Feels Like The First Time

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Politics

First time voters this year have a tough choice ahead of them with a number of important things to consider.

It is not just a matter of Kevin Rudd versus Tony Abbott, it is a matter of policy versus policy, and a choice between 2 separate directions these leaders wish to take the country.

With that in mind I thought I would cover off a few areas which are of concern to the first time voter, and compare not just the two leaders, but also the Party they represent.

Climate change and environmental concerns are a huge issue for the nation’s youth, and when it comes to this issue there is the Party that has acted on it and the Party that has fought against it the whole way.

The Labor Party was the party who ratified the Kyoto Protocol putting in place targets aimed at reducing carbon emissions, this decision was derided by the Liberal Party throughout the entire process. As we all know as a nation we now have price on carbon after many years of trying and false starts, it was the Labor Party that pushed this through a hung parliament and was arguably a key element in Julia Gillard losing the Prime Ministers job..

Kevin Rudd has indicated that he wants to push ahead and fast track the nation to an emissions trading scheme which will improve certainty for business as well as have the desired effects on the reduction of carbon emissions.

The Liberal Party has a policy called Direct Action, a policy that seems defy logic in some areas. It involves the planting of tree’s to offset Carbon emissions however the number of tree’s involved in their policy there isn’t enough room to plant in the country. The Direct Action plan pumps money into the hands of polluters and hopes they do the right thing, while taking the money out of the pockets of everybody else. The Direct Action policy is a ridiculous proposal to try to tackle a real issue from a Party whose leader not long ago stated “Climate Change is crap”.

The notion of equality should not be a notion it should be a human right. That is something most of us can agree on I think. Equality covers all sorts of things, physical ability, race, religion, sex and sexual preference just to name a few.

Many have been disappointed in the Labor Party’s lack of progression on same-sex marriage, however of the two major political parties at least they allowed a conscience vote for their MP’s. Despite what others say, I am still of the opinion if it were not for the hung parliament and the concern over the Catholic vote with such narrow margins in the polls we would probably have seen a bill for marriage equality get passed, but alas fear prevailed. However does anybody seriously think marriage equality is more likely under an Abbott led government?

On the issue of racial equality, there is the choice between a leader who finally said sorry to the stolen generation, or Tony Abbott who has promised to amend and weaken the racial vilification act which saw his mate Andrew Bolt come undone for his comments about some Indigenous Australians.

Kevin Rudd - Made the long overdue apology to the stolen generation that John Howard had refused to make

Kevin Rudd – Made the long overdue apology to the stolen generation that John Howard had refused to make

There is the Labor Party which has championed anti-discrimination laws for decades, and there is the Liberal Party which elevates MP’s like Cory Bernardi who seem to be on an Anti-Islamic crusade built on fear and lies, between his comments comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality.

On equality of the sex’s we have the Party with more women in its Ministry than ever before, the Party with a female as its Leader Of The Senate, a gay Asian woman no less, the incomparable Penny Wong. On the other side we have Mr Misogyny himself, Tony Abbott, someone who once threw a punch at a female opponents head to intimidate her. Some say that Abbotts level of respect for a woman depends on how well she irons his shirt, I don’t know about that, but let’s just say I wouldn’t like him dating my mum…

Tony Abbott knew where to find the women in his family when he needed a photo... the kitchen. Nice of Tony to drop in...

Tony Abbott knew where to find the women in his family when he needed a photo… the kitchen.

As for physical ability Tony Abbott does not seem to discriminate against those with disabilities, I will grant him that, he is quite happy to physically intimidate and treat them with the same levels of disrespect as others. Who can forget poor Bernie Banton in his dying days being stood up and then insulted by the then Health Minister Tony Abbott? All Bernie was doing was trying to improve the lives of those suffering the awful effects of asbestos poisoning and hand over a petition.

A side note to this is the company that caused all the suffering and continued to manufacture asbestos products that are still killing people today was James Hardie Pty Ltd, legally represented by none other than Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop. So loyal to their workers and to the other Australians they were killing were James Hardie that they moved overseas to try to escape compensation payments. It is unknown who gave the company that advice.

One of Abbotts less than glamorous moments in Parliament, and yes he has had many, is the time when he crossed the floor to physically intimidate a Labor MP. What makes this even more disgusting is that the MP in question Graham Edwards, was a veteran, and in a wheelchair as he had no legs. All class Tony…

Graham Edwards visits a war memorial with Julia Gillard

Graham Edwards visits a war memorial with Julia Gillard

Alternatively there is the Labor Party who have now launched the National Disability Insurance Scheme, something that will improve the lives of tens of thousands of Australians living with disabilities. The NDIS was described by the Coalition as a “Aspirational Policy”.

The nation’s youth also understand the need for the National Broadband Network and its potential for future uses. They realise it’s not about getting games and music faster or streaming movies, they can see the future of the health industry, education, science, IT Industry and business being vastly improved and the advantage Australia will have with this type of infrastructure.

Tony Abbott thinks this is a Rolls Royce approach, he doesn’t think the country deserves the best. Instead he thinks we should spend a fortune on a clapped out old Hyundai that is in constant need of expensive servicing. The Coalitions policy of a hotch-potch of different technologies to come up with a makeshift solution that has a fraction of the NBN’s capabilities and bandwidth is something that has had most in the industry and those who have an understanding of the internet scratching their head in disbelief.

Tony Abbott was proud of his revolutionary communications strategy

Tony Abbott was proud of his revolutionary communications strategy

Last but far from least is money. That’s right cold hard cash, something we bust our guts for.

Many first time voters are students, be it TAFE, college or university. Many of them are studying in universities or colleges that used to be affordable until John Howard came along.

You will find most of these students working in bars, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants trying to make a few bucks to buy text books, pay for courses, and to enable them to have some sort of social life.

Last financial year Labor increased the tax-free threshold from $6000 to $18,200 taking around a million voters out of the tax system, most of them first time voters.

Tony Abbott has already told us that he will reverse this as the country can’t afford to lose the tax dollars brought in by struggling students, we can only afford to lose the tax from Billionaire miners apparently.

So what does this mean to the struggling student and first time voter?

Tony Abbott wants you to pay an extra $2,318 in tax each and every year.

Currently under a Labor government if you earn $18,200 or less per year as many part-time or casual employee’s do, you pay no tax, none at all. Under Tony Abbott you will suddenly be paying $2,318 to the taxman.

Those who earn a wage of $37K will see their tax skyrocket from $3,572 to $5,890 under a Coalition government.

Some call this the lowering of the tax-free threshold. I call it the “Tony Tax”.

I will tax the young and to poor into submission...

I will tax the young and to poor into submission…

$2,318 is a lot of money to a struggling student. It’s a lot of money to most of us, but to a student it must be a hideous thought to be facing losing that sort of money under Abbott while Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer will be getting tax concessions.

Those students working two days a week would probably have to work an extra day each week to make up for the “Tony Tax”. That’s less spare time, less study time, and less quality of life.

The “Tony Tax” doesn’t just hit the first time voter and student of course, in true Liberal fashion it aims the tax increase at those who can least afford it, the low-income earner.

So it would appear that for the young first time voter there are some tough decisions to be made in regards to careers and courses, but the decision on who to vote for has been made relatively simple.

The first time voter is not fooled by a Party full of slogans that are aimed at bogans. The first time voter understands there is more to life than a bumper sticker.

The first time voter seeks to live in a country that is clean, that is equal, and that is fair.

They sure as hell don’t want to pay $2,318 to watch Australia go backwards.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Ross Barber says:

    Nicely argued

  2. jaycee says:

    If the liberals had any brains ,and THAT is a conumdrum in itself, they would replace Tony with Margie as she is the more stable looking of the two!

  3. gordonwa says:

    Well said, Peter. The differences are stark and the choice is clear for any thinking person who cares about the sort of future we envision for Australia. The environment and the NBN are just two key points of difference that will surely resonate with young voters.

  4. Marilyn says:

    But when it comes to abusing minority groups the ALP and Liberals are bosom buddies and agree that no torture is mean enough.

  5. Heather says:

    Margie obviously irons a good shirt.

    This is all a no brainer young people. Please stand up and be counted.

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