Wait And Bleed

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics

The month of May ended in a big way under Coalition rule in NSW, however bigger is not always better.

I have already spoken about the disgraceful protecting of the church and paedophile priests by stripping victims of the right to fair compensation. I have also mentioned the farcical and reckless decision to leave the North West Rail Link unstaffed, even by drivers. Today’s post however is if a far more serious nature.

On May 31st there was an emergency situation and an MP’s office had the be evacuated as quickly as possible.

This is something seldom seen in this country, and to know that something so shocking and appalling could happen here in Sydney should be a wake up call to both politicians and our emergency services.

Wixxyleaks can confirm that the same situation is played out in other offices and even homes on a daily basis, although the outcome usually varies.

I know I would normally take the Mickey out of a Liberal MP for doing something out of the ordinary, but this type of threat needs to be taken seriously indeed.

One can only imagine the sense of fear and panic the political staffers must have felt as they were forced to flee out the nearest exit.

Staff must have counted their lucky stars that they had received advance warning of an approaching threat to their security and personal safety.

Credit must also be given to our Police Force who alerted the MP’s office ahead of time.

So what was this threat, a bomb, anthrax in the mail, extremists, Ricin poisoning, gunmen with balaclava’s perhaps?

Actually no, it was a cake delivery.

Quick lads that damn French Patisserie is doing another delivery...

Quick lads that damn French Patisserie is doing another delivery…

The delivery was actually part of an organised campaign and sanctioned by the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association regarding nurse to patient ratio’s which under the Coalition’s watch are at levels best described as dangerous, but often described as reckless.

Nurses and hospital staff are being placed in dangerous situations because of this issue. However it not only affects staff, it also affects how we are all cared for in a public hospital and how long we wait to be seen.

For those who think that their private insurance will save them this heartache as they will get the doctor and hospital of choice, I hope if you have an emergency such as a heart attack it happens near your chosen hospital. I also hope if you have a car accident it happens near home and not while you are on holiday. If not you will more than likely end up in a public hospital wishing you had paid more attention to this campaign, or wishing you had a government that did likewise.

The MP whose office was hastily abandoned was none other than Jillian Skinners, the NSW Minister For Health, how ironic.

So  it would seem rather than face up to around 14 nursing staff over a piece of cake, it is best for the  Health Minister and her entire staff to flee in horror.

It was indeed a scary looking cake

It was indeed a scary looking cake

Looking at the nursing staff involved it is hard to imagine them raising a pulse rate, let alone causing a panic. They seem to be sporting smiles, and none of them are carrying semi-automatic weapons or Molotov-cocktails.

Staff need not fear however, the cake was eventually enjoyed by people who actually deserved a slice.

Staff at Ryde Hospital dig in to Skinners cake

Staff at Ryde Hospital about to dig into Skinners cake

Minister Skinner defended the actions of her office saying;

“On 31 May NSW Police advised there were to be rallies held by the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association outside a number of electorate offices, including my own electorate office”

“My electorate staff were subsequently advised by police it would be best to shut the office until the conclusion of the rally.”

Well that all sounds fair enough then except that it is complete and utter crap…

The Police Media unit have confirmed that no such advice was given.

Jillian Skinner however is standing by her statement, despite it being proven a lie.

So it would seem that not only do we have a Health Minister who is afraid to face hospital staff over cake, we also have one who is willing to lie about police statements.

The dangerous looking potential assailants outside Jillian Skinners Electoral Office

The dangerous looking potential assailants outside Jillian Skinners Electoral Office

It has also emerged recently that the hidden waiting lists that she made an election promise to get rid of aren’t headed in the right direction.

Back in 2006, Skinner, then the Shadow Health Minister asked Premier Morris Iemma in Parliament

”Given his preference for hiring spin doctors rather than real doctors, what does he say to people needing ear, nose and throat surgery now that many hospitals have shut their books because waiting lists are so long, including Prince of Wales Hospital where 283 patients are on the list and 63 have been waiting for more than a year?”

Under Skinners and the Coalitions control things have indeed changed from those days. Now those needing eye surgery at the Prince Of Wales Hospital face a two-year wait just to be included on the waiting list.

In fact a Nielson report commissioned by Skinners own Government came back with the result that over 50% of the NSW population thought that the current Coalition government were doing a poor job of looking after the health category.

That hardly sounds like a vote of confidence from the public.

Jillian Skinner outside Cremorne Community Mental Health Centre - They have been waiting over 2 years for her reinstate full operations as she promised, and that's in her own electorate...

Jillian Skinner outside Cremorne Community Mental Health Centre – They have been waiting over 2 years for her reinstate full operations as she promised, and that’s in her own electorate…

When Jillian Skinner was in opposition she was extremely vocal, and highly critical of every other Health Minister she faced. Now that she is the Minister things appear to be becoming worse in our states health system, at least that’s what the majority of the state thinks.

Now while Minister Skinner chooses to totally ignore this campaign, patients are forced to wait and bleed and hope that one day the Minister will do something to address the nurse to patient ratio’s in this state.

Our hospital system is injured and suffering, and we need a solution that will stop the bleeding, not just constantly mopping up the mess.

For ways to assist with the Nurses and Midwives campaign to better the public health and safety and improve working conditions for those staff who give so much, do something your government won’t, click here and show your support.

Minister Skinner should be aware that although she used to point the finger and say everyone else was an incompetent Minister, when it comes to totally incompetent Health Ministers Jillian, there is only one thing to say…

You take the cake.

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Signe says:

    Nice one Wixxy

  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Jillian Skinner was omnipresent when she was the Coalition Opposition’s spokesperson for all things related to health care. There was no crisis too small or too large for her to talk loudly about, demanding the government “do something”, on whichever NSW TV news would give her space which, unfortunately for us, was all of them. Now she runs from the cameras & will only appear in a formal situation such as when there a, usually federally-funded, new hospital feature needing opening.

    She is a minister who is in way over her head &, as Wixxy said, a total incompetent. Jillian Skinner reached the pinnacle of her abilities when she was in opposition where she could huff & puff away & not have to achieve anything.

    Time to toss her, Barry O’Farrell. She is one of the worst no-hopers in your Cabinet & that is really saying something.

  3. Saaq Madiq. says:

    Jillian Skinner, the best Health Minister we ever had when she was the in Opposition. Liberals talk the talk but are incapable of walking the walk. Liberals sacking people, it is what they do. If the misogynist , liar , bully and coward Abbott and his band of misfits get it will a thousand times worse. Never ever trust the LNP. Ever.

  4. Adam says:

    Last year Jillian Skinner voted in support of the NSW Gov’ts changes to workers compensation. Twelve months on & the cruelty of this legislation has become reality for an estimated 30,000 injured workers & their families. Hope we can get support on this issue as MSM will not touch what are the real aspects of being injured at work.

  5. clarittee says:

    Seems to be the way the LNP behave most times. Big difference between what they say they will do in OPPN and what they ACTUALLY do when in gov’t. With the uncontrolled movement of thinking to the extreme right that is the latest mantra with the right. Voting Right is NOT right for society. It’s only right for your business mates.

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