Money, Money, Money

Posted: April 30, 2013 in HSU Saga, Media, Politics

In just a few short days from now Victoria’s most infamous union turncoat, and self-proclaimed whistleblower will be married.

Kathy Jackson will be taking off overseas, leaving behind the carnage of a union her faction left for someone else to clean up. She is taking off to marry the judge who used to preside over her unions court cases. At least that was until her husband at the time, Jeff allegedly made a formal complaint to the FWA President.

Yes that’s right, she’s off to marry Michael Lawler. The Vice President of Fair Work Australia, now Fair Work Commission for the pedantic amongst you. I will however continue to refer to them as FWA as that is what most people continue to refer to them as in this matter, and that is what they were called throughout the vast majority of time this saga has played out, those who don’t like it may wish to learn the skills involved in building bridges.

Most people when it’s explained to them find it a strange coincidence that the only parts of the union not investigated by FWA was the branch Kathy Jackson presided over. Not only that, the branches was only exempt from investigation during the periods Kathy was the secretary.  It does seem very handy indeed.

Michael and Kathy - ain't love grand? Not to mention convenient...

Michael and Kathy – ain’t love grand? Not to mention convenient…

I say most people find it strange, because apparently Australia’s main stream media are not amongst those. Then again with the mainstream media funding its own watchdog I guess I’m not overly surprised.

Anyway, soon enough Kathy Jackson will marry the man who was Vice President of FWA when the decision was made to exclude her from investigations, nothing suspicious there at all. Their relationship has apparently blossomed since they met when he was an industrial judge presiding over her cases, although I’m sure this never affected any outcomes, much.

Now  it would seem the only thing that has been moving slower than Michael Lawler’s FWA caseload is the Victorian Police investigation into Kathy.

Whilst Kathy enjoys her wedding in the US and her lengthy honeymoon that we are all hoping she will return from one day to answer questions instead of fleeing from them, whilst her guests that she has apparently flown in and accommodated sip champagne, whilst the expensive presents are being unwrapped, and whilst the telegrams from right-wing politicians are being read out, back in Australia the Victorian Police will continue to procrastinate and eat donuts while the lowest paid workers will continue to sweat and slog it out in hospitals and industrial laundry’s wondering where their union funds went.

You may run Kathy Jackson but you can’t hide. Just like in the TV show Revenge, for conspirators Victoria and Conrad Grayson, it’s only a matter of time, maybe you and Michael should watch it. Also just like the show, watch your powerful Coalition friends scamper like cockroaches when the light goes on when it all starts to hit the fan.

Whilst all this is going on, up on the NSW Central Coast, it would seem Craig Thomson is struggling to put food on the table for his family.

Craig and the family, doing it tough

Craig and the family, doing it tough

Craig Thomson, whom the media has portrayed as someone who has taken thousands upon thousands in union member funds seems to have somehow misplaced it all. Although luckily it seems like Kathy Jackson must have found it in order to pay for the lavish wedding…

According to a Fairfax article Craig Thomson has $60 to his name, a mountain of debt and upcoming legal expenses in the hundreds of thousands.

The Fairfax article even had the utter indecency of publishing details of the income of Zoe, Craig’s wife, despite her not being involved in the case whatsoever.

The article by Kate McClymont seemed more about a personal attack than any sort of reporting of important news, as I don’t see how Zoe’s income is in any way shape or form in the public interest, or is it now just a free for all on politicians partners as well?

It is interesting that Eric Abetz continually refered to Thomson’s financial status in interviews, and how if he were to go bankrupt then he would have to be removed from his seat in Parliament. Thomson has had to seek expensive legal assistance on so many investigations that ended up being dropped, and has been spending all of his income, and more according to McClymont, on cases that have yet to produce a conviction, not even a fine.

Many have questioned whether the Coalition had been putting pressure on State governments to bring a constant string of cases against Thomson in order to bankrupt him. This seems to be almost confirmed in many aspects by George Brandis becoming so involved in the matter and pressuring state governments publicly.

George and Eric, out to pervert the course of justice?

George and Eric, off to pervert the course of justice?

Well it would appear that all of the expense has got to Craig Thomson, as it was discovered yesterday that Thomson has set up a defense fund account and will be seeking donations from the public.

The Craig Thomson Legal Defence Fund site which can be found here appears to have been set up in a hurry, and may not yet be complete, as it lacks some bells and whistles.

Thomson’s office yesterday confirmed to WixxyLeaks that the site and the account listed were indeed operational and that they had not started to promote it as yet, however donations would be welcomed.

There is something wrong in this country when someone who is a Federal MP ends up on the verge of bankruptcy trying to prove his innocence, in a case that has been dragged out and regurgitated in two different states by what would seem like vested interests, and then tried in the media.

There is something hideously wrong when Thomson’s accuser, who is also under police investigation is allowed to leave to country and marry the Vice President of the organisation that condemned Thomson in their investigation, an investigation that was slammed and torn asunder by an independent report they themselves commissioned. Then again that VP is Michael Lawler, an appointee of none other than Tony Abbott.

Trust me, and my selective memory...

Your investigation will find that……

It would seem for Craig Thomson the notion of innocent until proven guilty is far too expensive. 

In Thomson’s case it seems more like assumed guilty until bankrupted and unable to defend.

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Joy Cooper says:

    The Liberals are so psychopathic & lacking a moral compass that they see absolutely nothing amoral in ruining a decent man in their stop-at-nothing pursuit of power-grabbing. Have thought all along the Thomson & Slipper court cases were all about bankrupting both men so they would have to step down from Parliament.

    It was obvious when the NSW police had no interest in pursuing Thomson the toad Brandis personally became involved & the rest is now history.

    A disgraceful episode in the murky annals of our justice system.

  2. hilderombout says:

    Dear Peter, I have just contributed to Craig Thomson’s defence fund. I hope many others will follow. We have to give him and his family the chance to prove his innocence in a court of law. I don’t want to say anything about the liberals and their stunts, it just makes me too angry. I’d rather do something proactive. And i hope the little i have contributed will help towards the goal of getting Craig completely exonerated. Thanks for keeping us informed. You’re a champion!

  3. DP says:

    Have to feel a little sorry for some of these people. They have have their ill gained money and ‘power’ to replace what they really lack which is a priceless gift, a conscious.

  4. captain51 says:

    I have made a humble donation but the fund must be accountable.

  5. Dez says:

    I really hope this all comes back tenfold on Brandis, Abetz, Abbott, Pyne, Jackson and Lawler.

    They should be either sued into bankruptcy or jailed if/when Thomson is found innocent.

  6. pgc69 says:

    My $100 is in. Now if another 1000 can chip in?

  7. ian says:

    I would like to help him, but, he voted against the Governments media laws. So he can reap what he has sown.

  8. gaycarboys says:

    the weight of evidence is outstanding against the LNP going all the way to the top. How can something so obviously crooked be allowed to fester infecting canberra and everyone canberra comes in contact with.

    • sulphurcrested says:

      Agreed gaycarboys, it reminds me how the banks that caused the GFC were propped up by taxpayers money because they were “too big to fail”. The bigger or more powerful you are, the more you are protected. But it doesn’t always work out that way, we want to see “the bigger you are, the harder you fall”.

      Outstanding article, Wixxy, again.

      • gaycarboys says:

        agreed. what was even more galling was watching the CEO’s dig into the government handouts to pay their bonuses. I guess a real pig never nas its snout out of the trough

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  10. rodfairgo says:

    Interesting times! If Craig’s FWA’s civil case falls over, if and only after his criminal case is dismissed as we all hope it will (as per last Wixxy), one would think he would win a huge deformation case against the News rag which printed the Pinocchio picture, which could be worth heaps. Lets hope Karma will come into play, and justice wins out. Regards

  11. Marilyn says:

    But why do the media have to report this as if he is fucking Al Capone.

  12. silkworm says:

    Saw the fund being advertised on The Project before I saw it in my email box. Hopefully a lot of people will respond because of The Project.

  13. Bushranger says:

    I feel for the guy and I do believe he’s been stitched up, but I also think, from what I have seen, he will win in court and be awarded back his costs. I’d like to know what happens to the money we donated once it’s rightfully awarded back to him?

    • wixxy says:

      That is an interesting point, but I think trying to return it would be a nightmare for him
      No matter what the outcome however, I don’t think he will get a refund from any of his legal representatives…
      His costs would go well beyond the court costs that he may recieve back, his lawyers have been present at interviews, I hate to think how much correspondence….
      Even if he is awarded costs, he will still be behind by thousands upon thousands overall I would imagine

  14. lefty says:

    I really don’t try to make judgements over things I know nothing about. I have been witness to a false smear campaign against an innocent (of the alleged crime) right wing politician. I was there at the time he was meant to commit the crime and although I hated the man, I spoke out about his innocence (and the dodgy left wing person who brings shame on our political allegiances had to withdraw his allegation). I did this not for this man but to protect the integrity of the legal system. I am currently involved in a situation where I have been witness to gross atrocities committed by someone with a very comfy relationship with the right wing media. The evidence against this person is overwhelming, but the media continue to report her as the victim of a conspiracy. The spin put on stories can be so misleading that I don’t feel motivated to form an opinion for situations I haven’t witnessed firsthand and have a very circumspect position on. I try to get to the bottom of issues the best I can, but I just can’t on this one. Possibly I will form an opinion eventually. Unfair persecution seems just as prevalent as muddying the waters. Whatever the outcome, I hope it is the correct one.

  15. Joy Cooper says:

    Bushranger & wixxy, from what has been said re Peter Slipper being awarded costs was that, apparently, the one being awarded costs never receives the full amount any way. (That is if the other party eventually does pay them). It is only a % of certain costs. Peter was asking for full costs which, of course, he probably is still waiting for due to the appeal for leave to appeal, ad nauseum.

    • Brown says:

      There is a difference in the assessment of costs, which can be awarded on a standard or indemnity basis. Generally speak, standard basis gets you about 2/3 back, indemnity closer to 100% (maybe 90-95%)

  16. oldfart says:

    well with any luck, the leader of the opposition will find himself in a position to declare bankruptcy after having the arse sued of him

  17. Angela says:

    I’ve never seen such a spiteful Liberal party in all my voting years & that disgusting journalist McClymont is just malicious. Craig needs this support and I’m more than happy to give a donation. This case will be a huge story on ABC in the future & I’m sure will be explosive & expose the real agenda behind those involved ‘behind the scenes’.

    Abbott’s time will run out – maybe not today, but it will as KARMA teaches him the lessons he deserves……..

    • Marilyn says:

      Yes Abbott is malicious and spiteful but it was Gillard who cut Thomson loose along with Slipper even before they were charged with a single thing and she has not apologised to Slipper for doing so yet.

      She poisoned the well for both of them by declaring them guilty effectively.

      • wixxy says:

        Actually Marilyn, Slipper was never part of the ALP, he was an independent, and Thomson offered to act as an indie to ale some of the heat out of the debate

        Don’t blame Gillard, it is not her fingerprints all over both these messy affairs….

      • Joy Cooper says:

        Oh for goodness sake Marilyn. Your venom should be directed to where it belongs & it certainly isn’t Julia Gillard.

        Do hope you take note of wixxy’s response to you but somehow I doubt it. You have allowed your mind to be filled with poison re our PM. Dish out some of your bitterness & acrimony to the real villains of this disgraceful episode, the noxious LNP.

      • Wixxy, I remember reports that there was ‘tension’ between the PM and Thommo at the A-League final and thought it was just bollocks (since all the seats are facing the same way if you’re in a row ahead you’re not going to face that person are you?). What you’ve said has always been my hunch.

  18. clarittee says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see T Abbott receive some of the treatment he loves to dish out to others? Brandis and Eric Abetz are too revolting to be allowed anything to do with government especially as attorney general. Those who specialise in”Trial by Media” and use the police in matters political , when they could be seen to be their masters in government later, should be disqualified from the Parliament. Corruption? What else?

  19. Schoolwastetech says:

    All I can afford is $20.00 on a school cleaners wages, but this is given gladly to support this innocent man. Great work Wixxy!!

  20. Marilyn says:

    She cut them loose, it makes no difference if they had to volunteer, she cut the bloody loose before a single charge was laid.

    You can paper over that all you like in support of your precious Julia, but I am not lying.

    Jesus wept, there is no worse creature in any country of the world who is so partisan they refuse to concede a single fact.

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  22. […] that has been set up to assist Thomson with his legal defence broke on Independent Australia and Wixxyleaks, Kate McClymont has been on the warpath in a desperate bid to stop the public […]

  23. Fed up says:

    Will Thomson be facing a jury?

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