Houses Of The Holy

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Dummy Spits, Politics, World News and Events

I don’t claim to be the most “up with the times” guy on earth, far from it.

If there is a craze, I’ll miss it, and if there is a trend I’ll skip it. I can’t tell you the name of a single One Direction song, I’ve never worn my jeans with the arse hanging at the back of my jeans, nor did I ever own a Hypercolour T-Shirt.

I don’t however think I’m behind the times, well maybe just a day or two… I like to think i’ve still got my finger on the pulse, even if it is faint.

There is an organisation though who are so distant from the times it is well and truly beyond a joke. That organisation is the Catholic Church, their attitudes towards women, and certainly their attitudes towards homosexuality are prehistoric.

However, even I was stunned to read this report in The Age over the weekend.

“Pope Benedict resigned after an internal investigation informed him about a web of blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican, Italian media have reported.”

Well I never… I have to say the blackmail and corruption part was no great surprise, any organisation with that much power and money will have its fair share of corruption. Not only that, I have seen The Godfather III, so I know the score.

It was the gay sex part that really struck me. Fancy the Pope resigning over there being gay sex in the Vatican.


Some of you may say that is fair enough, the church is a place of tradition and they have standards to uphold and must represent a higher morality. That is OK I guess, I don’t agree with their morality but I understand there are millions who do.

My issue is what does it really say about the Catholic views on homosexuality, and how is this point of view acceptable in the modern age?

I understand that some people have a fear of gays and lesbians, considering the acts of terrorism they commit all over the world it is understandable. Considering most wars are caused by conflicts over sexual preference, oh, hang on, it’s religion that starts most wars isn’t it? Never mind…

If these reports are true and the Pope resigned over there being gays within the church then the church should be slammed by governments all over the world. Because the story it tells is actually much worse.

The Catholic Church has been embroiled in a crisis of epic proportions involving paedophile priests all over the world. Not only are there countless numbers of offenders spread out all over the world, but there are way too many victims to even contemplate trying to count.

The Catholic Church has a healthy tradition of moving priests from place to place after they have been discovered raping children as young as 3 months old in one shocking case in the US. That way they paedophiles avoid police detection, the church is not embarrassed, and the priest has a fresh batch of kiddies to choose from. Everybody wins, oh except the children and their families of course.

Here in Australia, the epidemic is so bad we have had to call a Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of minorsm uch to the horror and the screaming and crying of Tony Abbott and Cardinal Pell.

Some of these paedophile priests in Australia are lucky enough to have a high level politician stick up for the and act as a personal referee for their good character. There has been the current Liberal NSW Attorney General Greg Smith, and who can forget Tony Abbott sitting up in court saying what a nice bloke a priest was when he wasn’t molesting infants in 1997. For those paedophile priests who aren’t lucky enough to have a close friend in the Liberal Party, there is always the best Barristers and Queens Counsels all those parents donations on Sunday mornings can pay for.

I smell opportunity

Vouch for a paedophile? No worries

Anybody who does not see the absolute horror of the scale of this paedophile epidemic running through the church must be living in a cave, or in a land of delusion.

But what does it say about the Pope, and the Catholic Church if all this tragedy of torn families and shattered children hasn’t been embarrassing enough to cause the Pope to resign, but a few gays in the church have? I dread to think.

I know if I was gay, I’d be furious that the church ranks my lifestyle as one worse than a paedophiles, as that is the only impression I can gain from these news reports.

All I can say is this, this Sunday don’t bow your heads in prayer, hang your heads in shame.

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  1. Nic says:

    As horrid as the Paedophiles issue goes within the Catholic Church, I think it is fair to say how horrified we would be if world wide we asked every paedophile to raise their hands, we would throw up!!I think the focus should not just be on the Catholic Church but also schools, community groups, sports where these mongrels have easier acess to kids.

    Also agreed that the church needs to enter the 21st Century. For whats it’s worth I think the Pope is frail, old and sees that there is no value in continuing on as the leader of the Catholic Church whilst not being of sound mind *maybe*. Afterall it is the media reporting this as gay issue and we all know what sells *shock*. Maybe the guy has just had his day.

    • wixxy says:

      Absolutely agreed, I think we would get an awful shock if all paedophiles raised their hands, look at schools, the scouts etc etc

      I think with the church it is the practice of moving them to avoid the law that offends the most, and the Catholics are not alone there. That practice tells victims that an unforgivable act is not just forgivable but acceptable. This is the main thing all churches need to change.

      I totally agree on the age if the Pope too, it would be refreshing to see one on the sunnier side of 80 🙂 perhaps Tony Abbott can put his hand up.

      They can have him. Please….

  2. clarittee says:

    IF he is GOD’s emmissary? on earth, he would have more assistance in making the decision than I could ever hope for. Not long ago the “word” was that the POPE was “infallible”. We don’t hear that said so much these days so maybe there is change afoot and in another 1000 years they may allow women to be involved, though it is difficult to imagine it when they are made out of Adam’s rib.

    • SG Warren says:

      Actually the Catholic Church still holds the ideal that the Pope is infallible. They have amended that to only be when he makes Papal Edicts now though, so if reporters catch him in a gotcha moment where they catch him doing or saying something that contradicts his Papal Edicts they can claim human frailty.

      Best of both worlds. They claim their religion’s tenants are the infallible will of God, but when their priests are all found to be kiddy fiddlers and/or the enablers of kiddy fiddlers they cry about human fallibility and completely ignore the fact that their doctrine was all written by a bunch of kiddy fiddler scumbags.

  3. Heather says:

    I love that last line Wixxy. Sums it all up for me. Cheers.

  4. Angela says:

    my fear with an Abbott govt. is they will water down this Royal Commission because of Abbott’s close connections to Pell. Evidence will disappear and delays will occur. Abbott gave a reference for a known paedophile and held his head up high when he gave it. Do we want a PM who supports the cover-ups of this vile culture rampant in the catholic church all over the world. When the Magistrate mentioned to Abbott ‘you came a long way to give this reference’…Abbott’s reply was ‘I CERTAINLY DID’ He had a choice not to go…………

  5. lefturnahead says:

    The Catholic church is a very powerful organisation which is protected by other very powerful organisations,Tony Abbott and the LNP are a very powerful organisation which is protected by other very powerful organisations and that is a cold hard fact. I dont believe anybody should give up trying to expose them,but if you live in the real world that is not going to happen,sad,but true.

    If there is anybody out there in cyber land with a solution ,i would really like to hear from them.

  6. joy cooper says:

    The saddest thing of all was, that years ago, when children went to their parents to tell them the local priest had sexually assaulted them they were punished for telling lies & committing sacrilege. The parents were in such thrall to the Catholic church they would not believe their child & refused to believe the priest had done such a heinous thing. Of course, the priest would confess his “sins” to his confessor say a few Hail Marys or whatever & was absolved of his “sins”. Eventually he would be moved when it was thought he had been committing a few too many “sins”. Outrageous.

    The Catholic church has a lot to answer for as do all organisations which sheltered paedophiles even the neighbourhoods where the nice married man up the road was happily committing disgraceful acts on the local kids. Then ,of course, there are the families who thought one of them was a bit suss around the kids.

  7. Anne says:

    If abbott wins the Election we will be ruled by the vatican. Think about that.

  8. clarittee says:

    It’s worse than that. The potential for change to the middle ages is unlimited. All the evidence is there. look at the LNP conference in Qld. Creationism as SCIENCE.

  9. Ben Down says:

    Great article.
    Don’t get me started on religion !!!!

  10. Marilyn says:

    Most child abuse is by diddling and fiddling daddy’s, uncle’s, brothers and grand pas.

    • Ben Down says:

      I take exception to that generalisation
      I’m a dad and a pop, and find even the thought repulsive.
      Paedophiles need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law
      Good on Gillard for the Royal Commission

  11. oldfart says:

    I feel that there should be a focus on institutionalised abuse. That is, all institutions. Having said that once individuals within those institutions have been dealt with, I think institutional practices to pervert the course of justice, such as moving people around to evade prosecution and that is what it is, move them on before to much is done in one place and people become motivated to act.

    If an institution takes part in this behaviour it is condoning it and is vicariously liable and guilty of being an accessory before and after the fact. before the fact because they know it will happen again and after because they did not report the crime committed and tried to cover it up.

    A man I knew, was in his teens when one of these creatures tried it on with him and his life, no matter how hard he tried was a total shambles after that. He died to young. The predator unfortunately is still alive

  12. clarittee says:

    Thanks Marilyn. Your generalisation leaves no male unsullied. Germaine Grier said all men are rapists. Charming.

  13. clarittee says:

    You could be forgiven for thinking that being at an institution where communication with GOD is the go that base instincts might be in control. The church does beiieve in forgiveness of sins through faith in the risen christ, but this protects the Church and it’s reputation, ignoring the effect on the one who is wronged and acting positively against their interests, and need for justice.. I can’t see there is any excuse for this. so I’m pretty hard line..

  14. Anne says:

    I hope God will punish abbott for the way he has treated our Prime Minister.

    He is a fiend.

  15. joy cooper says:

    Pell will have absolved Abbott for all of his disgraceful sins so he will think he can do whatever he likes. Typical.

  16. clarittee says:

    Self righteous false prophets and accusers. As if they are any example to go by?. If all this is supposed to make you a better person where is the evidence? Are “mad” Abbott and great Scott Morrescum nice people? Hoping more people will come and sink to embarrass Gillard. Playing with the lives of people to advance their political aims.

  17. Brenda orr says:

    Well our faith teaches forgiveness in everything but I cannot believe that God asks us to forgive some one who goes out deliberately to hurt a small child or a child of any age the pope has to step down he is sick and to frail to make decisions for the church iit needs some one who has the strength and the courage it needs to stand up and make the decision that once a priest breaks his vows then he should be excumated from the church and I think in a way God is working towards that with the pope stepping down he knows he is frail and sick and can’t head his church the way it should be but in saying that the Catholic Church is not the only one with these problems all origanizeations have these types of people in them and it has been going on for years Tony Abbott well he makes me feel ashamed to say he his Catholic but it is not for me to judge him or any else but pray that God will continue to lead us in the write direction priests are not God they have human fraility s the same as we do they are their to teach us about our faith and what God teaches and what he wants for us not all priests have these tendency s most of us are guilty of sin in some way or another what about the young girl who was raped in India and left to die on the side of the road with her intestines hanging out and so far those men have not been charged I am not trying to make excuses but just giving examples of human nature in the world that has been like this since time began

    • Jay says:

      Well you’re incorrect there. It is up to you to judge the actions of your politicians or your priests. And if Abbott makes you ashamed, you’ve already judged him.
      You’ve been given free will and ability to make a change yourself through a vote and educating yourself and others. Just praying won’t help, but if you like to do it and it makes you feel good and gives you strength that’s fine. But back it up with action as well.

      It reminds me of a joke. A man is caught in a flood and with the water rising he manages to climb onto a roof of a house amongst the raging torrent. A boat comes by to help, to which he declines saying “don’t worry, God will save me”. A while later a helicopter turns up to help, to which he declines saying “don’t worry, God will save me”. Eventually the flood gets too high and the man is swept away and drowns. After he is let in to the gates of heaven he questions God, “I prayed and prayed to you, why didn’t you save me?”
      God replied “I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter. What the f*ck else did you want me to do?”

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