In Your Honor

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

It is a shame to have to write an article such as this regarding ANZAC Day, however it would not be right not to let the public know about the outrage I’m about to go into.

Rooty Hill RSL has again become the centre for political controversy even on ANZAC Day.

Once again Rooty Hill RSL became the focus point in the battle for the votes of Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

The West has seen yet another example of which of our political Party’s is ruled by self-interest and which of the Party’s has little respect for their community and its own constituents.

If a political Party has no respect for our country’s war veterans, then I wonder just what they would have any respect for at all.

If a political Party is only too eager to put their own interests and agenda ahead of honouring the actions of a soldier who risked his life for his country on ANZAC Day, then I don’t think that Party is fit to hold office.

ANZAC Day is a sacred day in Australia, it is the most important day on the calendar without question. It is a day to put our differences aside and respect those who gave so much.

Above all ANZAC Day is not a day to seek out political gain, particularly at the expense of a digger. ANZAC Day should not be seen as a day for campaigning, it is a day for political Party’s to reflect.

Unfortunately, in Sydney’s West, this was not the case.

Charlie Lowles is a man well known in his community, he is well-respected by all and is known to always put the community’s needs before his own.

Charlie Lowles OAM

Charlie Lowles OAM

Charlie has even been awarded an Order Of Australia for his more than 40 years of community work and proudly bears the OAM initials after his name.

Charlie has been a Councillor on Blacktown council for 24 years including serving as a Mayor.

One of Charlie’s greatest honours has always been representing council at the ANZAC Ceremony held by the Rooty Hill RSL, something he has done for nearly a quarter of a century. Charlie is not only proud to do this as a citizen and Councillor, but particularly as a war veteran.

Charlie (centre) with some fellow soldiers

Charlie (centre) with some fellow soldiers

Charlie spent 7 years of his life in military service, and spent 18 months of that in armed combat in Korea. After spending 18 months in a war zone it goes without saying that Charlie would have been left with some vivid memories, and to this day will carry the burden of mental scars that won’t heal, scars from wounds he received on the battlefield on behalf of his country, our country, Australia.

These are 7 years of his life that Charlie is extremely proud of, and ANZAC Day is the day that the Australia get’s to give a little back by offering Charlie the recognition he truly deserves.


Another Councillor on Blacktown council is Isabelle White.

Isabelle has learned much in her 22 years, she knows she will still need to show photo ID when going to a club like Rooty Hill RSL. She has also learned quite a lot about armed conflict, she has read about it in textbooks, seen it in movies, and maybe even experienced it first-hand on a Playstation or X Box.

Isabelle is also a Councillor with weeks of experience behind her. Isabelle is however also the Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of Chifley.

When asked for a response to the growns ups comments, Clr Isabelle White responds "LOL"

When asked for a response to the growns ups comments, Clr Isabelle White responds “LOL”

With Blacktown council now under Liberal control, which of these two Councillors do you think the new Liberal Mayor sent to the dawn service put on by the Rooty Hill RSL?

I’ll give you a clue, it’s the Councillor whose only medals are probably from school athletics carnivals.

That’s right, under Liberal control the city’s sorriest excuse for a Mayor, Len Robinson, sent the Liberal Candidate for Chifley Isabelle White off to do the honours normally done by Charlie,  armed with the Mayor’s best wishes and a tube of Clearosil.

Work experience at the markets with Uncle Tony

Work experience at the markets with Uncle Tony

Charlie Lowles was deeply saddened by this act of sabotage on such an important day by a Mayor and candidate who clearly see a national day of remembrance and respect for fallen troops as an opportunity for gaining cheap political points.

After all, not only has Charlie represented council at this service for longer than Isabelle White has been alive, he is also the only current Councillor who has served Australia in the military.

By his actions Blacktowns Mayor Len Robinson has effectively spat in the face of every digger he sent Isabelle along to represent. His actions show a callous disregard for any emotion felt by our veterans on this most important of days. Len Robinson’s insensative and cruel actions on this day are at best unpatriotic and at worst an act of pure bastardry.

Blacktown Mayor len Robinson. There are no words to describe a man who would stoop so low...

Blacktown Mayor Len Robinson. There are no words to describe a man who would stoop so low…

If the Liberal Party has any sort of integrity, decency, or respect for our veterans, they will expel Len Robinson from the party for this act which is nothing less than an insult to our troops. They should also drop Isabelle White as a Federal candidate, let her learn something about manners and respect before insulting others on our behalf.

If this is how the Liberal Party show their respect our veterans, than how much respect do you think they will have to show for you?

Don’t go getting your hopes up…..

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Allan Klinbail says:

    excellent article.. but depressing to read.. just one point.. “insensitive”

  2. hilderombout says:

    How can i respond to this story, Peter? I too feel saddened for the treatment Charley Lowles received at the hand of this Liberal mayor. Is this the kind of behaviour towards individuals who have made a difference to a community through their own life experience that we can expect from a future Liberal government? I fear so.

  3. […] In Your Honor. […]

  4. Joy Cooper says:

    An act of pure political bastardry which is so absolutely typical of the Liberal Party. The entire party now seems to the domain of psychopaths.

    Do hope the good voters of Chifley are paying attention.

  5. clarittee says:

    Seems to fit in with an attitude of “the end justifies the means”. Insensitive to say the least. Aren’t the LieNP supposed to be from the upper crust. Must have been absent when manners and decency were being taught. Judge the tree by the fruit it bears.
    “A” for consistency. Consistently poor quality.

  6. allanr44 says:

    It just astounds me the Blacktown has a liberal council. Is the world completely insane?

  7. Sue says:

    Just when you think the Libs have gone as low as they can go .. they manage to find a way to get even lower. Dirty scumbags..

  8. Heather says:

    They are getting more and more arrogant.
    May that great arrogance lead to a great fall.

  9. Michael says:

    Well that article was a big bag of nonsensical rhetoric. I am anti-Liberal myself, but your article does not make it clear what it is that Isabelle did wrong. There is one tiny caption under one of the photos that says something about ‘lol’. Is this what you are getting at? Perhaps you should have written more about what it is that she supposedly did wrong rather than raging at her for being there/alive/young – and many of your comments are far more offensive than anything you have shown her to have done wrong. All politicians on all sides of politics use days like ANZAC day to get their own stupid faces in the media and put their own self-interests before those that the events are actually about. So, how was this any different? As for your use of religious words like ‘sacred’, seriously wtf? Should we all be worshiping murder? Because that is what war is – organised and sanctioned murder. LEST WE FORGET is meant to be about remembering the horrors of war, those who lost their lives at the behest of others or to protect others, and learning from history in order to avoid the same mistakes.

    • davoe says:

      The article doesn’t say Isabelle did wrong. It was the Blacktown Mayor Les Robinson who did wrong by making such a blatantly political appointment to ANZAC day proceedings.

      • Jay says:

        Well, no. Peter does say “They should also drop Isabelle White as a Federal candidate, let her learn something about manners and respect before insulting others on our behalf.”

        So as I posted (and has Michael), I’m curious as to what he means by this (and like Michael I’m also vehemently anti-Lib).

        I agree with the rest of his post, but this part has me a tad confused.

      • wixxy says:

        If someone doesn’t have the common sense to realise that a digger should not be pushed aside on ANZAC Day just for their self promotion then they are not deserving of a seat representing others

    • “All politicians on all sides of politics use days like ANZAC day to get their own stupid faces in the media and put their own self-interests before those that the events are actually about.”

      Well, I guess any level of moral disengagement makes it OK then.

    • puffytmd says:

      Miss Isobelle did not do the right thing, which was to politely decline the honour and suggest that the only war veteran on the council lay the wreath. If my daughter had done as this 22 yr-old did, take this Act of Remembrace from a Digger who actually fought wars, I would have given her a kick up her kyber,

  10. Jay says:

    I agree it’s a disgrace Peter. My only question is where you say “let her learn something about manners and respect before insulting others on our behalf”. Did she say or do something inappropriate at the service?
    Either way I fail to see how she got the gig (both at the dawn service…and a councillor), and she should have put some thought into it and deferred the honour back to Charlie.

  11. sulphurcrested says:

    What a low act.
    It is well known there are no depths to which the Lieb’s won’t stoop to gain some perceived political advantage. They are grossly out of touch and out of step with community standards and decency.

  12. Keith says:

    I just cannot believe that it is beyond the pale. All I can do is apologize to Charlie on behalf of me and mine.
    This is disgusting the Rabbit was never getting my vote anyway

  13. yowie9644 says:

    Charlie, as a veteran, should have gone, yes, and the decision should have been “above” politics (of course, sadly, it wasn’t). But can we knock off the ageism please? Isabelle may be young, and she may not be of your preferred political party, but she was elected fair & square and has just as much right to represent the council as anyone else. Cracks about xbox and clearsil are really unbecoming, and insult a whole bunch of citizens who are earnestly contributing to our political discourse. If we were making jokes about more mature councilors needing adult nappies and zimmer frames, there would be outrage.

  14. Jason Cheung says:

    Changing of the guard…

  15. Paul Beech says:

    As a former British soldier, and having served in the Far East with Australian and New Zealand troops in the ’60’s, I can appreciate how you must feel. These people (Liberals) have no idea of what it is like to serve in the armed forces let alone in a war zone like Korea. Charlie Lowles OAM deserves better. The councillor who attended the ANZAC Day ceremony obviously has little respect for anything but her own ambitions, which by the sounds of it are dubious to say the least. Hold your head up high Charlie, those of us who know better support you, and all ANZAC’s, as a comrade in arms.

    • BBode says:

      Paul Do you actually know that “These people (Liberals) have no idea what it is like to serve??? Are you saying that all the diggers are Labor supporters?? Are you saying that only Labor people care and have respect??

    • Ian says:

      Thank you for updating my knowlegde of history. Until this point I had no idea that no Liberal supporter had ever gone to war for their country. What a self righteous pommy prat you are. Pull your head in, and keep your ageist, sexist comments to yourself.

  16. mppulford says:

    Great article, Peter.

    I’ve met Charlie at many functions around Blacktown, particularly among the Filipino community.

    He’s a great community man and deserves better than this.

    I’ve met many people in politics over many years, but this story really scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

    Len Robinson or whatever your name is, you are a grub.

    Show some class like Charlie.

  17. Dave says:

    Although I don’t like either side of the two major parties, I feel that if this is the case as in this story, then it may be a wrong doing. But I do not see any questions of what Charlie thought or any response from the council and if they were asked why this happened. Did anyone even bring the subject up with them. Its just seems like a opportunist article which there seems to be a lot of lately and maybe these so called reporters of information should ask or put in more facts about what they are writing on. I do believe we will see a lot more of this behaviour as we get closer to the election. God help us all.

  18. CMS says:

    In this article the writer bags a liberal councillor to which he knows nothing about. To say Isabelle White should learn manners and respect is the a comment made by a coward hiding behind a computer screen. Politicians and governments have been lying and betraying their countries for countless years and to find fault in a youthful, dedicated and passionate candidate is an attack on the person and not the act. You lay blame on Isabelle as if she intentionally undermined Charlie to gain advantage and yet you speak of ANZAC spirit. ANZAC spirit is Australian spirit and the commitment to the country and your fellow man. Where is your Aussie spirit when your article sounds like more of a personal attack than an educated statement. From a person who knows Ms White personally, your article is baseless and offensive.

    • wixxy says:

      What I find offensive is Isabelle’s conduct regarding this matter.
      What I find baseless is your support for her. You say you know her but have nothing positive to say other than she is passionate and keen. My nephew is both of those things also, alas he is still in primary school. Where’s her experience?

      Other people’s comments about my remarks on her age are pathetic, if she can’t take the heat…..

      Isabelle is hoping to represent an area referred to often as the mortgage belt yet has never held a mortgage.

      She is running in an area where unemployment is an issue, yet has never held a full time job.

      The fact that she has chose to represent council over Charlie shows she has no morale compass, nor does she have the decency to do the right thing by a veteran on ANZAC Day of all days.

      You say I am gutless for writing this article, I don’t see the logic in that myself , I use my real name and don’t “hide behind a computer screen”. In fact if she or any of the Liberal Councillors had shown up to last weeks protest at Blacktown council I’d have been happy to chat with her or any of her Party colleagues, alas they didn’t have the guts to face residents.

      The gutless act here is all hers, she should have told Len Robinson to have some decency and let a veteran do the honors. Instead she chose to promote herself.

      • CMS says:

        How was her conduct regarding this matter? Your article fails to specify her exact wrongdoing. My support for her is far from baseless because I know who she is personally, I didn’t just read about her or something she may have or have not done on one particular day as you may have. I said nothing more positive about her because her actions, whether you chose to look beyond this one or not speak for themselves. In regards to your nephew being passionate and keen, lets hope his passion and dedication takes him on a journey that sees him in far better conversation than personal attacks. You speak of clearasil and school yard medals yet you write your article like a school yard bully. You know nothing of her experiences, previous work history or what she has achieved for her young age, although speaking of these things won’t have any effect on a person like you because understanding is not your forte. A little research Into the person before writing your blog could avoid the impression that your post is not about standing up for Charlie but an anti liberal campaign.

    • puffytmd says:

      Taking that gig off the war veteran is what I call base and offensive.

  19. CMS says:

    On another note, some of your articles I share a mutual feeling for in regards to what politicians promise and never deliver. There are genuine concerns that you have that affect all of us in the west but yet we are powerless to change it. Or are we? As long as I can remember the west has copped the brunt of mockery and abuse from people in power to snotty high class society yet we fail to see how powerful the west can be. The people have the power to change policies and governments yet we do nothing because of the fear the government had bestowed upon its people. They create laws to screw us over on a daily basis and instead of standing up and putting a stop to it, we bend over and take it happily up the rear end. You have to stop putting belief that any government will change the country. No governing body has the interest of its people at hand. Their pockets grow as ours shrink everyday.

  20. Wayne Andrews says:

    Firstly I can find no mention of him in the Korean War Honour Roll AND YOU DO SPELL HONOUR WITH A “U”. Secondly my grandfather fought so we could live in a free society where we are all treated as equals, why should he be treated more equal? He had done it before and it was good to see the council send in someone fresh, after all assuming the Honour Roll accidentally left him off he was welcome to attend as a returned serviceman.YOUR DISGUSTING TRYING TO SCORE POLITICAL POINTS ON ANZAC DAY. If your what the ALP represents then I’m definitely voting Liberals. Good on you Isabelle for showing community spirtit and commitment by getting off your arse and doing something unlike this keyboard warrior.

    • Jay says:

      While you’re being pedantic about spelling it’s “you’re” not “your”. I was able to do that without shouty caps.
      You talk about “trying to score political points on ANZAC day”. You’re obviously missing any sense of irony, or the point of the post.

  21. Wayne Milton says:

    I’ve done some more homework for you, Charlie immigrated to Australia in 1958 from England,some 5 years after the Koren War finished so may be an veteran but certainly not an ANZAC. My grandfather WAS a digger, and maybe this young lady’s grandfather served for Australia too, why shouldn’t she represent him? Your piece here is as well researched as you Craig Thomson piece. That’s right, don’t allow posting of anything that makes you look bad or ilinformed.

    • wixxy says:

      I regulate my comments because of right wing idiots who have abused my readers with offensive comments.

      Charlie is a veteran, Isabelle is not, it is not a hard decision for council to make. Charlie has done it for nearly quarter of a century for council, Isabelle is yet to spend a full year in council.

      The decision to send her was made for political reasons, not for any kind of ANZAC Spirit reason.

      You may endorse what Len Robinson did, I sure as hell don’t

    • Jay says:

      So just what are the holes in the Craig Thomson piece (or numerous posts) that exist in what Peter has researched?
      We await your incisive rebuttal to them.

    • puffytmd says:

      Mr Charles is a War Veteran of the Commonwealth, of which Australia is a member. Miss Isobelle was representing the council at the service, not her ancestors. The most appropriate person to represent the council was obviously the War Veteran, not the Liberal Candidate in the next election.

  22. Joy Cooper says:

    Well said, Wixxy. Someone calling themselves CMS has no right to call you a coward hiding in anonymity when it is they who are doing so. How do they know whether or not you know this Isabelle White? Typical.

    Yes, if Miss White had had one scintilla of commonsense & good manners she would have told the Liberal Mayor (how did that happen in Blacktown?) that while she appreciated the honour of representing council it should fall on Charlie to do so. Instead she let ambition get the better of her. What is blatantly obvious, is that the local Liberal Party will be promoting her, at such events, in the lead up to the Federal election, so Blacktown will be seeing plenty of her in the future. Shame she did not attend the protest though, but that required guts.

  23. Adam Smith says:

    I respect Charlie Lowles OAM, even though the current Mayor of Blacktown reportedly governs, with his current political numbers, in a brazen divisive political manner. It seems to me, reading this article that the Mayor of Blacktown, despite his years of seniority, has not yet learned (quoting Kennedy) that liberty without learning is always in peril and learning without liberty is always in vain. Some of us see this attitude in the ways and bullying strategy’s played out by members of the Liberal Party of Australia currently led by Mr Tony Abbott MP, who seems to continually fail to understand that if a free society cannot help the many who are poor (including people seeking refuge from fear) it in the final analyses cannot help the rich.

  24. discobisc says:

    This isn’t new from the Liberal Party. Remember in 2003, when John Howard invited George Bush to Australia and then improperly inserted himself into all ceremonial roles (when it should have been the Gov-Gen) as well as “forgetting” to tell the widow of Sgt Russell that the war criminal Bush would be laying a wreath to him.

    • jane says:

      What can you say? Typical Liars Party arrogance, insensitivity and hubris as amply demonstrated by the Rodent in 2003.

      Does Ms White have a relative who is/was a returned serviceman or woman, which would at least be somewhat appropriate?

      Or is she just another Liars Party opportunist delegated by yet another Liars Party opportunist to bignote on ANZAC Day?

      And do they honestly think it will have escaped the notice of genuine returned service men and women?

  25. Adam Smith says:

    I believe that one of the lowest acts, perpetrated during the Liberal Party of Australia Howard Government term in office, was a payment of $tens-of-thousands in reported ‘cash-inducement-bribes’ to the Dictator Saddam Hussein, possibly in contravention of international law. This gave Hussein greater ability to purchase more guns. And with these guns, he shot at Australian soldiers, sent to fight the Hussein regime in Iraq. All these self-righteous Liberals ‘gloating’ with their “extremist-religious-zealotary” should sit and think long and hard about these proven facts as they attend the RSL on Anzac Day, lest they be hypocrites of the highest order in Australia today. Shame on the Liberal Party Mayor of Blacktown, in my opinion, his reported actions, sending his political nomination, demonstrates a kind of arrogance so well exposed amongst his ilk.

  26. BillB says:

    My oh my, Wixxie, you have very successfully drawn a pile of lefty whingers out from under their rocks…mate, Charlie will get over it, and Isabelle might have learnt something, but for me I think you pushed your one wheeled barrow right into the mud…

  27. puffytmd says:

    Every time I think the Liberal Party had drawn all the disgust out of my system, they come up with another ethically-bereft stunt. If this is how this young lady is by the age of 22 years, what is she going to be like after twenty years in the LNP?

    Sophie Mirabella?

  28. Rob says:

    What a croc, written by a labour hack for labour dopes. If she had deferred to Charlie she would then have been portraid by the labour hack as disrespectful of the ANZAC’s. just political bullshit. Labour is famous for crapping on Defence and Gillard Gov is no exception.

    • wixxy says:

      Based on your grammar and spelling it is lucky that Gillard gave so much to NSW for education to make up for O’Farrells $1.7 Billion cut to it

    • Joy Cooper says:

      What a crock, Rob. Ms White would have been portrayed as deferring to a veteran instead of the self-serving, ambitious political upstart she is.

      Typical bullying LNP twaddle. If you cannot make a decent argument about anything just abuse & belittle those you perceive to be your opponents. It is all part of the LNP ridiculous egotistical born-to-rule crap.

      Agree with you, wholeheartedly, Wixxy.

  29. Adam Smith says:

    The World’s people, Australians and Western Sydney’s men and women, have participated and experienced two world wars including a nuclear war in the final stage of world war two. The Korean War was conducted under the banner of the United Nations (its formation, carried out by ALP members, Dr Herbert Evatt QC) and at one stage also came close to becoming a nuclear war. It seems to me, that the Liberal Party of Australia Mayor of Blacktown City Council has not learn’t from history and has put the City into a bad light. However, any reflection upon the new Councillor might be unfair. Hopefully, the young lady will learn from history’s pages and reject the dullards in her political party. The reality is that the senior members of the Liberal Party have again exposed themselves for what they really are, and always have been, hypocrites.

  30. miney says:

    This article is about political point scoring and an excuse to attack the liberals.
    Isabelle is part of the younger generation who the RSL needs to keep the memory of Anzac alive. By sending someone so young it encourages other younger people to attend. Charlie was not told not to go so where is the problem
    The only problem I see is the article writer attacking the liberals and using ANZAC day as an excuse

    • wixxy says:

      I see no defense at all for Len Robinson and Idabell White’s indefensible actions.

      Their act was on ANZAC Day, my post I held back till the day after as I wanted to do a positive ANZAC post.

      That’s because I have respect

  31. Adam Smith says:

    Like all Liberals, the Mayor of The City Of Blacktown cannot grasp the purpose of government in the 21st Century. I recall when people objected to the Liberals lottery conscripting people into the Australian Armed Force during the 1960s. The only people who were let of the hook were the Liberals from mainly the rich classes of Australian society. You see, the Liberals made a clever little rule which allowed all full-time university students an exemption. The fact that less than 2% of Western Sydney’s young people attended university meant that many of the soldiers who died came from places like Blacktown etc. The Liberals define government as their right to legitimately use force, including imprisonment and in years past, the death penalty.So Miney, I recommend you and your fellow travellers do some research, lest members of your family find themselves in strife with this extreme right wing Liberal party of Australia. Who can forget Liberal NSW Premier Askin telling his driver to run over the bastards.

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