Oops I Did It Again

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Dummy Spits, HSU Saga, Media, Politics

A few weeks back I wrote a piece about Fairfax Senior Journalist Kate McClymont’s apparent obsession with Craig Thomson.

The article I wrote was in regards to her attack on Thomson regarding two blokes setting up a fund to ensure Thomson can afford a decent defence, something I would consider in the public interest.

As I pointed out in the piece she came out with claims that were completely false regarding one of the men who set the fund up, and some ludicrous claims on radio that Thomson should use legal aid for his defence. Clearly Thomson’s salary prohibits him from legal aid, I would have thought a senior journalist would, particularly one that covers so many court cases. Apparently not in McClymonts case.

There is also the matter of McClymonts Walkley Award winning article that has holes in it bigger than the one that sank the Titanic.

The article titled “Thomson: new credit card claims” had little to do with Thomson at all despite the title. The article detailed ridiculous claims about printing costs quoting incorrect numbers, completely false claims regarding “secret commissions” that were actually invoiced services, and based on what could go down as the most flawed investigation in Australian history, with the possible exception of the FWA investigation into the HSU.

Just the facts please Kate

Just the facts please Kate

The article also went into details of allegations against Michael Williamson, whom Kathy Jackson used to be friends with, before turning on them in a desperate bid for power.

What you won’t read about in McClymont’s articles are details of Jackson’s relationship with Williamson, so here is a sample.

Below is the receipt for a pair of Bulgari earrings that were a present for Julie Williamson from Kathy Jackson.

K Jackson’s Bulgari Earring Purchase

I’m sure that most of the low paid members of the HSU would find it offensive and obscene that Jackson can shell out more for a pair of earrings than they can for a holiday or a car.

The $3000 earrings show that Jackson was indeed cosy with the Williamson’s despite trying to convince the world she was not, why else would one buy such a hideously expensive present?

Earrings? Receipt? Oops...

Earrings? Receipt? Oops…

Those who are concerned with how the earrings were paid for on a lowly union secretary’s wage need not fear, they were paid on what looks like Kathy Jackson’s American Express card.

 I do note however that just a few days later, according to the HSU number 3 branch bank account statements a $6000 cash cheque was drawn, as can be seen below on the first page, dated 29th September 2009.

HSU 3 Branch September 2009 Statement

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this is one area of Williamson’s story that McClymont does not enter into as it does not suit her spin on the saga.

Many have questioned whether McClymont has some sort of personal agenda against Thomson.

This would be a huge issue, as if this is the case the public opinion if Thomson in particular has been based around her articles. As we now know from her Walkley winning fairytale, McClymont is not going to let facts get in the way of a good story. Her willingness to write complete lies and falsehoods would be a huge issue I’d imagine if it was coupled with some sort of personal vendetta or grudge.

Many of you then would have had your suspicions confirmed over the weekend when McClymont’s article on Chook Fowler and his crotch was published.

Graham “Chook” Fowler had about as much to do with Craig Thomson as he had to do with Elvis Presley, however any excuse to throw Thomson’s name in the paper in a bad light it would seem. Below is what was published in Sundays Sun Herald, it has been amended online since.

“Two years before his death, Fowler and his third wife Sue moved into the same street in Bateau Bay as controversial MP Craig Thomson.”

Thomson does not live in the same street that Fowler lived in and he never has. McClymont could have used the oldest tool in the investigation toolbox to verify the Fowler’s address, the phone book, alas she failed to do so.

White Pages online

White Pages online

Yes Thomson may live in that town, and indeed in a street that starts with a B, however that is where the links end.

McClymont has since made an apology on Twitter the Thomson and the article has been amended online and a correction notice is due to go into Sundays Herald. I will be interesting to see just how prominent that correction is…

Runner up to Alan Jones for years lamest apology...

Runner up to Alan Jones for years lamest apology…

I’m surprised that she hasn’t published claims that the English colonised Australia with convicts knowing that Craig Thomson was going to be an MP here, it seems just as solid as her “Chook” link.

It needs to be remembered that Craig Thomson, like him or loathe him, is a democratically elected member of the Australian Parliament.

For McClymont to attack him via the press based on flawed so-called investigations, the word of dodgy witnesses, and outright lies, is not only an attack on Thomson, it is an attack on democracy by a member of the main stream press.

Who does McClymont really think she is to think she knows better than the people of Dobell?

Her articles, as I have mentioned have formed the public view of Craig Thomson, and have been the lead that other journalists have blindly followed.

Now we know that not only are they based on falsehoods, but they are also the work of someone who seems to have a vendetta.

If a member of the press can do this to a member of Parliament, what could they do to you if they so choose?

Do we not deserve better? I believe so.

Below is a link to a petition that was started after the evidence was produced that proved McClymonts Walkley Award winning article was false. The petition is to have McClymont return her Walkley Award as it was awarded under false circumstances. Given that it was intended to influence our opinions, I’d say that make her actions worse than a drug cheats in sport.


If like me you think that members of the press should not receive awards for personnel vendetta’s  and lies, then it is about time we stood up to the mainstream press and showed them that we will not be treated like mushrooms.

We deserve better. As Julia Gillard once said

“Don’t print crap, it can’t be that hard”

Alas in McClymont’s case, it apparently is.

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

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  1. Bob Lloyd says:

    Well stated as usual Wixxy. Still loving your work.

  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Very well said, Wixxy. 🙂 This is all getting very perplexing indeed with regard to Kate McClymont’s inept journalism.techniques. Surely she has been around long enough to know that any “facts” should be checked,& checked then checked again.

    It does indeed appear as though she has a vendetta against Craig for some strange & unknown reason. Maybe he forgot her name or accidentally ignored her at some function. Who knows. Doubt she even does.

  3. DP says:

    Kate McClymont is definitely a senior but both professional or a investigative journalist she is NOT. In my opinion.
    Sadly Her tweets and attitude on Thomson, for example, gave the impression she came to a conclusions before anyone is even charged. Which can only show a lack of trust on her future ( or any) analysis in telling truths . As she would / will look very foolish when/ if Thomson is innocent. So she needs him to be guilty. And further more her actions alone on this case makes you wonder if you can trust any of her stories.
    A Friend said she may be spicing up her stories to get people to read them by these tweets. If that IS the case then I think of a recent quote of Abbotts ‘ Do unto others as you would have them do to you’ and added one of my favourite quotes ‘What goes around comes around’.

  4. Wixxy that woman is a disgrace to journalism and should be drummed out. That sham of an article that you have shot down in flames so successfully by revealing the absolute crap she has written makes my skin crawl. I hope to all that is just Thommo sues the bloody britches off the beast.
    Sorry for the anger, but I have had it with these lies about Craig Thomson, utterly.
    Thanks for the continues brilliant investigative work. Its yourself that should be receiving a Walkley.

  5. Brendan Kelly says:

    Is here any reason, beyond a need to bulk up her superannuation, that she continues to press on? If she has reached an age where she can’t sort fact from fiction she should give the game away. It’s always sad to see a senior player still dragging themselves around the field, refusing to listen to friendly advice that it might be time to hang up the boots and buy a pub.

  6. Past HSU Friend says:

    Jackson was never a “friend” of Williamson rather someone who had to be tolerated!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Why would a cop who was corrupt in the 1990’s moving to Bateup Bay have anything to do with Craig Thomson unless she is implying that corrupt people all live in Bateup Bay?

    She has to keep the stream of lies going I suppose so she can pretend she is not libelling Thomson day in and day out.

    Not once has she ever apologised or noted that the original credit card slip was a) rejected and b) in the name of someone else.

  8. robina j burns says:

    Great article, well worth persuing , she should never be allowed to get away with this. I hope he can sue her. Thanks for the petiton link, done and signed.

  9. Heather says:

    Would love to see her well and truly sued, but it’s probably not going to happen. good job Wixxy

  10. clarittee says:

    What is happening with Thomson today.? Always headlines , Which makes it very suss. trial by media. Is every new charge an ice cream or PIE
    .Message seems to be send him bankrupt or make him utterly unelectable. too much effort being put into this for it to be “operations normal” Brandis doesn’t keep arms length from the AFP This is a bad look regardless.

    • BillK says:

      Thompson faces a further 19 criminal charges today, in addition to the 154 previous charges.

      Not a good look for Thommo.

      • Keith says:

        Does it look good for someone, when they don’t mention that Liberals Members who unlike Craig has actually being found guilty of different charges like shop lifting (ex-Liberals Senator) and DUI?

        As yes in the real world and not Liberals and their supporters world, there is a different between facing charges and actually being found guilty of charges.

  11. clarittee says:

    I’m sure that is the LOOK “they” are trying to achieve BillK.. To me the more they add and the coverage it gets the more the chance of him getting any fair treatment recedes. He’s not the only person who put personal items on a company issued credit card. If it was allowed and there would normally be a process of reconciling these items at some point in time, that would appear normal to me. While the majority of people out there might think he is “guilty as hell” I will remind you of what was done by the media with Lindy Chamberlain. I will reserve my condemnation till a proper process of law has been carried out. plenty of hard to explain coincidences have occurred with this case that just happened (by chance? ) to be in front of “readied” media,.plus more of what looks like a big set-up from the very beginning. His guilt has been taken for granted but what has happened should bother any fair minded person. There was a lot at stake here, and there always was.

  12. Keith says:

    Is Kate and other reporters especially from News Ltd toilet papers being paid to keep quiet on Liberal Members and former Members, who unlike Craig has actually being found guilty of crimes like Shop Lifting?

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