The Drugs Don’t Work

Posted: April 8, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

It’s been quite a while since I ventured down the dusty windy road that leads to Jacksonville, but someone needed to travel down this treacherous path again and we all know the Murdoch press won’t be making a bee-line for it.

Heading for Jacksonville again felt a bit like explaining a nightmare to your shrink, but I think the best way to portray it is it was like slowly tearing a scab off a wound that never seems to heal.

Since we last looked into things the three main branches have been humming along nicely without the influence of the Jackson’s and Michael Lawler, or the thuggery and standover tactics of Marco Bolano.

The new secretaries in Victoria have been able to run the branches like unions again. You know, looking after workers rights and improving their conditions, rather than fighting over who could spend the members money on themselves the fastest and taking each other to court for internal squabbles that normal people could have sorted out with a drink and a handshake.

In NSW Michael Williamson is still waiting for his day in court, so there is not a lot to report on that front. The Union in NSW is making good progress under Gerard Hayes, who despite all the finger-pointing and histrionics by Kathy Jackson and her Sydney finger puppet Katrina Hart has run a clean ship without any interference from factions.

Craig Thomson is doing the job he was elected to do, looking after the good people of Dobell. Although I’m sure in the background those like Eric Abetz and George Brandis are racking their brains for new ways to put his face on the front pages of the Murdoch press again.

Brother Grim and Grimmer

Brother Grim and Grimmer

Craig is also awaiting his day in court to explain the watching of an in-house movie and the purchasing of an ice-cream amongst other things. Some of those other things do include payments to what appear to be brothels, however these have been denied by Thomson emphatically and alibis have been offered. Despite the court sending out more subpoenas than Telstra does bills, and no matter how many “reliable” ex-hookers rock up on TV shows only to change their minds, no further evidence has been found.

What's dodgier, the memory or the disguise?

What’s dodgier, the memory or the disguise?

In the case against Thomson, there have been more “smoking guns” than a Clint Eastwood western, but none seem to have fired a shot as yet. It all just appears to be smear, political spin, dodgy warrants, dodgier witnesses, failed searches and subpoenas, and rumor based around the word of a proven liar.

Some of you may remember Rob Elliott, the man replaced by Craig Thomson, and the man who ever since being replaced has been holding what I called the greatest job in the world. I wrote an article about his high paying career of doing absolutely nothing last year. This career of doing nothing that was to last 10 years was based on his termination contract signed off on by Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson.

Unfortunately for poor old Rob, the administrator decided the gravy train had left Jacksonville and cut off his pay. Clearly Administrator Moore was thinking that the members money may be put to better use elsewhere, perhaps even anywhere member related.

Rob is apparently unimpressed by all of this, he apparently “sleeps-in” hard for the money, and is now threatening legal action.

Apparently as a part of his grieving process, Rob decided he would have what those in the industry call a “big sooky la la” via an email to Kathy Jackson.

Rob however will be disappointed to know that this email has managed to find its merry way into my hands, and now my readers hands as I have put a link to it below.

Rob Elliott email to Kathy Jackson

It was particularly touching to see that Rob wants to check his version of the truth in his statement with Kathy’s before he uses it, just in case it conflicts with her story to the police. This seems to indicate that neither Robs or Kathy’s versions can be in any way trusted.

How did that email get out there?

How did that email get out there?

However whilst I’m sure many of you will be intrigued with his insight into the factional goings on and the turncoat behaviour of some of the key players, the part that really grabbed my attention was this little comment.

“The statement is me on scapolamine-lite, my preference re these crooks is to down a full dose but I’ll respect your wishes up to a point.”

Scopolamine (yes he mis-spelt it) is a drug that is widely used to treat cocaine addiction. The way Rob throws this little comment in the email seems to imply that Kathy would have an understanding of the drug and its most common use.

“Scopolamine has historically been used in the past to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The patient was given frequent doses of scopolamine until they were delirious. This treatment was maintained for 2 to 3 days after which they were treated with pilocarpine. After recovering from this they were said to have lost the acute craving for the drug to which they were addicted” Wikipedia

I have been told by many people over the course of my investigation into the HSU saga of Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler’s alleged drug taking activities. As rumor would have it there is more Coke in their systems that there is in Coca-Cola Amatil’s Northmead distribution centre.

However cocaine could explain a number of things.

Cocaine could also explain some of Kathy’s highly erratic behaviour. Long time readers may recall the time she appeared in Federal court and when things didn’t go as planned flapped her arms about wildly, witnesses said they weren’t sure if she was trying to take off, or if she thought she was landing a plane on an aircraft carrier. Some may also remember her approaching the judge in private, something not only illegal, but completely insane.

The cold that never cures... sniff, sniff

The cold that never cures… sniff, sniff

As for Rob Elliott’s concern for how Kathy is going with the police, well there is good news and bad.

The good news is that there is an investigation and Kathy Jackson has been interviewed by police. Something that was widely reported by every mainstream media channel and paper in my dreams, but in reality ignored by all.

The bad news is that the investigation is at a bit of a crossroads apparently.

In Victoria under a Coalition government sources have been told there are staffing issues within the police department. Funding has been slashed and so there is not enough staff to perform the investigation.

Police have allegedly told the union that if they would like to gather all of the original documents, join all of the dots and basically perform all of the police forces work then things will proceed.

This to me all sounds a wee bit fishy. In fact, I reckon it smells like a factory full of the fish that John West rejected.

Some would say that is a great outcome, let the unions that Kathy Jackson and her faction left on the brink of bankruptcy do all the work. Leave the members high and dry and take what little resources they have managed to muster together and then attempt to do the job of a fraud squad, only without the legal authority. Hmmm

Add to that, the original documents are being held by Victorian Police and they will not release them back to the union to be collated and allow them to join the dots. This means the union will have to try to source them all again, and we all know what happened to documentation at the union office after Jackson, Bolano and co left…


Call me paranoid, but I wondered if maybe there is some influence being used here in an election year?

After all this is a woman who Tony Abbott himself has praised on the floor of parliament. Someone Abbott told us was courageous and we should all admire. I also wonder if George Brandis is making the same frantic phone calls to the Police Commissioner and Police Minister in Victoria to get things moving as he did to their NSW counterparts when he hoped they could make something stick to Thomson.

Tony still singing Jacksons praises

Tony still singing Jacksons praises

This short-staffed squad don’t have the resources to investigate possibly one of the countries biggest ever fraud cases, but they have the resources to send a bunch of guys up to the NSW Central Coast overnight to arrest Thomson with a dodgy warrant for watching an in-house movie?

I believe Lleyton Hewitt said it best when he said “C’mon”

Here is something to consider. In a couple of months Kathy will be part of the Lawler family, leaving the country to be married, I have often wondered if she will ever come back.

Kathy and Michael say "So Long Suckers"...

Kathy and Michael say “So Long Suckers”…

 Her husband will be Vice President of Fair Work Australia, the organisation that performed the now discredited investigation into the union, he is also the second highest ranking industrial judge in the country. Her brother-in-law will be John Lawler, the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission, and Sir Peter Lawler, Liberal Party Royalty, Catholic lobbyist, ex staffer for PM Robert Menzies, and Australia’s first ambassador to the Holy See will be someone she may well refer to as “Dad”.

Did I say “maybe” there is some influence?

There are two messages that are possibly being sent to us via Victoria Police if this is indeed the case.

If you are into committing fraud, best you move to Victoria as under Coalition rule it is open season. The cops don’t have the resources to investigate you, and someone else will have to hand the evidence to police gift wrapped on a silver service tray with a ribbon around it before the police will down the donuts and get off their collective ass to do anything.

The other message is that under the guidance of the Coalition the Victorian Police Force are quite possibly as corrupt as a Middle Eastern Dictator. Cases will be investigated or shelved depending on political pressure. The person suspected of being the main offender in what could be one of Australia’s largest ever fraud cases is still living the high life and is even being allowed to leave the country, possibly all because of the family she is marrying into and her Coalition buddies.

Kiss me Katut...

Kiss me Katut…

Whichever message is the right one, I will be staying on the case until something is done.

In order to help out the Police and whoever else is interested I have created a Jacksonville Resource Page here which has links to all of the evidence I have managed to uncover. I have loaded it all onto the page so it is easily accessible, in one convenient location, and can be downloaded by anyone. I will update it as more evidence comes to light.

To the union members out there, keep your chins up, you have some good people looking out for you now, and I for one will chase your allegedly stolen funds until you have them back so they can be used to further your interests, not feather someone else’s nest.

I just hope the Victorian Police have the guts to do the same.

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. Joy Cooper says:

    Fantastic work, Wixxy. Your tenacity in helping to expose this disgraceful syphilitic chancre on our justice system is meritorious. Jacksonville (to use another yucky metaphor) is a carbuncle on the rump of LNP political scheming which badly needs lancing ASAP.

    Am terrified that this bunch of nefarious schemers will get away with trashing a decent man’s reputation & career whilst sailing off into the sunset scot free. That cannot be allowed to happen so we need your crackerjack investigative skills to keep this out in the open.

    Maybe someone in the MSM will develop a conscience & follow this up.

  2. Of course Victoria Police are catering to the Fibs’ whims. They gave them a ridiculous pay rise while shafting the nurses and teachers over something like 3%. Just look at how the Grocon dispute was handled.

    P.S. Top work, Wixxy, as usual.

  3. Heather says:

    Bravo. I would have thought this case is at least as worthy of a Trust fund as the Ashbygate.

  4. Ken Atkinson says:

    Peter, I have followed this saga you have so expertly compiled from the beginning and your investigative work has been uplifting for those of us concerned with truth and justice. It may be mission impossible to have a fruitful outcome prior to the scheduled election, but this issue could well be payback for Tampa, and just the thing to take the wind out of Abbott’s sails. This along with Ashbygate urgently needs to be communicated to all electors. You have done and continue to do a vitally important job for all us fair minded people and are to be highly commended.

  5. PTA says:

    Another very interesting article about Kathy Jackson.

    Keep them coming Wixxy – she’s rotten to the core and the truth needs to be revealed.

  6. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) says:

    The special page with all of the details of this sorry saga where everyone will be able to see the fine work that you have done hopefully will prize some of the fence sitting journos to have a good look.
    Perhaps they could change their names. That would allow them to report without fear or favour.
    Oh well, it is worth a case of wishful thinking.
    Wixxy, you have so many people who admire your dogged investigative work. Well done.

  7. Dave says:

    Interesting re Vic.Police Fraud Squad, a few years ago an elderly female acquaintance was raided early one morning after being accused of ripping of her (90yo) mother’s money. She’d had her mother living with her for around 20 years, then suddenly out of the blue my friends long lost sisters make ridiculous accusations that she had stolen everything of mothers. Vic. Pol. fraud squad led my acquaintance away in handcuffs to local Detectives office and she was charged, I think with the theft of around $75000. Her PC was removed for “examination” along with numerous financial records NOT related to the “investigation”, ie my friend was at the time doing part time bookkeeping for numerous small businesses in her local area. My friend was not able to retrieve any of this so- called evidence until about 18 months later when the Supreme Court judge laughed the matter out of court and the “charges” were withdrawn….The PC was eventually returned after (another 18 months) proceedings were instigated by my friends solicitors, but all data relating to my friends business had been lost from computer memory, the hard drive now contained.Vic. Pol. training aids….The small businesses she did bookkeeping for have still not been able to retrieve their property, These are the main points of many stupid actions taken by this squad in this matter….To this day there has never been any sort of explanation offered, so I certainly would never have any confidence that there will ever by any sort of natural justice outcome in the Jackson/ Thomson cases, and I would certainly have grave doubts about any case this squad were involved in.

  8. sulphurcrested says:

    A breathtaking coverup in its scope and who might be involved in keeping it hushed and uninvestigated.
    Victoria police, like the AFP, have become a private police force for the LNP.

    Champion job Wixxy.

  9. helenmarg says:

    Is the Lawler Family happy to have this new member to be a close relative.And why was Jeff Jackson not charged with the almost indentical crime as they have tried to pin on Craig Thomson. I believe Craig has been set up the same as the Ashby fiasco.

  10. jaycee says:

    I remember an old friend back in the seventies remarking as we passed the big arch into the old Collins St (I think ) police HQ….”Surrender all hope ye who enter here!”…I notice from the headlines the address may have changed, but…………?

  11. unbiased says:

    You really are a biased little pipsqueak. Your commentary is pathetic and your preaching to a small group of left wing groupies is boring. Do some real reporting.zzzzzzzz

    • wixxy says:

      Your email address you created for this gives away your IQ
      The only thing small about my audience is the intelligence levels of those who like you confuse childish insults with intelligent debate

    • wirilda says:

      No doubt “”unbiased” you are in deep mourning for your hero Mrs Thatcher. I’ve heard various glowing tributes to the old cow this morning, the best of which is how she set the UK up for a strong future!!!! I think the old country might be far worse off than ours, which is led by a Labor/Green Coalition. The widening gap between rich and poor over there is exactly what Abbott and his string pullers want here. Meanwhile their crooked mates in the story above are protected!!!! Wixxy has a bit more class than your gormless pals at murdoch press, dickhead!!!

    • Dez says:

      “unbiased”, I guess you’re that “special” type of moron who believes cretins like Akerman, Bolt, Jones, Hadley, News Ltd, ACA…..etc report/blog/commentate nothing but unbiased facts…….

  12. BillK says:

    Wixxy what will you say if some of Thomson’s 154 charges result in convictions? Will you still trivialise his indiscretions ?

    I mean the police must have thought they have a reasonable case. Otherwise why bother with formal charges?

    And it’s not just a couple of charges. The charge sheet is as long as your arm. Thomson to me comes across as a sleaze. Wonder how his wife feels about his brothel hopping?

    • wixxy says:

      I’ll be surprised if any convictions come from them, however if he is found guilty of anything I will say what I’ve always said from the start….

      I have never claimed he was innocent, however believe he should be considered innocent until proven guilty. That said, it seems like a lot of effort and time is being taken to make him look guilty in the public eye while it is taking years to put btogether a case….

      Craigs wife Zoe is standing by her man, there was an article in the Womans Weekly. She blieves Craig was set up by those who threatened to set him up….

    • Joy Cooper says:

      What I find telling is that those who firmly state Craig Thomson is guilty of these alleged offences are so certain of it, they come out & actually say he committed them without a shred of evidence, only what they have read in the News Ltd rags or heard on TV. Billk’s above statement that Craig used brothels, without any hint of an alleged, is a case in point so I shall ask him, how do you know this to be a fact? Were you there at the time? .

      • BillK says:

        No I was not there, I just read the police charge sheets which certainly indicate that the police thought he was there. And his cards that were mysteriously stolen and then returned to him (multiple times) were used at the brothels according to the charges levelled.

  13. michael says:

    I have just been speaking to BigBilly3 who is Sydney for a couple of days sorting out our legal system . He is offended by your comments and is demanding an appology and my best advice is not to do it

  14. George Gills says:

    Victorian number one branch still breaching the rules another follow up story for you.

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