No Shelter

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

Once again this week Sydney’s Western Suburbs were the scene of a protest, and once again I went out to hear the residents of the West’s concerns.

Emotions boiled over as locals in the Blacktown region gathered outside the council to vent their anger and fury at council attempts to acquire their land and premises for a proposed development.

This proposal is being pushed through council by the Liberal Councillors, who since the last Local Government elections hold the majority of seats within the council.

As expected no Liberal Councillor was present for the protest, no Liberal MP from State or Federal parliament, nor any other Liberal Party candidates in the upcoming Federal election.

With the Federal Election campaigns focus on Western Sydney, this is yet again another example of the contempt that the Liberal Party has for those living in the West.

Angry residents line the street outside council

Angry residents line the street outside council

There will be some who say that a local issue is totally irrelevant to the Federal election, and under normal cases I would agree, however these are not normal circumstances.

Two of the Federal Liberal candidates are connected to this matter.

Councillor Isabelle White is one of the councillors voting to kick these residents out of their homes and demolish their houses. Isabelle White is also the Liberal Federal Candidate for Chifley. Residents wonder where Councillor White is gaining her guidance, as it is certainly not from experience, at 22 years old she has never owned a house, paid a mortgage, raised a family, in fact, she has never even had a full-time job.

So where does this Federal hopeful and local home-wrecker get her view of the world? Reality TV perhaps?

It is to be noted that Isabelle’s opponent, sitting Federal Member for Chifley Ed Husic has been in touch with the community on this issue and has a petition against the proposal with around 800 signatures.

Lost in the woods? Schools out for Clr Isabelle White

Lost in the woods? Schools out for Clr Isabelle White

Councillor Jess Diaz is also voting to destroy the lives of residents by forcefully removing them. Jess Diaz is the father of Jaymes Diaz, the Liberal Federal Candidate for Greenway, the country’s most marginal seat.

These residents who face forced eviction are part of Jaymes Diaz’s electorate.  It seems a bit hypocritical that Jaymes is hoping to represent these people in Federal parliament while his father is making every effort to throw them out of their homes and onto the street. Jaymes likes to claim he and his family care for the community, but given his father’s actions on council I fear he is being a bit Liberal with the truth.

Jaymes Diaz, looking to represent all his father makes homeless

Jaymes Diaz, looking to represent all those his father makes homeless

Although once again there was a complete lack of Liberal Party interest in hearing the concerns of the community, there was plenty of representation and concern from a number of Labor Party figures.

Nathan Rees was represented, Richard Amery the Member for Mt Druitt attended, as did Councillor Edmond Atalla.

Councillor Edmund Atalla had tried to speak out in council chambers about the disgraceful behaviour of Blacktown City Council in regards to these citizens, however the Liberal councillors passed a motion that did not allow him to speak on the record on these issues. Effectively silencing the community Edmund represents. This is democracy Liberal Party style it would seem. This action in effect could be described as a Liberal Party gag order.

It is interesting that the Liberal Party should feel the need to gag someone who is trying to support the residents of Sydney’s West, something Edmund was elected by his community to do. Interesting but not surprising.

Last but not least representing residents from the Labor Party was Opposition Leader John Robertson, who listened to the concerns of locals and gave a rousing and passionate speech.

Opposition Leader John Robertson discusses concerns with local residents

Opposition Leader John Robertson discusses concerns with local residents

Robertson spent the morning trying to individually chat with each of the concerned residents, a futile task given that there were so many.

Robertson gave a speech supporting the residents and condemning the actions of the council, accusing the council of “Ripping Off” its own residents.

“A message needs to be sent to council that they cannot just put out a flyer rezoning residents land…”

“I want resident’s to know that I will back them in this fight right to the end”

But, in reality it is not about the politicians who lend their support, and the politicians who couldn’t care less, it is about the residents and the impact on their lives.

A young girls plea...

A young girls plea…

There are 440 houses affected by this council attack on residents. 440 residents, many with families whose lives will now be thrown into turmoil.

Letter To Residents From Blacktown Council

I spoke with many of the residents who are utterly devastated that their lives are being destroyed by the council they pay their rates to.

Margaret Merritt has lived in her house on Fern Place for 55 years, raised her three daughters there and does not want to leave.

“How can I leave those memories behind?”

Margaret’s friend Marjorie Bradley lives on the corner of Daphne Place and Steven Rd, a house she has called home since 1958.

Margaret And Marjorie

Margaret And Marjorie

Another protester named Andy who lives on Rowley St spoke of his desperation. Andy faces the prospect of finding a new home. Andy is 53 Years old and lives with his sister caring for their 80-year-old mother.

These are people who have lived in and supported the community for decades before Federal Liberal candidates Isabelle White and Jaymes Diaz were even born, and there are many others like them.

The reason these people are looking to be thrown onto the street is so council can put in parks and recreation areas.

Now you may well think that doesn’t sound so bad, however there is more to it than that…


The recreational areas are going to be needed as the current recreational areas are being re-zoned and council plans to put up high-rise apartment blocks there. Due to the extra residents who will be living in all of these high-rise developments more recreational space would be required.

This is great news if you are a property developer, real estate agent, or have a business in property or strata management.

By sheer chance, the new Liberal Mayor of Blacktown Len Robinson could have  just that, with a quick ASIC search showing that Len Robinson Strata and Community Management Pty Ltd is still a registered company operating out of Kings Park.

Attempts to phone the companies listed number were in vain.

Len Robinson Strata and Community Management ASIC Search

Many local residents raised this with me yesterday, querying whether the Mayor is feathering his own nest by setting himself up for some future business. Valid questions indeed. In fact, I would have thought that owning a strata management company would have been a conflict of interest for a Mayor.

Once again we find residents of the West being ripped off and then abandoned for putting faith in Liberal Party candidates and giving them a go.

Sydney's West - Pillage and plunder

Sydney’s West – Pillage and plunder

As the focus of the Federal Election continues to focus on the Western Suburbs of Sydney, my hope is that some of the Main Stream Media will look past the circus, spin and sound-bites when Abbott drops in on his way home to the North Shore. I am hoping they will take the time to look at the local issues that are being created by Liberal controlled councils, and the now Liberal State Government. I am hoping that someone will hold these people accountable for their actions.

I am hoping, but once again I will not be holding my breath.

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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. puffytmd says:

    tweeted. gawd, these $$worshippers need whipping off the temple steps.

  2. shamaroo says:

    It’s the old “greater good” argument again.

    Don’t worry, with the new NSW Planning White Paper, also comes even more power to resume land from individuals in the name of development.

    I understand that the population is growing and we need more housing, however to do this sort of thing to people is Communist China stuff. Barry & Co have effectively removed all rights to merit appeal for State Significant projects and the rhetoric they keep spouting is that they “consulted the community” – well, consulting someone doesn’t mean anything if you just go ahead do what you want anyway.

    If a man “consults” a woman and she says “no” and he goes ahead anyway, that’s called rape.

    The State is raping the people of NSW for it’s own gratification.

  3. Joy Cooper says:

    This situation is absolutely disgraceful but, unfortunately, all too common with the LNP.& their breathtaking arrogance. Do hope those homeowners who did vote these people on to the council will have a rethink when it comes to the federal election.

    Mere conflicts of interest are often brushed aside by Liberals, in elected positions, when they are queried about them. Conflicts of interest? What conflicts? White shoe brigade anyone?

    Best of luck for these residents. Now they know who NOT to vote for in the Federal election.

  4. Signe says:

    Great piece Wixxy, so sad it is necessary though… what is worse is its just the beginning I fear. As you say Liberal controlled councils employ Liberal GM’s and they inturn employ more. My heart goes out to these residents and I trust the Land and environment court works for them not against them.

  5. sulphurcrested says:

    Sickening stuff. Yet again, the money-go-round for self and mates wins hands down over the lives of people with the Liberals. They are lobbyists and representatives for business thinly camouflaged as politicians and councilors.
    You are a fantastic voice for the people, Wixxy.
    I hope the people of Blacktown see the writing on the wall and vote accordingly in Sept.

  6. Miles Per cHance says:

    Thank you Wixxy for making us aware of people exhibiting their right to protest in this country. The only time we hear about it in the MSM is when the protesters fit the “loony left” stereotype, or union action (which is how certain media elements endeavour to frame the right to protest).

    Whilst the council’s action is deplorable, lets hope this news spreads through word of mouth in the area and families and friends of those affected, so that people look past the MSM b/s and see what the LNP truly has in mind (or moreover their backers).

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Matthew Ross says:

    Blacktown is the heart land of western left wing values, its history is deep Mr. Wicks never forget your history. From a 7evo Boy keep the faith

  8. Susan says:

    Councillor Russ Dickens was elected as an Indpendent to Blacktown Council but is a Liberal member from way back. It was his deciding vote that gave the Liberals the mayoralty & I assume he is voting for the rezoning. Dickens has been on the council for many years. He lives in a large old home on the corner of Blacktown Rd and Wall Park Ave, less than 1km from the business district. Between Russ’s home & Blacktown business centre are car dealerships and unit blocks. Isn’t it interesting that Russ came out of retirement to run for council just before this rezoning plan was released. And then he delivers the Mayoralty to the Liberals. Russ’ house is much much closer to the railway station than my elderly parents’. But his house is not being rezoned high density, even though it is right next to the business district and opposite the hospital. Mum & Dad’s house is targeted for rezoning as high density. There are no shops or other services anywhere near their house. But they are 1 block from Sunnyholt Rd and the bus service they were counting on to be able to use when they are no longer drive. They are in their 80’s. They don’t want to move. Up the road the park is going to be rezoned high density, while next door houses are going to compulsorily acquired & demolished to create a new park. Why? Well, council can sell park land it already owns for more than it has to pay for the houses it wants to knock down.

    This proposal was not released before the last council election but suddenly the letters come in the mail less than six months later. No one knew about it. Council has no mandate for these rezonings.

  9. Joy Cooper says:

    Susan’s comment highlights the problems of voting for so-called Independents. Voters forget that many of these Indies aren’t truly independent & have conservative leanings. Quite a few will switch when it suits them & see it as a back door way of entering party politics.

  10. Susan says:

    And I forgot to add that good old Russ Dickens has managed to get himself installed as deputy Mayor as well. Far be it from me to denigrate the elderly but if you met him you’d realise that the guy is not competent to hold office.

    He did an interview with Linda Mottram on ABC 702 & she asked him what issues were important in our area. He started prattling on about parking. Well, yeah, parking needs improving at the railways but the two main car parks are council owned & have not been upgraded since I’ve lived in Blacktown, almost 50 yrs. The GFC stimulus was used to put in a new multi storey but council have nothing about parking. And Russ was a councillor for a good part of that time. It really makes me irate that he’s even on council.

  11. clarittee says:

    Getting an independant or “weird” party up in the senate is relatively easy but to be elected as an independant in the lower house requres a lot of local support. The major parties have the easiest run there. They can also apply massive input to displace independants if they wish and they usually do, and WILL.

  12. Joy Cooper says:

    Another thing about voting for independents is that most do not elaborate on their true political beliefs. Not all are as truly independent as are Windsor & Oakeshott. Guess you have to have a look at their How to Vote cards (if they have any) to see where their preferences are sent or make sure you make your own preferences.

  13. Heather says:

    Rezone parklands to housing, then rezone other housing to parklands? What kind of a crazy plan is that?

    Certainly not a cost-effective one.

  14. Jeni McNiven says:

    Who the hell voted these clowns in?

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  16. […] A few weeks ago, I wrote an article after attending a protest outside Blacktown council. […]

  17. […] A few weeks ago, I wrote an article after attending a protest outside Blacktown council. […]

  18. kierenash says:

    Totally unAustralian? Where is Lawrence Hamill to represent these people? This is The Castle all over! Bizarre.

  19. […] both Mt Druitt Pool and Blacktown Aquatic Centre, the privatisation of local childcare centres, the compulsory acquirement of residents homes to make way for hi-rise apartments, and the dumping of pensioner rebates on council […]

  20. […] Mt Druitt Pool and Blacktown Aquatic Centre, the privatisation of local childcare centres, the compulsory acquirement of residents homes to make way for highrise apartments and the dumping of pensioner rebates on […]

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