Lying Eyes

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Politics

Tony Abbott likes to talk a lot about lies, it appears to be something he seems to be very familiar with.

Last week we saw year another example of Abbott spewing forth the truth Liberal style when he was asked about an incident involving his Policy Director Mark Roberts that occurred last Thursday night at a Qantas function.

Abbott emphatically denied that his Policy Director had told a chief executive of an Indigenous education organisation that he would “cut his throat” should the Coalition win the election in September.

Once again however this turned out to be not quite the gospel truth.

Mark Roberts has now been demoted and Abbott himself is telling the world that Roberts deserves a pay cut. Abbott now refers to the event as an “unfortunate incident” despite originally saying it didn’t even occur.

Mark Roberts was Tony Abbott’s Policy Director, not just some back room number-cruncher. The fact that he would make such a threat towards someone as well respected as Andrew Penfold tells us a few things.

Andrew Penfold - Throat intact

Andrew Penfold – Throat intact

It tells us that Tony Abbott and his Chief Of Staff Peta Credlin are not real flash when it comes to choosing or disciplining their staff.

This becomes clear when you consider that News Ltd journalist Peter Van Onselen who heard the conversation and broke the story, tells us that to buy his silence, Mark Roberts offered to be Van Onselen’s mole inside Abbott’s office. A fine display of loyalty from such a highly ranked person within the Liberal Party, and a good indication of the level of respect Tony Abbott’s senior staff appear to have for their own Party Leader.

For Tony Abbott to blame alcohol for the threat tells us that Abbott will find the easiest excuse possible, no matter how disrespectful and out of touch with reality it is. Being drunk is not an excuse for anything, ask the family of someone who has died as the result of a drunk driver. Ask the teenage girl who is in therapy after being raped by some loser after a night on the turps. Tony Abbott using this excuse shows he has no respect for victims of alcohol related crimes.

Tony Abbott also liked to tell us how “out of character” it was for Roberts to say these things. It was interesting to hear Abbott say this when I was watching “Insiders” on the ABC Sunday morning, as I had just been reading in the Sunday paper about how “out of character” it was for the younger of the Boston bombers to commit such a heinous crime.

Given that Mark Roberts was Tony Abbott’s Policy Director at the time, and the man threatened was an education advocate for Indigenous Australian’s I wonder what that tells us about Abbott’s policies on Indigenous affairs.

Indigenous Affairs? Don't make me laugh...

Indigenous Affairs? Don’t make me laugh…

Indigenous affairs is an important topic and if the Coalitions Policy Director thinks threatening the life of one of the most important figures fighting for Indigenous issues is ok, then I guess Indigenous Australia should be concerned.

I also wonder what Ken Wyatt thinks of his colleagues behavior.

Under the Labor Government we had the long overdue apology. Given this behavior could it be under an Abbott led Coalition government we are going to have something else we have to apologise for in future years?

The act of threatening the life of somebody seeking to assist a community in educating their children is another fine example of Tony Abbott and his bullying nature, after all it was one of his top staff and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Tony Abbott’s history of bullying goes back to his college days.

We all know the story of Abbott throwing punches at Barbara Ramjan and hitting the wall on either side of her head, Abbott’s total denial, then his shady memory as he tells us he had no recollection of it. Throwing punches at women is not something Tony recalls apparently, clearly he thinks little of the act.

Many of us recall the slush fund Abbott created and managed to attack One Nation in a bid to take away the publics right to choose for themselves. This Abbott slush fund led to Pauline Hanson being wrongly convicted and ending up in jail, although being released after a few weeks.

Some of us may recall Bernie Banton, a true Australian hero being bullied in his final dying days by Abbott.

A true legend

A true legend

Others may recall him standing over Graham Edwards in a threatening manner in Federal Parliament, despite Graham being a decorated war veteran, despite him being in a wheelchair, and despite him having no legs.

Julia Gillard visits a war memorial with Graham Edwards

Julia Gillard visits a war memorial with Graham Edwards

Others may recall his intimidating response to journalist Mark Riley when asked about his “Shit happens” comment whilst in Afghanistan.

The denial of this now publicly acknowledged event by his Policy Director is as I said earlier another example of Tony Abbott lying to the public.

Tony Abbott continues with the crusade to call Julia Gillard a liar over the Carbon Price.

This is the carbon price that Julia Gillard promised before the election as this front page article in the Australian clearly shows. Gillard even went so far to say she would consider it a mandate.

So who is the real liar?

The real lies around the Carbon Price came from the Coalition. Just ask the good people of Whyalla.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about how the carbon price in Europe will affect the upcoming Federal budget as the carbon price on the European market has dropped to $3.

This would be the carbon price that Tony Abbott stated would only go up and up. That seems like a bit of a furphy now is it has dropped considerably over the last 12 months.

But what does it matter anyway?

I thought Australia was “going it alone” according to Abbott? At least that’s what he told us time and time again, that we were jumping in ahead of everyone else. Remember?

Oh, it turns out that was a bit of a furphy too, it seems that little places like Europe, India, and our largest trading partner Japan are already there in front of us, as are parts of China and the US.

Some would say that these events have been recent and that means Abbott was not lying. However many of the nations involved have not come on board recently at all, and nations with a carbon price or an ETS are actually listed in the Coalitions own Direct Action policy document, something that was released well before Abbott and the Coalitions deliberately misleading statements to the contrary.

Tony Abbott may indeed have the worst memory of any of our current MP’s if his recollection of events is anything to go by.

Of course the other option is that he is a compulsive liar.

Trust me, and my selective memory...

Trust me, and my selective memory…

The Olympic Dam fiasco was a classic example of a shocking memory or blatant lies. When Tony Abbott tried to blame the carbon price for job losses on the BHP project, he told reporters that he had read BHP’s statement. Upon that making Abbott look like a bit of a dickhead for being so wrong, he suddenly remembered a few short hours later that he hadn’t read the statement. Oops…

There are countless examples of Abbott misleading the public, having a less than perfect recollection, or just flat out lying. So many in fact that it would take me way too long to list them all.

However I think the final word on the subject should go to Tony Abbott himself. Here is Tony on the 7.30 Report explaining his versions of the truth to Kerry O’Brien.

I couldn’t have said it better myself…..

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Fed up says:

    Maybe it is not only that he lies. it is worse he treats us as fools.

    Does not even try to chamge the lie. Yesterday was the beauty, that he would spend 60 billion lerss on the NBNCo. Seems to believe the bigger and more exaggerated the lie, the better.

    Along with the look that he has on his face, that as a con man.

  2. nell1mn says:

    It would seem Abbott banks too much on his mate Rupert getting him over the line. that in itself says he thinks so little of the Australian public, not unlike Rupert actually.

  3. The MSM Watchdog says:

    Mr Abbott has been caught out many times altering online transcripts of his media interviews. He does this when he blatantly lies to the Australian people & then has to backtrack to alter historical documentation in order to omit these lies or misrepresentations of fact. I had this confirmed by his office in 2011. Mr Abbott’s office labelled these lies as “mistakes”. Their term, not mine. They use the E&OE tag (errors & omissions edited) in reference to these online documentary alterations on his website. I questioned his office as to the lack of transparency in using the E&OE tag because anyone who reads the transcripts cannot tell where the lies/”mistakes” have been altered or omitted in the transcripts. People also need to be aware of the meaning of the term – E&OE. I was treated in a very hostile way by Mr Abbott’s staffer when I uncovered/discovered this unconscionable & unethical activity. So, if you ever read any online transcripts attributed to Mr Abbott, be very aware that if you see the E&OE tag, you must assume that the document has been altered in some way to cover up the Mr Abbott’s lies & this is proof of Mr Abbott’s arrogant, contemptuous & deceitful behaviour towards the Australian people. If you doubt my claims, check Mr Abbott’s website & I can assure you that you will find the E&OE tag being used whenever Mr Abbott has lied to us. The thing that got up my nose about this is that Mr Abbott never publicly corrects his lies/”mistakes” in the media which he exploits to his &/or his Party’s advantage. When I asked why Mr Abbott doesn’t correct his “mistakes” in the same media where he blatantly lies, they became very irate & said “What! Do you want him to publicly correct every “mistake” he makes?” My response…..”I think that would be the honourable thing to do”. They said – “People can read the online transcript if they want to know what he said” (even though it has been altered). I said – “Well, that’s a bit hard for people like my parents, due to the fact that my Mother is blind & my Dad doesn’t have access to or the skills to use a computer”. This is an example of disgusting & immoral behaviour by a man who wishes to become Prime Minister of Australia. He will say or do anything to get the top job. The big question is – How many times has Mr Abbott lied to the Australian people? I would hazard a guess…probably every single day of his political career. He is the Opposition Leader for Porkies.

  4. Mac says:

    I don’t believe the threat to Andrew Penfold was a literal one and even if I’m right and it was a metaphorical “cutting of the throat”, this isn’t the story – as you’ve outlined comprehensively.

    The story is that EVERY time Abbott is in a corner his automatic response is to lie or threaten. He seems to be under the illusion that he won’t be called on the lies. The day is coming when he will.

  5. The MSM Watchdog says:

    Correction – I had this confirmed by his office in 2012 (not 2011). Sorry about the typo.

  6. Joy Cooper says:

    Tony Abbott doesn’t give a damn about Australia or its people. It is all about power but the funny thing is, for someone who has such overweening ambition, he is not a leader but a follower. Murdoch. Rinehart & Pell will be doing the leading.

    My guess is that lying is his normal behaviour pattern & has done it all his life. Lying comes as naturally to Abbott as breathing as can be seen by the way they so easily slip from his mouth. He is such a pathological liar he doesn’t even blush when confronted with his lies & just tries to lie his way out of it. Definitely not Prime Ministerial material.

  7. owen1967 says:

    “Mark Roberts has now been demoted and Abbott himself is telling the world that Roberts deserves a pay cut.”

    AS IF ! … that looks like another furphy to me Peter … you can bet that Mark will be performing his usual services … and that he will be rewarded accordingly by his masters … this is the sort of “out of character”, “unfortunate incident” that will become all too familiar should the Liberal Party win in September (and SHAME ON YOU to the National Party for your disloyalty to the people of Regional and Rural Australia … by supporting these backward looking jackals you have let down the people you are supposed to represent).

  8. Heather says:

    I hope Andrew Penfold is spreading the word around amongst aboriginal communities.

  9. Marilyn says:

    And yesterday this ghastly thug unveiled a new illegal boats poster in Perth which was immediately debunked.

    Problem is the ALP had no moral high ground left to put a toe nail on because they are threatening to jail kids in Curtin prison again knowing very well how it damages them.

  10. Dez says:

    Only a complete simpleton would vote a pathological liar like Abbott to become our Prime Minister.

    Just as scary is that Abbott would very likely make another pathological liar our Governor General.

    • Robyn says:

      You are so right Dez, we’d have the lying twins. The problem is I seem to be seeing complete simpletons everywhere.

      • jalvaradogui says:

        The LIBS fundamental problem is credibility.
        But that is their own doing and they do a bloody good job on scaring the living lights out of people, I hope they continue with same strategy, lets see what happens on election day.
        Some how it give me the impression through their expressions and body language that they already thinking on how they are going to reorganise the lodge.

  11. ja says:

    He has some new lies/slogans now. He persists in saying he will have ‘better’
    relations with Indonesia (and government’s are bad) so they’ll accept towed back boats. There is so much evidence that the government are working well with Indonesia and that country’s politicians make public statements criticising him.
    Not only do they not want tow-backs, they want Australia to accept more asylum-seekers, but he still carries on the same line despite their refusal.
    Are they lies or delusions?

    • HotPinkHedgehog says:

      E&OE is an initialism standing for errors and omissions EXCEPTED, not EDITED. The phrase is used in an attempt to reduce legal liability for incorrect or incomplete information supplied in a contractually related document such as a quotation or specification. It is often applied as a disclaimer in situations in which the information to which it is applied is relatively fast moving. In legal terms, it seeks to make a statement that information can be relied upon, or may have changed by the time of use. It is also used when a lot of information is listed against a product to state that to the best of the suppliers knowledge the information is correct but that they will not be held responsible if an error is found.

      It’s legalese for ‘hey, we believed it was true’…

  12. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) says:

    Now folks, this is the real reason for the long lead up to the election. It is starting to expose TA as big a liar as the last leader of the opposition. Reckon TA learned well don’t you.

  13. Fed up says:

    What I do not understand, Abbott believes it is OK to turn the boats back to whence they came. This action putting life in danger in doing so.

    Mr. Abbott believes it is wrong, to make a deal with countries within the region, and return the people back to whence they came by plane, in a safe manner.

    Yes, the Malaysian solution is far from purpose, as the Housten report pointed out, but is capable of being improved.

    That is the accountability Abbott should be holding the government accountable to.

    We literally have a harsher Howard’s Pacific solution, that Abbott demanded. It does not work.

    It is time, Mr. Abbo0tt, to go back to the negotiating table. Time for stunts is over.

    What we should be demanding, the whole Housten Plan be put into operation. If that occurred from day one, we may not have the cruel and expensive situation we have now.

    The islands of Nauru and Mannix were only ever seen as a stopgap action, until the full regional solutiuon was in operation.

    We will never know if the expert panel delivered a succesful plan, as it has been thwarted by the Opposition parties, both the Coalition and the Greens.

    What we do know, what Abbott is proposing does not work. There is no evidence to suggest that Abbott would be any more successful.

  14. clarittee says:

    What fools we will appear to be when he becomes OUR prime minister. Those overseas will notice it first. We have allowed the propaganda unchallenged for too long

    • Dez says:

      The mainstream media have allowed the propaganda to go unchallenged for so long (due to Murdoch & rabid right sympathetic co owning most of it).

      Unfortunately the very gullible and ignorantly stupid believe it.

      • helenmarg says:

        We are certainly as others have said with the leader of our country tony abbott.There have been articles very critical of him in overseas papers EG the Guardian. Thank you again for your fine article Peter.;

  15. BillK says:

    Like it or not, Tony Abbott will be our new Prime Minister.

    This is Leigh Sales’ interview with him on Wednesday. Watch it and weep.

    And Peter, who is Peter Van Olsen?

    Is it the one and only Peter Van Onselen, noted SKY reporter who “believes what Gillard said?”

    PVO would be the only person left who still believes Gilllard. Oh – and except for the true believers blogging here.

    • wixxy says:

      Tony Abbott has acknowledged that the events he denied actually did occur… Van Olsen was right

      Still playing catch up with the details Bill???

      • BillK says:

        Funny he calls himself Van Onselen everywhere else. Not Van Olsen, or is that too difficult for you? O N S E L E N, there fixed it for you.

        It’s appropriate to address people by their correct name.

        Wiki says:

        Peter van Onselen.
        Professor Peter van Onselen (born 1976 in Sydney, New South Wales) is an Australian academic, author and political journalist. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with first-class honours in political science and a Masters in Policy Studies (with Distinction), both from the University of New South Wales. Van Onselen was awarded his PhD in political science from the University of Western Australia.

      • wixxy says:

        Thanks for pointing that out Bill

        Typo’s fixed, facts unchanged….

  16. Fed up says:

    wixxy, shame we cannot all be perfect. Suspect most knew who you were talking about.

  17. jalvaradogui says:

    Policies Tony policies, we like to hear your policies, and where you will cut money from the workers to pay for your tory initiatives.
    Any one there believe that there are no such thing as class politics?
    LIBS prove the opposite and come up with truly advance and sustainable social policies and set up the foundations for a sustainable economic development to enhance prosperity for all Australians.

  18. Adam Smith says:

    An Australian citizen, elected by the people, making an oath to uphold truth and be faithful to the people, and whilst under an oath to represent the people, and then at the same time lying to the people, is in my opinion, an evil person. Just imagine, candidates campaigning to be elected for another term of public office, say in the Federal Seat of Warringah NSW. The candidate has read a news report recommending that if elected the Liberal Party wont increase the Goods and Services tax from 10% to 15% and wont alter the arrangement to make it payable on all transactions. Lets assume that this candidate is elected and he becomes PM and then concocts a process that require him to change his mind and actually increase the GST payable on every transaction, like fresh food, health care, education and so on. Any fair minded citizen can see that when a man tells lies often enough only the foolish in society, will vote for that man to lead them. Quoting Francis Hutcheson, ‘A System of Moral Philosophy’ – “Suppose men imagined there was no obligation to veracity, and acted accordingly; speaking as often against their own opinion as according to it; would not all pleasure of conversation be destroyed, and all confidence in narration? Men would only speak in bargaining, and in this too would soon lose all mutual confidence.

  19. BillK says:

    “An Australian citizen, elected by the people, making an oath to uphold truth and be faithful to the people, and whilst under an oath to represent the people, and then at the same time lying to the people, is in my opinion, an evil person”.

    Adam, that statement applies directly to Gillard. Nothing is off the table with new extra taxes being considered by Labor.

    What gets me, is how can Gillard go to a federal election, with a criminal investigation pending? . Ben Fordham is crystal clear about the police investigation concerning Gillard.

  20. Adam Smith says:

    @Billk. You quote Ben Fordham at 2GB. Do you actually believe this Radio network as it trades on very thin ice, bordering on telling lies relevance? One or even two of that Radio Stations broadcasters is well known for his exploits in places like the City of London and thuggery. We have also heard that Radio Stations early morning rants and subsequent apologies for lying to his audience as people seeking to advertise their businesses are being ripped off. Billk, I think that any person of integrity would treat your written assertions as the worst of all bullshit!

    • wixxy says:

      Absolutely right, the woman Tony Abbott threw punches at was called a serial liar on air by Alan Jones and Michael Kroger.

      Jones apologised and stated on air that she was a well respected and honest woman. Kroger faces a defamation hearing shortly

      Both Barbara and her husband are extremely high ranking legal professionals it turns out.

      Good old reliable 2GB

      • BillK says:

        Tony Abbott threw punches that nobody actually witnessed.
        Yeah right.

        And did not damage his fists after hitting a solid concrete wall? Twice? He really is a man of steel lol.

      • wixxy says:

        You must live in a cave….

        There were witnesses, and quite reliable ones too, ones that can even explain “gospel truth”

    • BillK says:

      Ok then if Fordham is lying, why doesn’t Gillard defend her rights through the courts?

      Why should the most powerful woman in Australia allow herself to be slandered by Fordham and others?

      Did it ever cross your mind that Fordham might be telling the truth?

      • wixxy says:

        Why give such utter crap oxygen??

        She stood up to answer all questions from media on it and only left when questions stopped

        Lets see Abbott do the same for his throwing punches at women ….

      • Adam Smith says:

        Of course he is and the truth on that radio network can be summed up when liars are lying to liars as follows, “Therefore I lie to them, and they to me and by our lies we flattered be”. Sums up the @GB Radio “shock-jocks” doesn’t it?

      • BillK says:

        No wonder they call you Mad Wixxy.

      • wixxy says:

        They don’t, I named my own twitter account

  21. Adam Smith says:

    It’s a pity that some ALP Members (especially some of the Roman Catholic believers) have not studied Machiavelli on Lying. By carefully listening to the current Liberal Party Leader of Australia, a reportedly good friend of Cardinal Pell, one might be forgiven for thinking, that he has studied-well the teachings of Machiavelli.

  22. BillK says:

    So I suppose you believe Michael Smith is lying as well?

    “First up a statement of unequivocal fact. The Prime Minister is a suspect in the current Victoria Police investigation into The AWU Scandal. The Major Fraud and Extortion Squad only investigates the most serious of frauds and it is investigating her. It is Ms Gillard’s personal conduct that has brought her to the attention of police.”

    There is no doubt that Gillard is being investigated. Only blind lefties can’t see that.

    • wixxy says:

      This is the cop that Smith served with

      Not saying he is lying, but certainly there is the smell of bullshit surrounding that investigation…

      It seems more about there being an investigation rather than actually performing one

    • Joy Cooper says:

      Billk as you seem to know everything how is the investigation, by the Victorian Police, into Kathy Jackson going?

      • BillK says:

        Joy it’s going slowly. Not much progress. Much like the investigation into Gillard. Thou the investigation into Thomson seems to be proceeding faster with 154 charges laid.

  23. Joy Cooper says:

    Dragging their feet, eh, Billk? Wonder why. Could it be Kathy’s standing with the Libs?

  24. Fed up says:

    Investigations that have been going on for so long, do not seem to becoming up with anything new.

    Even the charges that the police have ;laid against Thom

    The may subpoenas served since the charges were laid, has revealed zilch.

    One wonders why they have resources to look in ancient history, in relation to the PM, but none to mount an enquiry against Ashby and Bought.

    Why is not Jackson under the same scrutiny. She is the one present throughout this sorry saga.

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