only real risk with independent media is that you read and follow only what agrees with your point of view. However, reading/watching mainstream media, these days, is exactly the same and most of it has only one point of view anyway.

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