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Posted: March 14, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Media, Politics

Yesterday was a sad day for media in this country, a sad day indeed

Some of you may have seen a disgraceful display of propaganda yesterday on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. To say that this paper was not fit to use as bog roll would be being kind.

For those who didn’t see it, here is a picture of it below.


This sad excuse for news disgusted so many across the country that social media almost went into meltdown.

Yesterday I posted on Facebook and Twitter

“Who is the editor of the Telegraph these days? Ray Fucking Hadley?
The need for reform has rarely be so convincingly displayed”

But I probably didn’t go far enough… It would seem the editorial team consists of Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, and Andrew Bolt.

The front page of this paper was so disgraceful that at least one agent selling papers felt the need to put a disclaimer below its display of the Telegraph that read

“The management of this establishment does not condone the content of the “Daily Telegraph” or any other publications by the “News Ltd” group.

We have the right to think for ourselves”

In Australia we should expect news that is balanced from our newspapers, not opinion based news interpretation, that is what shock-jocks and blog sites like this are for.

In fact I would go so far as to say that the video below presents a better display of balance.

There are serious debates to be had over things such as media ownership, the differences between fact and opinion and making sure they are clearly defined, the fine line between freedom of speech and defamation.

The front page of yesterdays Telegraph, nor any part of the Telegraphs coverage, was no more part of that serious debate than the above video.

The one good thing about the front page was that it actually did more to emphasise the point it was trying to argue against.

To compare Stephen Conroy to people such as Mugabe, Stalin, and Mao on the front page of a major newspaper is not only disgraceful, misleading, and highly prejudicial, it is grossly irresponsible.

Still, this paper and News Ltd are part of the corporation that in the UK is embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal. The company that thinks it is OK to hack the mobile phone of a missing murdered schoolgirl and actually delete messages, effectively tampering with evidence and emotionally torturing the girls family.

In Australia News Ltd have desperately tried to distance themselves from the scandal in many a fine display of mock outrage. However there was an Australian link in the phone-hacking scandal that was not often spoken about.

Some of you may remember the hacked conversation that revealed Prince Charles fondness for sanitary products. Prince Charles was reported as telling Camilla Parker Bowles how he wished he was her tampon. Always the romantic apparently….

Must refrain myself from commenting on this pic....

Must refrain myself from commenting on this pic….

That story came from a hacked phone call that was allegedly organised by News International staff. So as not to draw attention to themselves, News International reportedly passed the details to News Ltd in Australia who broke the story in New Idea, once that happened News Internationals British press ran the story that apparently “broke in Australia”.

We didn’t read much about that story despite the Australian connection to what was the worlds biggest news story at the time. I know of only a few articles in Fairfax, I guess that’s the beauty of the accused party owning 70% of the news sources in Australia.

No wonder Conroy scares them.

As for the comparison of foreign despots with Conroy, the supposed link was a stretch beyond the imaginations of the sane.

However if News Ltd are looking for some good front pages that compare a current politician with desperate dictators or people so evil they are hated and despised by all then I have a few suggestions.

We could start by running a story on the Liberals Senate Leader Eric Abetz, and the proud family history of his Uncle Otto. A Nazi and member of the SS which was responsible for the genocide of around 3 Million Jews.

Or maybe a recap of the Australian Wheat Board Scandal, with a headline that reads:

 Tony Abbotts Government Paid Saddam Hussein $290Million In Kickbacks

Tony Abbott was a part of the Coalition government which was responsible for paying backhanders to Saddam Hussein and his regime to the tune of $290Million. This is the same Saddam and regime that Australian troops fought against. Australian troops were being killed and injured by bullets and troops that the Liberal government were paying for.

John Howards $290M friend addressing a crowd of militants, torturers, and Young Liberals?

John Howards $290M friend addressing a crowd of militants, torturers, and Young Liberals?

This is the regime that thought ripping out finger nails, torturing women, children and men and using chemical weapons against their own people was acceptable. The same regime that thought electricity was best used for extracting  information, and baths were meant to be taken in acid.

Saddam’s death and torture squad, proudly supported by John Howard, Tony Abbott and the Coalition team. It makes more sense than the Conroy comparison anyway…

Maybe we should support a Syrian regime next eh?

Maybe we should support a Syrian regime next eh?

Maybe the Telegraph could run with something more local. They could run photos of Dennis Ferguson, Father Finian Egan, and Cardinal Pell and have the headline

These Men Think Paedophiles Should Not Be Held To Account

and then

Abbott Joins Them

Then run Abbotts picture as it did Conroys.

Tony Abbott has come out in defense of News Ltd saying that he will do all he can to protect freedom of the press, and that is refreshing indeed. The problem is I don’t really believe him.

Based on my recollection Tony has been extremely harsh on the press many times.

Some occasions that come to mind are the “shit happens” scandal, the attacks on the Catholic Church over paedophile activity, picking on poor old Alan Jones for inappropriate speeches, the “beat-up” over his posing in front of sexist banners at the anti carbon science rallies, the reporting on Andrew Bolts racial vilification saga, his handling of the “gospel truth” on The 7 30 Report, his swearing at Nicola Roxon when he was extremely late to a public debate, reports on his alleged sexual assault on a woman in his college days, reports on his throwing punches at a wall either side of a womans head to intimidate her… the list goes on and on, even going way back to stories of his “love-child” that turned out to be someone elses.

Channel 10’s extremely respected political reporter Paul Bongiorno tweeted out a question yesterday:

I wonder if the Opposition would be so sanguine on media reform if it was copping the same treatment from the Tele?

Well, Paul based on my memory of the occasions above the answer to that would be one that Tony Abbott is familiar with.


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Like Wixxyleaks on Facebook here

  1. joy cooper says:

    Not much to say, Wixxy, as you have said it all so well & so succinctly.

    The video, I’m embarrassed to say, was hilarious, as far as I was concerned, AND the protagonist did eventually succeed in his efforts, didn’t he, which, I guess was the main point.

  2. wirilda says:

    Here’s how it should have been Wixxy.

  3. cornlegend says:

    Please sign the petition if you have had a gut full of this trash.
    By any determinatio, this article about Conroy could not be judged as “fair and unbiased

  4. helen browne says:

    excellent Peter as usual.there are so many things the government should bring up why do nothing about Ashby and Craig Thompson.what is stopping them. Thank you again.You would run rings around these so called journalists.

  5. helen browne says:

    I also believe Craig and Peter Slipper have been treated badly .Innocent till proved guilty.

  6. Cas says:

    Yesterday I saw 2m x 1m poster of the front page of the Tele that took up the whole side of a bus stop at busy Bondi Junction. Saturation prpaganda.

  7. Pretty blatant isn’t it? Why are they so cocky? Didn’t some investigation in the UK find just what they are repeating here? Are they that powerfull? I’ve signed the petition by the way.

  8. kabdoo says:

    Stick it to them,Wixxy. Like you said, their front page proved the point for the government. What gets my goat is they then have the gall to say they have editorial integrity and autonomy from those who write their cheques. Bollocks.

  9. cornlegend says:

    I wonder whether this will make the front pages tomorrow, it shouldSYDNEY (AFP) – Australian monthly jobs growth hit a near 13-year high in February, an “extraordinary” result that helped keep the unemployment rate steady and eased pressure on the central bank to cut rates.
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics said 71,500 jobs were created last month, smashing forecasts for a rise of 10,000 and the biggest jump since July 2000.
    UBS economist George Tharenou said: “It is clearly a strong result and shows that employment growth is tracking much faster than some people had been expecting.”
    The bureau said the rate of unemployment stood at 5.4 percent, unchanged from January due to more people re-entering the workforce, and better than predictions for a rise to 5.5 percent.
    Thursday’s figures come just nine days after the Reserve Bank of Australia kept interest rates at historic lows of 3.0 percent, saying previous cuts were beginning to take effect.
    Macquarie Bank senior economist Brian Redican said the numbers were “extraordinary” and added: “With that kind of employment growth there is no rationale for cutting rates.”
    HSBC Australia chief economist Paul Bloxham expects the unemployment rate to stay below 5.5 percent for the remainder of 2013, edging down in the second half of the year.
    “This survey helps add further weight to our view that the soft patch in the economy is probably behind us,” he said.
    “The housing market is recovering, house prices are rising, consumer sentiment has bounced and equity markets are up.”

  10. […] But perhaps your claim that the “Murdoch media is doing it’s job properly” is bipartisan. Doing the job properly, or doing properly what you are asked to do? The latter, I imagine. Peter Wicks has a better idea than you about what doing the Murdoch media’s job properly is. Peter wrote: […]

  11. clarittee says:

    If the rates go up I can see Hockey’s comment. The government have lost control of the economy.( because the jobs growth figure is too high)???

  12. Brenda Orr says:

    I hope it makes it to the front page tomorrow about time the truth came out they are abunch of Natzi

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