Son Of A Gun

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Animal Cruelty, Local Politics, Politics

I don’t usually write posts regarding investment opportunities, in fact I never do. However there is a first time for everything they say.

I thought that astute investors may be interested to know of a once in a lifetime opportunity that will pay huge dividends in a few years, like after one or two state elections.

It would seem that under Barry O’Farrell and the Coalition New South Wales is up for sale.

So far it is the Shooters and Fishers who are taking first dibs it would seem.

Some of you may remember Barry’s election promise regarding shooting in National Parks, you should do he made the promise many times. Barry ruled out shooting in National Parks time and time again.

National Parks where hunting has been approved

Well it would seem that this is the promise that just keeps on breaking.

This week it was revealed that Barry O’Farrell has given the Shooters and Fishers Party the final say on guidelines for the independent review being set up to monitor hunting in National Parks.

Geez, that sounds real “Independent” Barry.

This would be a review into the hunting in National Parks that you repeatedly promised would not happen? Now the final say is going to the fringe party whose vote you desperately need to get things through parliament?

That sounds about as fair as an emo’s hair colour to me.

Surely you read the open letter that Tara Moss sent you Barry, it was a fantastic letter. It was a shame however that your right wing pals and gun nuts became so abusive that she had to shut down the comments section.

The Shooters and Fishers Robert Borsak poses with a dead elephant in Africa. I wonder if he'll do the same with a dead child in NSW....

The Shooters and Fishers Robert Borsak poses with a dead elephant in Africa. I wonder if he’ll do the same with a dead child in a NSW National Park….

As if giving the Shooters and Fishers a massive $25,000 pay rise wasn’t enough, Barry has now sold off our National Parks to the Shooters to use as their own private playground and shooting gallery.

Rumours circulating that familyies going to National Parks will be able to rent bullet proof vests and high visibility flak jackets are yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, WixxyLeaks is investigating reports of other fringe interest groups seeking to look over other government programmes. Although none of these can be confirmed as yet, there are reports of the following:

  • A conglomerate of bikie gangs are seeking to assist draft new laws relating to gun crime.
  • Representatives from assorted breweries seeking to address drink driving penalties and blood alcohol limit
  • A group of industrial factories, headed by representatives of Orica looking to draft new legislation on disposal of hazardous waste, and amend the laws addressing the polluting of waterways.
  • Big tobacco is rumored to be sending an envoy to discuss rules related to smoking  in public spaces.
  • A consortium of developers will seek to advise the government on infrastructure and land zoning.
  • Finally, the states children have elected a group of representatives seeking the keys to the candy stores.

These may seem ridiculous rumours to some, but in the context of this weeks news they don’t seem out-of-place with a government led by Barry O’Farrell.

Maybe it’s just me, but giving any decision on shooting in National Parks to the Shooters and Fishers Party seems a bit like the US government asking the NRA to draft new gun laws after a school shooting.


The public expect more from their elected leaders Barry, they do not expect to see fringe groups telling the government what to do. This is a clear case of the tail wagging the dog.

As I reported is a previous article, shootings in NSW have spiralled totally out of control in NSW since the Coalition took office.

With the Shooters and Fishers overseeing the guidelines for shooting in National Parks I fear the number of shooting deaths in NSW will only increase as a result.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t take the death of a child to make the Coalition see the obvious error of their ways.

However, sadly putting self interests before public safety seems to be part of the Coalitions DNA.

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Barry Bunnings

  1. owen1967 says:

    well i just cant wait for Campbell Newman to follow suit and declare the shooting galleries open for business in National Parks and State Forests / Reserves here in QLD Peter … it will make a wonderful match with his old growth logging in FNQ … what a lovely precedent your Mr O’Farrell (which conveniently rhymes with Pork Barrel) has set …

    my question is, having read the following on the Australian Government National Parks website:
    “National parks are usually large areas of land that are protected because they have unspoilt landscapes and a diverse number of native plants and animals. This means that commercial activities such as farming are prohibited and human activity is strictly monitored.”

    How is it that a State Government has any jurisdiction over firearms laws in National Parks?
    … it seems bizarre.

    there are however two points on which we differ Peter:

    1). … giving any decision on shooting in National Parks to the Shooters and Fishers Party seems a bit like the US government asking the NRA to draft new gun laws after a school shooting.

    … i think you will find that is precisely what happens in the land of free enterprise … where your local congressman/woman goes to the highest bidder (in this case it would be the NRA calling the shots – oops, no pun intended).

    2) …putting self interests before public safety seems to be part of the Coalitions DNA.
    … almost correct, how about this … putting self interests before public safety seems to be part of the DNA of all party politicians (i’m sure Mr Obeid & friends would agree).

  2. Venecia Wilson says:

    Yes, this current State government is VERY transparent. They’re so transparent I can see right through them.

  3. DP says:

    The Liberals cant wait to cry foul and loud when they think the Greens have their way but nothing comes close to this. People should be up in arms trying to stop the shooters party taking control of political parties. More so after watching what is happening in America. They are sneaking in and its Unbelievable !

  4. sulphurcrested says:

    Beyond gross.
    The LNP rely upon the lowest common denominator in everything they touch and these amoral protozoa would drag us into a Dark Age if they could.

    Good on you, Wixxy.

  5. Adam Smith says:

    The NSW O’Farrell Government has a problem. The problem it has, it has no CREDIBILITY. You see, when an interest group decides to influence a government (NSW O’Farrell Government) on an issue, its staff and departmental officers must develop a strategy, which include a number of tactics aimed at various officials or offices. Together, these tactics should use the group’s resources as effectively as possible. In NSW we have a number of people who love shooting and who’ve formed a political party, and with elected members into the NSW Parliament voting to make law for all of us, on every issue the Liberal/National Party have chained themselves to a minority group. Some of us know the “evil” side of interest group politics is all too apparent. We also see this amongst members of the Federal Liberal Party of Australia, no doubt leading to the resignation of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser from that lot. I suppose that in the final analyses we must all make up our minds about interest groups. Alexis de Tocqueville when visiting the USA wrote, “Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions, constantly form associations”, like the National Riflemen’s Association, and we know the current outcome of that arrangement don’t we?

  6. Anyone voting conservative remember voting for this? Of course it was widely disclosed..not

  7. anne louise says:

    This is the thin edge of the wedge. Bloody stupid thing to do. Bereft of brain waves.

  8. silkworm says:

    The Shooters Party also funds a campaign against carbon pricing. Yes, they hate the Greens that much.

  9. kat says:

    Imagine if these moronic decisions had been made by the previous state Labor Party. Bang Bang Barry would have been on the 6 o’clock news talking about how they were abdicating their job to a fringe party with a vested interest and how that proved they were not fit to govern.
    But then again you can’t expect Bang Bang Barry to own a crystal ball. How is he supposed to know what his rifle masters require. Best to just get the rifle masters making the decisions to set the guidelines out themselves and cut out the middleman Premier.
    Governing is so much harder than sitting around all day waiting to go on the 6 o’clock news and deliver a soundbite. You have to do like, work and stuff.

  10. clarittee says:

    Having the balance of power in the parliament in the hands of the shooters That makes anything else look a good thing. I suppose desperate strokes for desperate folks is what it is about.

  11. sally bates says:

    Thank you for your previous emails, I was actually enjoying them, until I read this rot.

    Good bye

    Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 23:59:16 +0000 To:

  12. Keith says:

    When you are close to losing your job as Premier, of course you have to kiss the feet of The Shooters Party. Way to go Bazzie!!!

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