Baby Can I Hold You

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Politics

At the end of last week we captured a glimpse of just how much the Liberal really care for family values, and a fine show of how they will treat women of Sydney’s West.

Michelle Rowland is the Federal Member for Greenway, the country’s most marginal electorate and situated in the much talked about Western suburbs of Sydney.

Michelle is also a caring and devoted mother, and with a sick baby at home understandably Michelle wished to return home from Canberra as soon as possible to care for her sick child. In order to be able to do that, Michelle requested a pair from the opposition which is a normal request under the circumstances.

Michelle Rowland and Octavia

Michelle Rowland and Octavia

The Liberal Party who have tried so hard to shake off the “Misogynist Abbott” impression by claiming to understand the working woman decided to knock back her request.

This is a clear signal to the women of Australia that all the talk of lifestyle balance is just political spin and fluff. All the talk of getting the mix right so that mothers can still raise a child and have a career as well is just that, talk. Talk as we all know is cheap, particularly from a political party whose leader has told us himself that unless what he says is read from a pre-prepared written statement then it should not be taken as gospel truth.

In other words, unless it is something previously scripted by a party spin doctor and he has been trained like a monkey to repeat, it can be described as bullshit.

A sick child... hmmm I can take advantage of this....

A sick child… hmmm I can take advantage of this….

To make matters even worse, Christopher Pyne decided to comment on Michelle’s request whilst on radio, saying that they had no idea that it was Michelle’s child that was sick, and if they had a pair would have been granted.

This was a straight out lie. A Tony Abbott style “Gospel Truth”, totally devoid of fact.

The Coalition Whip Warren Entsch in his letter dated 15th May on the subject states:

“I am writing to you in relation to your request to provide a ‘pair’ for Ms Michelle Rowland, Member for Greenway due to her child being unwell,”

This clearly shows the Coalition were aware of it being Michelle’s child being ill.

However that didn’t matter to Pyne who went on to say

“It could have been a cousin…”

I make no judgements on Christopher Pyne’s family values or sexual preferences, but I will say that it is not a normal thing to give birth to your own cousin, but each to their own I guess. Given the Liberal Party had been informed much earlier and had confirmed they knew Michelle was referring to her baby I find Pyne’s suggestion a little disturbing, but that’s just me.

Did I really say that on air?

Did I really say that on air?

This could also be a sign of a Coalition in disarray.

To make grandiose public statements as Pyne did without knowing the facts shows a willingness to make things up as they go along, whether it’s right or wrong.

It also shows that the Coalition are having problems communicating with each other. Considering we are talking about the Opposition Whip and the Manager For Opposition Business I would have thought that a few days would have been long enough to pass on a simple message, particularly in a sitting week when they are both in the same location. However it seems I have set my expectations too high and communication doesn’t work that fast in the opposition. Still, I guess that explains their NBN policy.

In future I hope those MP’s with children will give a couple of weeks notice before their child falls ill. That way the opposition can organise a caucus meeting and figure out their strategy for approaching the pair request that will surely be forthcoming.

It is only after the public became aware of the Liberal Party’s bastardry in not allowing Michelle Rowland a pair that they caved in, back-flipped, and finally granted her request.

Wixxyleaks has uncovered a Liberal Party training video, shown below, that details how Liberal MP’s should deal with Coalition policies, and how to treat decisions and statements made by the party.

All of this over a simple pair request…. I have not seen so much fuss over a pair arrangement since Tony Abbott refused to allow Malcolm Turnbull to go to his friend Margaret Olley’s funeral, despite being offered a pair by the Labor Party.

A Party that tries to keep a mother apart from her sick child, and a party that won’t allow its own member and former leader to attend a close friends funeral, how can anybody even consider voting for them?

I certainly beats the crap out of me…

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  1. monicaswickedstepmother says:

    Malcolm Turnbull was prevented from going to Margaret Olley’s funeral, despite being “paired” with a Government MP (Simon Crean) who was also intending to attend the funeral.

    How the Coalition can claim to be for “family values” and then deny people the opportunity to pay their respects is just appalling. However, the Coalition have a clear history of being petty and mean-spirited.

  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Yes, Wixxy, the Libs are certainly full of mean-spirited MPs, especially their shadow ministry. That incident with regard to Margaret Olley’s funeral was disgraceful. I wonder what the voters in their electorates are like if they keep voting these creeps back in.

    The initial refusal, by Entsch, to allow Michelle Rowland a pair, so she could go home to her sick baby, was a nasty incident, one which showed the true values of the LNP. Entsch rabbited on about if HIS child was sick he would have been at home looking after them. What rot!!! Such things would have been left to Mrs Entsch to deal with while Wazza was swanning around in Canberra & elsewhere. He also showed no shame when he pedantically split hairs by claiming being unwell was not the same as being sick. Give me strength.

    Do hope someone pointed out to the poodle Pyne that he was telling outright lies but somehow I doubt this & the listener would have been left thinking he was telling the truth. Contemptible.

    • jane says:

      Joy, lying comes so natuarally to Prissy, I think he’s lost what little ability he’s ever had to tell fact from fiction.

  3. kat says:

    The whole business was ugly. First they deny the pair. Then they deny they knew it was for a child. Then when they get busted in their lie Mr Entsh goes on the attack.
    When he spoke to Alexandra Kirk he said “Well, if the child is sick on Monday, she should be sitting at home with that child. She should be sitting at home with that child if it is sick on Tuesday or Wednesday. She never made any effort, any effort to explain the situation so, you know, it is normal procedure, this is in my view, pulled out as a stunt.”
    Well so much for understanding the complexities of being a working parent? Does he think every mother or father has the luxury of an employer that will always grant leave for a sick child?
    It seems to me the Ms Rowland was fulfilling her duty to her employer but was requesting leave at a time where she was required to listen to a speech, a job that could have been done at home while spending time with her sick daughter. Many women and men are put into this position every day. The choice to use up leave to spend time with a child who is ill or to go to work and leave the child in the care of someone they trust. Sometimes this decision is made based on what is required from them in the workplace at that particular point in time. Important meetings may mean having to leave the child whereas a light schedule may make it easier to request leave. It’s always about difficult choices and it’s always a juggling act. Certainly these choices are not made easier when people sit on the sidelines making judgements about what a parent should or shouldn’t do.

  4. Bella says:

    Great article Wixxy. Thanks again for your illuminating, funny commentary. Your commitment to the TRUTH and your wonderful way with words are both highly laudable.

  5. oldfart says:

    ” unless what he says is read from a pre-prepared written statement then it should not be taken as gospel truth.”

    It surprises me why no one has picked up on the logical follow on of this statement by Mr Abbott.

    Mr Abbott made this VERBAL statement through the national media, so it logically follows that as it was a verbal statement it is not to be believed, therefore, it also follows that the disclaiming verbal statement above is false and so any statement made by Mr Abbott, be it written or verbal shall be false

  6. Marilyn says:

    Both major parties are happy to jail and torment other people’s children here just because they are brown.

    The cruelty is not restricted to Abbott and his treatment of people who are Australian.

  7. Anne says:

    Thanks Peter for this. Another nail in the coffin???
    I have been enjoying IA lately as the person above has been missing,
    now she is here with the same drivel.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Anne, do dry up. I am as entitled to a point of view as you are and I at least contribute something useful.

  9. clarittee says:

    Marilyn. You are obsessive. Do you want the LieNP in? Do you think if the abbott mob had tried a bipartisan thing we would be where we are now.? The Greens are happy to get rid of a few labor types too so your help is not needed.
    This was a poorly handled matter that deserves to COST them. They should be ashamed of themselves. having the HIDE to try and pointscore as well. Aren’t van Onselens comments. OFF. Creepy Pyne, and the Abbot today saying the BAD government are GOOD at LOW politics. He who has been acknowledged expert in it. the most EFFECTIVE OPPN leader with the LOWEST tactics . One that has dragged the standards of Parliament down more than anybody I recall ever..

    • jane says:

      claritee, Liealot will certainly not be treated kindly by history. he truly is the WORST leader of any party in this nation’s history.

      I just hope the judgement falls on him while he is still alive.

  10. I suspect Michelle Rowland is the sort of person whose child is unwell on that inconvenient working Friday between Anzac day and long weekend.
    She is paid a very generous salary to represent the people of Greenway in the Parliament – however tedious that job may be some times. No one would deny her a week off if her child was genuinely ill, but people are entitled to raise an eyebrow at her apparent foreknowledge on Monday that her child was going to be suffering a Thursday evening illness.

    Of course, no one disputes that Labor played the politics of this brilliantly. They certainly do have a top notch media strategy team. It is perplexing they aren’t getting better polls results after such a parade of wizard stunts.

    • Joy Cooper says:

      My, you are a silly little judgemental rabbit aren’t you? The facts of the matter are, Michelle Rowland’s baby was sick & her husband took time off his work to care for her. Ms Rowland went to Canberra, to do her duty for the people of Greenway, as normal, but as this was Budget week & the LOTO was presenting his BIR/campaign speech on the evening of the Thursday. Now, normally, parliament has finished its business for the week, by then & all MPs head home. All Michelle Rowland wanted was to be able to head home on the last plane on Thursday evening to help her husband look after their baby instead of having to wait until Friday to do so.

      Is that too hard to understand without making snide remarks or accusing her of pulling a swifty for political purposes? It was Entsch & Pyne who lied & politicised this incident. Not for the first time either.

  11. BillK says:

    “Michelle is also a caring and devoted mother, and with a sick baby at home understandably Michelle wished to return home from Canberra as soon as possible — ”

    Though somehow she found time to do 4 x separate TV interviews before she rushed away.

  12. ex-Liberal Supporter as I am not stupid says:

    littlegreyrabbit a true Liberal supporter like Abbott blaming Labor for a Liberal problem, littlegreyrabbit must be proud?

  13. czerni says:

    i like it how the critics of when and how she returned to her child keep forgetting how it ‘s totally normal for working parents to arrange OTHER PEOPLE to look after your sick child – until, really, they can’t do it for you, or you HAVE to be there because it’s getting bad.
    this whole episode is totally disgusting. bah!

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