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Posted: February 8, 2013 in Animal Cruelty, Politics

For those of you living in, or planning to visit NSW I have some grim news that you may find disturbing.

The number of shootings in NSW since the Coalition (which now seems to include the Shooters And Fishers Party) came to power is expected to surpass a staggering new record of 200 this month. This year we have had 15 in Sydney alone, three of which were fatal, and that’s only one city in one month. Some would say it is only a matter of time before an innocent bystander is caught in the crossfire, tragically however that day has long passed.

Barry O’Farrell may well have forgotten Bob Knight but I haven’t, and I’m sure his family still mourn to this day. Perhaps when the next innocent bystander is buried by their grieving family O’Farrell will remember his name.

Police inspect Bob Knights truck where he was killed by a stray bullet while eating dinner

Police inspect Bob Knights truck where he was killed by a stray bullet while eating dinner

With the apparent new members of O’Farrells Coalition I am not expecting the amount of shootings to drop anytime soon.

With the number of shootings headed towards a double century I thought it would be timely to look at a heavily armed gang that appears to have gone under the radar.

The outlaw gang I am referring to has chapters spread out across the country, even internationally, but with the assistance of government have secured their turf in NSW with very little public outcry.

The gang has been responsible for hundreds of deaths, possibly thousands all over the world and it would seem that there is little that authorities can do to stop them.

This gang is armed to the teeth, and it is no exaggeration to say that virtually every member has at least one firearm, even those in Australia.

One of the more scary aspects of this gang is that the chapters work completely separately, and as such are unorganised. They are notoriously “trigger happy” and are known for their love of the “thrill kill”.

Members of this gang range in age, and there are many members running around with guns that are not old enough to drive a car.

In NSW this gang have carved out their own territory where the Coalition have now given them license to shoot at will. Anybody wandering on to their territory is risking being shot, whether you are man, woman, or even a child, even if you are not behaving in a threatening manner being in their territory is a dangerous place.

You may well be thinking that you would just avoid their territory, and that would be a wise idea, however I would like to think we have the right to be there without running the risk of being shot at.

The territory that this gang has secured for itself to utilise as its own private shooting parlours are our National Parks, and the gang is known as “The Amateur Hunters”.


Now that in NSW we have an “Amateur Government” in the Coalition “The Amateur Hunters” have struck gold. It is a pity that the rest of the population have lost the safe use of some of the jewels in the countries crown.

When the Amateur Government when faced with the tough choice of using one of two ways to deal with feral animals, Professional or Amateur, the choice it seems was simple. In the same manner in which Barry O’Farrell has seemingly picked his Ministry, and his Parliamentary Secretary Barry has displayed the tendency to lean towards the amateur every time.

Those of us who enjoy our National Parks will pay the price for this sell out of the public’s interest and safety. Calls for this decision to be reversed have been ignored despite it being a broken election promise for Barry.

However I do have some advice to offer those brave enough to venture into parks we once took for granted. When going for a bushwalk with the kids, or even having a quiet bbq with the family remember to keep an ear open for gunshots. Wear loud colours when exploring, I know fluorescent clothing went out of style with Bucks Fizz but it may save your life. Extremely important to remember is even in winter, try not to wear anything that may resemble fur.

Daniel Boone wouldn't last 5 minutes in NSW National Parks with that hat...

Daniel Boone wouldn’t last 5 minutes in NSW National Parks with that hat…

To those who live here, we still have two years to soldier on through with targets on our heads desperately trying not to become a statistic or collateral damage in O’Farrell’s war against the living standards of those who elected him.

 For those of you thinking of dropping in for a visit, welcome to Barry O’Farrell’s NSW, where every hour is Amateur Hour.

Barry Bunnings

  1. deknarf says:

    The Howard gun laws never really worked. Just got rid of the long guns and left the hand guns and machine pistols out there!

  2. clarittee says:

    I agree. Having an alliance with the NSW shooters is a little worrying after seeing vid of what happened in the Parliament. i’ m not against rifle shooting etc and HOWARDS action was opportunistic and even affected our Olympic entrants.

  3. sue says:

    And what about the danger to the National Park Rangers, what happens if they are injured or killed by these amateurs. Especially seeing O’Farrell has gutted workers compensation.

  4. StJohnSmythe says:

    Hi Wixxy, have been following your blog since Jacksonville kicked off and have to say that I agree with most things that you post. However, I think that the campaign against hunters in National Parks is a little dramatic. In NSW we have had the same hunters in selected state forests for some years now with no incidents of any person shot. State forests have forestry workers, campers, 4x4ers, Bike riders, walkers, birdwatchers, all sorts of people roaming through day and night, just like National Parks. Even though there will be no shooting in National parks near metro areas, that doesn’t seem to assuage some critics who may not have been west of the great dividing range in their lifetime.
    National parks officers are well educated and know their job, and if amateur hunting in National parks is found to not work due to various environmental factors, that should be the case they put. I think that putting law abiding hunters into the “gang” group draws a very long bow and does you a disservice.
    Everyone has an opinion and that is fine, but lets not “Craig Thomson” all hunters in the process of providing it.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks for the comment, and yes I agree there are some fine people out there who hunt that i would not associate with gangs etc….

      However, these people have the opportunity of going professional and joining a group of professional hunters.

      The ones I am concerned with are the ones who don’t have a professional bone in their body, and yes a lot of them are ednecks coming up from the city to shoot.

      I feel for those of you who are professional, or even semi-professional, but sometimes we have to put the safety of children first, these are national parks.

      People are still free to hunt on private property. My family is from Manilla, Nth of Tamworth, and I have relatuves in Manilla, Tamworth nad beyond all the way to the NT, many of whom hunt.

      I’m sorry if I caused you offense. I am sure you are more than professional 🙂

  5. I nor any of the people who voted to oust the NSW Labor government voted for shooting in national parks. As many of my conservative friends have stated to me, if they knew that was the intention of O’Farrel they would never have voted Liberal. How can such a minority wield such unmitigated power? The answer is a deal with the devil is electric. State forrests are not urban National parks.

  6. The guns used in drive-by type shootings are generally banned types acquired illegally. Shooting has always been allowed on government land in Victoria but not National Parks. I don’t think there has been a huge problem with shooting accidents in Victoria. Most people are careful with firearms and there are probably fewer shooting accidents than in the past. No proper hunter will fire unless he has a clearly identified target with a backstop for the round. Most farmers have firearms and most farm teenagers go shooting. They really need good supervision when spotlighting. For that reason I stopped the illegal roadside spotlighting that was going on in my area. Which was scarier to do than it sounds. And yes I have a gun collection.

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