Going The Distance

Posted: June 30, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

Tomorrow Craig Thomson finds himself in court yet again, so what can we expect?

Well one thing we can count on is a media circus, that much we know all too well from bitter experience. Given that we now find ourselves in serious election campaign mode, I’m confident that the media will be outside court in full swing and the shock-jocks and right-wing commentators will be readily poised with bucket loads of scorn.

I am also expecting that the police may have more charges to add to the pile, just to make things appear worse than they are. I am sure that a team of senior detectives will have devoted vast numbers of police hours to the vitally important task of combing through Thomson’s expenses whilst he was a union secretary to see if there were any ice-cream purchases or if Thomson watched an in-house movie whilst on a work trip, after all this is the type of work that keeps the streets safe at night.

Many will be wondering what to expect from Thomson so I thought I’d ask him myself.

Thomson intends to seek a summary judgement from the court.

A summary judgement would mean that a judge would base a verdict on the evidence that is currently before the court, evidence that has formed the public perception on Thomson’s innocence or guilt along with the help of the mainstream press.

This would appear to be the act of a confident man, there is no other reason that I can think of to want to rush things along.

Craig Thomson - Hoping to speed up the legal process

Craig Thomson – Hoping to speed up the legal process

When one stops to consider the amount of time that has been spent investigating Thomson by police in Victoria and NSW, not to mention the amount of time spent by the press trying to find anything to add fuel to the fire then surely there can’t be much left to find, and if in fact there is, it says a lot about our law enforcement agencies, none of it good.

Still, I suspect that Victoria Police will be taking their leads from the Coalition who are in it up to their neck with George Brandis leaning on the Police Ministers in each NSW and Victoria by his own admission.

What this will probably mean is that Thomson will not be successful in his bid for a summary judgement, as it would appear to be in the Coalitions best interest to drag this out as long as possible. This will no doubt keep Thomson in financial woes as all of his legal costs continue to be strung along, and will also help the Coalition in the election campaign as Thomson is smeared in the press.

George "I can count to three" Brandis

George “I can count to three” Brandis

Our legal system seems less than mediocre, let alone perfect. The cost of trying to prove yourself innocent seems astronomical both financially and personally, certainly in Thomson’s case.

If the court does not grant a summary judgement it would seem to me to be a political decision rather than a legal one.

In other related news, Thomson is holding a fundraiser this Thursday 4th July.

Thomson has announced he will be throwing his hat in the ring at the September federal election as an Independent candidate.

Thomson’s office has released details on a flyer which is linked below for those that are interested in attending.

Craig Thomson Fundraiser

Given the events of the last week that included the announcements by two of the key Independent members Oakeshott and Windsor that they will not be contesting the next election, it may be vitally important to have a member not tied to party policies in the lower house.

However given the cost of mounting his legal defence so far, and the costs that are still yet to come as others seek to drag it out and bleed Thomson dry of funds, a fundraiser seemed an ideal way for Thomson to raise funds and to thank those who have supported him in person.

If Thomson was unable to maintain his legal costs he may have had to reconsider standing again in Dobell, that would deprive the Central Coast of a good member, one they elected, and may even hand the seat over to the Coalition.

This upcoming federal election looks to be a lot closer than previously predicted, and an Independent member that won’t support Tony Abbott in his bid for the keys to The Lodge could just be what keeps him on the opposition bench.

It would be ironic if we ended up with another hung parliament and the only thing between Tony Abbott and The Lodge was the vote of Craig Thomson.

Brilliantly ironic.

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  1. Irene Webber says:

    and where is hell are the Jackson, who is hiding them

  2. […] Going The Distance. […]

  3. David says:

    I am fast losing confidence in the Courts. With the Appeal Judges in the Ashby case refusing to issue a judgement on Ashbys former Lawyers appeal re costs, which seems to be for no good reason Now the possibility of the Judge in Thommo’s case refusing a summary judgement for what reason I can not imagine, it all is smelling badly.
    I will wait for tomorrows proceedings but after the antics of NSW and VIC Police thus far, I cannot get the words ‘Brandis influence’ from hammering away at the grey matter.
    Thanks for the update and your continued professionalism.

  4. Heather says:

    Yes. I’d like to see that irony play out. Thanks for keeping us informed

  5. Marilyn says:

    But with the support for Craig being bigger and bigger by the day it astounds me that the courts continue with claims that have zero legal basis.

    There were no rules governing the use of the cards, how on earth could any cop, DPP or any other fool continue endlessly with this trash?

    And where are the real crooks today? The Jacksons and Gillard’s Mate Michael Williamson.

  6. Fed up says:

    Wixxy, if more charges are laid, does that not mean, the matter will be adjourned once more.

  7. Pip says:

    Thanks Wixxy. Sharing.

  8. clarittee says:

    It’s not a conspiracy folks. The fact that it all seems to play out to suit the “you know who” mob is just a co-incidence. The arranged arrest ( for the camera’s) The stitch up formula. The multitude of “tiny” cost items thay make up an extra charge. ( What could they do with a box of Jaffas if it was opened. there would have to be at least 100 charges there. The Kathy arrangement of the selected facts. the disappearing prostitute. Brandis just rings these cops to say “hello and is there anything they would like done for them when LieNP get in power. Golly Gee would I like a copy of w the correspondence between George and the cops.
    Now a Labor win is a chance they may not be able to cover their tracks. What a great outcome it would be for justice if the whole plot was uncovered.
    Even IF George was as pure as the driven snow, wouldn’t you think a less SUSS approach would be needed. You must not only be pure you should LOOK pure.
    Why change when guilt by media works so well, ( for those with control over it) Did these guys train with the KGB?

  9. With the Ashby case I think it was IA that made all the volumes of court documents available online. It might be useful if the same was done for the claimed 25 volumes of evidence against Thomson – to crowd source the investigation so to speak.

    I personally think the credit card slips were falsified long after the event – it would be difficult to do this without the cooperation of the brothel owner concerned (possibly as a favor to his good mate and client J- J-). So that evidence originating from this particular brothel should be evaluated with particular care.

    I would very much like to see the credit card statements – as I believe it would be very easy to use photoshop to mix and match line items from different credit card accounts to produce falsified statements. Such a technique would produce something that would look superficially plausible but should fall apart under expert examination. (I recently had some happy success with some documents relating to a certain Dr Anil Potti – the idiot forger, not Dr Potti, had forgotten to keep the font size the same).

    Looking at metadata on files (eg PDFs, JPGs) can give some indications of timelines – in some circumstances this can help, but usually this cannot be definitive. However, again recently I did come across a case where files that were supposed to have been scanned from an archive at the University of Cambridge were in fact made on a computer in San Francisco. I suspect something similar was used against the alleged Mosman hoax collar bomber [in case anyone is wondering why: it appears from court documents that the supposed bomber had been attempting to threaten the neighbour of the family of supposed victim].

    Falsifying documents in such a manner is in fact a far more normal practice than Craig Thomson or anyone else might suspect. They hardly ever come to light however, for political reasons not because the forgeries are particular sophisticated or the forgers are particularly intelligent. In fact generally they are as thick as bricks, but rather nasty and powerful – but not all powerful. It would be nice if Craig Thomson decided he had nothing to lose and tried to take them down. But I am not holding my breath. Most likely he will end up in a cell next to the hoax collar bomber

    • jane says:

      It also appears that in some strange feverish altered state, no doubt the result of a Cornetto o/d, Thomson forgot how to spell his name.

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