Posted: May 17, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

It seems I need to put out a correction to something I have mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, something I wish certain other organisations reporting on events had enough decency and respect for their readers to do.

Well, maybe it’s more of an update than a correction.

I have mentioned in several of my posts that Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler were jetting off to the US in early May to tie the knot, then enjoying a two month European honeymoon. Married bliss was awaiting them while the criminal investigations into Kathy’s behaviour whilst at the HSU underway in Victoria awaited their return.

Sources close to Kathy have now said that is not the case, and my own investigation have shown that Michael Lawler is indeed still in Australia.

It has been reported to Wixxyleaks that the wedding has been postponed, however it is not known for how long as yet, or even if it is permanently postponed.

The last couple of weeks there were rumours circulating that Kathy Jackson was indeed wearing white, however not in a bridal sense. The rumours that came from various circles were that Jackson was in a Psychiatric facility undergoing treatment.

Honeymoon suite?

Honeymoon suite?

I did not share these rumours as last time Jackson was supposed to be in Psychiatric care the flowers that were sent to her by her union branch were returned because she wasn’t a patient. Fair to say I was sceptical.

I cannot confirm the rumour regarding the Psychiatric facility, however sources have told me that Jackson is on heavy medication.

Whether heavily medicated, making a desperate bid for public sympathy, or looking for an insanity plea one thing is for sure, Kate McClymonts source isn’t looking quite so flash at the moment, and Tony Abbott’s “Joan Of Arc” character ain’t looking so admirable.

Kathy’s only official role currently is as the National Secretary of the HSU, and she has not shown up for any meetings since July last year. She is currently on extended leave from her HSU role, quite extended it would seem.

To those on the inside it appears that she is desperately trying to hold on to her National position so she can utilise it to get candidates from her faction over the line in next year’s union elections, something she utterly failed at last year despite having the mainstream press and shock-jocks as cheerleaders.

Clearly Jackson thinks that showing up for work will make it harder for her to keep her role.

To think, this is the woman who the entire case against Craig Thomson is based around.

Dazed and confused?

Dazed and confused?

Speaking of Thomson, it has emerged that Thomson indeed plans to stand in the next Federal election as an Independent.

Thomson is clearly confident that he will be cleared in court come June or he would not be running at all.

Questions raised over his standing while awaiting an appearance in criminal court to answer charges are utterly ridiculous. The election is in September, the court appearance is in June. Last time that I checked June came before September, so voters will have around three months to make up their mind after Thomson’s court appearance. My tip would be that if he is found guilty he probably won’t be standing so the fuss will be for nothing.

Thomson goes running

Thomson goes running

Also seemingly ridiculous are reports that Thomson did not decide to run as an Independent himself and that the ALP would not endorse him.

Thomson has been an Independent for many months now and if Labor wanted a different candidate they would have pre-selected well before now I would have thought. Instead there is still no Labor candidate for the seat of Dobell. I think that tells the real story.

As usual, I will keep you posted as to the goings on in Jacksonville, as there is always something of interest going on.

I should also add that if Kathy Jackson is indeed unwell that I wish her a speedy recovery and hope she feels better soon.

At least in time for court.

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  1. Joy Cooper says:

    Hmmmm, the Jacksonville imbroglio gets murkier & murkier. Do hope she & her apologists aren’t claiming she has a psychiatric illness. needing treatment in a facility, if she isn’t, just to avoid questioning by the authorities. It would be very bad form but I’m not being cynical in saying I wouldn’t put something like that past her & her backers. Look what they have done to Craig Thomson & his family.

    Keep us up to date with the ongoing Jacksonville saga, Wixxy.

    • jane says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Joy. The Liars are welcome to her; I just hope she will get her just deserts and put another nail in the coffin of Liealot’s ambitions.

  2. We keep hearing that KJ is being investigated by police, but I have yet to see any concrete evidence of it. Given the lengths to which the Vic police went to stage a Thomson arrest, I would say it is likely KJ wont be being inconvenienced by the police in any form. O tempora, o mores.

    Meanwhile my understanding Dastiyieri [sp?] was trying to get CT not to stand as an independent by saying if he was defeated in a preselection he would still be entitled to a redundancy. And according to the Torygraph, the assistant secretary of the NSW ALP is moving to expel Craig Thomson, rather than accept his resignation.

    Your loyalties must be severely tested, Mr Wicks, by recent developments. However, I am sure your diplomatic skills are up to it.

    • wixxy says:

      My loyalties are always solid as my loyalty lies with the truth, whichever side it falls on in a debate, however I know what you mean…, thanks for your vote of confidence too 🙂

      The police have spoken with several from the union in there investigation and have seized many documents.

      The investigation is not being run by Tyquin as they want to keep the Jackson investigation seperate from the Thomson one I am told

  3. DP says:

    I still feel , given time, and have some faith this story will resurface in Main stream Viewing and truths will pour out. These people eat their own. Especially if money is involved. Plus they all like to shift blame. So ‘who trusts who’ must be making them all nervous.

  4. wirilda says:

    And I see the Federal Police have wasted no time in investigating theThompson pre-selection “furore”. Pity they didn’t act on Justice Rares findings with similar alacrity!!!!!

  5. Sonia Bellhouse says:

    But George Brandis is keeping the AFP so busy- how will they have time?

  6. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  7. oldfart says:

    msm are reporting this morning that the ALP are going to chuck craig out before he can resign

    • Marilyn says:

      They are miffed because he wants to resign because of the direction they have headed in. No spiteful act against him is too small.

  8. clarittee says:

    I would love to access all of the communication between Brandis and the AFP. The relationship needs investigating. Too many co-incidental occurrences that enabled Thomson to be set up for the media. This stuff is as big as Levesen in the UK. Would the International Criminal court look at it?

  9. Lizzie says:

    Thought you had more integrity than MSM, I do not trust her and hope she gets the punishment she deserves, but if she is ill, why take a cheap shot – have credibility and show respect.

    • jane says:

      I doubt that she is genuinely ill. It is no doubt an attempt to but time. And frankly, after what her lies , greed and dishonesty have done to Craig Thomson and his family, I am unable to summon even the smallest bit of compassion. She can reap what she’s sown and i hope it means a custodial sentence.

  10. David.S says:

    Gambling is not the main reason these folks go to the Pokies? Perhaps for some but many others go hoping to actually win money. Then they win some and get excited, they’re on a streak! An hour later they’ve withdrawn the rent money from the conveniently placed atm because they can feel a big win coming. It doesn’t come. They go home angry with themselves and take it out on their families. The family separates and the gambler sinks into an abyss of depression but still gambles because the small wins are still enough to give them hope. Yeah, family friendly. Funny enough as I write this Tony Waterhorse has popped on the television to give me some tips and odds. He ended it with “Gamble responsibly” Cringe worthy.

  11. David.S says:

    Sorry, that was supposed to go on the brass in pocket piece.

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