Here We Go Again

Posted: February 6, 2013 in HSU Saga, Politics

Today Craig Thomson once again found himself in court with his wife Zoe by his side in support. This time around however he had a little more time to prepare, and to organise counsel.

In a short appearance, Thomson was granted bail on the 154 charges before him.

The last time Thomson saw the inside of a courtroom was way back last week, Thursday in fact. This was the day that Victoria Police rocked up to Thomson’s office with a posse of NSW detectives, on the premise of a dodgy warrant, to lay fraud charges for purchasing an ice cream and the like.

Craig Thomson and his wife Zoe

Craig Thomson and his wife Zoe

Thomson asked the question yesterday, probably not really expecting an answer, if he was the only person in Australia to have a charge of fraud brought against them for less than $20. It’s an interesting question, as each charge has its own paperwork, and requires its own mention in court, it does seem to be rather daft to lay such petty charges at the taxpayers expense. If the Victorian Police are looking for a more intelligent investment of time and money, then I’d suggest going into a pyramid scheme with the Nigerian Royal Family.

Victorian Police have the slogan “The Way Ahead”. Well, if spending thousands of dollars, countless police hours, and using up court time to charge someone for buying a $12 ice cream is “The Way Ahead”, then I’ve clearly been facing the wrong direction all my life. To me this would only be the way ahead if your head was sticking out of your arse. Even Joe Hockey could figure out that this is a glowing example of dud math.

Speaking of math, most people are not aware that each alleged offence in this case is actually two charges. The doubled number is reported so it looks worse for the defendent, it looks like things are twice as bad as they are. The second charge is laid for the authorisation of the alleged purchase, for example buying an ice cream is a charge, signing the credit card slip authorising payment for the ice cream is another.

At Craig’s brief appearance in Wyong Court on Thursday after his strip search which was first reported here, the magistrate handed down the conditions of bail. One of those conditions that you may have heard about is that Thomson not make contact with any sex workers that he is alleged to have seen in the past. This received quite a bit of commentary when it became known.

However, there are two things you may not have realised about that bail condition. One is that the bail conditions were determined by Victoria Police, not the magistrate. The other is that the magistrate, that’s right the judge, actually made comment that she believed that this bail condition was highly inappropriate.

Funny, I don’t recall seeing that reported anywhere else at all. Why not?

The Victorian Police, the same ones who lied regarding the non-existent December warrant, and the same clever crew spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to charge a guy for spending 12, actually set the bail conditions. That third condition was certainly designed for the press, absolutely designed to portray guilt, and so inappropriate in the extreme that a judge felt the need to comment on the record. 

With standards like this the Victorian Police seem slightly less reliable than a pitchfork damaged water-bed. I’m somewhat surprised that they didn’t make not invading Poland a condition of bail, they may as well have.

With Police setting bail conditions to intentionally portray guilt, and such a high-profile case  having such dodgy warrant procedure, I think that an investigation into police conduct regarding this case is required.

The ridiculous bail condition was ammended by the prosectution today so as not to imply guilt, and so that Thomson could be made aware of whom he was not supposed to talk to. As Thomson denies using the brothels, it would be hard to determine who he had apparently slept with in the imagination of others.

There has also been a lot of talk of Christopher Pyne and David Bradbury’s appearance on Lateline on Friday night, and the comparisons between the Craig Thomson case and the Mary Jo Fischer case.

Oops, I forgot about Mary Jo and her sticky fingers...

Oops, I forgot about Mary Jo and her sticky fingers…

Christopher Pyne said that it was unfair and inappropriate to compare the two cases and if anyone is an expert on the inappropriate, it’s Pyne.

I’m afraid that on this one it seems, I am going to have to agree with Pyne. But before your jaw drops so far that you wish you were wearing steel caps, let me explain why.

  • Thomson was not charged with a violent crime, Fischer was charged with assault
  • Since the story became public, Thomson has had no allegations of other alleged crimes, Mary Jo Fischer re-offended
  • Allegations against Thomson were prior to his being an MP, Fischer’s were while she was representing the Liberal party in the Senate.
  • Craig Thomson has not been found guilty of anything, Mary Jo Fischer has been found guilty in a court of law.
  • Craig Thomson has been suspended from the Labor party pending the outcome, Mary Jo Fischer, despite the guilty outcome is still a member of the Liberal Party, in Pynes state even.

Unfair comparison indeed.

Another thing that I find odd, is that Thomson is now an Independent, however according to the Coalition his previous Labor Party membership, and being elected as a Labor member means that any controversy around him reflects on the ALP.

Logic would therefore mean that Peter Slipper is reflective of Liberal values. He was preselected many, many, many times as a Liberal member. Far more times than Thomson. He was Deputy Speaker as a Liberal Member. It seems the Liberal Party didn’t like him only once he was promoted to Speaker.

In fact the differences between Mary Jo Fischer and Thomson and Slipper could not be greater. Fischer was allowed to resign from the Senate with dignity,  Labor members shaking her hand, wishing her the best, and paying their respects.

Compare that with the relentless onslaught of accusations and character assassination aimed at Thomson and Slipper for the better part of two years by the opposition, led by cheerleaders Abbott and Pyne. The choreography of their staged managed “Thomson, The Musical” production with police, Premiers, and State Ministers dancing to their tune rivals the choreography of a Britney Spears concert.  With dancing talents like those below, it’s easy to see a career path ahead for Abbott.

Actually, upon a second look, it looks like Abbott has spent more time on dancing lessons than he has on making policies.

Lots more time.

  1. deknarf says:

    I understand that the police were unable to provide a witness list today, nor were they able to provide a brief. Apparently that will arrive in April. So they have been working on this for ages, can lay 154 charges and are unable to provide a brief until April? This has to be some kind of a joke!
    Why do I get the feeling that this whole matter is being dragged out for as long as possible to delay a judicial finding of guilt/innocence. And who might gain from such a delay? Certainly not Labor. So it must be Phoney Tony and the NO Coalition. Hmmmm?

    • Pete says:

      Having known relatives of Angela Taylor (Victorian Police Constable who died after injuries sustained in the Russell Street Bombing), I can say she’d be spinning in her grave at the thought of Victorian Police being involved in such gutter tactics. This is a political witch-hunt, just like Slipper and if this mongrel Abbott succeeds in getting anything out of this it should be prison for perverting the course of justice.

    • Brown says:

      That’s because yesterday was a Filing Hearing. Witness lists are never produced then. Directions are made for exchange of material.

      The courts are clogged up (always are) and Thomson shouldn’t expect any special treatment from the court to expedite matters for him.

      As to dragging this out for as long as possible, Thomson can always elect to proceed straight to trial without a committal, that will speed things along a lot. Only he can elect to do that as the accused. Doubt he will though, all talk is my guess.

      • wixxy says:

        You may remember he only found out what the charges were last week…. And police have stated they are not ready to proceed

  2. dafid1 says:

    You have said it all Wixxy. Thank God we have you and the team at IA. The MSM are denying us the truth.

  3. goldensmaug says:

    If the Victorian police would actively work as a tool for the benefit of the liberal party then I am afraid that we are descending down the path to a police state. If they are prepared to fit up Thomson this way what chance do the unknown plebs have?

    • Brown says:

      Maybe they aren’t doing that? Maybe some people are quick to jump to conclusions?

      • Krysy11 says:

        if people checked out the HARD evidence they wouldn’t make the assumptions of a witch hunt above. Try reading all the information on Michael Smith News.

      • wixxy says:

        I have read all of the information on Michael Smith news and will have a post up on Smiths input tomorrow.

        I was waiting on a reply to an email I sent him on Saturday, but like his logic, his email has failed

  4. silkworm says:

    Isn’t there footage somewhere of George Brandis boasting to Waleed Ali that it was he, Brandis, who initiated the complaint that led to Thompson’s, whoops, Thomson’s arrest?

  5. pgc69 says:

    Listening to Thomson yesterday I am wondering if he is going to be bled dry financially as a result of these proceedings. The ALP has given him the flick and I doubt the HSU will come to his aid. Perhaps a Thomson Defence Fund needs to be set up. I would certainly contribute.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Yesterday Aunty finally got around to remembering that KMPG found the FWA report to be completely dodgy.

    So why are state cops acting on a dodgy report and why doesn’t Thomson or someone simply read out the reasoning FWA had behind the claims.

    LIke “there were no set rules for travel, he broke the rules”.

    One instance stated that “Thomson was not in the executive that set the rules, he should have upheld those non-existent rules.”

    Kathy Jackson granted herself an annual payrise of $140.000 – and why are the cops now claiming air fares, that is what the card was for.

    How many execs. are expected to pay their own way for corporate business.

    And how come not one dumb journalist has asked if he was such a spendthrift, why is he so damn honest as a pollie?

  7. Catching up says:

    I bought matters to court as a Child Proyection worker. One was expected to have within a matter of a couple of days, have the brief prepared for mention, This had a very little time limit on on it.

    It had to be lodged 24 hours before.

    Do not understand how the Victorian police can now sit on this information unto mention day, the 25 May. That is three months away.

    One gets the impression, is all they have, is the list forwarded to them by FWA.

    • Brown says:

      Child Protection orders are done on an urgent basis, for obvious reasons, the safety of the child. That would have also been done in the Federal jurisdiction – different courts.

      Regular criminal matters have to go through the system like any other matter. On any given day at your local area court there are up to a hundred matters heard at various stages.

      The system is clogged.

  8. Hoodoo says:

    Marilyn- I would expect a FORMER employee to pay his own way and not use his FORMER employers credit card to pay for air travel after he had ceased employment when elected to Parliament.

    pgc69- Please do set up a Craig Thomson Defence Fund, and give Thomson a credit Card linked to the fund’s bank account. He can pay for his apparent addiction to pornos with your money.

    • wixxy says:

      There is no claim at all that Thomson has used anything belonging to HSU or has access to their money since leaving

      The ones alleged to have done that are Rob Elliott and Jeff Jackson

      • Hilde Rombout says:

        Thank you Wixxy for replying to Hoodoo. His comment made my blood boil but i can calm down now. youir response is much politer than i would have given. This Hoodoo – sound like voodoo to me – does not seem to have any evidence of his claim, which just goes to show his ignorance.

      • wixxy says:

        Thanks Hilde.
        I think sometimes people feed off our anger…

    • Marilyn says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake Christopher Pyne, go away – there is no claim that Thomson did any of those things.

  9. Kevin says:

    When Craig is found is not guilty AGAIN.

    Well charges be laid against HSU, FWA, Kathy Jackson, Tony Abbott and The NSW and Victoria Police themselves for lodging a false Police report, for wasting Police time and Slander?

    • Lee says:

      Yes, will be interesting. Are the transactions really existing. Is it his card, his account. Who is accountable. It is looking like he will get off the charges as it has to be 100% proven. Even if he is slightly guilty, thats not enough. As he was saying, charging him for $12 icecream for example. It is petty, granted. Mud sticks. And the Labor background has some mud on it at present. Seems the union officials do play will nilly with union funds, kinda like how executives play with company credit cards. What i like is the name calling, I go by whoever is calling the most names at the other as the guilty loser. Once people get in a position of some power without much accountability the position is abused, both financially and with its authority. This goes for everything, Unions, Political parties, Company boards, CEO’s, executives, government departments, instructors etc.

    • Krysy11 says:

      and when he is found guilty, a lot of other people will be shaking in their shoes

  10. salzagal says:

    Excuse my legal ignorance, but would you mind explaining exactly what sort of court Thomson will be facing? Will this be a judge only trial?
    What are the chances of the matter being heard before the election?

    • wixxy says:

      It will be a trial, judge only I assume, and it is due to be heard in May
      Hopefully police will find a witness they feel is capable of giving evidence by then….

      • Nifty_26 says:

        Wixxy – Like I wrote before – I’m not saying this is true but It would not suprize me if the Police prob have a postitute in the wings – Earlier meeting – do you remember this man—EERRRMMMM nup – after strip search – Do you remmeber this man now – ERRRMMM yep..I can see it coming and i would not put it past them. Like I wrote – look what happened to Nixon, Overland – Please investigate Ryan – the links are there, we just have to find them.

      • Brown says:

        It’s heading to committal for trial, so it is either the District Court or the Supreme Court, depending upon the specific charges.

        What Wixxy is talking about is the committal, which is not a trial. He is incorrect about that.

        A committal is where a matter is where a magistrate determines if there is enough evidence for the matter to proceed to trial (probably will be). No juries at commitals.

        Now presuming that the matter is not dismissed at committal (no one in the legal profession I have talked to believe it will be dismissed) an indictment will be presented, within 6 months after that but usually 4-6 weeks, and preparations will be made to go to trial.

        Trial will be before a jury, unless an application is made to have it before a single judge. It would be unwise for Thomson to choose a single judge for this matter, he is much better with a jury of 12, where he only needs 1 to say not guilty.

      • wixxy says:

        That’s right, it’s only an appearance in May to set a date for trial… I got that wrong

  11. Annette says:

    This has to stop! we need an inquirey into the vic/nsw police and the corruption in the LNP,and FAST!! Good on you Peter!!

  12. Catching up says:

    I would be surprised if it was even heard this year. It is three and half months to the mention date. There does not appear to be a case prepared at this stage.

    Unless it is lodged long before May25th.. I assume it will be adjourned for a further similar period.

    The accused has to have time to address anything the police lodges.

    Fraud cases in themselves take much longer. I assume the FWA matter will now be adjourned indefinitely.

    It would not surpised me, that this is what the Opposition wants. Cannot afford to have a nother matter thrown out of court. Needs to be there for the elections.

    Wixxy, they said for mention.

    There needs to be a brief of the evidence and witness list at least, before it can proceed.

    As I am no lawyer, I could be wrong. Is there any lawyers out there to explain the procedure.

    I assume we are not going to see MSM fulfill this role, as I believe they should.

    • Brown says:

      See my post above Catching up – courts are clogged. This isn’t going to be fast tracked unless Thomson elects to bypass the committal process and agree that there is a prima facie case against him to warrant going straight to trial.

      Given his comments, I expect he will be fighting at committal. I expect him to lose there, as in the matter will be referred up to a superior court for trial.

  13. Catching up says:

    MPI continuing on the amount of government spending.

  14. captain51 says:

    Can Vic police advise why charges have not been laid against others e.g the Jacksons

  15. clarittee says:

    hoodoo, you not only have your facts completely wrong. You condemn him before he is tried. No Judges or juries needed when you are around.
    Pyne has already brought up the “bankrupt” conditions. He can’t be a member of the Parliament if he is Bankrupt. they couldn’t care If he did himself in. As long as they get the result they want.
    Tie the Vic police in with the crocon excess presence too.. Bailleau’s mate Grollo.being in on a plot to make the union look crook. I trust not anyone in the LNP side of politics now. I’ve seen enough and although I am on a pension. I would kick infor Craig. The stitch-up has ALLthe essential ingredients . same old tried recipe. They are too unimaginative to even vary it slightly.

  16. Catching up says:

    Sorry, put that on the wrong site.

  17. Pkd says:

    To take myself to tinfoil hat land as this case seems to make one want to do. If the cops are wanting to bolster their case and find/make a decent sex worker witness, would the perve that the cops got of Craig’s privates during the search b useful?

  18. Anne says:

    Libs want Craig Thomson to go Bankrupt so he can’t be an MP,
    therefore the Labor Party would have one less vote.
    Thanks Peter, you give me hope.
    I would donate to a Fund for Craig Thomson.

    • nanna nobody says:

      Well as a country we are ALL going bankrupt under this mob of corrupt fools, my only problem with the Victorian Police is why they have taken SO long to bring these charges? Maybe it is because Gillard can control Fair Work Australia because she put one of her corrupt buddies into the top job……..The Victorian Police are taking far too long to bring charges in relation to the AWU scandal also, maybe before too long our jails will have quite a few Labor pollies as residents!!!!….Hurry up and bring on an election before they do more damage that our kids will pay for forever!!

      • wixxy says:

        Funny, the dramas with FWA is because someone was appointed by Abbott…
        Lawler is engaged to Jackson who is the original person making the claims against Thomson.

        Jackson is the one Abbott told parliament is admirable, and she is also the one currently being investigated for allegations of missing members money in the millions, not an ice cream or in-house movie….

        I understand your frustration in the police taking so long to bring these charges against Thomson, it must take years and years for them to find a single witness, at least one that can be described as reliable

  19. My understanding is that there were no guidelines for usage of Credit Cards.

    Certainly, filling up a hire car has been a requirement for one of my previous jobs (occasionally had to travel using a hire car), as hire car companies will charge you extra if you return the car without having filled it up.

    There is no doubt in my mind that IF Craig Thomson has misused his credit card, then he should be punished appropriately.

    But if there were no guidelines, it’s going to be hard for the Police to prove anything.

    • Marilyn says:

      Bob Carr claimed $120,000 travel for his wife in 6 months, last time I looked she is not an MP.

      Jackson’s own pay rise was more than Thomson is claimed to have charged.

      Why is she not being charged with anything when it is clear she was behaving criminally with many of her dodgy deals.

      And why is Thomson’s corporate card any different from anyone elses? What is the point of a corporate credit card if one cannot use it.

      • Bridget says:

        So Marilyn – if one Union official rips off the membership it is okay for another one to do it – provided they rip off the membership for less. Anyone who rips off the membership is a DOG – no exceptions!

      • Bridget says:

        Like you Wixxy I believe CT is innocent. If he is found guilty on these charges what then?

    • Krysy11 says:

      guidelines do not need to be written for a person to know that paying for prostitutes is not part of the deal – if he did so

  20. John O'Callaghan says:

    We can all sit here and rage against this obvious injustice till the cows come home,what is needed is people on the streets holding placards in a vocal but peaceful protest,make the MSM take notice,the tv stations will have no choice but to pick it up and show it on the evening news,take a leaf out of Abbotts and Ginas book,make them take notice,hold up signs demanding that journalist do their job instead of pandering to corporate interest,make a bloody noise,be seen. be heard,annoy people,get in their face,. The opposition and msms wheel is well oiled and it still gets heard loud and clear,so imagine our wheel was not well oiled,hell, it would make a noise that ‘d be heard from Darwin to Hobart. Writing letters of outrage to ourselves is not going to cut through.

  21. Mr Wolf says:

    Captain51, Jeff Jacksons union credit card is almost a duplicate of CT’s (Escort agencies, Fine dining , personal purchases) Why has he not also been charged yet, very strange

  22. Bob Lloyd says:

    Well done again Peter. As we keep saying on these sites the MSM is continually denying the public the truth. Thank you.
    If I lived in Melbourne I would be inclined to join a peaceful protest with appropriate signs. But it would need to be well organised and have enough people attending for anyone to take notice. The MSM would not even bother covering it.

  23. Ken Alcorn says:

    Thanks for a great article.
    A real eye opener.
    I also, would willingly contribute to a support fund
    Agree with John O’callagan
    all the while the MSM avoid the issue,injustice will continue.
    People need to be honestly informed.

  24. smokeyal says:

    is his next court apperance the day before the federsl budget??. keep up the good work,

  25. Fran says:

    I don’t know if the Victorian Police force might have reformed in recent years, (though this case seems to suggest not), but there is a long history of corruption documented by Raymond Hoser, in the books ‘Victoria Police Corruption’ (1 & 2). If you Google it you will find it.

    The way this whole case has been handled is a disgrace. I really hope I’m wrong, but can’t help feeling that with the poisonous media coverage of this, plus also with the dreadful corruption of the Obeids being exposed by the ICAC hearings at present in NSW, that enough people who only ever read or see the Murdoch version of events, will likely put the Coalition into government at the next election. If so, what a hideous incentive it will be to repeat such disgusting & deceitful conspiracies & character assassinations, to knock out opponents. I hope this doesn’t happen, but I’m scared that it might.

  26. clarittee says:

    IF you think this isn’t orchestrated , Think again. It’s too neat to be “just” happening. We are all being had.

  27. Marilyn says:

    Thought you might like to read how our great anti-sexism leaders feel about other women and kids – most of the people on Manus are from Sri Lanka, think about that while you try and eat your next fucking dinner in peace.

    Hi there,

    Red cross arived on manus today.

    It was around 1p.m that Salvation army received a fax from Canberra. It was written that tsunami may is coming to manus around 4p.m and you should evacuate the center as soon as possible.

    All people were scared. the staffs only took their passports and cellphones. All the families were stressful and scarred. they took some clothe and left by bus. Some of the families went by walk to the topest place. Some of the SAMS didn’t left the camp. Most of them were Iranian. Poul moulds stayed with SAMS in detention center.

    Some people were crying and kids terrified. They all thought that’s the end of their life. There were PNG police around people. They were waiting for Tsunami.

    At 3:30 they said that everything is fine and nothing will happen and we are safe! All people went back to detention by walk.

    Who is responsible for asylum seekers on manus? What would have happened if tsunami came? 34 kids may died!


    Asylum seekers on manus island

  28. Marilyn says:

    The dumb media are reporting Thomson lived the high life by watching 4 movies a year.

  29. John Bowyer says:

    The reason the coppers are putting in charges for ice cream is almost certainly to tie Thompson into other charges.
    I mean really, his defence is he didnt do it! he wasnt there! Give me a break! Steals from poorly paid workers I hope he gets twenty years and is bankrupted!

    • wixxy says:

      I’d say not being there is a pretty good defense…. Hard to do something in one place if your in another

      If he is guilty, he should most definitely be charged, but it’s is a pretty big IF

      • Marilyn says:

        How can he ever be charged with a crime that did not exist.

        It’s like retrospective laws being passed by Brendan O”Connor to pretend that everyone who helps refugees is a criminal smuggler.

        That finally forced the judiciary to wake up to the lies told and now we almost never lock any of them up.

    • Hilde Rombout says:

      Maybe one day someone will allege you have stolen from a group of people whilst you could not possibly have so because you were somewhere else. I wonder if you then would jugde yourself with the same yardstick as you are doing Craig Thomson, and you would be pleased to be sent to jail.

  30. Hilde Rombout says:

    Peter, did you read Jonathan Green’s article on the ABC this morning urging Craig Thomson to resign? How hypocritical! I just responded it and wonder whether they will publish it.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Hilde, I just posted a comment there also…. touch wood

      • Hilde Rombout says:

        My comment still has not come up on ABC, so i expect it might not. Mind you i mentioned Ashby gate and Cathy Jackson, which might not have been considered suitable. Who know? But i am glad your comment appeared and a good one it was too.

      • dafid1David says:

        Posted a reply to Green, was not abusive merely responded with facts. Doubt it will pass the censor, they don’t like it up em.

      • wixxy says:

        Mine has yet to surface on there also…

    • silkworm says:

      My comment just came up. There is hope yet for you, Wixxy!

      Jonathan Green’s concern for the voters of Dobell smacks of concern trolling, as does another commenter’s expressed concern for Craig Thomson’s mental health.

      • wixxy says:

        And a fine comment yours was too 🙂

      • silkworm says:

        Oh noes! I’ve reloaded the Drum page and my comment has disappeared. I hope that this is not a case of ABC censorship. And I can’t see your comment, Wixxy. Maybe you should post it here.

      • wixxy says:

        I saw your comment on there… It’s still there
        Mine hasn’t come up yet and I didn’t save a copy…

      • silkworm says:

        Hm, first it was there, then it disappeared, now it’s back up again.

        I still don’t trust the ABC. I still think they’re biased. Gillard has made a big mistake by not clearing out the executive of all the Howard appointees.

  31. Hilde Rombout says:

    Peter, i thought this was your comment on the ABC, but maybe i am wrong. I can not see Silkworms comment either.

    Is this yours, Peter?

    07 Feb 2013 11:24:53am
    A dangerous argument. Next a seriously ill politician or a politician with a seriously ill partner will be required to stand down as they might be presumed to devote more time to recovery than representation. Soon after that the mother of a young baby. How can they be devoted to the job?

    The argument might also extend to civil proceedings. Yes they do not have to attend court when sitting in Parliament but I know from first hand experience (at a time when I was also quite ill) they can be very time consuming. I am afraid distractions are part of life.

    • SG Warren says:

      The Drum is pretty appalling for censorship on comments in relation to all of their articles bar the editorials for their tech section. For some reason they never close those comments and allow a whole bunch of ad hominem attacks there, but then don’t include the articles in the Drum Archive (forcing you to look them up in the Tech and Games section) once they get bumped by other Drum articles.

  32. On the bright side, there is a perfect opportunity to get Kathy Jackson on the stand – if the prosecution don’t call her (and I assume they will have to) – Thomson should subpoena her himself, if only for her role in assembling the documentation. I think there is a profile of her in the Australian from 2011 when she coyly admits her former husband has “secrets”, Jeff Jackson on the stand also would be interesting.

    I don’t think Ms Jackson made a great impression in her recent outings in court.

  33. clarittee says:

    Green’s article is repugnant. It has to just be just pushing the LieBeral line. There has been a lot of “fuss” made of this by the Abbott mob, (tainted vote etc) Imagine Anna Burke ( if the right nutters had their way) Aye’s to the right Nays to the left “Tainted Votes over in the corner “.
    With the full import of RAREs decision and the state of the numbers, anyone who is not troubled is a “Tea Party ( australian branch) rusted on blinkered adherent or hasn’t enquired much, outside of the normal sources of FACT???
    To use concern for the electorate or Thomson’s mental health is only to cloak the argument in respectable ‘concepts” to further PUSH Thomson. Who else bar Lindy Chamberlain has been treated like this. You haven’t seen “normal” process at any stage of this little game.
    He is guilty of NOTHING till the court process is finished with. He has been so prejudged and pilloried that it would be hard to imagine him getting a fair trial in this country.99% of readers of MSM have already decided he is GUILTY. Lynch mob mentality It started in the parliament with the Credlin/abbott deciding on the kangaroo court technique. Disgusting!..

  34. Controversial Boots says:

    I hope you let me post here Wixxy, even though a bit off topic, as the ABC don’t seem interested in what I have to say. Anyway, it was pretty much just an observation that everything Jonathan Green has said on ABC Drum today re “Thomson should quit” is just from the land of pretend – unless of course Craig Thomson has been sending his punch card over to Jonathan Green “9am – 10am: worrying about court”,”10.30am – 11.00am: representing constituents”,”11.00am – 12.30pm: distracted by media throng at the door”… FFS Jonathan Green has no idea what Craig Thomson does with his time (outside of court or the cop shop), or what is going on in his head. I’m sick of journalism and opinion from the land of pretend.

  35. Catching up says:

    Would it nad been any different, if he hired Walt Disney videos. What has the type of video got to do with the court matter.

    What comprises, as porn within a good hotel. Who decided the videos were porn.

  36. Hilde Rombout says:

    I reckon that the ABC is so scared that “poor old Tones” might not be getting over the line that they do anything they can to stop people from doubting them. Well at least that i am convincing myself about this because i might have to leave the country should Tones get into the Lodge and i am getting to old now to start again somewhere else. It looks like quite a few of us got the same treatment from the ABC.

  37. Catching up says:

    I suspect it would have been much easier for Thomson if he did resign early in the piece. It would have been less stressful and cheaper. I also suspect he might not have been arrested now,

    He is still doing, as he was elected for, looking after his electorate.

    He was arrested in his office.

  38. Catching up says:

    Wonder when Abbott was last in his office. I believe he is hard to find, is one needs assistance. As he travels to two and three stated each day. leaves little time for the constituents.,

  39. jaycee says:

    Well, for all it is worth, the Drum didn’t and won’t put mine up as called them for what they now are….’low-life sons of b,s.’……never did like that Jonathan Green..and his squeeky voice grates over the radio.
    ABC. : traitors central.

  40. Dobell Voter says:

    Given Jonathan’s worry about distractions, surely Ken Lay (acting Vic Police Commissioner) has too many distractions…

    He is currently a board member of the Blue Ribbon Foundation, a past board member of the Alpine Valley Community Leadership Program and is a fellow of the Gippsland Community Leadership Program. He sits on numerous professional boards and committees. He is a former chair of the Australian and New Zealand Road Policing Forum, a member of Victorian Ministerial Advisory Council on Motor Cycles, the Sentencing Advisory Council, and the Coronial Advisory Council. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the International Association of Police Chiefs and the Australasian College of Road Safety. (source

  41. Dobell Voter says:

    And another thing, didn’t ABC John Faine get in trouble with management over his interview with Michael Smith & co because he was expressing his opinion and not being balanced.. ABC meet kettle and pot.

  42. jaycee says:

    Both Jonathan Green and the ABC. management are well informed that this whole Thomson saga began with and has continued with the singular objective of bringing down the govt’…Black, white or grey areas aside, THAT is its’ objective.
    That is an act of treason.
    That being so, and this govt’ being a legitimate coalition sworn in by The Crown’s representative (we are not yet a republic) and accepted by the People of Aust’….any action to destroy or bring down this govt’ is logically not only treason against the Constitution and people of Aust’, it is an insult and act of treason against The Crown and it’s representative : The Governor General. For surely, the very existence of the GG’s office gives authority to the premise that IT and IT only has the power to summarily make or break the government by the authority of The Crown..
    If a Governor General can dismiss a govt’ it considers unworthy for The Crown, then any party that acts to diminish or presume the authority of The Crown ought to be brought to justice.
    The ABC., in apparent collusion with these parties has to answer alongside those who would insult The Crown, the Constitution and the People of Australia.

  43. cornlegend says:

    excellent observaton.!!
    Just add the Slipper one to it as well, particularly Mal Brough

  44. wirilda says:

    “although I am led to believe another brother is a high ranking police officer in NSW.” Err, that’s Michael Lawler’s brother. He must also be disgusted in the “special” treatment meted out to Mr Thompson? One would hope!!

  45. wirilda says:

    I just posted this on IA:
    “Being a great grandson of Irish Famine(orchestrated english genocide!)refugees, I’ve always maintained an intense dislike for the WASPs of the born to rule Lie-beral Party. To my horror, there is now an equally disgusting breed emerging, the far right wing catholics. Namely Pell, an unhealthy chunk of the opposition front bench, including our beloved LOTO, and his close family friends the Lawlors! God help us!!!” What would Dr Mannix say!!

  46. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

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