You’re With Stupid Now

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Local Politics, Politics, The Battle For Western Sydney

I was in two minds as to whether or not to write this post, but I couldn’t resist, as it highlights an important issue.

I nearly didn’t write it because it feels a bit like stealing candy from a baby, almost like the cheapest of shots as it seems to make fun of someones stupidity.

The Liberal Party claim to have a connection to Sydney’s West. They claim to be the experts on what those living there want, and have the best knowledge and best policies for the region. Alas as we see time and time again it turns out the North Shore Liberal members lkike Abbott and Hockeyare totally clueless. It turns out they have put so much research into the region they don’t know who is running it now.

So how did they react to Julia Gillard and Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare announcing a $40 Million grant for Youth outreach and intervention programs in crime hotspots?

With a knee-jerk reaction that is beyond comical. A reaction that tells us how much the know about Sydney’s West, and how stupid they really think those who live there are.


The above advertisement appeared online and was widely circulated via the Liberal Party’s Facebook page.

Not only does this advert tell you that they think you are dumb enough to believe asylum seekers and crime rates are related, it actually tells us a few things about the Party that was stupid enough to design and run the ad, and the idiot who signed off on its use.

It tells us that they don’t understand the difference between State and Federal issues, so I will endeavour to help out a bit, just in case one of their front-benchers or campaign clowns is reading this.

Below is a map of Australia, which would be the area the Liberal Party seeks to govern.


Below is another picture of Australia with NSW clearly marked. Don’t be confused though, there is a section shown inside NSW which is actually the Australian Capital Territory, which is where you are when you go to Canberra.


NSW is an area in which the Liberal Party already govern, the Western Sydney you speak of is in NSW. Whilst I agree that crime, in particular gun crime is out of control in Sydney now that Barry O’Farrell is at the helm I don’t understand how that in any way reflects on the Labor Party. Given this, I fail to see how pointing out your own Party’s failings will help win you votes in the region you seem so desperate to score cheap points in.

It is however a good point that the Liberal Party have brought up, so let’s have a look at just how much gun crime has flourished in Sydney since the Coalition came into power, as it’s true they truly have lost control.

I would like to thank the Liberal Federal Campaign Team for highlighting this failure within their own Party for us.

Below is the list of shootings since O’Farrell and the Coalition came into power, bear in mind these are just shootings not gun related crime.

I make no apology for the length of the list, I believe it is Barry O’Farrell and Police Minister Michael Gallacher who should be apologising for this shocking display of neglect.

I will apologise however in the likely event that the list may have grown since I wrote this article.

I will let the facts tell the story….


The Shootings Since Barry O’Farrell Was Elected


1. February 15 – Shots fired into the Albion Hotel, George Street, Parramatta

2. February 14 – Shots fired into a home at William Street, Wallacia

3. February 9 – A 24-year-old man presented to Bankstown Hospital with gunshot wounds to his right knee and left thigh at 3am.

4. February 8 – A 21 year old man was shot during an altercation on Chalmers Road in Strathfield and sustained a single gunshot wound.

5. February 2 – at 1:15pm, a 31-year-old Cranebrook man was shot while standing outside a house in Boldrewood Road at Blackett. He died at the scene.

6. February 2 – A 21-year-old man was shot in the leg following a reported road rage incident while standing outside a house in Hinkler Grove, Bidwill, at 11:45am.

7. January 27 – 4:40am, single shot fired at a car in the driveway of a house in Granite Place, Eagle Vale.

8. January 25 – Three shots were fired in the window of a business on Kerrs Road, Macquarie Fields at approximately 5:00pm.

9. January 24 – Approx 9.30pm police were called to a reserve on Lavinia St, South Granville where they found a man with two gunshot wounds to his leg.

10. January 22 – A 31 year old man shot in the leg at Greenacre around 1:00am

11. January 21 – Suspected shooting at 11:15pm on a residential street in Chipping Norton. No injuries reported.

12. January 20 – A 23 year old Auburn man shot in the leg around 6:30pm

13. January 20 – 24-year-old man shot in the chest and killed at Gidley Crescent, Claymore.

14. January 15 – One man shot and killed, another wounded in the arm following a shooting at Wetherill Hill at 3:50pm.

15. January 13 – Man shot in the stomach and chest at his home in Homebush in what police believe was a targeted shooting.

16. January 9 – 32 year old man sustained a gunshot wound to his head at Mullaway Bay.

17. January 7 – A 21 year old man attends Westmead Hospital with a gunshot wound to his right calf.

18. January 6 – Reports of a drive-by shooting at Clunes Lane, Canterbury


19. December 30 – 21 year old man shot in the stomach at Busby

20. December 24 – 22 year old man shot in the calf at Lansvale

21. December 20 – Shots fired into a house at Panania. No one injured.

22. December 18 – 28 year old male shot and killed outside his home in Punchbowl.

23. December 18 – Drive by shooting at a home in Cherrybrook.

24. December 18 – Shots reportedly fired during an argument in Mosman.

25. December 18 – A single shot fired into a home in Milperra.

26. December 4 – Several shots were fired during an altercation between two men in Auburn.

27. December 1 – A 23-year-old man attended Auburn Hospital with a gunshot wound to his right lower leg.

28. November 29 – Drive by shooting at a home in Hunter Ave, Lurnea in the middle of the day. Two men and their mother escaped uninjured.

29. November 27 – One man killed and other injured after they were shot at in broad daylight in Leumeah Ave, Punchbowl

30. November 21 – Shots fired into home in Edgewater Drive, Bella Vista.

31. November 21 – Shots fired into tp:// and Salisbury Road, Bellevue Hill.

32. November 21 – Man shot while sitting in car on Andy Street, Guildford West.


33. November 7 – Man found seriously injured from gunshot wounds on Rider Boulevard, Rhodes.

34. November 5 – Three men shot outside wedding reception at a function centre on Bareena Street, Canley Vale. A 23 year old man later died of his injuries.

35. October 23 – Shots fired in a home in Busby Street, Busby.

36. October 21 – Shots fired into taxi on Fairmount Street, Lakemba.

37. October 20 – Man shot in face in Newtown.

38. October 18 – Shots fired into home at Garnett Street, Merrylands.

39. October 18 – Shots fired into home at Caroline Chisholm Drive at Winston Hills.

40. October 14 – One man shot dead and another seriously injured in a daylight shooting in Greenacre

41. October 10 – Double shooting Kihilla and Rawson Streets, Auburn

42. October 9 – Shot fired during brawl on Charlton Street, Woy Woy

43. October 8 – Man suffered shot wound his leg George Street, Yagoona

44. October 4 – Man found with gunshot wound, person charged, Treuer Parade Bankstown

45. October 3 – Man shot in the leg, Boythrn Avenue and Barnaby, Ambarvale

46. September 28 – Man shot and in critical condition, Truer Parade, Yagoona

47. September 23 – Drive-by shooting outside townhouse on First Avenue, Kingswood

48. September 22 – Several shots fired outside house on Liberty Street, Belmore

49. September 22 – Shots fired in the vicinity of a house The Little Grand Parade, Brighton Le Sands

50. September 20 – Alleged armed robbery and shooting on Butler Road, Bonville

51. September 19 – Shots fired into the store on Meadows Road, Mount Pritchard

52. September 17 – Shots fired into home on Mimosa Road, Greenacre

53. September 17 – Shot fired into vehicle in Epping Forest Drive, Eschol Park

54. September 16 – Two men shot in Priddle St, Westmead

55. September 7 – Shots were fired at the rear of licensed premises on Princes Highway, Arncliffe.

56. September 6 – Man presents to Auburn Hospital suffering a gunshot wound to his leg.

57. September 1 – Man shot at bikie club house in Huskisson, two others with head injuries

58. September 1 – 21 year old wounded in foot on Orchard Street, Busby

59. August 30 – Two men shot while parked on a South Wentworthville Street. Both die of their injuries in hospital.

60. August 28 – 15 year old boy presents at Auburn Hospital with gunshot wounds

61. August 22 – Five shots fired at home in Greenacre

62. August 19 – Numerous shots fired into a house at Russell Lea, holes blown into front window.

63. August 15 – Man shot in leg at home in Bossley Park

64. August 15 – Man and woman receive gunshot wounds after incident in Auburn

65. August 14 – Man presents to hospital with gunshot wound to the leg after claiming he was shot at while walking down a street in Sefton

66. August 14 – Shots fired at home in Restwell Street, Bankstown

67. August 13 – Six shots fired at home in Roselands with five people inside

68. August 13 – Three shots fired into air outside Punchbowl café at 2.20pm in the afternoon

69. August 9 – Shots fired into front door of unit on The Esplanade, Guildford

70. August 9 – Eighteen shots fired at a home in Indigo Way, Prospect

71. July 28 – Bullets fired into home on Chapman Street, Penrith

72. July 27 – Bullets fired into car at Casula at 6.15am, residents woken by gunfire

73. July 26 – Bullets fired at house in Dulwich Hill, two men, a woman and two children aged under ten sleeping inside

74. July 22 – Bullets fired at house in Shannon Street, Greenacre

75. July 22 – High-ranking member of Maitland Gladiators motorcycle club shot multiple times in chest and stomach

76. July 21 – Mother of three hit when three homes fired upon in Broughton Street, Old Guildford

77. July 18 – Shots fired from a car in Hurstville

78. July 18 – Man shot in the knee at Eastlakes

79. July 15 – A man, believed to be associated with an outlaw motorcycle gang, presented to Tweeds Head hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen


80. July 13 – Shots fired on Harris Street, Parramatta following incident outside a hotel. As well as one man firing shots into the air, another man was also seen holding a sword

81. July 12 – 25 shots fired into home at Pomo Close, Greenfield Park

82. July 10 – Shot fired into home at Aldebaran Street, Cranebrook

83. July 8 – Shots fired into home at Fallon St, Rydalmere

84. July 8 – Shots fired into home at Hilltop Road, Merrylands

85. July 7 – Man shot in abdomen and arm at Station Road, Auburn

86. July 3 – Body of man killed in execution-style shooting found in park in Lansdowne

87. July 2 – Man shot in home at Revesby

88. June 30 – Man shot in home in Mount Druitt

89. June 24 – Four bullets fired at home in Catherine Street, Punchbowl

90. June 19 – Bullets fired at home in Hurstville

91. June 16 – Two men shot in Barber Avenue, Eastlakes

92. June 15 – Shots fired at car in Devlin Street, Ashcroft

93. June 8 – Bossley Park man presents at St Vincent’s Hospital with a gunshot wound, claiming he was shot while walking down a street in Bondi

94. June 1 – Fifteen shots fired at home on Sulman Street, Doonside.

95. May 27 – A number of shots were fired through the front window of a house on Nelson St, Barnsley (Lake Macquarie) at about 8:45pm. Three men and two women were inside the house at the time of the shooting but no one was harmed.

96. May 25 – Shots were reportedly fired into a house in Lehn Road, East Hills sometime on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

97. May 25 – At 11:30pm a number of shots were fired into a house on Bransgrove Road, Revesby. Two female occupants were home at the time, but were uninjured.

98. May 22 – At 9:10pm a 53 year old man fired a shot from a rifle that hit a bus travelling along Victoria Road, Rozelle.

99. May 19 – At approximately 2:45pm, police attended a home on Zillah St, Merrylands were a 34 year old man had been shot. He had gunshot wounds to his chest and thigh.

100. May 18 – Man, aged in his 20s, presents at Royal North Shore Hospital with two gunshot wounds

101. May 10 – Man presents at Canterbury Hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot

102. May 10 – Shot fired into home in Bunya Road, Bidwill

103. May 7 – Shots fired at home in Harden Street, Canley Heights

104. May 6 – Shots fired at home in Parklea Drive, Canley Heights

105. April 23 – Shots fired at unit in Oxford Street, Merrylands

106. April 21 – Man killed in drive by shooting at corner of Bell and Schofield Streets, Riverwood

107. April 20 – Shots fired into home in Ashburn Close, Bella Vista

108. April 20 – shots fired into home in Greensborough Avenue, Rouse Hill

109. April 17 – shots fired into home on Grimwood Street, Granville.

110. April 17 – shots fired into a tattoo parlour on Pitt Street, Merrylands.

111. April 17 – shots fired into a home on Harris Street, Merrylands with two elderly residents inside.

112. April 17 – shots fired into a home on Centenary Avenue, Northmead with five children inside.

113. April 17 – shots fired into tattoo parlour on Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills.

114. April 15 – 24 year old man presented at Concord Hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. Officers have been told a person in a white sedan shot the man.

115. April 14 – Shots fired at a home and car in Pemulwuy.

116. April 14 – man fatally shot in Berkley

117. April 14 – shots fired at home in Chiswick Street, Greenacre.

118. April 11 – 20-year-old male shot in leg at Rosehill

119. April 10 – man shot in abdomen at Guildford in broad daylight

120. April 9 – Man shot in shoulder in packed Bada Bing nightclub in Kings Cross.

121. April 9 – 17-year-old boy shot in leg at Mt Druitt

122. April 8 – Man shot in leg in Arnett St, Pendle Hill. Five men arrested.

123. April 7 – Shortly after 11.30pm police called to Rickard Road, Auburn, following reports a man had been shot. Officers were unable to locate any injured person, however a short time later, a man presented at Auburn Hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg.


124. April 6 – Police called to Patten Avenue, Merrylands, after reports of gun shots at 5.20pm. Police attended and located a couple of casings. A crime scene was established. Later, a 24-year-old man reported to Westmead Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to his leg.

125. April 4 – Single shot fired into a home at Norton Place, Minto, but no one was home at the time. Approximately 5pm. Police arrested two men in relation to April 4 shootings, but neither charged with shooting offences.

126. April 4 – Bullet damaged a vehicle outside a house on Chester Rd, Ingleburn at approximately 1pm.

127. April 2 – man lucky to escape death after he was shot in the neck while answering the front door at his Merrylands home, with two innocent children inside. Bullet grazed his neck.

128. April 1 – man shot in leg in vicinity of Fraser Street, Auburn

129. March 28 – Bullets sprayed into a premises in Clyde, five casings found

130. March 13 – Sleeping family lucky to escape injury after bullets were fired into their Bexley home

131. March 8 – Shots fired at a tattoo parlour in Burwood

132. March 6 – Shots fired at a tattoo parlour at Baulkham Hills

133. March 3 – Shots fired at BMW parked outside a property on Little Road, Bankstown, while the driver visited friends

134. February 20 – five bullet casings found at Panania.

135. February 19 – The spate of shootings plaguing Sydney has continued overnight with several shots fired on a suburban street in Busby – the 64

136. February 14 – Bullet struck house in Bennelong St, Granville at 11:30am. The 67 year old occupant was home but uninjured.

137. February 6 – Police called to a house in Christian Rd, Punchbowl at 12:45am after a man was shot in the leg three times

138. February 5 – Shots fired at a home in Melville Street, St Clair in the early hours of the morning

139. February 1 – Police report at least one shot was fired at Lurnea Public School, between January 30 and February 1.

140. January 29 – Police called to Denman Ave, Wiley Park and established crime scene after casings found

141. January 26 – Shots fired into a tanning salon on the Princes Highway in Rockdale

142. January 26 – 24-year-old man shot twice in the leg at Bolton Street, Guildford

143. January 26 – Man in Auburn Hospital with a gunshot wound in back, refuses to make statement to police

144. January 17 – Four shots fired into house on Coleridge Road, Wetherill Park.

145. January 15 – Several cartridges found on the street after shots fired on Pelman Avenue, Greenacre.

146. January 13 – Three bullet holes found in front windows of a house on Alan Street, Yagoona.

147. January 12 – Bullet casings found in Chalmers Street, Lakemba after shots fired.

148. January 12 – Shots fired at a house on Larra Street, Yennora, while a 40-year-old woman and her two daughters, aged 16 and 9, were inside.

149. January 12 – Shots fired at a house on Weigand Avenue, Bankstown at 12.30am, coming within centimetres of a child’s cot. A mother and her four children aged two months to 10-years-old, escaped injury.

150. January 11 – A blue Toyota and a white sedan were involved in a gun battle on Mimosa Road, Greenfield Park about 2.05am.

151. January 9 – Shooting at Marion St, Auburn

152. January 9 – Shooting 10 minutes later in at a house in Sydney’s south at Arncliffe, with 15 people inside.

153. January 6 – A man suffered two gunshot wounds at the intersection of Larra Street and The Promenade, Yennora.

154. January 4 – Lone Wolf bikie, Neal Todorovski, 37, was shot dead outside a Sans Souci apartment block.

155. January 2 – Shots fired at an empty car parked outside a house on Spurway Street, Ermington.


156. January 1, 2012 – Matthew Hedges, a 25-year-old father of four, was shot dead in the chest while two of his children slept beside him at a Chester Hill home


157. December 5 – A father and his teenage son escaped injury after a shot was fired into a house in Mount Pritchard

158. November 26 – Shots fired on Charles Street, Petersham.

159. November 25 – Shots fired at house on Kingarth Street, Busby.

160. November 24 – Shots fired at house on Nash Street, South Penrith.

161. November 24 – Shots fired at business on Cleveland and Walker Streets, Redfern.

162. November 10 – Shots fired at house on Nineveh Crescent, Greenfield Park.

163. November 6 – Shots fired at house on Stevens Street, Ermington

164. November 5 – Shots fired at a home in Merrylands

165. November 3 – At least four bullets struck the bedroom where a woman was sleeping about 12.15am at a townhouse at Northmead.

166. October 30 – Shortly after midnight two houses were hit by bullets at Granville. Both were occupied at the time but the residents escaped uninjured.

167. October 30 – Only minutes later another house on a nearby street (Granville) was also hit, with one woman inside the house requiring medical treatment for shock.

168. October 30 – An unoccupied house at Canley Heights was struck just before 1.00am.

169. October 29 – Just before 10.00pm, three shots fired into a house at Holroyd. Five people including a child were home at the time but no-one was injured.

170. October 27 – Drive by shooting at an Oporto restaurant in Merrylands


October 21 – Man dies after he was shot in the head inside a house in French Street, Maroubra.

172. October 18 – Shots fired at a house on Walker Street, Turrella.

173. October 3 – Man charged after allegedly shooting at another man on Pickwick Way, Ambarvale.

174. September 30 – Man charged after an alleged drive-by shooting on Victoria Street, Botany.

175. September 26 – Teenager shot by police in his home in Holmes Street, Colyton, following reported break-in.

176. September 26 – Man charged with murder following shooting death of man at Bonnyrigg the day before.

177. September 6 – Shots fired at a house in Revesby in south-west Sydney.

178. September 6 – Shots fired at a unit in Eden Street, Arncliffe.

179. September 5 – Man found in Bursill Street, Guildford, with a shotgun wound to his upper thigh.

180. August 30 – Up to a dozen shots fired between two cars in Greenacre.

181. August 25 – Bullet holes found in a car on Lackey Street, Merrylands.

182. August 24 – Bullets hit a house on Francis Street, Fairfield.

183. August 22 – Pizza shop hit on Merrylands Road, Merrylands.

184. August 22 – Two men shot in Barcom Street, Merrylands, in domestic dispute.

185. August 23 – Bullets hit a house on Lachlan Street, Bossley Park.

186. August 21 – Bullets hit a house on Eddy Street, Merrylands West.

187. August 20 – Bullets hit a hairdressing salon on Harris Street, Fairfield.

188. August 19 – Bullets hit a house on Mallacoota Street, Wakeley, near Fairfield.

189. June 30th – Shots fired at a house in Merrylands

190. June 30th – Shots fired at John Ibrahim’s Dover Heights home

191. June (date unspecified – Two other shootings took place at John Ibrahim’s Dover Heights home.)

192. June 20 – Gunmen opened fire on a cash van near Sydney airport.

193. May 9th – 8:20pm Drive by shooting, Seven shots fired at the Ibrahim family home (John Ibrahim’s parents) Merrylands

194. May 9th – Nine bullets fired into a house on Eddy St Merrylands.

195. April 15 – Two men shot in Penkivil St, Bondi

196. April 6 – Man shot dead on front lawn of home in Nepean Towers Avenue, Glen Alpine

 197. April 5 – Six shots fired at a house on Hargreave Rd, near Auburn Hospital. Five adults and two children in the home where uninjured.

198. March 31 – Man shot in the chest, neck and head at his front door at Siena Close, Prestons

199. March 28 – Fatal shooting at Tattoo Parlour owned by Bandidos member in West Ryde

200. March 27 – a 19 year old shot while opening the front door in Western Sydney

I just do what I'm told....

Gun crime, what am I meant to do….??

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Barry Bunnings

  1. ozymand1a5 says:

    Is this why Barry doesn’t live in Merrylands?

  2. Teddy Seaward says:

    Holy Dooley. NSW gonna pick up that gun culture and follow the US all the way down to hell.

  3. Trisha says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for compiling this.

    Though the shooting list is more depressing than anything.

  4. Heather says:

    Brilliant as ever Wixxy. Many thanks.

  5. Joy Cooper says:

    Depressing list but very well done, Wixxy. It is to be hoped the good residents of Western Sydney understand that these shootings do fall within the state’s responsibilities & not federal.

    Of course, BO’FFA the Buffoon will try to sheet home the blame for his inadequacies to the PM. The appalling ad really does highlight the mendacity & lack of intelligence of the core LNP supporters. Trouble is, they can get away with such dodgy crap with the backing of the Murdoch press & rest of the MSM. Disgraceful.

  6. jalvaradogui says:

    Yes they ( liberals) treat us Australian people with contempt, after all they lost that election that not even( Tony A) could have lost, non the less Jonny loss his lollies due to ill advise from Joe, Tony, and a few more amigos that treated Australian with ignorance and arrogance. ( the election that they should never have lost) may be we should say that O’Farrell is the extension of Work Choices and the NSW people should be very carful when voting on election time. Anny way the west must be alien country where people speak other language, may be that is way the LIBS come up with such propaganda.

    Jose Alvarado
    PSA Central Councillor

    Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 02:33:23 +0000

    • John Curtis says:

      What a bunch of labor whackers . The LNP did not loose the election and Labor did not win the election. The wankers from the independents went with the side that gave away the most money, the money that the LNP left the in coming parliament. Get a life you people and wake up. Australia is in debt and we will always be in debt while we have a Labor Government.

  7. Marilyn says:

    You should have reported the rest of the news report Peter – Gillard and Bradbury started the race to the bottom with their cruise on the war ship to keep out and hunt down refugees.

    • wixxy says:

      That is irrelevant Marilyn, crime in Sydney’s West is not related to a asylum seekers….
      Nor are David and Julia in any way in control of police as it is a state issue….
      David Bradbury and Julia Gillard are not related at all….

  8. johnno` says:

    Hey Wixxy…. Check this out

  9. sue says:

    Wasn’t law and order a big election issue for Barry. Has he failed or lied or ………just blaming labor

  10. Wazza says:

    What were the figures under Labor government?

    • wixxy says:

      I’m not sure, but I think gun crime has almost quadrupled, it may be even higher than that

      The point is, Labor are not in as the advert suggests

  11. Wazza says:

    And if it’s a state issue why is Gillards FEDERAL Labor government giving $40 Million to crime hotspots?

  12. Di Pearton says:

    I think LNP are simply using people’s ignorance. It is a very clever ad, and like the LNP, it isn’t worried about detail or fact, or conviction, just playing on hatred. Unfortunately I think it is effective because people are stupid, and do not have a clue what are federal and state responsibilities.

    I am very afraid of the society that will result from this deliberate and opportunistic stirring of hatred by Abbott, who, ironically, calls himself a Christian? And, calls himself a conservative. There is nothing conservative about damaging question time as he has done.

  13. Lisa Vantanen says:

    The Libs are stooping lower than a snake’s belly, again! Why implicate asylum seekers? They have enough to contend with as it is. Labor needs to replicate this, removing any reference to asylum seekers, and distribute it! If I was somewhat more techno-literate, I’d do it myself!

  14. clarittee says:

    The LieNP and truth don’t match. Unfortunately they get away with this deception constantly. Perjury is a crime NO?

  15. Barry says:

    Hi Wixxy,
    Appears the Bureau of statistics does not agree ” Crime is out of Control” in NSW.

    • wixxy says:

      There has been a downward trend in crime rates overall in the last 10 years including when Labor were in power, however the number of shootings has drastically soared starting almost to the day Coalition were elected

  16. sulphurcrested says:

    Thanks Wixxy. Facts are what is needed to counter their lies.
    Appealing to ignorance and stirring up fear and hatred. Again. They are so pathetic, so nasty, so what is not needed, now or ever.

  17. Lorelle Denham says:

    This is gold! How well informed and well spoken you are.. I love the Fed/state obvious. I also love the fact that NSW is simply a great and interesting crime state. I only lived there for a year, but it always had interesting crimes. Not straight forward at all. And this may be the way it is for some time to come.
    Nutshell – thanks for telling all the diff between fed & state, and showing why it was such a furphy.

  18. anne louise says:

    In my neighbourhood we hear gunshots often. Gunshots are not reported here. If you were to include arson in your list Wixxy you could go on for years!

  19. Fed up says:

    Wixxy, I lived in the areas you are talking about from the 1950’s onwards. At least one shooting occurred near the home I my father owned for 40 years. Yes, a very quiet neighborhood.

    I also know some of the names mentioned. Yes, they were refugees that came here after the Israel wars in the 1970’s onwards. Most were lovely kids. Wonder what went wrong.

    I do know they come up against severe racism, many were left to survive on their own. There were a great many kids and women that come without men. All the kids were traumatcise by war.

    Maybe if they met with more understanding, today’s shocking situation would not be happening.

    PS. I raised my kids in Guildford.

  20. Thorne Kontos says:

    Liberals here in the US tell us there are no gun crimes or shootings in Australia. I prefer what Reagan said about them…”It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

  21. Adam Smith says:

    I have always seen the NSW Shooters Party as a direct copy of the USA’s National Rifle Association (NRA). There is nothing wrong with having any kind of association, providing these people do no harm to any number of us. So I was somewhat surprised, when the NSW Liberal Party Premier O”Farrell made a deal with the Shooters Party Of NSW to allow shooting in NSW National Parks. In my opinion, the Liberal Party of NSW has made a big mistake, for two reasons as follows: 1.They’ve changed the laws concerning the giving of evidence by putting the onus upon the accused, and 2. They’ve changed the law by making a deal with the Shooters Party of NSW affecting common law rights. Now, if we make NSW laws (good just laws), with which we govern ourselves, living as we do in our continuing respectful society, then surely, those laws can be made without doing ‘back-room’ deals? I suppose many good righteous members of the NSW Liberal Party will now feel very uneasy with their Premiers decision making process.

  22. […] As I reported is a previous article, shootings in NSW have spiralled totally out of control in NSW since the Coalition took office. […]

  23. Aguy Inaus says:


    Between 1995 – 2012 there were frequent fluctuations in NSW non-fatal shootings but no sustained increase

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