Sail The Wildest Stretch

Posted: February 22, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

In what has been so far a desperate 10 week search for any evidence to back up the charges brought against Craig Thomson, more information has been leaked to the media.

It seems apparent that the NSW Police Cybercrime and Fraud Squad have hit an iceberg. That is the only explanation I can think of at any rate, as they clearly have a leak bigger than the one that sank the Titanic.

HMAS Carnarvon setting sail

HMAS Carnarvon setting sail

News Ltd’s master of balanced reporting, Steve Lewis told us yesterday morning of the police seizing documents from a Sydney Hotel. These documents apparently include screenshots from CCTV footage inside the hotel.

Lewis in his article states…

“Union records show Mr Thomson stayed at the five-star Westin Hotel in May 2005, paying an amount of $255.53 on May 8”

… as if it’s a crime.

Well I’ve checked, it’s not. Nor does it sound expensive for a stay in a 5 star hotel in Sydney’s CBD, particularly if Thomson went all out and decided he made need food or drink on an overnight stay, God forbid.

So what can we expect from this search, and what does it tell us?

We can expect tales of exorbitant expenditure on a union credit card, similar to the shocking statement from Lewis above. Maybe a meal, maybe a drink, and at a stretch maybe even an in-house movie, but with a bill of $255.53 I’m not expecting caviar and champagne.

More likely charged to a room booked under the name Jackson

More likely charged to a room booked under the name Jackson

What we can also expect is some pics of Thomson walking in and out the front door, strutting his stuff through the lobby, explosive stuff.

What this tells us is that we will no doubt be hearing a lot of talk about times of arrival and departure, and how that relates to alleged spending on a credit card. This will be in a bid to desperately cobble together some sort of case that is circumstantial in the extreme.

For those of you who don’t know, Sydney is a big city with a population of just over 4.5 Million. Sydney also has hundreds of hotels, with people walking in and out of their doors at all hours. A photo of Thomson proves nothing but the desperation of the story that will be concocted around it.

Proof??? Thomson walking out a door...

Proof??? Thomson walking out a door…

I am sure that police will be attempting to paint a picture that Thomson came and left the hotel at a time that fits in with a brothel visit. This will show the frankly embarrassing depths that our police force will have to sink to in order to appease George Brandis.

For what are blatantly obvious reasons, they can’t seem to find any footage of Thomson coming or leaving a brothel, so they now have to execute Plan D. D for desperate.

If the police have to make wild attempts to put something this desperate together, then there is no greater proof of all this being a massive fishing expedition.

I still look back and remember fondly the days when police gathered the evidence before charging someone. Now it seems if a politician wants someone found guilty, then they are charged in a huge public ceremony and only then is circumstantial evidence gathered by whatever means possible to make them appear guilty.

This division is becoming a stain on the cocktail dress of the NSW Police Force, and this investigation is becoming an embarrasment to all those who wear the uniform.

I have never given an opinion as to whether I believe Thomson is innocent or guilty, but I can assure you of something. The more desperately they seek to find evidence, and the more wild stunts with dodgy warrants and escorts that change their mind overnight, the more I think that the case against Thomson is based on little more than the word of an alleged thief named Jackson.

The rest is just smoke and mirrors in a stage-managed production called “Thomson The Musical”.

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  1. Fed up says:

    wixxy, how did the media get that picture you have shown, There is a garage at the front. One cannot see into the yard because of a high and the substantial front fence. I suspect built to protect the family from the media.

    Has Mr Thomson denied staying at the hotel. Wonder if that is the one that allows pornography to be viewed.

    What is the difference between adult movies and pornogtaphy. Was the porn illegal. Such great crimes.

    Are they saying that Mr. Thomson had no right to use the card. Are they saying he should have paid for his own accommodation when on union business.

    The story was written in a way, that hinted it Mr. Thomson has visited a prostitute.

    The heading of the story said it was sourced. What was the source of this story. I looked but could not find that information.

    • wixxy says:

      His source was clearly someone involved with the NSW Fraud Squad

      Thomson has not denied staying at the hotel I believe, I don’t know if thee was a movie charged to the room.

      Lewis is trying to paint the picture of a brothel visit with absolutely no evidence at all of one. If staying in a hotel means a brothel visit, then we must have the busiest brothels in the world, because we have a lot of people staying in hotels each night.

      I’m not sure about the picture, however i believe some media were granted access to his yard to take photo’s, I’m not 100% sure though

    • Angela says:

      I want to know something that nobody has ever asked….. when Union Officials were issued this type of CREDIT CARD – what were the conditions of use? any WRITTEN restrictions? Any contracts signed regarding restrictions or how this card was to be used? OR was it to be used at his own discretion?

      I would be very interested to know!

  2. Fed up says:

    “$255.53 ”

    Is that expensive for a room in the city of Sydney.

    Maybe he should have stayed at the Youth Hostel.

  3. Ben Down says:

    My young bloke and his girlfriend are heading to Sydney for a Slayer concert this weekend .
    After checking out reasonable accom. he assures me that $250 is at the bottom end of better class hotels

  4. Barry says:

    Hi Wixxy.
    After reading some 50 odd of the charges against Craig I am confused. Many are worded along the lines that he defrauded the bank by settling debts as low as $12.95 by using a credit card that he was not entiltled to use. I would love to hear from someone with a legal background who has read the charges. It appears that the total amount involved is now $50,000 over 5 years.. A far cry from the $500,000 original blasted across the media. What is the total cost of all the investigations so far? I would estimate many millions of dollars.For what? Nothing more than to bring down a hung Parliament.

  5. Ben Down says:

    Slayer Luna Park Big Top monday 25th
    Supporting Artist:
    Anthrax, Kingdom Of Sorrow
    sold out ages ago ,keep up with it !!!
    {and that coming from a 65y.o]

  6. Fran Martinovic says:

    I think Peter Russo will leave no stone unturned in his defence of Craig Thomson, the stone may wash up a lot of conniving between the LOTO and Lawler, I find it very strange that Thomsons’ spending pattern resembles Jeff Jacksons’ spending patterns too.

  7. Ben Down says:

    oh yeah, Sound wave is on the day before, thats the other one they are going to,
    Metallica,Anthrax,Linkin Park Blink182 plus.
    don’t know if that rocks your boat

  8. joy cooper says:

    The alleged “huge” cost of Craig Thomson’s room at the Westin Hotel would have included food no doubt. Lewis is a hypocrite as he would know full well that the rate isn’t exorbitant for a hotel room in Sydney’s CBD. This is typical of compliant media massaging the facts to suit the message required by their handlers. Shameful.

  9. 1 (Bandis the hack legal seeing to influence NSW police out of a faux sense of duty to union members) + 1 (Police turning up to abbott door stops) = a treacherous plot of corruption

    Great work Peter

  10. salzagal says:

    Laura Tingle did well on Insiders last week, in the final tips section, to bring attention to a NSW police officer speaking alongside Abbott at one of his doorstops, and questioning its appropriateness. If you know anything about shoulder ‘stars’, you will pick the rank – he was no plod, by the look of it.

  11. joy cooper says:

    Didn’t catch that presser (live in regional NSW) but it is interesting to hear of NSW police being used in such a fashion. It does appear that the LNP have no qualms in doing so. Can’t these big boys & girls in politics talk to the press without being surrounded by live props??

  12. clarittee says:

    Brandis and Abbott have “questions to answer… REAL ones How far are we form a Leveson type trial?

  13. Fed up says:

    That presser that showed the police watching Abbott’s car coming to a halt in a disabled parking spot in Queabneyan.

    Then we had the highest ranking police officer backing Abbott with his law and order spiel.

    I so not know which was the worse. Using the police to campign for you, or parking in that spot, especially as there appeared to be plenty of parking spots nearby.;

  14. joy cooper says:

    What a shocker, Fed up. Where were all the condemnations of these actions from the MSM? Nothing seen on our TV news (7). which is not really surprising. Abbott thinks he can get away with anything which on the basis of this incident, he can. He truly is teflon-coated. Disgraceful.

  15. G Frikton says:

    Tony Abbott’s head would not fit in a regular car park, so he uses a disabled parking spot :)f

  16. goldensmaug says:

    Steve Lewis is a third rate hack who wouldn’t pass a basic journalism exam. The Westin isn’t a five star hotel, it’s rated by trip advisor at 4.5 but this is what trip advisor states:

    Price range: 259 AUD – 581 AUD
    The Westin Sydney Hotel … This property does not have an official STAR Rating from AAA Tourism Pty Ltd.

  17. sue says:

    You would think Scoop Lewis would know the cost of good hotels in Sydney, after all he did arrange accommodation for James Ashby back in 2012.

    As to the costs on credit cards being investigated, 1 highly damaging charge is for ciggies. Damaging, for the coppers not Thomson, as he is a non smoker.

    The ‘ciggies’ revelation was reported at ninemsn, now I wonder why Scoop didn’t mention the ciggies?

    Hey Wixxy

    How about a POOPER SCOOP award, similar to a Walkley, in fact being awarded a Walkley by your peers could be 1 of the criteria. Up for the award, , so far would be Scoop and McLiarmont

  18. Marian Rumens says:

    Don’t know if this has got anything to do with the ‘NSW Police Officer speaking alongside Abbott. Michael Lawler who was appointed by Tony Abbott & boyfriend of kathy Jackson has a brother who is a senior member of the NSW police and another who is head of the Crime Commission. NSW & VIC police are investigating Kathy Jackson (I think)

  19. jeremy says:

    I too am completely confused. I ‘met’ viaTtwitter an obvious LNP supporter making serious allegations against the PM. When I asked him for evidence, he told me it was up to me to find it. This seems the same priniciple.
    I thought charges were laid on the basis of evidence found of wrongdoing. Nobody is safe if this is not the norm.

    Conversely, although at least twice evidence has been provided to police about proven actions in the Slipper/Ashby case, especially about Mal Brough, but apparently nothing has been done.

  20. Fed up says:

    They can have 1000 charges.

    That will mean nothing, unless they can prove that there was no permission to use the card.

    ,They then have to prove what the restriction, if any of how the card could be used.

    $50.000 over five years, does not appear to be a high amount for expenses, on someone who has the top job, that involved traveling from state to state.

    • barry says:

      Fed up,
      I have just had a re-read of many of the charges and I tend to agree with your conclusion that it all revolves around authority to use the cards (Diners Card and Mastercard). there are a few that relate to, what appear to me, to be advances for expenses from petty cash.A standard procedure back in my days as a Rep. These have been classifed as stealing.
      The $50,000 over five years is the amount in question not total expenses It appears they have examined the credit card statements and have picked out items which they believe he is not entitled to claim as expenses.such as petrol, cigs, coffee, meals , in house movies, two air fares and of course the escort services . Anyone with a corporate credit card be warned.

  21. clarittee says:

    10k per annum average. What a big deal. IF and it is a BIG IF. he did wrong in using the card for expenses, why wasn’t this pointed out and some attempt at recovery urged. This would be the normal first step, although that seems to be denied to Peter Slipper.too even though he has (apparently) offered.
    More fuel for the “setup” theory. One law for one and another for the other’s.
    Why cant we revisit the LOTO’s expense figures for the last few years. Claiming expenses when he rides his “pushy” and when he promotes his book. Private trip to Oxford for re union? etc etc.

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