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Posted: February 18, 2013 in Media, Politics

If there is one thing I love it is learning something new. That’s why on Sunday when I was looking through the Sunday Telegraph my eyes lit up like a farmer’s water supply after the Coal Seam Gas Miners move in.

It turns out the ladies of Sydney’s West absolutely love Tony Abbott and will be voting for him in droves, what a revelation.

Ladies love me, and I'll thump anyone who doesn't think so...

Ladies love me, and I’ll thump anyone who doesn’t think so…

The cynic buried deep inside me initially thought that this is once again another sterling example of the right wing media trying to convince us all that black is in fact white after all. Yet another vain attempt to convince ladies in the West that they are all alone in hating Abbotts guts by talking down to them as if they are completely brain dead and don’t talk to their friends.

But in my haste I completely forgot some of the things that make the ladies of Western Sydney different to the rest of the country. It is these differences that would probably be the reasons that these ladies from our West support Tony. With that in mind I will cover 10 of them off, as the Telegraph appears to have forgotten to fully explain.

  • Women in the West despise their children. If there is one thing that the ladies of the west couldn’t care less about it is their children’s education. Julia Gillard has made a clear error in backing the GONSKI review, parents in the West clearly prefer the approach of the Coalition who when  in government for 13 years and did nothing but put a flagpole in schools that didn’t have them. This is a big win for Abbott.
  • While on education, the last thing the women in Sydney’s West want is a Back To School Bonus. Big mistake Julia. Why would those in Sydney’s West who already have so much money want more cash to waste on text books and other assorted educational crap? Tony Abbotts decision to scrap the bonus is a winner, that way the money can be used to provide tax breaks for some of those poor struggling mining executives.
  • One thing that the ladies in the West were truly dreading was seeing their children, as well as a large number of those ladies working part time being taken out of the tax system. They truly loved paying their tax, and thoroughly enjoyed the paperwork at tax time and the fines if they were late. Women in the West think there is nothing better to spend their money on than the Tax Dept. Gillard’s plans to take this simple pleasure away is yet another reason to back Abbott.
  • Whilst on tax, women in the West want to pay more, not less. Gillard’s decision to raise the tax free threshold will not only take many out of the tax system, but it will lower the tax of millions of low income Australians. Sydney’s westerly women were looking forward to paying more tax so that those on the richer side of town can have babies, stay home and still receive a wage greater than many in the West receive for working double shifts.
  • Those women in the West who have taken the plunge and opened their own business can’t wait for Tony Abbott to punish small business by putting up the company tax rate as he has promised in one of his scarce policies. Hopefully their small business can go bust and be absorbed by one of Abbotts big business buddies…
  • Speaking of Tony Abbotts promise to raise the company tax rate. Women in the West are dying to see that tax go through every part of the supply chain and push up the prices at their local supermarket. Every retail supplier will be paying extra tax and will have to adjust prices. Also raising prices due to the tax will be suppliers of that companies IT, marketing, power, landlord, cleaning, accounting, telecommunication, freight, warehousing, electricity, water, legal services, raw material supply, company car, and human resource services plus many more. With every link paying an extra 1%, women in the west can’t wait to see what that will turn into at the checkout. An artificial raising of the GST, bring it on Tony.
  • Women in the West also don’t like the responsibility of making their own choices. Things such as the right to choose when it comes to a pregnancy, they would much rather see that choice be handed to someone like Tony Abbott or an arch bishop. Abbott has time and again shown us that he thinks his opinion is more important than a womans right. Women of the West look forward to having another choice taken away.
  • The Women in Sydney’s West were absolutely disgusted at the Gillard Governments attempts to cut down the number of smokers. In the West we all want our children to die a painful death at a young age, that is why the women of the West will always support a political party like Abbotts that prefers to take vast donations from big tobacco instead of fighting them.
  • The Women of Sydney’s West also love a real man. Women swooned when Tony Abbott had the guts to stand threateningly over a war veteran in a wheelchair in parliament, it took them back to the glory days when he taunted the dying Bernie Banton. A big man Tony is indeed. Abbott’s apparent willingness to throw punches at the head of a woman only made him more attractive to women, you can’t go past an abuser…
  • Women in the West love to be called witches and bitches, and that is why it was a happy day for them all when Tony Abbott decided to position himself for photos in front of his supporters that carried banners with derogatory and sexist slogans on them. Real classy…
All Class...

All Class…

As I said earlier, I was a little sceptical at first, but upon remembering the above facts I have thought again.

Maybe the Telegraphs reporter has learnt more about the women of Sydney’s West as she flies over it than those who live there have learned in a lifetime.

Or could it be that the Sunday Telegraph selected the women they chose to speak to as they came out of a local Liberal Party meeting?

The mind boggles.

  1. Catching up says:

    wixxy, the women it the west love being told, that kids school bonus will be taken away, as Mr. Abbott says they cannot be trusted to spend it on the kids.

    Receipts of expenditure are needed. Better, says Mr. Hockey, that it must be a tax rebate. Just an accident, this means more to the upper income earner, and less to those on the bottom. One needs to keep the receipt. Also allows the government to hang on the money longer.

    By the way, how many women out there manage to get the kids back to school, without spending that amount of money, Yes, it is immaterial, that receipts are not needed. The money is spent, regardless of the rebate.

    Yes, we woman in the lower income earners cannot be trusted with any handout. We will only rush to the pokies.

    • Alison White says:

      I know loads of poor single parents who intend to vote for Abbott – but I cannot get them to articulate why. It astounds and confuses me. The only thing close to an answer that I’ve been able to get it “Julia cant do anything right and can’t be trusted” – apparently commercial media tells them so.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Gillard is toast, and none of your desperate arguments will change that.

    • Jase says:

      Arguments you have not been able to refute I notice Iain……All rhetoric and short on facts. Have you ever considered a career in the Liberal party?

    • wixxy says:

      The thing about toast Iain is most Aussies love waking up to it each and every morning 🙂

    • jaycee says:

      lain Hall……what can we say about lain?……what can one say about nothing!?
      Oh yes!…one thing…I can’t be certain of this, but I think I read somewhere that lain is the proud owner of the only chrome-plated anal-speculum in Australia!….and THAT is how he can advertise his blog site as ..: “Bringing Light Into Darkness”.

    • Kevin says:

      Iain none of your desperate arguments from your toilet, will change the facts, that you have no evidence to prove your claims are the truth.

      There there don’t cry, you sook.

    • Kevin says:

      Iain rants are toast, burnt by reality. LOL

    • Jay says:

      Not content with stalking Mike Stuchbery to fill his pathetic days, Iain turns up here with his special brand of low IQ brain farts.

  3. owen1967o says:

    … with a quick search (Western Sydney) and replace (Regional and Rural Australia) you could syndicate this to the “Sunday Telegraphs” pretending to be the daily’s and weekly’s (plus the occasional monthly’s – our local paper is a monthly) outside the major cities of Australia Peter.

    another search (Liberal Party) and replace (Liberal National Party) and my fellow Regional and Rural Australians might even get it … than again, maybe not.

    your item reminds me of my ramblings from late last year … http://rarara.com.au/on-a-national-party/
    (you can edit that out before you publish if you want … up to you … have a read though because we’re fishing with similar bait – again!).

    • Hilde Rombout says:

      Dear Owen i read your article and have commented on it. It was really great and articulate, as is yours Peter. I can’t for the life of me understand why any poor people would vote for someone like Abbot who would take as much from them as he can and leave them even poorer just so his rich pals can get even richer and can destroy our country even more, and all because he and his cohorts believe they have a god-given right to govern this, our country. Their god must be the same one as the one who encourgaged his priests and teachers to sexually abuse our children.

      • salzagal says:

        Did you ever mange to work out why poor people voted for Howard when he proposed the GST?
        I tended to think that the GST got masked by the Tampa affair followed by 9/11 which Howard used to exacerbate fear across the population.
        The new emperor in waiting has not a stitch on. He plays politics as one longe media game, and they love it.
        Should Abbott succeed, the deluded will awake from the orgy of misinformation and pack mentalitity savaging of the current government with a giant hangover through which they will perceive his nakedness and feel very confused, duped and cranky.

      • marird says:

        Well put darittee, fully agree afraid Dasha’s comments leaves me cold, were you at that terrible gathering in Canberra? but entitled to his/ her opinion I guess

  4. Catching up says:

    May be, but as Howard found out, when in the same position, things can change. If it is the will of the voter, so be it.

    Now what I am more interested in, is why the voter will vote for Abbott. What makes him so good.

    What makes this PM, so bad has well and truly be done to death. We know it off by rote.

  5. Bradley Willis says:

    Yes, Iain facts are a clear sign of desperation, I see like Abbott you contribute nothing, I’ve learned to expect that from the mindless sheeple that follow the noalition. You better prepare yourself if you think your poster boy is going to just get a fee walk to the lodge. At some point he’s going to have to explain what he actually stands for and then watch the dam burst.

  6. wiifitter says:

    buttered or buttered…?

  7. Joy Cooper says:

    Top blog Wixxy. Our betters, the conservatives, are so patronising, aren’t they? Only the rich know how to spend money “properly”.. Isn’t that so?

    When the stimulus bonus was handed out they screamed it was all going to be spent on smokes, booze, pokies & flat screen TVs. Not that it was but so bloody what if it was!! It’s none of their business. We don’t scream about THEM wasting their money on buying dodgy hayburners (for the lower classes to squander their $$ betting on) or $10000 handbags to hold their platinum or black credit cards. Maybe we should, after all it was only by the hard yakka of their low paid workers that they were able to afford such crap. Grrrr Could go on but……..

  8. Nic says:

    Iain…..it does not read to me like a desperate argument..in fact it’s everything Abbott has publicly said and done…but as a women from the west I was most dismayed that the Sunday Telegrapgh thinks Abbott has won our hearts..far from it…as a women from the west I do recall workchoices and Abbott said he would bring them back, Fire Station closures and now i’m going to pay $300 levy to compensate for this..last years intake for Police training at Golburn was cancelled,.Coal Seam Gas will be dished up in my childrens cordial in the not too distant future and I’ll get no real tax cuts because I don’t earn enough money! All of this under a Liberal Govts.Gillard may be toast, but Abbotts the butter… he can spread all the bullshit out here he likes, but like all hard working Western Sydney women, he forgets that we have not forgotten.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I want the liberal voters to articulate clearly for us why they want a liberal government when it is known that the liberals don’t build things, don’t do things, don’t improve things and spend their entire times in office persecuting and stealing from the poorest of the poor to give to their rich mates.

    Tell us one thing Abbott stands for?

  10. Edward Kleingeerts says:

    I just cannot get my head around the way the Australian electorate thinks I don’t believe they think

    • Kevin says:

      Daily Telegraph is a paper for the low income in Sydney West and they believe in the stories even those it is BS. As if it is in The daily Telegraph or other News Ltd, it must be the truth.

      Hey Iain how is your morning eating toast and reading News Ltd papers?

  11. Joy Cooper says:

    Exactly Marilyn. Not one of them can articulate their true reasons for voting LNP apart from spouting off the Mark Textor untrue anti-Labor trash talk favoured by Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, the court jester Joe Hockey the prissy poodle Pyne, et al, ad nauseum..

  12. Barry says:

    Up here in Queensland we had a similar two-page spread in the Sunday Mail supposedly written by Samantha Maiden entitled “Queensland Women Want Abbott As PM”. Different headline to suit different locations. Typical News Ltd crap.

  13. Joy Cooper says:

    Journalistic ethics seem to have been so easily tossed out the window, Barry. They no longer have any pride in their work. No wonder the better ones are leaving for the fifth estate but it does unfortunately mean the dross is “informing” the public via the MSM.

  14. goodrumo says:

    Reblogged this on iheariseeilearn and commented:
    Tony Abbott-‘The Woman’s Man’

  15. sue says:

    One more thing the ladies of the west will enjoy. Their parents, the children’s unpaid carers, will get a cut to their old age pension.As Tony has said they don’t need the extra they got last May as compensation and now indexed to inflation because he will do away with the carbon tax. And all those ladies out west know electricity charges will go down , cause Tony said so, not the state charges for poles etc that have gone up by 15% to 80% no just the wrecking ball 9%.
    Yes Pensioners have gotten way too much in pension increases, they will be more than willing to give up their bit for the big polluters, the miners coming to a street under you.

  16. clarittee says:

    Would you buy a used car from a man like him? Does he come across as trustworthy? Did he pull the wings off flies when he was little? Don’t know about the wings but he has exhibited the BULLY frequently in his antics and doesn’t stop at putting one redhead in jail telling the AEC a big porky to get his “real ” slush (no it isn’t) fund up to achieve it. Dead buried and cremated.(An unlikely sequence of events.) Hand on heart, marrow of my bones etc. Tony won’t face up to scrutiny but dishes out character assassinating bile on his opponents. King of the Kangaroo court, master of smear. Think there might be a but of “Putin” in him too. I am more comcerned about this” character” than any prime minister candidate I have heard of.

  17. James Adelaide says:


    I hope you will indulge me.

    Thank you again for jacksonville, I found it at Jacksonville number 8, read backwards and have kept reading. You have flagged the media and it’s twisting of Mr Thomson’s issue (I could hardly call it a case, having read Jacksonville).

    I posted the following on the Guardian feedback form


    Dear Guardian.

    Welcome to Australia.

    I wish to offer a bit of context.

    We Australians are suffering under a media dominated by Mr Rupurt Murdoch, who is well-known to your newspaper.

    We seek an outlet which tells us the facts, which flags the spin, the lies and does the things which newspapers used to do. As Lord Beaverbrook said, news is what the powerful do not want us to hear. You newspaper is respected across the world. Your revelation of poor Millie Dowler changed the planet. Please come to Australia and do the same thing. Our media is not diverse. It should be.

    Please be careful recruiting journalists.

    Some produce essentially the same thing day after day. A short trawl through last year’s Fairfax web site will reveal that Ms Grattan, while an elder statewoman of the Canberra Press Gallery, is part of the problem. She has a thing against the Prime Minister, and almost every article mentions Kevin Rudd’s leadership ambitions. Ms Grattan is one of the reasons I have turned off Fairfax, Peter Harcher is another. No matter what he is reporting or opining about, he writes the same thing.

    You may wish to recruit from the Internet. Greg Jericho straddles both Mainstream Media and Internet. I respect his opinion because he lays out the data by which he creates his argument.

    I respect the following sites

    Independent Australia (David Donavan, Peter Wicks, etc)
    The Political Sword
    The Failed estate

    I offer these suggestions because I care, and I trust you not to take me at me word but investigate my allegations, like a journalist, and to reach your own conclusions.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Dr James Knight
    Glenalta, South Australia
    Mobile and Landline given

    Peter, sorry, I have just realized that I have cited you to IA, not to here. sorry.

    • wixxy says:

      Thank you James, that is high praise indeed

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my posts

    • Barry says:

      The link you provide is not a link to the Guardian UK ‘s new site in Australia. The link is to a Fairfax Regional Media paper in Swan Hill Vic. Click on the weather forecast andwill show the forecast for Swan Hill only.
      Please people do not confuse this site with The Guardian UK/Australia.

      • Barry says:

        Further to my post above. On the feedback page, scroll right to the bottom and click on “About Us”.
        I repeat to eveyone, this is NOT The Guardian UK/Australia

      • James Adelaide says:


        Damn, Damn: can you post the real link?

      • James Adelaide says:


        Are you sure?

        both the Swan Hill and the UK site start their HTTP with the same ‘shaped G’ logo, which I took to be some sort of connection?

        I seek truth, do not wish to insult

      • James Adelaide says:

        My bad.

        You are right Barry: I posted to swan hill, fairfax presumably (perhaps the bit about Grattan and Hartcher might sink in..

        I had just spent ages looking for a comment box on the UK Guardian site. My last post was in error. Swan Hill Guardian has clearly not got the G. Sorry to mislead.

        Again: does anyone know how to contact the UK Guardian, or when the Australia edition will be here? .

    • Barry says:


      As far as I know the Australian based site is not yet in operation. We need it pronto.

      • James Adelaide says:


        went there with slow internet connection cos quota exceded. Could not bring up comments, but quota resets tomorrow, so will retry then.

    • Barry says:

      The Guardian UK uses a lowercase g as logo.
      The Guardian Swan Hill uses a capital G.
      Scroll to the bottom of the feedback page and click on “ABout Us”. It is owned by the Elliott Group an affiliate of Fairfax. It is produced in printed form three times per week.

  18. Kevin says:

    Like The Polls, do you believe News Ltd crap, when they only asked a few people especially women from Sydney West on how they would vote?

    Wow a few person especially women from Sydney well put Abbott into a Lodge.

    News Ltd reporters especially Bolt are idiots. Hey maybe Iain can work for them? Since Liberals didn’t want him?

  19. James Adelaide says:

    Wixxy, I beg your indulgence. I have posted the ‘essay’ below in two parts on The Political Sword at http://www.thepoliticalsword.com/post/2013/02/17/When-will-Tony-Abbott-fill-the-gaping-void-in-his-latest-slogan-Hope-Reward-Opportunity.aspx#comment
    , but since my posts are buried in about 300 others, and since your commenters and yourself are discussing the issue: here goes

    I have been worried as hell about the media bias and manipulation ever since Kevin Rudd’s much vaunted challenge. The newspapers had me convinced that Gillard was hopeless and Rudd’s return was inevitable. When it did not eventuate, I started to wonder why what the papers were describing was not happening. ‘Gold in the pool’ reinforced it.

    Then I found TPS, and realised that it was not me, and that the media really was behaving weirdly. I have read a number of new commenters to TPS and Independant Australia expressing the same relief. Other commenters have encouraged readers to get up from the computer and agitate.

    Propaganda has to be loud and frequent to obscure, or at least drown out the contradictions (there are always contradictions). Before I realised what was going on, I had a generalised feeling that something was wrong, but could not put my finger on it. I now use this cognitive dissonance between the world perceived through their own experience, and the world perceived and presented by the media.

    I talk to strangers everywhere (you can in Adelaide), trying to lead them to join the dots between things they’ve already noticed. I start with the question: ‘Can I ask your opinion of Federal Politics at the moment?’ I have only had one refusal. When they ask what I mean, searching my face for my intent, I reply “your opinion’ and let them talk. Many have turned off politics, some because of the media. I only intervene to ask questions which join dots which they themselves have mentioned, but have not seen the connection in . This is too slow and will never have the impact we need in time. I also write lots of comment (when I can) in Fairfax and Drum (http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed), but how much persuasive power do I have as a commenter?

    I was earbashing my mum about media bias, which she was not conceding, until I asked her ‘How many Federal Parliamentarians announced their retirement after the announcement of the upcoming federal Election? She said ‘Two’. ABC’s Anthony Green lists 11.


    This stopped her in her tracks. I followed up with ‘They are not telling us the whole truth’ and left it at that. Same result with the mother in law.

    I plan to post this everywhere I can

    Start post

    How many Federal Parliamentarians announced their retirement after the announcement of the Upcoming Federal Election?

    Answer is not 2

    The answer is here

    If this is of interest to you, you may also find the web sites ‘The Political Sword’ and ‘Independent Australia’ useful.

    End post

    I plan to start on the 19th, when our internet quota resets. If others have bandwidth, and think this is worthwhile, they can start now. We need our media back, and I do not really care who has ownership of this idea.


    I started a course today, and being agitated about all this, asked a few of my classmates, each one on one. One, a Croatian with a Dutch accent* offered that he hated the (coded rude word for redhead). I jumped in fairly quickly with the question, which pulled him up and we began to explore the issues, he was worried that more libs were resigning than lab, but I stuck at the media bias angle, because cracking the conditioning is longer lasting than winning one argument.

    A 22 year old in our class walking by voiced support (something like ‘he’s right you know’). I asked ‘you read the internet?’ ‘yep’ was his reply.

    After the course I accosted a 50-70 (can’t really tell at that age) woman at a shopping centre. She conceded media bias, but downplayed its influence. We talked for longer than she felt comfortable. A good conversation, but I did not persuade her.

    So today pretty much encapsulates Ad Astra’s and our problem. The internet group can see the media bias and the results, the old media consumers consist of two subgroups: those who are open to new propositions, and those of will not accept new information on this topic.

    I see our task as peeling off as many Intelligent, articulate, but brainwashed fellow citizens. They are not stupid. They are people whose lives centre on family, job, suburb. State and federal politics are done in broad emotional strokes.

    But, even as they spout this rubbish, their hearts are pure: they are just repeating what they were told and what everyone else around them affirmed was correct. We must not insult then. We must recruit them. The Croatian was worried that he had been told the wrong number, I’ll put him down as a hit, with possibilities.

    I am going to break Godwin’s law, because I truly believe that what we are suffering , and trying to find ways to fix, is frightening similar to 1930s Germany: media all talking the same story. Leading to contradictions, which, if picked at like a scab, can be used to break the conditioning. The statement ‘Jews are bad, but Abraham down the road is a nice bloke’, would give you a lead in this case.

    *It intrigued me how a Croatian acquired a Dutch accent, turns out the non-anglos (I think he said wogs) stuck together at school for self defence against the majority….

    PS Please tell me if I am out of line, talking sh*t, or whatever. Please feedback.

  20. Catching up says:

    wixxy one would think that clip was made for this post. Did anyone spot it on the TV or radio, Seem to have disappeared,

    wixxy with this lady and the likes of Bradbury, I believe that Abbott is in for a harder time that he expects in those western and southern suburbs of Sydney.

    • sue says:

      7.30 showed part of the Tanya Pilbersek media conference. NOT Julie Owens MP, oh no that didn’t sit with their agenda for the day. 7.30 showed Tanya at the end of the presser saying “any questions on the poll?’
      That of course led Leigh Sales into her interview with Bruce Hawker, yes you guessed it the Polls and a Rudd revival. If Sales/7.30 wanted to discuss the relevance of the polls and its effect on Rudd / gillard then why limit to nielsen, essential was released and it is a continuous poll averaged over 2 weeks. But once again the essential poll didn’t suit the agenda.

      And the biggest news of the day, what people consider more important the job of Julie Owens versus medical research isn’t of any IMPORTANCE to the once trusted ABC 7.30

  21. Catching up says:

    What is the Centre for Public Christianity. Q and A.

  22. James Adelaide says:

    On the amazingly athletic polls.

    About 6 months ago, I lucked on a story (which I cannot now find: Wow that sounds credible!), I think on a pollster’s website, which stated that 25% of the sample for that Federal Opinion poll was undecided.

    In support of the proposition that there are still a large number of undecided I offer the following evidence:

    *The polls jump around too much, compared with similar polls in years past. From my limited training in statistics, it looks likes the behaviour of an uncontrolled variable

    *The polling companies no longer release the questions (I remember when they did)

    *The amount of contextualising information that is offered is less. No, that is not true, there virtually no contextualising information. .

    For all these reasons I believe that the polls are unrepresentative, that they still contain a large portion of undecided. Given that the parliament is already hung, the prize of the next government goes to the most persuasive. As progressives, we all wish to see a progressive government.

    We all see that, at present, the most persuasive voice is the loudest.


    The internet and modern communications liberated Algeria, Egypt (since lost) and Libya last year.

    Obama won because he used community and internet campaigns.

    We can win. AWU announced today that they will using Obama’s techniques. We are using the internet technique, and by chewing off the ear of everyone I meet, I have turned into a parody of a 1960 agit prop-er.

    I believe that our task is the convince the 25%.

    I am optimistic (to quote J. Fraser).

    PS Hi, Hilde, just met you on TPS

  23. James Adelaide says:

    I hope Selton does not mind me reposting him.


    18 FEBRUARY, 2013 AT 11:04 AM
    One network this morning had a poll this one saying the preferred Prime Minister was Tony Abbott and when you added both nunbers to gether you came up with a figureof 77% that is 23% were missing,we ask the net work where those 23% were,were they conveinently left out of the equation to fit their spin…….trying to dumb us down ,wont work

    I offer this a further proof that the number of undecided is still large.

  24. oldfart says:

    @ james adelaide,
    You do realise that the link to that guardian newspaper is the guardian newspaper in Swan Hill Victoria and probably not “THE” guardian newspaper from the UK

    • James Adelaide says:

      Sorry oldfart,

      My bad for false hope.

      This has made me think about just how much hope we are placing in an unnannouncd paper that has yet to start. Perhaps we need to fight the election with the tools at hand.

      I fear waiting for the Guardian might seeing us overrun by the injuns before the cavalry arrive.

  25. bushfirebill says:

    After today’s column (Tuesday), if Lenore Taylor is heading for The Guardian Oz, then God help them.

  26. Dasha says:

    Let me try this:

    – maybe ladies of the west hate mean Gillard for taking money away from more than 100,000 single mothers,

    – maybe ladies of the west hate the carbon tax, mining tax and other Gillard taxes which increased their cost of living and threatened their job security – how many companies have moved jobs offshore or have sacked their staff because of these taxes?

    – maybe ladies of the west know the government handouts such as Kids school bonus or other goodies are paid for from borrowed money. Their children and children’s children will have to pay back the ever increasing national debts and deficits,

    – maybe ladies of the west don’t like their gender being used as a political weapon. They don’t like these race war, gender war, class war and state- federal war the current government is raging,

    – maybe ladies of west, like other thinking Australians, are simply sick of incompetence and rotten to core corruption,

    Maybe, just maybe ladies of west fell in love with handsome and super fit Mr Abbott.

    • wixxy says:

      OK Dasha,

      On the single mothers front, there have been other measures put in place, such as the Carbon compensation package which more than makes up for it, plus the back to school bonus that abbott plans to take etc etc

      Carbon and Mining Tax, how many companies have moved offsore and sacked people as a result of these you ask, Zero is how many, naught, nil, otherwise it would be all through the press. In fact investment has increased with the certainty and jobs have been created.
      The cost of living has been largely unaffected by the Carbon Price, but the compensation was more than welcome… As for the Mining Super Profits Tax, if you thing women in sydneys West care how that mining billionaires are going to pay more tax you are delusional

      My post was as a result of those in the right wing media using gender as a weapon. your statement might be better directed at Abbotts wife and daughters who are wheeled out with smiles painted on everytime Abbott looks bad in the polls. As for the race war, nobody competes with the Coalition on racist slogans, even Hanson couldn’t compete with Abott and his hate brigade

      I can only imaginehow sad it must make you for this govt to highlight the incompetence of the Howard era, by putting a record number of bills and legislation through parliament despite the Coalitions attempts to block everything.

      As for your last comment, I didn’t realise there was another Mr Abbott, because Tony Abbott is viewed as a repulsive misogynist be virtually evey woman I know, even Liberal voters…..

    • wixxy says:

      It is to be noted that virtually the same article also appeared in other News Ltd Sunday papers with the area, the womans names, and photo’s changed.

      Geez that sounds like bullshit and propaganda to me….

  27. Joy Cooper says:

    Yes, James A, I too remember when the questions asked in a poll were also published. Results were published without commentary or “opinions”. Then Textor came along with his notorious push polling for the conservatives. Polling rules were seemingly tossed out the window no matter how much pollsters allege their pols are the result of proven scientific methodology. Bah humbug. 1400 people are rung up on a Thurs, Fri, Sat night usually when they are about to have dinner & possibly have had a few beers. Scientific indeed.

  28. Joy Cooper says:

    Dasha, you are a satirist, right?? You’re first allegation gave it away & the last statement sealed it. The rest is pure satire.

    Over 100,000 single mothers have not been left with no assistance. Putting women whose youngest child is 8yo on to Newstart is a continuation of Howard’s rules. These women can earn good money before their benefits are reduced. When Howard brought in taking single mothers off PP when their youngest turned 7 I personally knew of an unpartnered woman getting pregnant when her other child was nearing 7.As someone acutely aware of the cost of living I do know that many things have indeed gone down not up & we have been more than adequately compensated for this. The only things that have gone up has been electricity & our rent, both by more than CPI. The electricity has been rising for years before their was carbon pricing & so has our rent. The rest of your arguments have really no basis in fact & are just LNP propaganda.

  29. Joy Cooper says:

    Wixxy, our electricity bills here in NSW have gone up from $160 per quarter to nearly $600 in about 5 years. All before there was carbon pricing. Under Barry O’Farrell’s LNP government the increases have been astronomical. This further inexplicable increase to come will be to get voters to believe it is the fault of the Federal Labor government. A cynical ploy to get voters to vote LNP.

  30. Catching up says:

    “7.30 showed part of the Tanya Pilbersek media conference. NOT Julie Owens MP, oh no that didn’t sit with their agenda for the day. 7.30 showed Tanya at the end of the presser saying “any questions on the poll?’”

    The most newsworthy part of that PC was not shown. Why not

  31. Mari says:

    Amazing that Telly poll(re women loving and voting for TA) I simply doesn’t add up I know so many women (fair few of whom are LNP supporters), but some of them are now reconsidering their position, not all but the thinking ones are!

  32. Anne says:


    Lenore Taylor is like the weather.
    Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t.

  33. Catching up says:

    “100,000 single mothers,”

    That figure seems to be growing every day. Started off as up to 60.000. Not all on full pensions.

    For the record, it is Howards leglisation from 2006, we are talking about.

  34. Dasha says:

    Hi, wixxy
    Clearly we are looking at these issues from opposite angles.

    But I want to say thank you for letting my post published on your blog site. Very appreciate that you are prepared to listen to different views.

    In my earlier post, I just tried to explain the poll outcome. Maybe they only polled coalition women.

    It is beyond dispute that Labor’s carbon tax is killing Australian jobs and people’s job security. It is doing slowly rather than a wipe-out exaggerated by some people.

    For example, an energy- hungry packaging company Amcor just announced 300 jobs cut yesterday. Main reason they cited is high running cost – a code for ……

    When other overseas companies/ our trading partners have no carbon tax burden, Australian businesses simply can’t compete.

    • Jay says:

      “It is beyond dispute that Labor’s carbon tax is killing Australian jobs and people’s job security. It is doing slowly rather than a wipe-out exaggerated by some people.”

      I’m sure you can back that up with facts, figures and evidence then yes? Not speculation, not “code for” but actual hard evidence. Everything, yes everything you have said is opinion.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Dasha,

      That’s OK, I know many sites don’t allow conflicting views to theirs to go up, I’m not like that, I think debate is healthy.

      High running costs can be explained by a number of things, carbon pricing may well be a factor, but a bigger factor is usually the high Aussie dollar making their export business tougher.

      The myth that we are the only ones with a carbon price is ridiculous, we are locked in with Europe on the price. Several states in the US have a price on polution or carbon, several provinces in China have an ETS, India and Japan have one also. That is all of our biggest trading partners.

      Never mind, I’m sure that the approximately 5% jump in company tax rate under Abbott won’t hurt business at all…

  35. clarittee says:

    Rubbish dasha. We would look silly and be a pariah if we tear up the cost on carbon. There are industries working around it and profitting by it already. The deniers are look ing increasingly silly with some of their ‘last resort’ excuses.
    The high dollar is the biggest factor in the problems costs,with exporters and tourism etc and the high dollar is unfortunately a bi product of our success as a safe and strong economy.
    I’m not a believer but the good book did say” a prophet in their hometown is never successfull/ believed..’ People outside australia admire the actions of this government. We within it are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of negative spin and outright lies. I hope soon the” australian” will be held to account for it’s deliberate telling of lies regarding the climate, as all the “lie for profit” people should.
    Thanks for your persistence wixxy. Keep it up. You must cop some abuse at times. What stands out is the nastines rather than argument on facts that characterises many “RIGHT” supporters. I still recall the signs that ABBOTT was happy to pose in front of. We don’t need that kind of approach.

  36. Ben Down says:

    the biggest impact on Australian Business is the high Aus. Dollar.
    This was given as a significant reason for the Amcor decision
    Blaming everything on a Pollution tax does little to assist the argument.
    Then again, I suppose it will save Abbott visiting Whyalla during the campaign, as it is supposed to have been wiped of the map.
    Or maybe he will go there for his $100 roast.

  37. Schoolwastetech says:

    Ahh….. The LNP or should I say the Tea Party II!

    Tony Abbott the Australian Sarah Palin. Perhaps he can see the women of the west from his kitchen window.

    Christ how I hate this creeping blue collar Torie bullshit and they way the MSM are pushing it.

    Tony has the $500.00 government top up for super slated for axing if he is elected and this will effect many working Australians, especially school cleaners like me.

    Wixxy keep up the good work, I refer every one I can to your blog and IA whenever I can.

  38. Möbius Ecko says:

    Dear Hunting with Jesus explains a lot and Australia is not immune to it.

    It’s similar to the rural areas voting National and Liberal when on any long term measure it has been Labor at all government levels who have done best by them. Or the older demographic being heavily weighted toward the Liberals when it’s been Labor who have always done the best for them.

    Go figure.

  39. Catching up says:

    I suspect, the continuous talking down of the economy is of no help as well.

  40. lefturnahead says:

    I wont make a comment about Tony Abbott as we all know what he is like,but i will mention his front bench,or Tonyscronies as i call them,have you ever seen such a bunch of lying deceitful born to rule arrogant ugly [ as in character ] desperadoes in your life?.

    I was watching question time the other week and noticed a lot of them were staring at the Government benches which i can only describe as raging jealousy,they cannot stand the thought of not been in charge and i am convinced that their whole agenda is driven by insane jealousy,deprived of their God given right to tell the great unwashed what to do and when to do it.

    I truly believe they are psychopaths in the true sense of the word,and some may think this is a loony left wing rant but it is’nt, i dont comment much on these issues,and i am not a great fan of the Prime Minister,but this current opposition and their leader scares the crap out of me,and i for one will be voting for the return of the Gillard Government and sanity.

    The so called Media should be horse whipped and hog tied and driven out of town,they are a bloodly disgrace to a once proud profession,selling their souls and reputations to the highest corporate bidder as well as lying and trying to dumb down the Australian people.

    Well,i have had my little rant and i hope i dont come across as a violent person, i am not,but i sure as hell am bloodly angry. Thank God for IA ,Wixxy, and other online publications for the good work they do. I will now go and take a cold shower.

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